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  • bgotti 14h

    A Solipsistic Statistic

    It's sadistic how horrific it is to wake up one day and realize you have become nothing more than a confused Statistic. Wondering how you permitted it and then, even assisted it. Questioning how you got here like, was it all scripted? How tragically insipid and more than just a little solipsistic. Really, it's not as complicated as you would present it. Listen to me, your Fate has already been predicted. This is not satiric. It is not mystic or even cryptic. It's all right there laid out for you to see like an exhibit. You'd see it if you weren't so egotistic. It's actually a bit ritualistic, kind of like you hand-picked it.  It's easy to try to twist it, but face it, you chose this. It's you who is accredited. It's you who inflicted this parasitic kind of restricted life on yourself. I'm not being pessimistic, it's simple logistics. You can try to contradict it but come on be honest , just admit it. Your hopelessly, tragically,  fucking addicted. Wishing on every star you were all together just omitted. That you had never even existed. You've tried before to kick it but learned this shit isn't a gimmick. By yourself you'll never lick it. Why? The answer isn't drastic, you already know it. That substance you hate to love, gives you exactly what you need when you seek it. Making life less hectic exactly when you need it.  That deep all consuming pain inside you that's always looming on the line of insanity? It numbs it. That part of you that constantly screams inside your head, always begging for you to release it? It silences it. Making quitting seem so, unrealistic. It gives you that reprieve you need that keeps you from emotions you're sure will kill you. You feel it's somehow out of your control. That you're on the outside looking in just hoping you will win. It's honestly voyeuristic. That's not living. That's just a mimic. Now you are conflicted you feel like you've been unjustly convicted. Look, I'm not one to be antagonistic.  I'm simply here because it's words in which I've been gifted. I try to use them to touch your soul and then lift it. For I too know the struggle and know this war to be wicked. I am you and you are me. Yet our reflections in the mirror no longer depict it. There's no longer any difference. I scream at the stranger with my face looking back at me to wake the fuck up. Look around, it's got you! Let me be explicit,  everything you love is gone. You have to fix it! Why won't you just end it? The lies we tell ourselves are no longer sufficient. Saying I'll quit later. There's still time. Tomorrow. Yeah Tomorrow I promise I'll stick with it. Idiot. You know damn well Tomorrow has never existed. There is only today. Right now we must commit to it. We can't miss it. We have way too much at stake to risk it. It's a cycle and we all must break it. You are in control, even as an addict. Some time back you gave up your place, like you never had it. Now its up to you to take it back, almost like you had always planned it. Then expand it. It's not egotistic or idealistic. It's completely spiritualistic. It's falling to your knees and begging please.Then saying it again, this time like you meant it. Really comprehend it. Now look at the pieces of your life that has fallen apart. Pick them up piece by piece and cleanse it. First go to the ones you love but have offended. Find that bridge you burned and mend it.  Your family will commend it then their love and pride will be re-extended. Oh, and the reason you started using to begin with? Those demons that reside inside your mind driving you ballistic? The ones all you want to do is numb until their grip on you is lifted? They all leave, as soon as you command it. I don't know about you but let me be candid about my addiction. I've gotten high doping with the best of bandits. It's always been the big dogs who I stand with. Never letting my feet touch the ground, nothing but true gangsters is who I ran with. Then, when I finally landed, I was left completely abandoned. Now I'm just a girl that's stranded empty-handed trying to understand it. We are all, right now, eternally conflicted restricted convicted and elicitly Afflicted.  Enough is enough, this is your fucking life dammit. Now save it


  • fragranceoflife 2w


    Started like a timepass but got addicted of writing jams. Found something new in self. Unexplored a hidden talent may be for I started craving to write more and more in every forms till something happened. Was it really big issue or did I overreacted on some comments? Still in dilemma but thought of taking a break from there. Am I successful or is my willpower that dull for I couldn't completely quit, and I searched and found another forum to write and express. May be addicted I am now of allowing my thoughts to freely flow.

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    #movie 3 #watch the movie and comment #addicted ��movie #tnx manu♥️

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    I just watched the movie 3once.
    I watched twice, icant understand the language i think it was telugu movie.... but still i watch movie more than 20 times ♥️ just you all tell me that after watching the movie 3

  • sulagna2019 8w

    O my dark coffee,
    What was the spell that you casted on me???
    You are haunting my mirror without a notice
    What magic you did to me??

    My heart was dull and grey ,
    But still you made your way ,
    You reflected the red of your heart.
    And splashed colours on me , in what a way???

    You melted my stony heart, like an icecream with your warmth.
    I am loosing myself now , in your fiery red Sunray !!

  • itsmevasu 9w

    Valentine's day week

    Happy propose day
    my dear muddu

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  • itsmevasu 10w

    Comment now....������
    #by2love #mylove
    #broke #muddu #miss u

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  • incenseandmyrrh 10w

    Coffee Rings

    If my life was measured in coffee rings.
    And coffee drips, spilling from the sides,
    I’d live for eternity.

    Your lips are like a work of art...
    Soft, decadent, a lustful sin.

    I never realized how sweet it is,
    to be loved by you.

    Don’t make me make you fall into desire.
    Read these words and think of me,
    and I will live in your mind,


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  • itsmevasu 11w


    Please be safe...
    I care about you a lot

  • mohammadsaifanwrites 11w

    Addicted To Someone?

    Do not make yourself addicted to the people because they can leave you anytime without informing you...


  • lalitha_l2 15w

    When #I #falling for the #universe
    of your #eyes, just have
    the #gravity #addicted to #hold me
    with your #warm #hands of #love.❤️

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    When I falling for the universe
    of your eyes, just have
    the gravity addicted to hold me
    with your warm hands of love.❤️

  • rakshuk 16w

    I have never been addicted to anything
    until I heard your voice and
    felt your touch...you are a drug
    I crave all time everytime.!


  • fourwallwrites 18w

    will just light me up like,
    the first stroke of dawn lits the world

    will just feel into You like,
    the viewer feels into the first view of sunrise

    will just pour my love for You like,
    the honeybees pour nectar to their hives

    will feel addicted to you just like,
    the junkie is hyped to its stuff

    will escort You the way just like,
    the thorns sheild that blooming flower

    will hold You always with me like,
    the deep roots hold the soil firmly

    ... so when You will be mine Honey?

  • sulagna2019 19w

    Love Spell (#agony of solitude)

    #this is to inspire my team
    You are the black magic,that happened to me??
    When you looked into my eyes with glee.
    When you asked me to sing for thee,
    Whatever I write now , turns into poetry!!

    Whatever, I speak forms the clouds of melody,
    And then droppeth as rain on me.
    I withdrew myself from the real world ,
    I am held a captive , in your magical land.

    I lost my red shining heart,
    I am solitary building, the castles of card.
    It has neither past nor future,
    I am thus my own gravedigger .

    Life seems cheesy as a cheese burger !
    Neither could I sense trauma nor terror!
    Your reflection haunts my mirror,
    You are the pain and panacea of this sweet torture.!

    I am neither living nor am I dead,
    I am in the Eutopia , I am spellbound.
    I am drunken with the poison and ambrosia you churned,
    Drugs you infused in my veins drived me mad .

    Beside your sea I am building the castles of sand.
    I am in sweet agony, please lend me your hand.
    I am drowning deep into the quicksand.
    Please break the spell with your magical wand!!!

  • punnu_nannu 23w

    The day when we first fought and I couldn't stop myself from messaging you was the day I realised that I'm addicted to you!

  • najam_ramzan 27w


    Change is for good, they say,
    But for some its a big dismay.
    I too hate the change in you,
    The change that destroyed me too.
    Why are these changes uncertain?
    My soul could not take this burden.
    Are you contented with this change?
    For me, its a cage that is real strange...!!

  • yoitsleohere 27w

    Ok so I have already nearly used a whole jar of coffee and I only brought I on Wednesday...is that bad?
    #depressed_bean #coffee #addiction #addicted

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    Ok I think I'm addicted to coffee...

  • nixiefiksi 28w

    I'm addicted..

    to the sweet melody you hummed,
    to the warmth laughter of your friendliness,
    to the fragrance of your silky smooth skin,
    So dear, would you be my cup of tea?