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  • wifey_suicide 21h


    It's just a obsession and I'll get over it...

    One day has turned into two weeks.

    ...I'm just a little hungover, it's not that bad...

    You look like you haven't gotten sleep.

    ...I was just a little sad, I will get sleep tonight...

    The holes on your skin looks a little deep.

    ...I just got into a fight, I was stabbed a couple times...

    You sold your car?

    ... To pay my rent on time I wasn't far off.
    I wasn't that far off...

    You sold your house and you developed smokers cough.

    ... To find a apartment, I'm going to get a loft...

    Are you selling your self to get adrenaline...

    ... I'm too paranoid to let anyone in...

    You need to talk to someone about your addiction, you let it win.

    .. it's just a obsession and I'll get over it.

    The End

  • ayaz_haneef 3d

    Music; Most Healing

    Music; most healing

    Whenever I feel sad or tensed,
    Music is the one to heal me.
    It makes me feel pleasure,
    When in it's colour, it seals me.

    I sing my heart aloud,
    Without even caring about my voice.
    Which helps me to get peace,
    By listening to it by my choice.

    A single genre of dark,
    Makes me dive deep into it.
    Who takes me inside it,
    By making me deeply love it.

    Understanding it's meaning,
    Makes me more happy.
    Predicting it's nature,
    Makes it's more snappy.

    Music is my addiction,
    Songs are my life!
    Without which I can't live,
    Making it my forever wife.

    Dreaming about being a songwriter,
    To fill the songs with my words.
    Helping the people heal forever,
    Throughout this whole world.

  • whispers_inside_the_closet 1w


    Your voice is getting loud and seeps out through my ears
    It shrills, it fears, it stabs and steals me of my tears
    Forcing my years to stop but, where’d it disappears?
    It appears to appease my headache, yet hangs its absence like a chandelier.

    So for good luck, my mouth waters and I spit
    My body convulses, while my heart throws a fit
    A stinging taste on my tongue that I knew not could exist
    Tears the strings of my conscience—just like that, I’m being stripped.

    My lips stripped bare to the spit blood and its thickness
    The belly turned and churned with sickness
    Forehead sweating fire sparks, like some incurable illness
    Every limb begging for a scream, in silence, in stillness.

    There’s no ladder in the abyss, just a feeling—sadder, madder, splatter
    In pools and puddles of black and green, does it really matter?
    There’s a hammer in my head, and in my back a dagger
    A hangover like no other, with my teeth grinding like crackers.

    Would’ve, should’ve I stopped falling, to stop by myself this numbness
    Silly things are made in the name of love, this is nothing but dumbness
    To hear you say “I had her” when trying helping, there’s nothing sadder
    But to confuse your voice with that of the abyss, sipping through my eyes whispering “I have her”.


  • alifrey 1w

    At Ease

    Fog has lifted, sky is no longer hazy.
    Thoughts in our head now, don't seem so crazy.
    Sunrise in the morning and all it's colors.
    Beauty in a child's laughter, curious in all their wonders.
    Strolling downtown on a weekend day for some veggies and fruit.
    Taking selfies in the mirror, feeling ever so cute.
    At the end of the day, peace and ease fill your soul.
    All because your addiction is no longer out of control.

  • alifrey 1w

    Short Comings

    The Step says simply that God will remove my shortcomings. The only footwork I must do is "humbly ask," which for me means asking with the knowledge that of myself I am nothing, the Father within "doeth the works."

    For some it's gluttony, food is their addiction
    Make up and selfies, too vein, to hide to their reflection
    Covers up the shame and guilt from somewhere within
    Hating self inside dating sites and adultery, men and woman
    Bottle and pills drowns sorrows for some.
    Taking another life off this earth, selfish and aggressive
    Others must have control and monitor,
    Violent and possessive.
    Breaking the law, violent crimes keep them from running.
    Once you admit your mistakes, you can God to forgive your short-comings.

  • alifrey 2w

    Not A Choice

    Wanting to express feelings, hesitate as you speak.
    'fore those around you think they are mild and meek.
    False promises and manipulation happened before.
    Trying now to right your wrongs, excuses no more.
    Accusations come along, you have to take the extra step.
    Picking up the pieces that many have left.
    They did not want to see you destructive and malicious.
    Devil made you take the drink, that was so delicious.
    In the end all you carry are feelings well hidden.
    Family and friends scattered, have said good riddence.
    Now you're begging and pleading for others to see.
    That addiction is not a choice, but a disease.

  • alifrey 2w


    Alcohol flows through me like an addict to crank
    trauma and genetics is what I have to thank
    blue and red behind me my clean record was over
    Next day brings consequences DUI and sober  with nowhere to hide I shut down and cried
    felt cheated in wrong no explanation why
    devil in my brain take the next drink
    no God around for clarity no morals to think
    now I sit clear-headed brand new reality
    nothing means more now than sobriety

  • angels_halo_shines 2w

    Your's Again

    For some reason I'm called upon to write. Not just about let's think about a topic & write either. It just could not be simple. The main purpose is about addiction. Of course I have written on my addiction before. I'm thinking now the push is because my mind is more clearly conveyed. It takes years for ones mind to completely start to think with clarity. After your free from your addiction. You are free, but thought process necessarily isn't.

    Now, that's out and wide open this brings me to make the point. Of ok how the hell does ex cocaine/fentanyl addict know so much. The answer is all I can say is that I missed my true calling. Sadly. I was "supposed" to be the next nurse in our family. Hell, maybe I should have been. I was too busy with drugs to go sit back down in a classroom of egotistical achievers.

    First of all, had I had gotten the right help. The right support system things may have been different. But, as we all know, here we are.

    I am gonna tell you, peer pressure, no that's not the bitch. They say it is, I assure you that it isn't. Peer pressure, you can walk away from. My first time trying cocaine/fentanyl I WANTED TO DO IT. It did not matter what Big Joe schmo said over there. I will add this because it was said to me, Jessie you don't be like these other ones out on the corner begging. You call me, and I will be where you need me. Or what he said she said bullshit. Either you want to try it or you don't. Here I am in the trap house with 8 balls in front of me. The trap house let's make it loud & clear that I was with friends. Who the hell was I to judge the way they live? The next day at the end of that day, they were still my friends.

    I have been sober, 2 or so years or more.
    Cocaine is said to be the rich man's drug. That is 100% the undeniable truth.
    You will hit rock bottom, a few times before you realized you have hit it. Anyhow, I am recovered & no I'm not free from it at all. This world, goes round & round. Stress & illness can very well lead you right back to it.

    My connect, he calls time to time asking how I'm doing. And when I first told him I was done, he was just like right, this bitch... He now says that I should never have gotten on it to begin with. But, we both agree we live & learn. And thank God I'm here today.

    I hope someone who needs to hear this does. You know the pieces fit. We all watched them fall apart. They can all be put back together. With hard work, willpower & the ability to cut certain ones out your life. Your life can be yours again.

  • alifrey 2w


    Whether a needle or a glass pipe the temptation is the same
    Devil is wondering if you'll roll the dice on his game.
    Of life or death, squeezing so tight just to choke her.
    Like kyprotnite to superman, Batman to the Joker.
    Powers over you so fiercely, you can never get away.
    Mind spinning, body trembling, family starting to stray.
    Because of a choice, your personality now gone.
    Hatred festering inside, still will be present at dawn.
    Shame and regrets start to come forth, rejection deep seeded.
    Searching for treatment, knowing deep and true it's much needed.
    Coming down is much more painful than any emotion you challenge.
    Puzzle pieces of life, you try to fit together and salvage.
    Needle now replaced with clarity and truth.
    For now you've found the pot of gold, the brokenness why you used.
    Thoughts are still there, to score just one more time.
    To chase that feeling that once got you high.
    But once you play the whole tape through you remember one thing.
    Addiction itself, kept you from living.

  • kritu_22 2w

    I look up words synonymous to addiction.
    'Enslavement', 'Weakness', 'Dependency', it says.

    Fine lines crossed for sake of liking something,
    makes us its slaves.

    Addicts find excuses in the phrase 'life is small',
    and then make smaller or wasted.

    Shovelling out key purposes that hold one alive,
    fall in own grave they themselves dig.


  • unblossomedyet 3w

    Love is like alcohol,
    The more you try quench your soul,
    You get drawn to it's euphoria.
    Little of it,is just too less.
    And more of it becomes your ultimate weakness...
    Out of bounds,your life becomes a mess.


  • frozensun 3w

    #thief #trust #addiction #poetry #poem

    Ever grateful for EC �� thank you!! @writersnetwork

    I never thought anyone would enjoy my writing, so this is all new and huge feelings for me ♡

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    Swift as wind, a captor in disguise
    In through the window, he clutches what's mine
    Taken without warning, nothing to be done
    No gain for he but loss great for I

    My eyes weep as my heart suffers
    Burdened with dismay I am left empty and hollow

    Overwhelmed in following moments
    Rage filled; much shame
    Embarrassed for my ignorance, my failures;
    Inner pain

    Ego so bold, fleeing with blind eyes;
    A bully in the night

    Selfish desire set to drive


  • wifey_suicide 4w

    It's Just A Lighter

    It's just a lighter that I'm buying again
    I know it makes people upset, that I'm doing it again
    But don't you find it kind of funny
    That it's only cool to do when you're with your friends
    But when you do these type of things without anyone there
    It's socially frowned upon
    It's just a lighter that I bought
    Maybe I need to light a candle
    Or start a bonfire
    But when you look like me, you think I'm not clean
    I tell myself that it's just to get better
    And everyone agrees
    Until I get lazy and not want to do anything
    It's just a lighter in my eyes
    And it's addiction to my family
    I can quit whenever but apparently that's not the case
    I just want to be happy
    Even if it makes everyone else upset
    It's my lifestyle
    I could be getting drunk instead
    And everyone agrees
    But don't you find it funny
    That everyone agrees until something comes up
    And they act like I'm shooting heroin up my knees
    It's just lighter and some green
    I only do it to feel better and everyone agrees
    Until they put their phone down and their eyes start to bleed
    Bleeding out tears until they can't breathe
    Then they point at me and say:

    "Put that down, it's not good for you. It was cool back in school. Now you're an adult with responsibilities. Plus it's illegal. What are you going to do with your life?"

  • not__so_poetic 4w


    I left my crown at home
    Now i got the red horns
    Today you'll rot in hell
    Tomorrow might as well
    Some days I'm an angel
    But you choose this for yourself
    Now you got no escape
    Just do it as I say
    I can make you run down lane
    I can make you scream in pain
    Just show you hell and then leave you insane!!

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 4w


    With face like a Rose, paradisiacal was the freshness of her mien,
    The beauty that dribbled from her aura was seraphic and serene,
    She was a thorough blend of beauty, innocence and elegance,
    Her birth was like a phenomenon, once in blue moon occurrence.

    He bought her in exchange of marriage vows, owner of every bit of her flesh,
    He may enjoy himself or lease out to his friends in consideration of their women to relish,
    He believed wife - swapping is a tool to keep the marriage adventurous and fresh,
    Played with strange lasses, served his wife to his friends with wine like a sweet dish.

    The first time her dignity got abraded, mirror of her innocence broke in to myriad pieces,
    She'd never seen this pious bond burning on the pyre of such awful practices,
    Nonplussed whether to deal with the trauma to be toyed with her husband's buddies,
    Or the jealousy that hollowed her soul seeing her man in the arms of other ladies.

    But the carousel of time moved with an enormous pace,
    Soon she learned to cope with a enchanting smile and grace.
    A major accident caused her husband bed - ridden for lifetime, got paralysed,
    Repented, held her hands, crying profusely he apologised.

    Oh! But it was just her body that carried along bearing the burden of that marriage,
    Her love died on the strange beds she changed every night, lied lifeless and naked,
    Her trust and dignity rested in peace long back beneath the shroud of that bondage,
    As a revenge, she slept with men, in front of her palsied husband, in the adjacent bed.

    *Reshma Kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*

    #mother #teacher #pearl #writerscommunity #writerscommunity #mirakeeworld #mirakee#Drug#abuse#addiction

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 4w


    The crown of pride I had been wearing since I was born,
    My dad called me a 'Rose', emerged to adorn,
    Diffusing scents of my childhood through the petals of my enchanting smile,
    I was made to believe that this Earth is a garth of flowers, exquisite and fragile,
    But Alas! He forgot that the fate of flowers is to be crushed and tortured,
    And they did traumatize my soul to the extent that it had long - back withered,
    My body is just a cage of bones and the corpse of my soul has decayed,
    Thus, the bars of my breaths needs to be broken so that the casket of my soul can be laid,
    On the tranquil glaciers of cloud pacifying the agonizing ashes of my disrobed and ruptured body,
    I need to visit the heavens to knock the door of the Almighty for justice, my tears wish to drop on his feet to awaken his fury.

    *Reshma Kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*

    @⁨Kolli Sai Charan⁩

    #mother #teacher #pearl #writerscommunity #writerscommunity #mirakeeworld #mirakee#Drug#abuse#addiction

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 4w


    The smiling charm swallowed hurricane of ordeals he was going through,
    Life wasn't fair enough, suicide failed, death betrayed him too,
    The person within him stumbled between the personalities' split,
    He knelt down to the situations that abraded his high-spirit.

    Mystical fumes of dope pacified his agonizing emotions,
    All the pain sublimed, dispersed with the intoxicating smoke,
    Rings of puff, like a salve soothing the gash of exasperations,
    With drugged eyes, clogged throat and fragmented heart, breathed that bloke.

    None could clip off the labyrinth of his ignorant attitude,
    The injection, smokes and pills, accompanied the moments of solitude,
    None other in this whole universe felt worthy to confide in,
    He battled hard to cope but was compelled to glide in.

    They all cursed his existence, an utter failure he was,
    As he ceased to fetch a job despite being highly educated,
    A jobless man is seldom paid heed by any pretty lass,
    Cold arms of death provided the warmth he ever expected.

    The noose of taunts of his own family strangled his soul,
    Sword of dejections lacerated his will power, disintegrated his determination,
    The blaze of betrayal ashed down his heart, taking a toll,
    Death being costly he couldn't afford, mortgaged his breaths to drug addiction.

    #mother #teacher #pearl #writerscommunity #writerscommunity #mirakeeworld #mirakee#Drug#abuse#addiction

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  • shubham_20 5w

    Mobile addiction itne addicted hai ki log khane peene sab kuch chor sakte hai

  • thetramp 5w

    shell of addiction

    I fight everyday- 

     a battle I tend to always lose. 

    I've become someone else- 

        a host inhabiting something foreign.

    I don't wish to seek it,

         I wish not to want it. 

    Addiction has made me a shell, 

         the further I crawl in, 

                     the more I lose myself.

  • amr_riant 5w

    My bearded

    Weird it is but i find sanctuary between them
    Those slightly coiled black shining strands
    The way they are nicely and neatly arranged
    From your sideburns down to your jaw
    The way they magnify your beauty
    Oh my lord!
    I can't get my eyes off you with those strands on display
    Not that you can hide them anyways
    Which makes it a plus for me
    Their feel on my skin is unexplainable
    From the rough ends to the uneven edges
    And then how thick and yet soft they are
    I feel my worries creeping away always
    When i slide my hands along those strands
    The feeling itself is enough for me to keep you
    Not that i had any intention of letting you go
    Keep grooming them dearly beloved♥️