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  • go4sandeep 19h


    The best advice I've ever received is
    Not to take any decisions when angry
    Not to promise when


  • love_dara 1d


    they will push you prematurely
    but stay in your lane

    instead of calculating what
    happened and where you went wrong
    just stay your lane

    Pls talk to your heart so it can whisper
    to it's ambition
    that they should wait on him

    But in the mean time just stay
    in your lane

  • arpitparashar3 2d

    Life full of consequences

    I had a choice but I chose me, instead of her
    She was not wrong, because she too has a life
    because it is not usual that you will find people like you have expected.


  • just_a_teen 2d

    God removed some people from your life because he heard some conversations that you didn't..

  • love_dara 4d

    ps. sorrow may sleep w/ you at night but Joy is there in the morning #Ps30:5 #advice

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    joy robbers

    joy robbers will come

    They can hit you like a truck or
    enter you like a disease

    When we don't fix are unhappiness
    we become an island that's starting
    to drown

    So we must build up are walls
    Strengthen are firewalls
    Protect are souls

    It could be a someone
    or something
    But whatever it is
    it must go

    Their names are called
    Toxic People

    But we can avoid them
    they dont have to take control
    choose to breath in liberty

    joy robbers may come


  • wisdomirror 1w

    Believe In Quotes But Don't Let Them Spoil Your Conscious Wisdom

    Fogive But Never Forget
    And Cut That People Lose
    Even If You Fogave That People
    But Are Not Ready Forgetting It
    No Matter What
    You Will Automatically Treat Those People Ill And
    Basically You Steal a Chance From Those People To Actually Attone For Their Deeds
    If You Really Want To Fogive People
    Then Learn To Forget The Bad Things
    Remember The Good Time You Spent With Them Together

    (Pss - I Know Many Won't Agree But Its Just
    My Opinion So I Request You People To Treat It As An Opinion)


  • love_dara 1w

    old keys

    Old keys won't fit new doors

    Square pegs don't fit star holes

    Why do we shove are selfs through
    doors we're not ready for?

    Dont break the door
    learn to use the handle

    Old keys won't fit new doors

  • love_dara 1w

    wisdom (?)

    He spoke words of wisdom
    to her soul
    She shrugged it off
    wondering what the difference
    So she walked it off
    talked it off
    feeling no sudden change

    10 yrs later

    Her Goliath sat beside her
    and she tried, sometimes cried

    But then a voice came
    to her and whispered in her ear
    "Examine what is said
    not who speaks"

  • beensn 1w

    Accompany, not advice

    You know one of the recent best sellers?
    It is the free service of advices.
    Advices are available every where and all time,
    But these are only to showcase and they don't really mean.
    Enough of advices, people are really fed- up,
    Advices are just given, but no one keeps it up.
    Irrelevant and useless advices are no more expected,
    If you are so concerned, be a friend in need.
    People would like to have a companion,
    Who can stand by their side and give timely opinion.
    The needy and the distressed would like to have someone to walk along,
    And make them feel that they really belong.
    If possible, do accompany others when they feel lonely,
    Boost their inner strength to face and live happily.
    © beensN

  • love_dara 2w


    Give it your all

    Your not a robot who uses
    20% of their mind to cook
    50% to write
    30% to sleep

    We weren't made to go to
    school in the Morning and
    come back at night just to work
    3 jobs

    So pls give it your all

    Give your relationship your all
    Give your siblings your all
    Give that project your all
    Give school your all
    Give life your all

    There's no one foot in
    and one foot out

    "He who begins too much
    accomplishes too little."


  • dapperapple 4w


    Do you e er get so scared you'll ruin your own projects? I want my screenplay to be so perfect that I just keep freezing up. I feel like I'm such a bad writer at times.

  • shubham_20 4w

    Relationship advice!
    Hamesha plan B,C tak Z ke backup plan rako


  • swetaswadhismita 5w

    Thanks me later

    If you are going through a bad time or something bad happens to you or you are feeling low or guilty....
    Then I have a piece of advice for you
    Just write down all your thoughts on a piece of paper and now tear the paper or throw it into the dustbin or just burn it.....
    Now you will feel good


  • erpoetry 5w

    Revealing it

    I bet you are afraid of falling. That's why you always fall.


  • rajkishorejc 6w

    Do you believe me??

    What makes you believe a person???
    Comment your answer
    I will answer it tomorrow

  • agjproverbs 7w

    AGJ Proverb #7

    When given, give!
    When blessed, be a blessing!
    When helped, help someone else!

  • anas_husain 7w


    Too much attention
    Whether you seek or give will cause distress.


  • scribbled_letters 8w

    Before giving advice to someone,
    Make sure whether you are
    doing things right in your life.


  • bellemoon99 8w

    Bring it

    Want peace? Engage with it.
    Want love? Engage with it.
    Want wisdom? Engage with it.
    We manifest what we engage with.

  • laven_ 9w

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    Such a simple rhetorical question, yet can have the most profound impact when reflected on our own career aspirations. These can become even harder to define in the stir of a global pandemic.

    I wrote this poem to remind myself and others that the fog of disbelief will clear, whether its tomorrow or in half a year, so take every moment in stride with nothing to fear.

    #rhetoric #pod #career #advice @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The Caged Birdsong

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    A lawyer, a police officer or even a doctor?
    It should pay well, and look good on a resume,
    Like a surgeon or an exam proctor.
    Let’s be more realistic now, shall we?
    As for me, what do I want to be exactly?

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I just simply don’t know,
    The best part of me is my own originality
    Yet you assume that isn’t so?
    As though I must fulfill this need to be happy
    I was born different, most call what they see a disability.
    But being disabled, means you lack any ability.
    Clearly that is not the case,
    But society acts as though I’m a mark that should’ve been erased
    As a kid, growing up was rough,
    Sometimes the only answer is to grit your teeth when it gets tough
    As though you were the ugly duckling, society casts you out
    You could scream, you could yell, you could cry, but no one heard your shouts.

    As you got older, your innocence begins to fade away.
    They ask you again,
    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    As if you’ll suddenly know one day
    We are not the free birds, we live life in a cage
    Subjected to the whim of conformity, and all its rage
    Fight as you may
    But you only are just one say
    Silenced by the voices around you, to your own dismay
    Now, your truly on your own, every bird finds its way
    Even the caged bird opens the door someday
    You’ve found your own birdsong as you fly along
    But at the end of the day,
    What we really are searching for is somewhere to belong
    Adulthood was every kid’s dream, we all wanted to be grown
    Because that meant we could be on our own
    Life is harder then ever before,
    Worst of all, your past becomes a closed door

    The world will beat you down
    You were not the best of the bunch
    But in the end, everything will turn around
    Not because its cliché, but rather just a hunch
    You begin to wonder who the ugly ones truly were in life
    As you take flight and end this strife.

    So, I ask again, what should I be when I grow up?
    Well that’s for me to find out, and for the rest of the world to see.