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  • laus_deo 5w

    A Reign Of Terror,
    A Rain Of Gloom

    a dying dream,
    a thuddering heartbeat,
    a beckoning doom,

    a smidgen of peace writhing in agony,
    at the altar of humanity, cruelty insinuated
    a wicked laughter.

    moon wiped the traces of blood dripping
    from the corners of it's mouth
    with a pristine white shaded handkerchief,
    children's bedtime stories aren't
    unraveled before a crime witness,
    the weeping overcast sky preluded
    the onset of misery,
    violence smoldering on the streets
    while leaking crimson tones,
    regressive footprints crowning their heads
    in hope of a new dawn,
    the most devilish of human faces
    turned into sole occupants of
    mighty arsenal.

    fear is like a slow poison
    which reserves
    you a subtle death
    without stealing your breaths.

    in a land where weapons are deities
    and wisdom is a despised vermin,
    where women's rights and children's
    innocence remains under surveillance,
    where death is no longer a dreaded face
    for the rising insurgents.

    a rebel thrives in each one of us
    capable of staging impactful revolutions,
    when the signature of tolerance
    bursts in it's entirety, it paves it's way
    out of mountains and marbles.

    the writer of this poem equates
    the ineffectuality of it's readers,
    blistering ache in my heart will
    bleed the paper in shades of gray
    just when someone's faith in
    good of the world will be shaken
    in the graveyard of empires.


  • radnika 5w


    The sky is hazy and gray,
    Man is shaken and afraid,
    His heart filled with
    Tumult, despair and uncertainty.

    He looks around for solace,
    He looks around for familiarity,
    He looks around for the past,
    That held the promise of joy.

    There is mayhem and chaos
    As life is chased by death,
    The thunderous destruction
    That swallows the hope
    Of a better tomorrow.

    The blood oozes and gushes,
    The dust settles on wounds,
    Man trudges on in search
    For a meaning to his survival,
    In this blistering humiliation
    Of mankind and humanity!


  • anjaligosain 7w

    क्या इंसान की कीमत कुछ भी नहीं
    सवाली बन दर पर खड़ा है इंसान

    खोजने को कुछ जवाब
    दश्ते-ऐ-खौफ बन गया है अफगानिस्तान


  • prasanth 7w

    Taliban incident in Afghanistan again proved that, "No one comes for your aid when you are in trouble" because they only need your resources...


  • vivalavavi 8w

    Of the new chains being forged!

    Women are not property to be passed on from a father to a husband,

    We are not a kingdom to be conquered,

    We are not commodities to be traded off,

    We are not bargaining chips, and

    We are certainly not goddesses to be put on a pedestal.

    We are just beings of flesh and blood and dreams!

    Just across the border, with every breath I take, there must be hundreds of dreams shattering,

    Countless women stripped of their agency and girls of their childhood,...

    As I see the world around me crumble, the last sliver of hope slipping through my fingers, I pray to thee.

    Please don't let the darkness take me!

    Let the light seep through the cracks of my heart.

    If not today, may be tomorrow I shall hear a chain link break.

    And break will it, one by one and I shall see it too!


  • lay_zzz_author 8w

    Take a stand for what's right. Raise a ruckus and make a change. We may not always succeed, but we'll be part of something bigger and greater than ourselves.


  • mirakillian_matre 8w

    Will they?

    They too had weapons, they wielded them to create history,to become a part of time, continuity... Kind or harsh, they still chose a pen over arms. Civilized armament you can call. Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about the right n wrong once again. But, I couldn't refrain from this comparison given to what is going on in Afghanistan. Cant they take up pens? Some have sought refuge in social media. They are the kind ones I guess, begging for life and freedom. The "little harsh" ones in that part of the world, how to describe them? Can't they take up pens? Will they take up pens? Will they allow to take up pens?

  • travellers_nirvana 8w

    The aftermath

    When the war is over
    The flowers will bloom again
    Those dead shall be remembered
    Those living shall clean the stain

    When the war is over
    The debris will be cleaned
    Those toiling away will build the nation
    While a few will shout and scream

    The cities carpeted will rise again
    With dwellers returning to their chores
    The barren city roads will get hustled
    There's a cosmos that these metros once bore

    When the peace will finally set in
    The horrors of the bygone days will be written
    The affairs of life will carry on
    While the lessons of past will be forgotten

    #afghanistan #afghan #war #warzone #battle #peaceshallprevail #city #cities #wod

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    When the war is over
    The flowers will bloom again
    Those dead shall be remembered
    Those living shall clean the stain
    When the peace will finally set in
    The horrors of the bygone days will be written
    The affairs of life will carry on
    While the lessons of past will be forgotten


  • sanchit_halder 8w

    Hallow or Hollow

    Long ago a tryst was made,
    With divinity the promise said,
    Hallowed your name will be,
    Adored and cherished you shall see,
    For you shall give all you can,
    And be the envy of the man,
    As the envious men will see,
    Their hearts will be filled with glee.
    As your name will surely be hallowed,
    Your soul will be left all but hollow,
    For this was no tryst rather a plan,
    To be hollowed at the hands of the man

  • eyeenma 8w

    Right and Wrong

    What is right and what is wrong??
    Do we even know

    After a couple of generations
    Will Afghanistan know ??
    What is Right and What is wrong!!!

    Will the woman beleive that she is not a slave?
    Will the man beleive that they do have a choice??

    Will the child ever know ,
    What is like to be free??

    For they will Be born With Guns in their Hands

    The grey Matter in their Brains will Rot
    And shrink Without the thoughts that naturally blossom in inquisitive minds

    Who is to blame ??
    Isn't it Humanity to blame?

    Where are the Liberals?? That speak for the minorities??

    I ask the question who flees ??
    No one but an Afghan
    Knows what it is!

  • _adithi_ 9w

    The world is a shitshow we can only sit back and watch

  • smart_words 9w

    मगरूर है दिलो मे लालच,
    तो यह फसाद बाकि है,

    कुछ अच्छे इंसा है यहाँ,
    यूँ ही नहीं यह जहाँ बाकि है,

    सत्ता की या शक्ति की,
    अभी भी दुकान बाकी है,

    सब्र करो वक़्त तुंहारा भी आएगा,
    जनाब अभी हश्र मे हिसाब बाकि है,

    फुकरा, गरीब, और बेबस पर जुर्म?
    रुको तुम्हरे महफिल मे रब का आना
    अभी फरमान बाकि है!


    Pray for the innocent Afghanistan citizens
    i was read the tweet of Afghan cricketer
    rashid khan Really sad for him also and as
    a human. Really shame on the superpowers
    WHERE IS IT? why we are call the superpowers
    Of any cuntry if we know we fight alone if it's
    Can happens with us.hope everything will be
    Fine with Afghanistan.

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    शर्मा कर आंखे झुकाता चला गया,
    वो जानवर समझ गया था इंसा के
    दिल का हाल ।

  • mysterysmile 9w

    Shocked with the rule of Taliban over Afghanistan
    Prayers for the Humanity ��
    Please fight with fears before giving up
    #mirakee #thoughts #fight #afghanistan #prayers

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    Aaj maan bhout bhaar giya he
    Zindgi ka raasta mano gum ho giya he
    Darr ka saiya charo aur he
    Zindgi ki dorr tutt ri ho jesse iss aur he
    Mano ye antim durr he

  • kingbts 8w

    20 Years

    A definition of what's unseen
    yet to be seen.
    A big word for humanity,
    Despite their highs and lows.
    To Some, hope is just wishes that skipped
    Coming through

    Man! Oh, Mr Man!
    A Substance!
    A figure!
    An unpredictable Species
    With deceit in the bloodstream.

    An absent expression,
    Not here, can't be found.
    Once existed, now exiled by Lieut. War.
    Not in Hope, Not in Man.

    Oh, Sweet Joy,
    Rarely remembered
    Long forgotten
    Killed at the exile of peace
    With her twin sister
    On the throne of Humility.

    Is she even real?
    Can she even been seen
    At sight with Cousin Tolerance?
    I guess she wandered the wandering of a wanderer?

    Ah! Freedom
    A potion made by Mr Man
    Taste so good with Comfort
    But not forever,
    Only used at the Need of Selfish Wants

    La Nation!
    Needs a Saviour
    Not 20years of Promise
    Needs Men of Valour
    Not fleeing Cowards....


  • ankitj 80w

    You missed the update right ?

    Afghanistan Sikhs threatened to evacuate or face events similar to Kashmir insurgency !

    Minorities in Pakistan denied of proper food and humanitarian aids under COVID-19 outbreak !

    I know you missed these updates as we are facing grave COVID-19 pandemic in India right now !

    Isn't it ? Or you didn't want to listen it ?


  • point_1 102w

    #instamuslim #instaislam #inspiration #ummah #prayer #islam #Palestine #Afghanistan #Syria #pray #faith #hadith #hijab #lord #muslimah #allah #dawah #instagood #prophet #prophetmuhammad #islamicpost #instadaily #believe #deen #islamicquotes #sunnah #islamic #quran #muslim #islamicquotes #sad #baghi

    Jo khata ki hi nahi usse riha Kiya jayega
    Mere ghar se hi mujhko Azad Kiya jayega
    Sab thik hai fir ye aylan Kiya jayega
    Yani bahro ki basti me fi azan diya jayega

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    Jo khata ki hi nahi usse riha Kiya jayega
    Mere ghar se hi mujhko Azad Kiya jayega
    Sab thik hai fir ye aylan Kiya jayega
    Yani bahro ki basti me fi azan diya jayega

  • rhymesbynick 112w

    Afghan Days and After

    Keep down and keep moving or you'll find yourself dead,
    Then you'll never make it back to your uncomfortable bed.
    Quickly now, fire back or die,
    There is no time to cower or even cry.
    You're a trained soldier, it's what you live for,
    Bodies on the floor, these images so raw.
    Bodies on the floor, pieces everywhere.
    The taste of blood hanging in the air.
    Grenade went in, made a hell of a mess,
    These stories I need to get off of my chest.
    IEDs, explosions, it must be fun time,
    Vehicles blowing up, high into the sky.
    Pieces of debris flying here and there,
    Taliban are hiding, fuck knows where?
    Come out you rats, what you scared?
    British soldiers are here so I suppose you wouldn't dare.
    I'll fucking get ya, you little pricks,
    Backwards ass country, gives you the shits!
    Raise myself up just a couple of inch,
    Concentrate now, aim true, don't flinch.
    I'm gonna shoot the bastards, shoot them all DEAD,
    Hope this red hot lead blows out the back of their heads.
    Home time now, the war is over,
    Anxiety starts and I'm gonna fall over.
    Problems in my head have only just started,
    In a few more years I'll be barking.
    Anger flaring up again and again,
    There's no point even trying to pretend.
    I have a few problems, we all do,
    Not really surprising after what we've been through.
    Job after job, homeless, unemployed,
    I feel like a sad pathetic, lonely little boy.
    Depression can last for days, weeks, even longer.
    Sometimes no food, starving, uncomfortable hunger.
    Trapped in my head, my problems don't end,
    Maybe my life will never be the same again.
    This sadness never seems to go away,
    A length of rope won't make it okay.
    No one seems to care what we fought for,
    Our brothers, our flag and a lot more.
    Queen and country, that was my world you see,
    Now I wake up and I no longer feel like me.


  • heartfelt_renditions 135w

    Ummun - Mother in Arabic
    Abbi - Father in Arabic
    Akhi - Brother in Arabic
    Sakeenah - (here) Peace
    Dunya - World in Arabic

    Wrote one on Syria a few years earlier. Inspired/triggered by a picture I saw in the newspaper around that time, of a little girl standing in the midst of debris.
    Hope it gets you thinking.

    #pod #thecryofaninnocent #syria #iraq #afghanistan #destruction #loss #mankind #greed #monorhyme #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork @iam_rose

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    The Cry of an Innocent

    As I stand here, alone, in the middle of a decimated city,
    A terrific thought hits me, breaking out of an exploded cavity.

    With watery eyes and a parched soul, how shall I find my family?
    They only betake destruction as far as my wee little eyes can see.

    Who'll take me to the secure arms of my ummun and abbi?
    They must be crying for me, I know, they never let me 'be'.

    I shall kiss them to happiness, take them out of their misery,
    I'll never worry them again, I wish to see them smile painlessly.

    Is there any humane soul near?! I'm not far from thee,
    Lead me away from these horrors, take me to my akhi.

    I wonder where my playmates are hiding secretly,
    I'm afraid I won't ever find them now, 'tis such a pity.

    I've a special place in my sister's lap but today, it must be empty,
    I wish her love had wings, then I wouldn't feel so terribly lonely.

    My name is Sakeenah, I'm only a child of not more than three,
    I was born in chaos, yet the world my infantile brain pictured was free!

    I believed in fairies, dreamed of becoming a 'princess on a jolly spree',
    Who knew I'd play with bones & blood instead, it'd never occurred to ME!

    Thrown aside by a cruel world, a victim of black gold larceny,
    I haven't known peace, for it was never meant for 'me'.

    O Mankind! Do you have no heart?! You show no mercy,
    Is it your might or money that pushes you to kill relentlessly?

    Greed of dunya and fear of death have blinded you severely,
    Repent and redeem before it's too late for nothing is assured of futurity.

  • alchimiste 161w

    Be grateful

    Precious can be a simple bottel of water in Africa , a simple safe home in Gaza , a muslim call to prayer in Burma , childrens football match in Afghanistan...
    Precious is not gold or diamond precious can be sixty seconds to see someone we love before he is gone.


  • advocate 179w

    Please take a moment to read this. It's important for me and I want you to get my message.

    #islam #taliban #afghanistan #asia #thirdworld #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    The woman walked through the dark alley of Al-Hatjan hesitantly. 19.20. The central steet of the plateau was five minutes away and she was alone, in the dark. El-Jahaara was one of the most remote villages of Afghanistan, in the middle of nowhere, hundreds of miles away from Kabul. Afghanistan was itself remote, a tiny bit of it would get zero attention.

    What that happens in El-Jahaara stays in El-Jahaara.

    A minute to the central street. Her body started sweating as the lights were closed.

    It was getting late.

    Fatimah rushed until she reached the central street. Her hair got in the way, the small holes of her yeshmak were covered. How would she get them out of the way? Her whole head was covered. What could she do?

    "O glorious God, the sole wish of my soul is that-"

    Oh no. The adhan. The muezzin began his prayer.

    Between the bargains there was spread dead silence. Almost robotically, the people fell to their knees. Nervously, Fatimah looked for her mat. She tried to find it but she couldn't. The bakery was 15 minutes away and she had to get home by 19:30.


    Oh Fatimah, oh dear Fatimah. Little did you know about what would happen next.

    "Catch her!" A long scream was echoed through the now almost empty street. A man pointing at the girl and sprinting towards her with a wave of other men heading to her direction.

    She ran for her life. She knew she wouldn't survive. Jury? The punishment was to go to court. Kabul was a day away. She knew she would die the moment they caught her. And she was right.

    Why? Why she thought to herself. What was worth of a medication. She was pushed down, slammed into the floor. Rocks landing on a 17 year old girl's face, screaming and suffocating and struggling to take a breath.

    The bandages were ripped off of her. Nothing worth of the pain. Beaten for refusing to copulate, now killed for refusing to pray. What was that life worth of? Give up, my sweet Fatimah. Give up.