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  • kumarmp 3w


    People leave when you addicted to them.

  • debangana_gogoi 3w

    Honestly all I could think of writing in mirakee in Love. I have no idea why! Happy Reading ��

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    Are you my mistake?
    My mistake which I would regret in life?
    I who am lured by your personality
    I who stand awed, enthralled by your charm
    As if bewitched.
    It's addictive
    The peace which I get while talking with you
    I share minute details of my life
    Even at 3 am in the morning
    Why do I do so?
    We're nothing more than friends
    We're nothing more than just friends.
    Then why do I find peace with you?
    Why do you mean so much too me?
    Am I making a mistake?

    By loving you so deeply?
    Yet not confessing it?
    Am I making the mistake of my life?


  • vasu_maddy 10w


    Yes, we fight a lot. And each time we
    say don't ever come back to me!',
    sometimes we're back within hours.
    Sometimes, it takes days. But even
    during those times, we miss each other
    and it makes our bond grow stronger.
    He's like a Tom to the Jerry in me.

    So, even though we fight a lot,
    We don't give up on each other.

    That's how addicted we are to each other..!


  • slaughtered_heart 14w

    I am too broken to admit that I am
    and too addicted to let go of it.


  • raged_fury 16w

    Every rain reminds me of you!
    I am addicted to you!
    It's hard to stay away from you!
    Your aura is special, I am mesmerized by you!

    Every rain reminds me of you!
    I am addicted to you!
    It's hard to stay away from you!
    I know you don't want me to get closer to you!

    Every rain reminds me of you!
    I am addicted to you!
    It's hard to stay away from you!
    Every moment is so special with you!

    Every rain reminds me of you!
    I am addicted to you!
    It's hard to stay away from you!
    I know it's harsh that I make your life hard but, for me the world is in you!

    Every rain reminds me of you!
    I am addicted to you!
    It's hard to stay away from you!
    Just holding your hand is enough with you!

    Every rain reminds me of you!
    I am addicted to you!
    It's hard to stay away from you!
    Whatever happens, let my life stay always with you!

    Every rain reminds me of you!
    I am addicted to you!
    It's hard to stay away from you!
    As much as anything, I always love you!

    Every rain reminds me of you!
    I am addicted to you!
    It's hard to stay away from you!

  • john_felix 16w


    It preys on me at night,
    Like a hungry wolf,
    I can't win this fight,
    It keeps me staring at the roof,
    It has all my being and might,
    I surrender, and this writing is proof.

    It sticks on like glue,
    The addiction,
    Daily I pursue,
    This terrible affliction,
    My blood boils blue,
    Due to no spiritual connection.

    I live to be afflicted,
    I am tired,
    I want to be freed,
    I want to be free from greed,
    I want to live unchained,
    I don't want to be addicted.

  • poetryfaith12 19w


    She slowly inhales the gray smoke
    The burning sensation intensifies
    Her nose becoming raw from all the coke
    The redness is slowly overtaking the whites of her eyes

    Blood no longer flows
    Short raspy breathing
    Body thin, organs disposed
    My lungs deflating and the oxygen is bleeding

    Exposed thoughts causing pain
    Not only to me, but my loved ones
    Marijuana heals my brain
    From the curse speaking in tongues

  • simoneheinis 21w


    Her eyes are bright, like jewels in the sun
    Her skin is soft, it makes me come undone
    Her voice is sweet, like a melody in spring
    Her soul is pure, and it makes my heart sing

  • paranoidismarie 25w


    I thought I would be this way forever
    capable and free
    I used to think I was clever
    now I just struggle to see
    substances have taken over
    I've lost the most important key
    the one that unlocks my innocence
    the one that helps me dream
    hopelessly addicted
    and gravely afflicted
    I'm not playing the victim
    but will somebody please help me breath

    © Candice Ballinger

  • shubham_20 27w

    Kuch singer blue cheese se itne addicted ho gaye ki gaane bhi add kar deye

  • mijoabin 29w

    How Could I

    Sometimes I feel like it's over but then I turn and look at your dumb face and say to myself "how could I ever leave you".

  • kamrie872 29w

    Smoke it in
    Taking over the body
    Nothing's uncovered
    Just buried deeper
    But you don't mind
    When an addiction is called
    A stress reliever
    Suppressing your thoughts
    You also suppress me
    Your desire for it
    Is great than connecting with me
    Leaving you disconnected from both
    You didn't want to be alone

  • charlieka 31w


    I dont know why I need so much attention
    I am desperate to taste the skin you live in
    I am shaking
    You are my addiction
    I want your lips and whisper kisses
    My arched neck wants your teeth to carve our initials in
    I wish you weren't the drug of my choice because I dont know how long i can take this craving before I give in

    I'm addicted


  • my_balu 34w

    You are not my distraction,
    You are my only addiction.


  • b_gotti 34w

    A Solipsistic Statistic

    It's sadistic how horrific it is to wake up one day and realize you have become nothing more than a confused Statistic. Wondering how you permitted it and then, even assisted it. Questioning how you got here like, was it all scripted? How tragically insipid and more than just a little solipsistic. Really, it's not as complicated as you would present it. Listen to me, your Fate has already been predicted. This is not satiric. It is not mystic or even cryptic. It's all right there laid out for you to see like an exhibit. You'd see it if you weren't so egotistic. It's actually a bit ritualistic, kind of like you hand-picked it.  It's easy to try to twist it, but face it, you chose this. It's you who is accredited. It's you who inflicted this parasitic kind of restricted life on yourself. I'm not being pessimistic, it's simple logistics. You can try to contradict it but come on be honest , just admit it. Your hopelessly, tragically,  fucking addicted. Wishing on every star you were all together just omitted. That you had never even existed. You've tried before to kick it but learned this shit isn't a gimmick. By yourself you'll never lick it. Why? The answer isn't drastic, you already know it. That substance you hate to love, gives you exactly what you need when you seek it. Making life less hectic exactly when you need it.  That deep all consuming pain inside you that's always looming on the line of insanity? It numbs it. That part of you that constantly screams inside your head, always begging for you to release it? It silences it. Making quitting seem so, unrealistic. It gives you that reprieve you need that keeps you from emotions you're sure will kill you. You feel it's somehow out of your control. That you're on the outside looking in just hoping you will win. It's honestly voyeuristic. That's not living. That's just a mimic. Now you are conflicted you feel like you've been unjustly convicted. Look, I'm not one to be antagonistic.  I'm simply here because it's words in which I've been gifted. I try to use them to touch your soul and then lift it. For I too know the struggle and know this war to be wicked. I am you and you are me. Yet our reflections in the mirror no longer depict it. There's no longer any difference. I scream at the stranger with my face looking back at me to wake the fuck up. Look around, it's got you! Let me be explicit,  everything you love is gone. You have to fix it! Why won't you just end it? The lies we tell ourselves are no longer sufficient. Saying I'll quit later. There's still time. Tomorrow. Yeah Tomorrow I promise I'll stick with it. Idiot. You know damn well Tomorrow has never existed. There is only today. Right now we must commit to it. We can't miss it. We have way too much at stake to risk it. It's a cycle and we all must break it. You are in control, even as an addict. Some time back you gave up your place, like you never had it. Now its up to you to take it back, almost like you had always planned it. Then expand it. It's not egotistic or idealistic. It's completely spiritualistic. It's falling to your knees and begging please.Then saying it again, this time like you meant it. Really comprehend it. Now look at the pieces of your life that has fallen apart. Pick them up piece by piece and cleanse it. First go to the ones you love but have offended. Find that bridge you burned and mend it.  Your family will commend it then their love and pride will be re-extended. Oh, and the reason you started using to begin with? Those demons that reside inside your mind driving you ballistic? The ones all you want to do is numb until their grip on you is lifted? They all leave, as soon as you command it. I don't know about you but let me be candid about my addiction. I've gotten high doping with the best of bandits. It's always been the big dogs who I stand with. Never letting my feet touch the ground, nothing but true gangsters is who I ran with. Then, when I finally landed, I was left completely abandoned. Now I'm just a girl that's stranded empty-handed trying to understand it. We are all, right now, eternally conflicted restricted convicted and elicitly Afflicted.  Enough is enough, this is your fucking life dammit. Now save it


  • fragranceoflife 36w


    Started like a timepass but got addicted of writing jams. Found something new in self. Unexplored a hidden talent may be for I started craving to write more and more in every forms till something happened. Was it really big issue or did I overreacted on some comments? Still in dilemma but thought of taking a break from there. Am I successful or is my willpower that dull for I couldn't completely quit, and I searched and found another forum to write and express. May be addicted I am now of allowing my thoughts to freely flow.

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    #movie 3 #watch the movie and comment #addicted ��movie #tnx manu♥️

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    I just watched the movie 3once.
    I watched twice, icant understand the language i think it was telugu movie.... but still i watch movie more than 20 times ♥️ just you all tell me that after watching the movie 3

  • anuradhasharma 39w

    दिल राख़ कर , दफनाना था उसे ।
    सब खैरियत , बताना था दूजे सिरे ।
    ज़िक्र , भी नहीं चाहता था किसी से ।

    चिल्लम जला , वो कसर पूरी कर रहा ।
    गश ले , फिज़ा में धूएं के छल्ले बना रहा ।
    दिल को धूंएं की कब्र में सुला रहा .......


  • sulagna2019 42w

    O my dark coffee,
    What was the spell that you casted on me???
    You are haunting my mirror without a notice
    What magic you did to me??

    My heart was dull and grey ,
    But still you made your way ,
    You reflected the red of your heart.
    And splashed colours on me , in what a way???

    You melted my stony heart, like an icecream with your warmth.
    I am loosing myself now , in your fiery red Sunray !!

  • incenseandmyrrh 44w

    Coffee Rings

    If my life was measured in coffee rings.
    And coffee drips, spilling from the sides,
    I’d live for eternity.

    Your lips are like a work of art...
    Soft, decadent, a lustful sin.

    I never realized how sweet it is,
    to be loved by you.

    Don’t make me make you fall into desire.
    Read these words and think of me,
    and I will live in your mind,