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  • ritesh18 9w

    आदमी को आज कितना खल रहा है आदमी,
    आदमी का खून पी के पल रहा है आदमी।

  • politewrite 9w

    Anxious for the people of afghans. Read so many stories, met so many people, watched horrible news and despite of such long fight, they've defeated and now running for survival.
    Many died to save their motherland & there are those who claim to murder for their lord.Children, youngsters & elders will suffer, Weak & unwell are stuck in mid.Many will get raped, many will be separated, so many broken dreams.
    Oh, lord! If you're there, save them from blinds.Evil stepped in & all hell broke loose.Those who died praying for their children have better future, their prayers failed reach you. Those who were hoping to see brighter tomorrow are running to hide, to survive, not to exile.
    They're sadist, they don't kill, they crave blood & slaughter. God, save them from these monsters. How much more that land & their people gonna endure this torture. How many lives & bloodbath are remaining to fulfil this madness. What have they done to deserve it.

  • saranya_krish 64w

    A story inside another, how many can be said?
    Every story piercing the heart and still it smiled
    As an epitome of brothers' love, Hassan and Amir, flared
    That pure siblings' love of Abdullah and Pari, tingled

    The story doesn't halt there, the life of Afghans, revealed
    Past, Present and Future of the people unveiled
    Fate of an innocent filial of son of war, wondering his fate, distressed
    Sufferings of refugees, orphans and people, rumbled

    In every line and exerpt of it, I travelled
    to every place and scene, that was mentioned

    Can anyone explain these inexplicable parts of life in brief
    not losing the impact, till the end of life.