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  • devilfish 1w


    I touch a sunset and it’s warmth
    Freezes as it is my still memory
    Washed out in cool tones
    Indistinct and undefined
    Can I find my home?
    I call out of the conch it echoes as my home is hollowed
    My hollow home
    My heart as it follows it crashes like a comet into my throat
    I’ve always wandered the shadows of thought all alone
    These words comfort me because without these pages to translate my soul they can be there so at least you can if you want to find this one place
    Then welcome back
    I write so my thoughts don’t scare me with unfamiliar concepts
    I don’t want the truth to haunt my morning depth
    Coffee cakes and daisy’s midnight breath
    In between wires sparking my steps
    It’s not going to be of value if it doesn’t resonate in your head as something you can understand and it’s just like I’m stressed
    I’m a mess
    I’ve seen dark days
    I must confess I pray at the feet of my passion and love to see these things livened with ink and my thoughts that dance like flames behind my eyes
    Dancing inside as tired as I am wise
    Crystalline cracks up and down your white pearly composure and time to think over is all that I need tenderness will be my green clover
    Just get here, I’d like it if you’d just come over
    Come over
    Start over…

  • devilfish 1w

    Red Ribbons

    So inviting
    You like it
    I feel it
    See, it’s vibrant
    I’ll walk you off a cliff of reinventing the past
    I’ll be your island
    I’ll be your Midas
    I know you see me
    I’m inviting you to pull into my vibes
    And I’ll move it to you
    The feeling it struck like lightning
    Chaos and it’s violence
    They vibrant
    When we already walked and scuttled barefoot as a matter a fact
    The way they shattered you’d think we were hit by a semi in a compact
    I don’t remember exactly to a precision all the dates I’m bad at math plus my memories don’t come fast
    I’m still whip lashed by the eyelash I made a wish and I never asked to be ripped from the only things that even mattered to be burdened by life’s chaotic apathy in it’s smug shrug
    As it pulls out from me
    The rug
    My tears are filling up these pages
    These aren’t just mugs
    You fill black coffee with
    Like charcoal in stockings of Christmas
    I missed this
    But death crossed my heart out
    Like a pencil to a flimsy list
    I bleed crimson blood bliss
    I cry as I split into fragmented starlights that water rose in gardens where they were kissed by Dewey mists
    Happiness won’t ever be bliss
    If you were just here and this memory lives like It lives in me
    The same emotions that I can’t quite understand
    The same erosion the pollution of a wound they just left open
    As I was bartered by chance
    And eroded by the sand
    How much can a human life endure how much one can be capable is an evil to understand
    No man would wish to ban even the most unholy in the land
    To this dystopian romance
    Where Joanna won’t stop loving you
    A narcissistic slow dance
    We keep taking vyvanse
    Disillusionment I like it
    How the movement of your skin
    Makes me want to tell you
    To slowdown and you go fast
    I bite that
    and they keep hitting like they missed
    I kiss my cyber halo with a cold gun
    To seduce me with it’s sudden kiss
    I dance with my pain
    I sing with my pain
    I bathe with my pain
    I cycle my mind through this process stage by stage phase by phase
    Day by day
    These pills I have to take
    Or else I make bad decisions
    And I stray from my control over my past I have no debt I haven’t fully paid
    My beds are made my truth is said
    It’s no deeper than it seems
    Truth is déjà vu
    Is so weird I just can’t put my finger on it
    I don’t know honestly how I could explain
    The scars they just remain
    I’ll remain aware of my perspective
    I can’t lose it
    I can’t play
    The game
    No time to contemplate
    To revise what I have made
    These decisions in my wake
    I’m but a man
    But I can bend the moonlight and purge the world out of my veins
    As I erupt in fiery rain
    My body hurts so I rain
    My mind it runs from me
    I’m afraid in these dead bodies
    Mine start to feel that mine have hollowed out
    The same
    The dead body is me with my own face
    I’m in tune
    I’m insane

  • devilfish 1w


    I stopped needing more than the needed person needed me
    I have my own mouth to feed
    An ego to please
    Now the only time I love myself
    Is when the people I loved stopped loving me
    The one’s that didn’t leave
    I left because I couldn’t sleep
    Knowing any part of their life was darker because I didn’t leave
    And now my ugly storm of chaos and life has struck the Earth like a contagious disease
    After maturing and learning I know the only way I’m going to love me is if I take the time alone to know myself
    How painful it was, writhing uncomfortably and my anxiety causing me to confuse myself as everyone watched as if I were a car crash you struck a match and watched me burn as you stepped out of the way and watched blankly as I watch you turn your back
    You just left me in the aftermath

  • devilfish 2w


    Snowflakes kissing your skin
    As my fingers tracing your mind
    Enhancing the sin
    Our link is permanently unique
    Melodies dancing to our hymn
    My words they drip with my intent
    Time you will be glad you have spent


  • devilfish 2w

    Red Light At Twilight

    In the distance a sullenness seeps from sonorously sweet siren
    Making sound sort of sound like song
    But depleted the iris and turned my sight into a narrow and seemingly tight bright exit where I left myself that night into booming bass on a circular song ringing through sound
    Where solace is found and light when it’s only darkness that surrounds my life like vultures leaving me like meat to be in the ground
    Ground flesh is not sweet or sound
    I’ve walked on blackened paths where I can’t get and won’t take my indifference back where I lost it on the path trodden with perversity and a shimmering infection a new collection of cells coming together for my eyes to be dissecting it’s not my fault the light is deflecting my pain into my back beating me with bounds of pain struck with the sheer singing pangs that rearrange my organs as I change and waste away I must be doing something wrong or else I wouldn’t be shoved hurriedly down the sewer drain is my reality too scary for you to try and relate?
    Is your pride and ego so small you have to deflate the whole truth and inflate lies pollute your children’s plates with lies and subversion in the messages that lie inside plain sight on T.V
    Screens are shining in a dark room
    Fiends are trying to shark you and end you in doom as they do to you to them back to you to them to us to me back to you then it becomes us

  • devilfish 2w


    Daliesque petals softer than angel’s
    Imperfect vessels are our mother’s and father’s words that haunt what we have kept and what hasn’t parted in death kept but less is all we get we wept as the truth of all our interest is about to undress while they slept
    Crawling into the bed and now the stranger in the mirror wants me dead the same as the strange figure head who left me like a stain on my bed
    My bed was where I used to lay my head before I was snapped off like a thread and I’m not sure if I can dream
    And I’m not sure if I am awake
    Am I asleep?
    Am I alive?
    Will I have the leave quietly like the secret threatening to consume me
    So menacingly inside me

  • devilfish 2w


    Maybe instead of being a parasite in pages of poetry
    Human hearts sing ancestral chants chain links to history
    Emotion stirring and blending like microscopic forces shaping our interaction the approach of our collective human experience that cannot be replicated duplicated and poetry leaves room for encapsulated thoughts are from the infancy of their thoughts out of the box and that experience cannot be bought or described and seen and felt by the life of their death and the death of their loss

    Sometimes things aren’t as deep as they appear

    The time we trust so much doesn’t tell us where to steer

    Only to make haste and make words

    Poetry empowers the people
    And conquers their fear

    So I celebrate my life with words

    And I leave my words in the ether of cyber tears

    Poetry is a symbiotic expansive and unparalleled ability to weave

    interchangeably into art in words
    Are spoken in verse
    Rattling like keys
    reverberated sound that touches you like an echo before it’s dark kiss of death bites your breath
    leaves it’s shadow love in bacterial specs while it’s cells accumulate against the force of his life it depleted as the virus fed and puppets of their own life taken until there’s nothing left and the thing cannot be stopped and controlled because chaos will unfold in and out of clocks as nightmares form in and out of dream
    Sung in the people and their convictions
    From the church to the liquid depths of emotions that we immerse and to understand ourselves better and be able to create an outlet for expression then dynamics can keep people like you and I safe before their inability to understand the foreign sound of the tongue of truth
    And poetry is an eternal tree with branches of temptation and sadness that only forms as a tear in it’s iridescence

  • __ek_wada__ 3w


    Bacchpan ma nadaani,
    Or badde par samjhdaari hi,
    Kaam aati hai.

    jo khudse kia hai

  • moanstories 3w

    Let me write my words
    on your body with my lips

  • kanungoswati 3w


    Innocent children playing
    unaware of bad world
    wallowing in happiness.

    Walking with dreams and hopes,
    youthful blood flowing in sinew
    Dreaming of changing the world.

    Hankering for job and money
    In a dreamless modern world
    They wait for Death.

  • desemboy21 9w

    Adult Sucks

    Being an adult is so annoying
    We are required to be strong and to be able to survive
    Until sometimes I feel this is a burden
    And it becomes a matter of feeling

    We are not mature because of age
    But forced by the world
    Who can't help but have to live it
    Whatever the condition

    Many of them are still small in body but have mature mindsets
    That, too, was forced
    Not because of their wish

    Life is so hard
    One little bit immediately slashed
    And don't expect to be free
    Because the world doesn't want you to let go


  • authorharoonrashid 10w


    You are not the only
    So don't you feel lonely
    Don't wonder & stop chasing
    Life is really very amazing

    Hold my hand
    Lets take you to a land
    Which is full of emptiness
    Where there are only cries,
    Only tears and only fears

    Where since ages no smile reigned
    Where in their innocent childhood ,
    Kids have learnt to behave like adults
    Where girls before their periods
    have seen a lot of inhumane periods
    Where adults are nothing but slaves

    They don’t have a choice, they don’t have a voice.
    But, you still have the choice and also the voice
    And you still have a lot to rejoice

    So don’t you feel lonely
    As you are not the only
    You have taken birth on earth
    And not in heaven
    where you will be free from pain.
    -  Author Haroon Rashid

    Insta: @authorharoonrashid

  • dnswords 11w

    आप बहुत lucky हो

    जब आप chatting करते हो...

    और उसमें छुपी हुयी feeling
    सामने वाला समज लेता हो...


  • devilfish 12w

    I Heard My Bones Snap

    I wake to the dawn as it cracks
    Like a whip
    Makes it's tracks
    Leaving shame in bloody stains
    Is dirty I wake up in tape
    That melted into my skin
    Sticky dewey skin
    Taped and raped
    Burn me
    And leave me tossing
    And turning
    Like pages
    Their ancient
    Wrath as I smash pity
    Into the concrete with my
    Simmering anger
    A point in my life
    Where the walls shake
    Mice scatter
    It screams danger
    Like blood spattered
    Against a tattered flag
    You're fighting for what reason
    In the end we are never bringing
    Why did it matter
    You smothered my mind to be
    A mother where she conceives
    Only to watch her baby die
    Over and over and over
    A thousands time
    Could never rid herself from the cries
    That haunted her at night
    Blew out the lights
    In a sudden daylight breaking like a twig
    Crashes into nightmarish night
    One that burdened the dawn with
    Withering senses
    Losing her own sight

  • sensualdiary 12w

    Samjre ho ��������
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    Ek Baar Shaadi Ho Jane Do
    Hum Bhi Dikha Denge Saccha Pyar Kise Kahte Hai.


  • devilfish 13w

    The Snake Slinks Scales on my Spine

    Echoing your lust
    Unwind in every thrust
    Dawn finally meets dusk
    Sweating out my trust
    Of April on the cusp
    Leaving stars in place of scars
    Where you touch

    Constellations painted with the tips
    Of your fingers as they brush
    Sparking need like a fire
    But we don't have to rush

    Life hurries while we can always
    Be safe
    Home is enough
    Where we can always be us

    I pinpoint the day
    Fall back into May
    I hear my sister's song
    As I drink up wisdom
    This prison has now fallen
    Where my willpower has risen

    It's been too long

    I knew it all along
    The drain of living
    Won't be my hands
    Stained with crimson
    I held a pair of scales in my vision
    As well as I dream in an algorithm

    I feel so much better

    As I walk from decision's grip

    I can do anything with my mind

    Even if it lost it's grip

    I've collected my wit

    And I feel like your voice is in transit

    As it takes me along with it

    I'm livid and vibrant
    Colors so vivid orchids
    Daisy's bliss in the Full Moonlight
    I make an image
    With these words
    As they take me across troubled waters
    I bridge the abyss
    I kiss the sun as it reacts
    Growing warmer
    Growing hotter

    My soul takes flight
    A black bird with sharp sight
    As my energy excites
    Each word ignites
    Each twist as my spine spikes
    Each turn as I veer of the turnpike
    It's night I'm bright
    My time
    I'm me
    I'm alive

    I grow into my prime
    I'm aware of time and it's not a concern of mine
    I look up to the sky so I can get the affirmative
    Delight from cosmic divine
    It won't divide me the sadness won't
    Find a home inside me
    I expell them all as they don't
    Will not
    And have never defined me
    It stares at me
    I just glare back piercing through it's menacing eyes
    I watch time bleed
    Black is blinding bringing simple abstraction
    To it's knees
    To my satisfaction
    I breathe
    In and out
    As the Earth dances with me
    Shaking it's leaves
    This look will make your bones

    I am not going to retract my ambition
    I will embrace my new key as I place it
    In the ignition
    Snap all switches
    Chip at the glitches
    Fracture self defeat
    Until it's wounds need stitches
    Dissipate to gas the darkness

    My light will make sure it doesn't last
    Although shadows are for contrast
    But this time the shadow can lead
    All it sees is my back
    And it's chains and mask
    As I lead it to the sky
    I'm never coming down
    Never looking back

    I'm on a track to leave a trace
    I can't just lack I've got to step
    To make a track and keep my pace
    To make it back home

    I'm never out of place

    As I am flesh
    That is that
    I am human
    More than stats
    I am feelings
    Memories of opulence
    Made of crystalline glass
    I am fine tuning
    Like an instrument of brass
    My balance is eternal
    It's flame will always burn
    My mind is freed at last!
    I'm holding my equilibrium
    As the hill is steeping
    I grow stronger
    Determination eating at weakness
    I've got to make it longer
    I am healing in my mind


    And I feel this
    And you can see it in my eyes
    Mist from the Ocean's quiet effervescence
    I embody water
    Fluid judgment and a swiftness and immensity

    I'll rise with the tides
    I'll lose the weight of Sunlight's demanding haste
    And balance as I lose my density

    The Snake is never late
    It coils like steel
    As it unwinds like twine
    The skin peels where it once combined
    In even lines
    Unaware of the shell
    Left behind
    As it takes suicide and from the end
    Just like the night
    Continues into day
    Continues into night

    Desire transforms into a bite
    We devour our last meal
    Candlelight envelope the dark
    And bring to us insight
    Self empowered with an appeal
    That is alive
    Without needing to kneel
    By trauma's bedside

    Leave her to die

    But fake diamonds still shine
    I must be real
    I made no deal
    My soul is mine
    What's your lie?
    I'll tell you mine
    But the truth is subjective
    So how precise is it to be real
    What's the incentive of numbers
    Without their transcendence to shake
    Rationality from it's religion of steel

    The number "3"

    Is holy to me

    I'm a triplet

    It's engraved in me

    Meaning more than what "3" could measure quantitatively

    A trinity with a triangular symmetry



    Collisions and blending of energy

    These holes in reality are mending the redundancy of their reality

    My date isn't set
    Trilogies of symphony crescendo just to instill in me
    My fate isn't sealed
    And my peace is concealed
    By the blanket of love
    In plush green flowered fields

    My heart is my shield

  • sensualdiary 13w

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    Sabki kismat me alag alag inch likha hota h

  • sensualdiary 14w

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    Mein apke daant tod sakta hu
    Par dil aur bharosa kabhi nhi.

  • sensualdiary 14w

    Kaccha baniyan?
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    Character pe thora daag acha hota h.
    Warna ganga me jake kya dhouge ?


  • sensualdiary 14w

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    Khushi = Jab wife pregnant ho
    Darr = Jab gf pregnant ho
    Khauf = Jab dono pregnant ho
    Dukh = Jab pta chale ki tum dono ke hi baap nhi ho