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    ACTION speaks LOUDER than WORDS....



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    Ramadan Series 3

    The prophet Muhammad SAW has ordered us to either speak good or keep quiet
    But the world we live in today doesn't pay heed to this.
    We speak regardless of our statements gravity, weight, hurt, pain or grief it might cause the listener
    We do not care what our wordings might lead to as long as we are okay with it.
    Gossiping, lies, backbiting, insulting, unnecessary singing,
    Too much talking or gisting randomly or about worldly affairs,
    Irrelevant speech and much more has become our attitude.
    Even if not for anything, we should try and adjust our speech for our own good
    Most especially in this month that is full of Allah's mercy.
    Remember, we and our tongues and mouth will be judged in the hereafter
    Therefore, let us endeavor to speak goodness, kindness and positivity.

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    Ramadan Series 2

    The heart has two meaning: the visible and the invisible
    The visible which is the heart that we have in our body
    The invisible which is the fear of Allah, love of Allah, faith, devotion and more
    "The heart is a flesh in our body
    If it functions properly, then the whole body does
    Likewise if it doesn't",
    This can be reflected in a hadith stated by the prophet SAW.
    The heart can dry up if it isn't watered with kindness, goodness, religion, respect etc
    As could be understood in this hadith,
    "The Lord has so many torments of the heart and body,
    A soul does not have a greater torment than a dry heart".
    Know that, the eyes dries up as a result of a dry heart
    And a heart gets dry from the accumulation of sins.
    One of the signs of a dry heart is lack of pity for oneself or others.
    May Allah SWT protect our hearts from getting dry. Aameen.

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    Ramadan Series 1

    Actions are judged according to intention
    This can be testified in the 1st hadith of An-nawawi collection
    Base on this, what intention do you have this Ramadan?
    Remember your intention is like a heart that beats to allow the supply of blood to all parts of the body
    My intention is to fast sincerely all through the month
    To practice and strive as much as I can for Jannah
    To be a better person than I was yesterday
    To learn patience and endurance all through life
    Fasting improves our patience and endurance
    What about you?
    What intention do you have this Ramadan?
    Because at the long end, your intention is what matters

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    If you continue to feel drained
    around certain people,
    continue to practice social distancing.
    Energy is contagious,
    So protect your vibe.

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    Juggling between the classic & modern attires��, we find it hard to wider our perspective towards our life. The main crux of being educated �� is the power to behold the contemporary thoughts.
    The nub of the problem lies elsewhere , being intellectual & beholding contemporary thoughts has nothing to do with our education, It lies in the ability of processing our thoughts, analysing the issue , implementing the driven knowledge & bringing out insightful solutions. Knowledge is power�� having been said breaking down the preconceived thoughts & widering the perspectives towards life is the real essence of 14 years of basic education.
    Being ignorant reduces the power of acceptance. Being constructive towards our perspective helps to wider our thoughts. Knowing A-Z of life is much more important than knowing A-Z of a language.

    Before leading a perfect classic life....
    question yourself.... ❓❓❓❓
    make mistakes .... ❌❌❌
    unlearn the lessons.....��️��️��️
    bash your fears .... ������
    focus on growing ....������
    relearn the ways to process thoughts... ✨✨✨

    If in case you possess different perspective towards life donot feel hard on yourself , assure yourself that you are different & it's absolutely okay������. Breaking the preconceived myths & expanding your boundries is the real victory������ of the education you accquired.


    #modernthoughts #contemporary #art #life #world #dream #thoughts #action #grow #knowledge #education #wealth

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    Unleash your modern thoughts

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    I've survived deeper waters before,
    I will never forget my way to the shore.

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    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 8 Part 1

    Chapter 8
    Crayon vs Electro
    An announcement came on.
    " Crayon and Electro will be fighting in five minutes "
    " There will be three matches today "
    " Enjoy the fights "
    Meanwhile people were talking.
    " Man, I cannot wait for this " said Oceanoke.
    " Electro will finish Crayon off "
    " He will look like a sad motherfucker " said Easeion.
    " I love him sad "
    " We will be living it up when we see that " said Xax.
    " Hahahahaha " they both said.
    " I should be fighting soon " said Blackin. " Crayon will crumble hopefully "
    " He will not win today " said Blackina.
    " His elimination is what we all want here " said Whites.
    " He will look foolish out there " said Melissa.
    " Hahahaha, Crayon's no winner "
    " Go Electro " said Colour Administrator.
    " Colourland is at stake here "
    " No, it isn't " said Challenger. " This is a tournament here "
    " Colourland must be ruled by me " said Colour King.
    " You can't really believe that "
    " Well, it is true " said Artby. " Baking is what creates winners "
    " Bread does so much, Crayon will not lose thanks to bread "
    " Hahahahaha " said Easeion. " No baker can stop the end of Crayon "
    " Fear will awaken within him, with no hope for him in this tournament "
    " Well this should be a good battle " said Warbler.
    " It will, Electro will be the victor " said Queen Starling.
    " Bird's Isle is counting on Electro, go Electro go " said Blackburnian.
    " No, it isn't " said Grackle.
    " How could you disrespect Warbler like that " said Blackburnian. " Crayon has been one of the worst friends for him ever "
    " He has not understood his potential, the great meals he has eaten "
    " Meals ? " asked Dove.
    " Yes, Warbler means so much for Bird's Isle " said Blackburnian. " When Warbler hangs out with Crayon it is not good for Bird's Isle "
    " When Warbler is with us advisors, it is good for Bird's Isle "
    " I don't see that " said Challenger.
    " Well, then you are wrong " said King Bobby. " This is why I prefer Colour King "
    " Colour King is the best " said Colourclever. " He has made Colourland such a good place "
    The fight then was about to start, Easeion was giving Crayon the thumbs down and booing him while Xax was laughing.
    Crayon then started charging up his Ultimate Heatwave Blast while Electro used his Ultimate Disaster Bomb.
    " So, now you see my new power " said Electro.
    " You will see my improved ability " said Crayon.
    " I will make sure that a dick like Challenger will not succeed " said Electro.
    " Colour King has not been one, he has been so good for people "
    " What people would those be ? " asked Crayon.
    " Great people from Colourland " said Electro. " People who see the type of leader that Colour King is, we need more like him "
    Crayon then fired off his Ultimate Bird Bomb while Electro used the Ultimate Disaster Blast, the attacks collided with each other.
    " Electro's got this " said Oceanoke.
    " He sure does " said Colour Queen.
    " Crayon is going down " said Colour Dictator.
    " I must rule Colourland, the people need that " said Colour King.
    Electro then started charging his Disaster Implosion while Crayon used his Bird Implosion, the attacks collided.
    " Hahahahaha " said Electro.
    " I am feeling great out here "
    " I will keep fighting, let's go " said Crayon.
    Electro and Crayon then started punching and kicking each other, knocking each other down to the ground.
    Electro used his Disaster Implosion again while Crayon used his Heatwave Implosion, the attacks hit their respective targets.
    Electro then got up, he used his Tenfold Disaster Strike while Crayon used his Tenfold Bird Strike, the attacks then hit each other and they went to the ground.
    Electro then used his Electrical Barrage which directly hit Crayon and knocked him down.
    " Crayon, face my electric power " said Electro.
    " Hahahaha "
    " You will see the end "
    " No, I still have a lot more " said Crayon.
    " Well, let's see it " said Electro.
    Electro then fired his Disaster Implosion while Crayon used his Heatwave Implosion to counter, they were both hit down to the ground.
    " Electro has got this " said Lord Grackle.
    " We need his victory " said Colour King.
    " Crayon losing means so much to Bird's Isle " said Queen Starling.
    " Yes, when he loses we must celebrate " said King Bobby.
    " He is still fighting " said Artby. " Bread keeps him fighting, bread has strengthened Crayon in many ways "
    " You can tell that bakers love the man and want more bread in his mouth "
    " They just say that for the money " said Melissa.
    " Melissa has a point " said Whites.
    " No, bread has made Crayon's mouth a better mouth which is great " said Artby.
    " A better mouth ? " asked Melissa. " That does not make sense at all "
    " Crayon will lose, bakers have done nothing for the man except make some money off him "
    " We all will witness him losing " said Blackina.
    " Yes, he isn't going to win " said Melissa.
    " He is not on the level of Blackin " said Easeion.
    " Easeion, we beat him " said Colouruke.
    " Blackin is more in love with me and more powerful now " said Blackina. " His love is so strong, the power that has been created from it is out of this world "
    " I love Blackin "
    " I love you, Blackina " said Blackin.
    The fight continued, Crayon then rushed Electro with his Tenfold Heatwave Strike while Electro used his Electric Barrage. They both took damage but they both were able to get up.
    Electro then used his Ultimate Disaster Blast while Crayon used his Ultimate Bird Bomb, the attacks collided with each other. Electro was slightly struggling but he got up.
    " You are stronger than I thought " said Electro. " Challenger is too much of a dick for me to quit "
    " He has been one to Colourland "
    " I just don't see that " said Crayon.
    " Crayon, you know better than that " said Electro. " You can support Colour King, he is not a dick "
    " I don't support him, he has gone so far " said Crayon.
    " He has gone so far for Colourland and the Colourlandish people " said Electro. " Challenger did not do that, let's fight "
    Electro then fired his Ultimate Disaster Bomb while Crayon used his Ultimate Bird Blast to counter, they both were hit.
    Crayon then used his Bird Implosion while Electro used his Disaster Implosion, they both were knocked down to the ground.
    Electro was getting near the end but he got up.
    " Electro cannot lose " said Oceanoke. " This cannot end like that "
    " Bakers want that " said Artby.
    " They have nothing to do with this tournament " said Colourclever.
    " Bakers and tournaments are connected by baking, baking does so much " said Artby.
    " Baking ? " asked Colour Dictator. " Artby, you are not going to fool us "
    " I'm not fooling people, I just love baking " said Artby.
    " Baking's going to give Crayon the victory, bakers have loved Crayon too much as a customer for him to lose the fight "
    " Hahahahaha " said Easeion. " I do not see that being true in any way "
    " I have been booing him "
    " How has that been working ? " asked Challenger.
    " I am booing him right now " said Easeion. " He must have not heard me, I will start yelling right now.
    Easeion then starting booing extremely loud and Crayon noticed.
    Xax then started doing some dissing towards Crayon but not as loud as Easeion.
    " You guys are great " said Blackin. " Hahahahahaha, I love seeing this "
    " Electro is not going to win the fight " said Colourea.
    " This booing will bring him down " said Easeion. " I can destroy morale a lot, I have been a huge morale destroyer when I want to be "
    " Morale destroyer ? " asked Colouruke.
    " I am just lost " said Grackle.
    " Grackle, you don't get how I am " said Easeion. " You will be crushed by me and look really stupid "
    " Yeah, I think not " said Dove.
    " Dove, he will win " said Xax. " I will be happy to see him get his victory "
    Crayon then was irritated by the booing but not enough to distract him much. Electro then landed a punch but Crayon then was able to kick him. Electro fired off his Disaster Implosion with the last bit of energy but it was not enough to defeat Crayon who won the fight.

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    Ideas are universal rarely unique.

    Because IDEAS are like magma floating beneath the surface and EXPRESSION is the vent that allows them to surface. If you miss the opportunity to vent out the idea, that doesn't mean that the idea won't find its way to surface through a different vent.

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    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 7 Part 2

    Challenger was confronted by Blackin.

    " So Challenger, you will go down " said Blackin.
    " My love for Blackina is a love that cannot ever stop, I have a special desire "
    " We'll see about that " said Challenger.
    " I love Blackina so much, my love for her beautiful body will guide me to victory "
    " It gives me so much power, my techniques are stronger due to that kind of loving "
    " Her body ? " asked Challenger.
    " Yes, you have seen her body for yourself " said Blackin.
    " Yes, I have " said Challenger. " I just don't see how her body will change that "
    " You will see for yourself " said Blackin. " Her body does so much, you will understand her body and what it will do "
    " She will win her next fight "
    " Challenger, you will see it for yourself "
    Blackin then left towards where Blackina and Whites.
    " Electro vs Crayon will be very interesting " said Whites. " Easeion has promised to diss Crayon during the fight "
    " We will get to see if Crayon deals with that well or not " said Blackina.
    " I hope he doesn't " said Whites.
    " Yeah, that would be perfect " said Blackina.
    " Crayon's downfall will be good for the Bear " said Blackin. " I will win this for Blackina "
    " My cousin will do this " said Whites.
    " Easeion will get to Crayon and make him screw up really bad "
    " Hahahahaha " they all said.
    Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were together with Grackle and Dove.
    " Electro will be a good opponent to fight " said Crayon. " I am ready "
    " You will give him a nice asskicking, bakers want that from you " said Artby.
    " I have given some good asskickings for baking, baking is very important "
    " Baking is so important to a baker, bakers are very important for fighting "
    " Fighting ? " asked Colourea.
    " Baking is so important when I fight " said Artby.
    " Bakers know that they are very important "
    " They do ? " asked Colouruke.
    " Yes, they know that they are well admired for baking, customers get it " said Artby.
    " Customers understand what it means to buy bread, they never ever forget that "
    " Uh, okay " said Crayon.
    " We will be enjoying these fights " said Grackle.
    " Bakers love us, they want us to win " said Artby.
    " Baking does that, baking makes bakers want us winning a tournament "
    " Baking ? " asked Dove.
    " Baking is something that does so much, I will love baking more by the month " said Artby.
    " Well, we should eat " said Challenger.
    They ate their supper which they enjoyed, meanwhile Warbler was with Allie.
    " I am happy to see you here " said Warbler.
    " King Bobby was so strong " said Allie.
    " Yeah, he is very powerful " said Warbler.
    " I want Crayon to beat Electro, King Bobby will be rooting for Electro "
    " Yeah, that is for sure " said Allie.
    " Crayon should be able to win "
    " This is a fight that will be very intense " said Warbler.
    " It is, I love you Warbler " said Allie.
    Allie then kissed Warbler and they embraced each other.
    Meanwhile Blackburnian was with King Bobby, Queen Starling and Diana.
    " So, I heard that Easeion will diss Crayon during the fight " said Diana.
    " Yes, he will do so " said King Bobby.
    " Crayon has not been a friend to Warbler that he can have, I have done so much for Warbler " said Blackburnian.
    " Warbler's potential is out of this world "
    " Yes, it sure is " said Queen Starling.
    " We will save Warbler for the sake of Bird's Isle" said King Bobby. " Bird's Isle is a great place and it is place designed for Warbler "
    " Warbler must be in Bird's Isle not with Crayon "
    " Yes, he must come with us when you win " said Queen Starling.
    " The dating site has done wonders for him, Crayon never did that for him " said Blackburnian.
    " Not once "
    " Yes, Electro needs a victory tomorrow " said King Bobby.
    " He will get one " said Diana.
    " Crayon must lose for the sake of Bird's Isle, Bird's Isle needs him to lose " said King Bobby.
    " Bird's Isle needs Warbler this way, I'll never go against Bird's Isle "
    Crayon and his friends were confronted by Easeion, Electro, Oceanoke and Xax.
    " So what do we have here " said Easeion.
    " You are a dick, Challenger " said Electro.
    " Colour King is just saying that " said Challenger.
    " No, he is right " said Electro. " Challenger, you have ruined this "
    " He has not done that, bread goes against that " said Artby.
    " Yeah, no " said Oceanoke.
    " No bread will change what is going on " said Electro.
    " Challenger's a dick " said Electro. " He's a dick to Colourland "
    " That makes no sense " said Artby.
    " It makes tons of sense " said Oceanoke. " I know what we are doing "
    " Crayon has a match to lose tomorrow " said Xax.
    " He will win " said Artby.
    " No, he is not going to do that " said Easeion. " Crayon is going down "
    " No, he is not " said Colouruke.
    " Crayon will look like he cannot fight " said Electro.
    " I will do that against him "
    " We will see in our match tomorrow " said Crayon.
    " Yes, we will " said Challenger.
    " Well we are heading off " said Easeion. " Electro is going to win and you will look sad "
    " Hahahahahaha "
    They went to their seperate areas, Crayon and his friends continued talking.
    " I was approached by Blackin " said Challenger.
    " What did he want ? " asked Colourea.
    " He was mentioning Blackina's body " said Challenger. " He was talking about how beautiful her body is "
    " What ? " asked Grackle.
    " Who knows " said Dove.
    " Well, he will be fighting soon " said Colouruke. " He is thinking things about Blackina's body that will not change fighting "
    " Baking does, not Blackina " said Artby. " Baking helps fighting a lot "
    " Bread does so much for the fighter "
    " We will keep eating delicious bread which will guide us to victory "
    " Uh, yeah " said Grackle.
    " Yeah, we can head there before 6pm most days " said Dove.
    " True " said Crayon. " I wonder who else will fight tomorrow "
    " Blackin and Blackina maybe " said Colouruke.
    " That is a possibility " said Challenger.
    " Well, let's head to our rooms " said Dove.
    They headed to their respective rooms. Meanwhile Melissa and Whites were talking.
    " I am curious about what Easeion will do " said Melissa.
    " I know that he will help the Bear " said Whites.
    " Crayon will be off his game " said Melissa.
    " We need that " said Whites. " He will feel so weak, the way we want him "
    " Electro will have no problem " said Melissa.
    " He will shock Crayon in the fight " said Whites.
    " Crayon will look hopeless, the lack of hope is what we all want " said Melissa.
    " You are someone I admire "
    " Thanks, you too as well " said Whites.
    The two of them embraced, Crayon and Colourea were talking.
    " I love you " said Crayon.
    " Same as well " said Colourea.
    " I will fight hard tomorrow " said Crayon.
    Crayon and Colourea were kissing each other while embracing each other at the same time.
    Meanwhile Warbler was called by King Bobby.
    " Warbler, you know what is going to happen tomorrow " said King Bobby.
    " Electro is fighting Crayon " said Warbler.
    " We must support Electro for the sake of Bird's Isle, we must want Electro to win " said King Bobby.
    " It will be an intense fight " said Warbler.
    " Warbler, Electro will take him down " said King Bobby. " Electro is working with Colour King, who is going to bring back the partnership "
    " I will see you tomorrow morning "
    " See you then " said Warbler.
    Meanwhile, Blackin and Blackina were kissing each other and were talking.
    " Your body, it's beauty is great " said Blackin.
    " Thanks, I need that " said Blackina.
    " Our love and our power will make us gain a tremendous victory " said Blackin.
    " Our desires for each other are so strong " said Blackina.
    " Yes, nobody can love as much as I can ever " said Blackin. " I am just too much in love for you, Blackina it seems to be "
    " It is my Bear leader darling " said Blackina.
    Eventually, night came and everyone went to bed.

    Morning came, everyone came downstairs for breakfast.
    " I will win this match today " said Electro.
    They then enjoyed

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    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 7 Part 1

    Chapter 7
    The Evening at the Tournament
    Meanwhile, King Bobby was talking with Easeion.
    " So, Easeion as you know Crayon is fighting next " said King Bobby. " You fought against Warbler but now we are on the same side "
    " Yes, I will diss Crayon during the match " said Easeion. " I will fuck with him good "
    " Hahahaha "
    " We need him to lose, I don't know about Electro as a fighter " said King Bobby. " Me, Challenger and Colour King are stronger than Crayon so Electro should have a shot "
    " Electro believes Challenger to be a dick " said Easeion.
    " Electro's victory will be important " said King Bobby.
    " Yeah, Crayon will look so sad and useless which is the way I want him " said Easeion.
    " Crayon will feel worthless as shit, I will be smiling like the rest of the Bear "
    " I want him feeling like shit, I want him to feel ashamed of himself "
    " Well, I have to get back to the advisors, so see you later " said King Bobby.
    Electro and Oceanoke were together.
    " Challenger's a dick " said Electro. " Crayon will defend him which is not right "
    " Perhaps Crayon is not aware of what is happening in Colourland " said Oceanoke.
    " Crayon is a guy that never understood Colour King and what he did " said Electro. " Colour King was not a dick "
    " He understood Colourlandish people very well and he wanted them to not commit crimes against the country "
    " Yeah, Colour King is great " said Oceanoke.
    " I am winning my fight tomorrow " said Electro. " The confidence is through the roof "
    " Good " said Oceanoke. " Crayon must fall down and look not like a hero "
    " If he was a hero, he would find Challenger to be a dick " said Electro.
    " So, he isn't one "
    Meanwhile Easeion and Xax were together in the hotel.
    " Crayon is going to look like a moron " said Xax.
    " I am going to diss him during the fight " said Easeion.
    " Electro is going to win " said Xax. " We are united in our disdain for Crayon "
    " We will all be living it up and enjoying ourselves "
    " Crayon will be a sad motherfucker " said Easeion.
    " I do not want him to feel any joy in this tournament, his joy must be destroyed "
    " This alliance will guarantee that " said Xax.
    " Hahahahaha " they both said.

  • willemvanherk 4w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 6

    Chapter 6
    The Third Fight: King Bobby vs Allie
    The fight was about five minutes from starting, King Bobby and Allie were in the stadium ready to fight.
    " Go Allie " said Warbler.
    " Bakers know about the bread she has eaten " said Artby. " Baking changes tournaments "
    " Allie is stronger than Paula or Salvador " said Crayon.
    " Yeah, it will be a good match " said Challenger.
    " King Bobby is the strongest man I have seen " said Queen Starling.
    " Allie is someone, us advisors have respect for but King Bobby must win " said Diana.
    " His power is so good " said Queen Starling. " I am happy around him, I have been a good queen "
    " This is a tough one since my brother's girlfriend is fighting the king I serve " said Blackburnian. " There are people in this tournament that both of them could easily beat "
    " Yes, for sure " said Curtis.
    " We haven't met Allie that much but King Bobby has been pretty extreme " said Grackle.
    " Grackle, he does this for the good of Bird's Isle " said Lord Grackle. " You do know about resources ? "
    " He knows, he just thinks it is a bit far sometimes " said Dove.
    " This will be a great fight " said Electro. " Colour King will take this "
    QuackQ arrived at the stadium.
    " So the great King Bobby is fighting Allie ? " asked Jack.
    " King Bobby will win " said Bryant.
    " I would think so " said Amanda.
    " This tournament is so Colourlandish, Colour King will make sure it stays that way " said Jack.
    " Tournaments must be Colourlandish, people must fight like a Colourlandish person fights "
    " Yes " said Bryant.
    " We must all stay Colourlandish " said Amanda.
    " I have stayed Colourlandish " said Jack.
    The fight then started.
    King Bobby then charged his Ultimate Bird Blast while Allie used the Ultimate Bird Bomb. The attacks then collided with each other and they took damage.
    King Bobby then used his Ultimate Bird Barrage while Allie used the Tenfold Bird Strike, the attacks hit their targets and they both fell down.
    King Bobby then got up first and he then punched Allie down to the ground.
    " Warbler is a man that we are going to make have a better life " said King Bobby.
    " I do love him but I don't know what Crayon and his friends will think " said Allie.
    " You are better off without them " said King Bobby.
    " Several people in this tournament are against them, they must burn in flames "
    " They are not good friends for Warbler "
    " Warbler deserves so much, his meals our are so great when he is at the castle "
    " You remember that meal that you had with him don't you ? "
    " Yes, I do " said Allie.
    " So you want to throw that away ? " asked King Bobby. " I don't support an idea like that "
    " Blackburnian, his brother does not like Crayon "
    " What does he hate the most ? " asked Allie.
    " He believes that he does not influence Warbler the best " said King Bobby. " He is having a difficult time who to root for here but he will root for me "
    " The one thing I will say is that your abilities have gotten better, we will continue this great match "
    King Bobby then started charging for the Bird Implosion will Allie used her own, the attacks then collided with each other with lots of power and they both took damage.
    " Man, this is intense " said Electro. " I will show my ability in the next match "
    " Mine too " said Oceanoke. " We will both advance "
    " You two will do good " said Colour Administrator.
    " King Bobby is a powerhouse, even our leader won't have an extremely easy fight against him "
    " Colour King has already advanced, he will win his next round as well " said Colour Dictator.
    " He will, he is more Colourlandish than Challenger " said Colour Queen.
    " Challenger is not the leader that has been great " said Lord Grackle.
    " He has not understood resources "
    " True " said Colour King. " This partnership between me and King Bobby is so amazing "
    " I love the people, they deserve so much more than Challenger "
    The fight then continued.
    King Bobby then used his Tenfold Bird Strike while Allie used her own, the strikes then hit each other and they both fell to the ground.
    They both then got back up and they then kicked each other.
    King Bobby was charging up his Bird Implosion while Allie then used her Ultimate Bird Bomb, the attacks then hit each other and they both were damaged.
    King Bobby then used his Bird Barrage while Allie used the Ultimate Bird Blast which also hit as well, they were both damaged.
    Allie was slightly struggling but she got back up and she then used her Ultimate Bird Blast again which struck King Bobby.
    " I will not give up this fight " said Allie. " Here I go "
    King Bobby then charged up his Ultimate Bird Bomb while Allie used her own, the bombs hit each other and went off which damaged them both but they were able to get up.
    King Bobby then used his Ultimate Bird Blast while Allie used her own, they both then were hit down to the ground.
    Allie was getting near the end, but she was able to get up.
    " Warbler is a man I care about " said Allie.
    " Well, we want the best for him " said King Bobby.
    " Crayon will go down, Blackburnian has done more for Warbler than Crayon ever have or will "
    " Crayon must be defeated "
    " I'll give it what I have " said Allie.
    King Bobby and Allie then were charging their Bird Implosions with as much power as they could, they both then hit their respective targets down to the ground. King Bobby got up first and he was declared the winner.
    " Very nice " said Curtis. " His power is so good "
    " His victory will come " said Draco.
    " Yes, it will " said Rourke. " Crayon will tremble with lots of fear "
    " I want him trembling " said Curtis. " He will crumble into dust against King Bobby "
    " Hahahahaha "
    Meanwhile there was an announcement.
    " That is all the fights for today, there will be three fights tomorrow "
    " The first match tomorrow is Electro vs Crayon "
    " Have a good evening and night "
    Meanwhile everyone then headed outside the stadium and they were outside.
    " We should get bread " said Artby. " Baking will guide him to a victory "
    " Bread helps fighting "
    " Let's go " said Challenger.
    They then went to the bakery and got their bread.
    " Man, I love bakers " said Artby. " When I fight, I am fighting for the baker as well "
    " Great customers fight for their bakers they purchase from "
    " Bakeries are the best, bakeries must be fought for in tournaments "
    " Uh, okay " said Colourea.
    " I have a fight to win " said Crayon.
    " Crayon has trained so hard and eaten so much bread, he's winning " said Artby.
    " Winners eat bread, winners love baking "
    " They do ? " asked Crayon. " We have eaten a lot of bread "
    " That is true " said Colouruke.
    This is the end of this section, the next section is Colourland Series 5: Matches

  • willemvanherk 4w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 5 Part 2

    An announcement came next.
    " The next match is King Bobby vs Allie "
    " The fight will happen 90 minutes from now, it will be the last fight for the day "
    " Now is the time to get ready "
    " Good luck to all the remaining fighters "
    Meanwhile Bear members were with each other.
    " Well, it seems that none of us are fighting today " said Blackin.
    " That is a shame " said Whites. " I was expecting to see my cousin fight "
    " I will fight tomorrow most likely " said Blackin.
    " It will be amazing to see someone I am in love with, destroy an opponent " said Blackina. " My love for Blackin drives me a lot "
    " Yes, I have that desire " said Blackin.
    " We are truly a great couple, nobody can love as much as I can "
    " My desire for Blackina is stronger than anything "
    " I love Blackina so much "
    " Thanks " said Blackina.
    " Well, I am glad to see that " said Whites. " We will create a supreme wedding "
    " I will be the best man "
    " I would expect that " said Blackin. " My love for Blackina is so strong, everyone is shocked when they see so much love "
    Meanwhile Easeion was with Colour King's government officials.
    " So, Easeion it appears that you want the end of Crayon " said Colour Dictator.
    " Yes, our organization have wanted his end " said Easeion.
    " We don't agree with you all taking over Colourland but now Crayon must be stopped " said Colourclever.
    " It seems a lot of people want that " said Colour Queen.
    " Everyone wants revenge against him " said Colour Administrator.
    " So who is more opposed Crayon or Challenger ? " asked Easeion.
    " That is a difficult choice, for us it is Challenger " said Electro.
    " For the Bear and King Bobby it is Crayon " said Oceanoke.
    " Maybe we can unite until Challenger and Crayon are gone " said Colourclever.
    " You have robbed a lot of people but some of them did not support Colour King " said Colour Dictator.
    " Crayon will be finished " said Electro. " We are tiring of him and his defense of Challenger "
    " We know that his door was ruined but we have no idea who is responsible " said Oceanoke.
    " Me, Melissa, Xax and Whites are " said Easeion.
    " Well, that is good " said Colour Dictator.
    " This would be a crazy alliance if it were to happen " said Colourclever. " Blackin, King Bobby and Colour King working together would do wonders "
    " Anyways, I'm sure you have a lot to say to your fellow Bear members " said Colour Dictator.
    Easeion then told the other Bear members about the deal.
    " Sounds great to me " said Blackin. " Crayon will have no chance "
    " He will be so sad " said Easeion. " Hahahahaha "
    " I cannot wait for the reaction "
    " Yes, his downfall will be amazing " said Xax.
    " We will enjoy his end " said Whites. " The Bear will win this tournament "
    " Now, we should mess with Crayon and his friends further " said Melissa. " They will look foolish, which we like "
    King Bobby then was with Queen Starling.
    " So this deal with the Bear will be interesting " said King Bobby.
    " Yes " said Queen Starling.
    " Crayon will give up soon " said King Bobby. " We will get to him "
    " Warbler will be better off without Crayon " said Queen Starling.
    " My match against Allie is soon " said King Bobby.
    " You will win the match " said Queen Starling.
    Queen Starling and King Bobby embraced, King Bobby then was with Allie in the area.
    " So now we shall face off " said King Bobby. " Warbler is a man we think about a lot "
    " Yes, I do love him " said Allie.
    " Warbler is a man we have made sure to put the interests of very high " said King Bobby.
    " Crayon has not been a good friend "
    " Which ways ? " asked Allie.
    " He has not been good for Warbler, he has went against our ideas " said King Bobby. " Me and Blackburnian helped with that dating site "
    " Bird's Isle is dating so great because of me, we must remember what I have done for dating here "
    " What have you done for dating ? " asked Allie.
    " So much, I have used that dating site to promote people who support the king to be together more now " said King Bobby. " People are now dating people who support the king "
    " That is what I have done "
    " Uh, okay " said Allie. " I am very happy with Warbler right now "

  • willemvanherk 4w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 5 Part 1

    Chapter 5
    Challenger vs Paula
    An announcement went on.
    " Paula and Challenger are fighting for the second match of the tournament "
    " The match starts in ten minutes "
    " Well, this will be a good one " said Oceanoke.
    " Yes " said Electro. " Challenger has been a dick, Crayon knows it as well "
    " No, he has not " said Crayon.
    " Well, Colour King thinks that he has been one " said Electro. " The partnership between King Bobby and him must happen "
    " Crayon, Colour King is taking this tournament and he will make sure that Challenger is out of the way "
    " Yes, he will remove that guy " said Oceanoke.
    " He must go " said Colourclever. " He has not punished people anywhere near enough "
    " Punished people for what ? " asked Crayon.
    " Disrespecting Colourland, he never did anything about the drug dealers " said Colourclever.
    " Colourland cannot be insulted like that "
    " That is true, Colour King is so Colourlandish " said Colour Dictator.
    " Crayon you are less Colourlandish than him "
    " Crayon is not " said Artby. " Bakers have told me that "
    " Bakers ? " asked Colour Queen. " Colour King is the most Colourlandish person ever, he makes us be more Colourlandish "
    " Challenger never ever did that "
    " Challenger eats bread, bread helps him " said Artby.
    The fight then started.
    Paula then started charging up the Ultimate Sky Blast while Challenger then used his Ultimate Heatwave Bomb to counter, the attacks hit.
    They both got up, Paula then punched Challenger directly.
    Challenger then started firing up the Ultimate Electrocution Bomb while Paula then used the Sky Implosion which hit. The attacks then knocked thrm to the ground.
    " Hahaha " said Paula.
    " Bird's Isle needs us advisors to help Warbler "
    " Warbler will live better with us, we cannot let him down in any way "
    " Warbler has been hanging out with Crayon and his friends in Colourland " said Challenger.
    " With King Bobby around he does not need them in his life " said Paula.
    " Now, we will continue "
    Paula then rushed Challenger with the Tenfold Sky Strike, Challenger then used his Tenfold Heatwave Strike. The attacks then hit each other, Challenger got up first and he kicked Paula.
    Challenger then started charging up his Heatwave Implosion, Paula then used her Ultimate Sky Blast. The attacks then hit each other and they fell to the ground.
    Challenger then got up and he then used the Ultimate Electrocution Bomb while Paula then used the Ultimate Sky Bomb, the attacks then hit their targets.
    Challenger then got up and he then used the Heatwave Implosion, Paula countered with her Sky Implosion. The attacks collided and they were both hit by the attacks.
    They both then got up and Challenger aimed a kick towards Paula and he got a hit.
    " King Bobby's plan for Bird's Isle transformation will be great " said Paula.
    " It will cost many lives " said Challenger. " Islands that are not a threat in any way "
    " Maybe they are not, maybe they are " said Paula.
    " We don't know, but we know that they have useful materials "
    " Materials ? " asked Challenger.
    " Food supplies for us to take, lots of metals to be taken " said Paula.
    " Lord Grackle always talked about the resources "
    " He said there would be no casualties against Numeria " said Challenger.
    " He has this confidence in Bird's Isle, King Bobby wants him to happen will be great " said Paula.
    " Confidence or just unable to understand the reality of a war ? " asked Challenger.
    " He understands wars " said Paula. " Now our battle will continue "
    Meanwhile Blackburnian and Diana were talking.
    " Our advisors are great " said Diana.
    " They are, King Bobby's plan is perfect for my brother " said Blackburnian. " These wars will do so much "
    " Yes, they sure are " said Diana. " They will improve the life of Warbler "
    " Yes, Warbler will have more money from this " said Blackburnian. " Crayon and his friends will be stopped and they will never speak with Warbler ever again hahaha "
    " Challenger's a dick " said Electro. " Paula must win "
    " Yes " said Colour Administrator. " The partnership between Colour King and King Bobby depends on more victories "
    " You keep going on about Challenger so much " said Crayon.
    " Yeah, he's a dick " said Electro. " Quit whining "
    " Hahaha " said Easeion.
    " I have to admit seeing Crayon this frustrated amuses me a little "
    " Yes, when he is pissed off I do enjoy that "
    " I beat you guys before, I'll do it again " said Crayon.
    " Challenger's a dick, Crayon " said Electro. " He has been a dick, he's a dick "
    " You keep calling him a dick all the time " said Crayon.
    " Yeah, I don't get it " said Colourea.
    " Colourea, you just keep making excuses for the man " said Electro. " I find him a dick, Colourlandish people know that he is one "
    " Challenger's a dick " Electro yelled very loud.
    " Dude, what the fuck " said Crayon.
    " I find him a dick, I'll always find him to be one " said Electro.
    " Can you shut up " said Crayon.
    " I'll make sure you won't defend him in your next match if we are to fight " said Electro. " I'll send you home, I'm going to help Colour King "
    " Colour King is not a dick, Challenger is one "
    " Well, yes " said Colour King. " I see what is going on here "
    " I am so Colourlandish, Challenger must lose this fight "
    " Yes, go Paula " said Curtis.
    " Challenger's a dick " said Electro.
    " Bread has stopped that " said Artby.
    " No, it hasn't " said Electro. " Challenger is a dick, I must say it "
    " People here need to hear me say it "
    " Not really " said Colouruke.
    " Let's watch Challenger lose the fight " said Electro.
    The fight resumed with Challenger using his Electrocution Implosion and he directly hit down Paula with it who was slightly struggling.
    " I will not give up this fight " said Paula. " There is so much for Bird's Isle here "
    Paula then used the Sky Implosion while Challenger used the Ultimate Electrocution Blast and the attacks then hit each other and they both fell down to the ground.
    They both got up, Paula then punched Challenger directly. Challenger then got up and he kicked Paula down to the ground.
    Challenger then used his Tenfold Electrocution Strike while Paula used her Tenfold Sky Strike, the attacks hit each other and they fell down to the ground. Paula was getting near the end.
    " Bird's Isle will become this powerful place " said Paula. " Our advisors will not fall down "
    " I will not quit "
    Paula then fired off the Sky Implosion while Challenger used his Heatwave Implosion, Paula was defeated.
    " Yes " said Artby. " That's what baking can do "
    " Baking breeds champions, bread is made for a tournament like this "
    " Glad to see Challenger win " said Dove.
    " It's great " said Grackle.
    " Two of my advisors are eliminated " said King Bobby. " We have terrible luck, honestly "

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    Key to overcome

    Will power and action required to overcome anything.


  • willemvanherk 4w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 4 Part 2

    Colour King is going to win " said Colourclever.
    " He is one step closer to stopping that dick Challenger " said Electro.
    " Challenger has been one to the country of Colourland "
    " Colour King is a great man, so Colourlandish with his opinion " said Colour Dictator.
    " Yeah, he is too Colourlandish for him to go down " said Colour Queen.
    Colour King then used his Colourland Implosion with tons of power and he directly hit down Salvador who was slightly struggling but he got up.
    " Now, brace yourself " said Colour King.
    " I am not done yet " said Salvador.
    " My reign for Colourland will happen, King Bobby knows what he needs to do " said Colour King.
    " You will now face this power "
    Salvador then used his Sky Implosion while Colour King used the Colourland Implosion, the attacks then hit their targets.
    " This is looking like it " said Colour Administrator.
    " It sure is " said Colourclever.
    " Colour King is extremely strong " said King Bobby.
    " Salvador would have beaten many others "
    Salvador then got up and he then struck Colour King with a punch but Colour King then kicked him to the ground.
    " Salvador, this is it " said Colour King.
    " My rule for Colourland must happen "
    " King Bobby will make sure nobody hangs out with Crayon " said Salvador.
    Colour King then started to use the Colourland Implosion while Salvador used the Sky Implosion, the attacks then hit each other and Salvador was defeated.
    " The winner is Colour King " said the announcer.
    " The next match is Challenger vs Paula "
    " The next match starts in 2 hours, so get ready "
    " There will be a third match today, for this round there will be either three or two matches in the day "
    Other fighters were talking.
    " Colour King was very strong " said Easeion.
    " Salvador would have beaten many here but Colour King is very strong " said Blackburnian.
    " This partnership between him and myself will not be stopped " said King Bobby.
    " Challenger can stop it " said Colouruke.
    " No he won't " said Queen Starling.
    " Crayon will never hang out with Warbler again " said Lord Grackle.
    " If Paula was to pull an upset against Challenger it would be great " said Curtis.
    " We need that " said Diana.
    " Crayon hanging out with Warbler is not what Bird's Isle needs " said King Bobby.
    " This harms Bird's Isle how ? " asked Colourea.
    " It is not good for Bird's Isle, Blackburnian has done so much more for Warbler than Crayon has " said Diana.
    " Bread has done a lot for him " said Artby. " His mouth has been influenced by baking "
    " Baking has helped Warbler more than ever, bakers have transformed his mouth "
    " It is a great mouth transformation "
    " His mouth ? " asked Curtis. " He has enjoyed our great meals, if he is getting any baking it is because of us "
    " We have been the ones to transform his life "
    " Bakers do so much, Curtis " said Artby.
    " They bake bread " said Draco.
    " Warbler does not need your purchases as much as he needs us" said Rourke.
    " He does need them " said Artby.
    " I don't think he does to be honest " said Diana.
    " Blackburnian is going to crush it "
    The Bear then left the stadium and they went inside the hotel.
    " Colour King's victory was expected " said Blackin.
    " I should be fighting soon "
    " You will win, my desire for you is so strong " said Blackina.
    " My cousin will make these Bird's Isle advisors look like nothing " said Whites.
    " I will win my round " said Easeion.
    " Same here " said Melissa.
    " I am glad that Crayon's door was ruined " said Easeion. " He has no idea who did it hahahaha "
    " Let's keep that door like that " said Blackin. " We will take him down easier "
    " He will face the end " said Blackina.
    " I will enjoy his sad face when he is eliminated in the first round " said Easeion.
    " I want Crayon sad, we must do more harm to him "
    " How about you diss Crayon during the fights " said Xax.
    " Yes, I will do that " said Easeion. " We will make sure our members make quick work of him "
    " Hahahahahaha "
    " Hahahahahaha " they all said.
    Crayon and his friends were talking.
    " Challenger should win this " said Colourea.
    " He will " said Crayon.
    " We beat Paula without him " said Colouruke.
    " Not to mention Challenger is a lot stronger " said Crayon. " He will probably win this tournament "
    " I am confused about the door but we must focus on our victories " said Artby.
    " Well Easeion has been pretty pissed off at Crayon so it could be him " said Colourea.
    " It could be any of these Bear members, advisors or Colour King's government officials " said Crayon.
    " That is true " said Artby. " Bakers will not like our door looking that way "
    " Baking is great, we must head there after the third match ends "
    " Yeah, we can do that " said Colourea.
    Warbler arrived with Grackle, Dove and Allie.
    " Warbler " said Crayon.
    " Yeah, I was not seen " said Warbler.
    " Bakers want that " said Artby.
    " They do ? " asked Allie.
    " Bakers understand our purchases " said Artby. " It is great to be all here "
    " It sure is " said Grackle.
    " We will hopefully all advance " said Dove.
    " King Bobby will be wondering " said Warbler.
    " Yeah, you might want to make sure that he does not see this " said Grackle.
    " Bakers will set him straight " said Artby.
    " I don't think he is going to listen to a baker " said Warbler.
    " Baking can help " said Artby.
    " King Bobby will order the demise of bakers if they go against him " said Dove.
    " He does not care about them " said Grackle.
    " We must just keep fighting hard and eating bread " said Artby. " The winner will be someone who goes to bakeries and eats bread "
    " Bread will guide the fighters to victory "
    " Baking will be a large part of the reason "
    " Uh, okay " said Colourea.
    " Yeah, my love for the baker will allow me to make it far in the tournament " said Artby.
    " Bakers and tournaments are connected "
    " How so ? " asked Dove.
    " They bake for the fighters, they care about fighting which is what we need " said Artby.
    They all then headed back to the stadium, meanwhile Electro was talking with King Bobby.
    " Challenger's a dick " said Electro. " He must lose "
    " Yes, Paula must defeat him " said King Bobby.
    " Warbler must not hang out with Crayon "
    " I understand what is going on with you and Colour King " said Electro. " He won his first match "
    " Yes, Salvador would have advanced against many others " said King Bobby.
    " Well, we must make sure that partnership happens since we cannot let a dick like Challenger ruin it " said Electro.
    They then all headed to the stadium, Paula and Challenger were getting ready.
    " King Bobby will win this " said Paula.
    " Don't be sure about that " said Challenger.
    " He is fighting for Warbler " said Paula.
    " To fight in wars " said Challenger. " These are not good wars not to mention "
    " They will expand Bird's Isle " said Paula. " With all our advisors we will have no problem "
    " There are some smaller islands we plan on invading in the future "
    " King Bobby says that he will be giving Warbler more money and access to great meals as well, we cannot go against that "
    " These islanders are not worth invading " said Challenger.
    " They are " said Paula.
    " They must be for the sake of Bird's Isle, you are not understanding Bird's Isle "
    " You will be going down, Challenger "

  • willemvanherk 5w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 4 Part 1

    Chapter 4 
    The First Fight, Colour King vs Salvador
    An announcement started.
    " Five minutes till this fight begins between Colour King and Salvador "
    " Enjoy getting to see this fight "
    " Both of them are here in this stadium "
    Colour King and Salvador were talking.
    " Well, prepare to lose " said Salvador. " King Bobby is the man to win "
    " It will be me " said Colour King. " We must make sure that Crayon and his friends cannot win this tournament "
    The fight then began, Colour King and Salvador then rushed each other with their punches.
    The punches landed, Salvador then kicked Colour King but Colour King got up.
    " Salvador is going to pull of an upset here " said Curtis.
    " King Bobby will have an easy path to his victory if that were to happen " said Lord Grackle.
    Salvador then started charging lots of energy into his hands and then he was able to use the Ultimate Sky Fist Barrage.
    Colour King was hit and he took damage but then he used the Ultimate Colourland Blast, directly hitting Salvador down.
    " Whoa " said Challenger.
    " Hahaha " said Colour Dictator.
    Salvador was able to get up, he used the Ultimate Sky Blast while Colour King used the Ultimate Colourland Bomb. The attacks collided and they both were hit down to the ground.
    " You seem to have gotten stronger since you fought Crayon and his friends " said Colour King.
    " You do know what me and King Bobby plan to do "
    " Yes " said Salvador.
    " I will get rid of Challenger " said Colour King.
    " King Bobby wants Crayon and his friends away from Warbler " said Salvador. " They have not influenced Warbler well "
    " Now, let's continue " said Colour King.
    Colour King then used his Colourland Implosion while Salvador used his Sky Implosion, they both were struck down with intense power.
    They both then got up, Colour King then used his Tenfold Colourland Strike while Salvador used his Sky Fist Barrage to counter, they both were hit by these attacks.
    Colour King got up first and then he used his Ultimate Colourland Blast while Salvador then used his Tenfold Sky Strike. The attacks hit their targets and they both were hit down to the ground.
    Colour King and Salvador got up and they kicked each other.
    " This really could go either way, I was not expecting that " said Easeion. " Still, I'm not too worried "
    " Colour King being eliminated would give the Bear a huge gain "
    " Yeah, Blackin will have an easier path " said Xax.
    " He is a brilliant man " said Whites. " My cousin will win this "
    " He is so strong " said Melissa. " The Bear will not be stopped in this tournament "
    Colour King then used his Ultimate Colourland Bomb while Salvador used his Sky Implosion and the attacks collided with each other.
    Colour King then got up and he then grabbed Salvador and knocked him down. Salvador was able to get back up and he then started charging his Ultimate Sky Bomb while Colour King used his Ultimate Colourland Bomb and the attacks then hit each other and they both were knocked down.

  • willemvanherk 5w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 3 Part 2

    Meanwhile Blackin and Blackina were kissing each other and they were very happy with each other. 
    " Our love will never die " said Blackin. " My desire for you is so good, there is no chance it could end "
    " I love hearing that " said Blackina. " I have this same desire and it is truly beautiful "
    " Blackina, your body is so beautiful " said Blackin.
    " Nobody has been with a body that looks that way and nobody has loved your body in the way that I have "
    " I love your body as well " said Blackina. " We will be the final match "
    " If that is the outcome, we will have to figure something out " said Blackin.
    " We will " said Blackina.
    Meanwhile Colour King was talking with Colour Queen.
    " My power is too much, I will defeat Challenger " said Colour King.
    " Yes, we will use this tournament for great purposes for Colourland " said Colour Queen.
    " I love the people " said Colour King.
    " The Colourlandish people think about what it means to have Colour King rule them instead of Challenger "
    " They are sick of him "
    " They sure are " said Colour Queen. " We will take Colourland to new heights "
    " Hahahahaha "
    " Challenger has not been as Colourlandish as myself " said Colour King.
    " I am took Colourlandish to not obtain my victory "
    More time passed, everyone ate their supper. Later on the Bear members were all downstairs in the lobby.
    " We are meeting here for a reason " said Blackin.
    " Crayon and his friends are on a particular floor, we must find out the floor " said Blackina.
    " You want us to rob them ? " asked Whites.
    " We need you to mess with them in some way " said Blackin. " We need them off their game "
    " We can damage the door " said Easeion. " I will just charge a small amount of energy and strike "
    " We will strike in the middle of the night " said Melissa.
    " Yes, we cannot be seen " said Blackin.
    " If we are caught tampering it will be disasterous " said Blackina. " We know that the organization still needs this "
    " We are on the third floor so they may be on the fourth " said Whites.
    " You will be able to do it " said Blackin.
    " Now, we will head to our rooms " said Blackina.
    They then headed to their rooms, more time continued to pass. Grackle and Dove were talking.
    " Glad to make it here " said Grackle.
    " It is great " said Dove.
    " We will give it our all " said Grackle.
    " Now, it is time to head for bed " said Dove.
    They went to bed, soon everyone outside of the four Bear members.
    " We are going to piss Crayon off " said Easeion.
    " I want this anger within him "
    " It will distract him good " said Xax.
    " It sure will " said Easeion. " Hopefully Crayon will be blamed for the door if the anger doesn't happen "
    " Yeah, I would love that " said Xax. " We are going to enjoy this "
    Xax and Easeion then were with Melissa and Whites and they entered the elevator.
    " The thing is we don't really know their number " said Whites. " We know they have special rooms "
    " We will look for larger rooms " said Melissa.
    " I am looking forward to their reaction "
    " Yes, we need Crayon extremely angry " said Easeion.
    They then saw one larger room, they charged very tiny bits of energy towards the door and they left.
    They then saw another room that was larger, they did the same again and they quickly left. They then got to the elevator and they headed back to their rooms and they messaged Blackin and Blackina.
    Blackin and Blackina were happy to see that and they then all went to bed.
    Morning came, they all woke up.
    Crayon and his friends then got ready and they noticed the doors.
    " What happened ? " asked Colourea.
    " Someone must have attacked " said Crayon. " I don't really understand why they would do an attack like this "
    " They could have damaged the door a lot more " said Artby.
    " Yeah, I don't really understand this " said Colourea.
    " Well, it really could be any Bear member, any of Colour King's people or King Bobby's "
    Colouruke and Challenger had the same marking and saw them. Everyone then went downstairs for breakfast. The doors being damaged were discussed.
    " Wow, I am shocked " said Grackle.
    " It does not make sense " said Dove.
    " I wonder who would do this " said Challenger.
    " We were not attacked, I don't think anyone else was to be honest " said Dove.
    " Yeah, nobody has said anything " said Grackle.
    " I really don't know what to expect for the future " said Colouruke.
    They all enjoyed their breakfast, they then heard an announcement about the tournament.
    " The first match is today, we have set up a bracket for the 32 fighters "
    " The match will be at 11:00 am, make sure to be there and ready "
    " Individuals who fail to do so will be disqualified "
    " Other fighters can watch the fights "
    " The first match is going to be the first seed against the 32nd seed "
    " Colour King will fight Salvador "
    " We will reseed everyone for the next round based on how much the fights are won by "
    " See you all there and good fighting all "
    The announcement stopped.
    " Colour King vs Salvador " said King Bobby. " Well that is going to be a difficult one "
    " I will fight hard " said Salvador.
    " I was hoping that Salvador would be fighting someone that is not Colour King but that is the way it must be I guess " said Blackburnian.
    " These fights are going to be exciting " said Artby. " Knowing all of us, tons of bread must be eaten "
    " Baking will lead to victory "
    " Bread is something winners truly eat "
    " Uh, okay " said Colourea.
    More time passed, they then all headed to the stadium.
    " Salvador, be prepared for my intense power " said Colour King. " You are with King Bobby, a good ally of mine so give it everything "
    " When Challenger goes, our partnership will be great for our countries "
    " Well, we both want the demise of Challenger " said Salvador.
    " King Bobby will stop him "
    " Yes, I believe that King Bobby will fight me in the finals " said Colour King. " That being said, all of our groups have gotten a lot better "
    " Crayon and his friends will fall down " said Salvador.
    " Warbler must not hang out with them "
    " King Bobby will not stand for it, he is sick of it "
    " Yes, that is true " said Colour King.
    The two of them then headed to the stadium and they were in there special areas for fighting. Everyone else was talking.
    " Well, this will be an interesting one " said Easeion.
    " I don't know who Salvador is but Colour King is very strong "
    " Salvador will give it his all " said King Bobby.
    " Our advisors are the best "
    " Warbler will see that Salvador has had enough of Crayon hanging out with him "
    " Again with this ? " asked Crayon.
    " Yes, we are not going to allow any of that " said Blackburnian. " I have been there for Warbler, when you were not "
    " Warbler deserves the best in the world " said Curtis.
    " He is eating better and will be able to be himself, which you have ruined "
    " How so ? " asked Crayon.
    " He is getting to see his potential for Bird's Isle " said Lord Grackle. " His potential will do so much for Bird's Isle "
    " So you are going to just use him for war, how is that any different than us supposedly using him " said Colouruke.
    " Not to mention our doors " said Artby.
    " That was not us " said Rourke.
    " We have no idea who did that " said Draco.

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    सुनो, हो जाए कभी प्यार हमसे तो बता देना।
    लफ़्जों में ना कह सको, तो हरकतों से जता देना।।

  • willemvanherk 5w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 3 Part 1

    Chapter 3 
    The Journey to the Tournament
    Everyone got up and they made their breakfast which they enjoyed and they then got their stuff ready and they exited the door.
    " Man, this is going to be great " said Crayon.
    " It sure will " said Colouruke.
    " Bakers will love this journey, bakers here will remember our purchases " said Artby.
    " New bakers will get to see me, my mouth will get treated by their baking it will be so good "
    " Uh, yeah " said Colourea.
    They then headed to the airport where King Bobby, his advisors, Warbler and Allie were there.
    " Well, look who it is " said King Bobby.
    " My victory will be something special "
    " You haven't won, the tournament hasn't started " said Crayon.
    " I am winning, me and Colour King will be the allies that we must be " said King Bobby. " Warbler will never hang out with any of you again "
    " We'll see about that " said Colouruke.
    " Colouruke, you have not been the friend that is needed " said Blackburnian. " We believe that Crayon has influenced him poorly "
    " How so ? " asked Colourea.
    " He has not done that at all "
    " Crayon has done that, he has sucked as a friend " said Diana. " He refused to support Bird's Isle, Warbler is eating so good now "
    " So you want to buy his friendship ? " asked Artby.
    " We are just making sure he eats great, we know that he can do wonders on the battlefield " said King Bobby. " I am using money to make Warbler the man he must be "
    " You must think of the battlefields and what Warbler can do "
    " He is strong, but does he want to fight ? " asked Crayon. " Warbler enjoys hanging out with us "
    " He enjoys being with us more to be honest " said Curtis. " You can all make these claims but King Bobby does not believe them "
    " He truly believes in Warbler and understands the truth within him "
    " I am not sure what to think " said Warbler. " All of these gestures are very nice "
    " Ours are brilliant " said King Bobby. " You loved staying in that hotel, you looked so happy there "
    " I see someone else coming in "
    " Challenger " said Crayon.
    " Good morning " said Challenger.
    " Challenger, Crayon and his friends are not influencing Warbler well" said Queen Starling.
    " I don't see that " said Challenger.
    " Warbler seems to enjoy all of us "
    " Warbler wants to be a nice guy, I believe " said Blackburnian. " I know him very well "
    " Warbler is not a person known for cruelty "
    " Bird's Isle will win this tournament " said Lord Grackle. " There are so many resources around the universe we want "
    " We know of Warbler's power and he and his girlfriend Allie can help us "
    " You plan to use him just for wars, but we are the bad friends? " asked Colouruke.
    " Colouruke, it does not make sense " said Artby. " Baking is what Warbler needs "
    " He doesn't need war "
    " Artby, you don't realize his power " said King Bobby.
    " We understand that he is strong, but these wars are not wars that we need right now " said Challenger.
    They all got into the plane which left. Another flight with Bear members and Colour King's people was at 11 am.
    " So, the Bear is here " said Colour King.
    " You will not stop me "
    " My love for Blackina is so strong " said Blackin. " Nobody can love like I can "
    " Yes, they can " said Colour Dictator. " Colour King is going to win this tournament "
    " You may love Blackina a lot, but Colour King's power is too good " said Colour Queen.
    " My desire for Blackina makes me stronger than ever " said Blackin.
    " He desires me so much " said Blackina.
    " Colour King, you are outmatched " said Easeion.
    " Hahahahahaha "
    " By a man who loses to Crayon more than once " said Colour King. " Crayon is weak compared to Challenger, Colour Queen, myself and King Bobby "
    " You will look like a fool against me "
    " I'll make you look sad out there " said Easeion.
    " Really ? " asked Colourclever. " Don't be ridiculous "
    " This will be a great tournament " said Whites. " The Bear are going to win "
    " Well, I really don't see that " said Electro. " Challenger's a dick, but only Colour King and his officials are going to stop him "
    " Yes, the battles for Colourland will be great " said Colour Administrator.
    " The Bear are going to be living it up here " said Xax.
    " We'll get rid of anyone who messes with us "
    The flight then took off and they left the airport.
    At around 2pm, the first flight landed in Colour Island where they were greeted by a man.
    " I am part of the tournament staff " said the man. " Follow me "
    They then followed him and they saw this giant stadium.
    " This is where fighting will happen " said the man.
    " The round of 32 is the preliminaries, the official tournament is the round of 16 "
    " These fights are single knockout fights, if you lose you will be defeated "
    " The other fighters can view the fights and there will be fans here to watch "
    " Fans will get to watch King Bobby " said King Bobby.
    " When fans watch King Bobby it is good for Bird's Isle "
    " Well, there is also where you will all be staying " said the man.
    " We set up who you are with based on who we feel you would get along with best "
    " Yes " said Queen Starling.
    " Blackin will stay with Blackina, Whites with Melissa, Xax with Easeion, King Bobby with Queen Starling, Colour King with Colour Queen, Colourclever with Colour Dictator, Warbler with Allie, Blackburnian with Diana, Curtis with Lord Grackle, Grackle with Dove, Paula with Salvador, Challenger with Colouruke, Crayon with Colourea and Artby, Electro with Oceanoke and Colour Administrator.
    " Also Draco and Rourke will be together "
    " The rooms with three are because of who is there, those rooms will be larger "
    They all then were together and they headed around the island. King Bobby's group and Challenger's group split apart.
    " We should see where there is a bakery " said Artby.
    " Bakers need my purchases "
    " Well, let's go " said Colouruke.
    " Baking will help our mouths a lot, we need our mouths treated by a baker "
    They then saw a bakery which they went inside.
    " Glad to see bakers " said Artby.
    " There is so much good bread, my purchases must continue for the sake of my mouth "
    " My mouth means a lot to a baker "
    " Um, okay " said a baker.
    " I will buy bread, my mouth depends on me doing so for it to remain the great mouth it has been " said Artby. " I am proud of the improvements that have been made "
    " I am so thankful for baking, I cannot ever stop loving baking "
    They got their bread and then headed into the hotel they were staying in and they took the bread to their rooms.

    Meanwhile Easeion and Xax were talking.
    " The Bear is too good for this to fail " said Easeion.
    " We will make these fighters so sad, they will never punch again "
    " Yes, our victories in this round are certain " said Xax.
    " Colour King will be taken down "
    " He wants to make this about Challenger " said Easeion. " I will make this about winning "
    " We will make him a sad motherfucker "
    " That's the spirit, bro " said Xax. " I am not scared of these Colourlandish leaders at all "
    " They got lucky, we are just too strong "
    " Yeah, Blackin and Blackina are going to rip through everyone " said Easeion.
    " Their love for each other knows no bound, I loved Alice in the way that she was the villainess I need but they are able to show each other a special kind of desire "
    " The others will wake up in the hideout confused " said Xax.
    " We have a TV there, they can watch us " said Easeion. " They will get to watch Crayon being sad, I know they will like that "
    King Bobby was in Warbler's room with Allie.
    " Well, now you know what is at stake here " said King Bobby. " They will feed us good here "
    " Glad to see " said Warbler.
    " With Crayon you won't eat as good " said King Bobby. " You will get to witness Bird's Isle dominating literally everything "
    " You two will join us advisors "
    " You will report to all the advisors "
    " We're going to be advisors ? " asked Allie.
    " Yes, but they will have more seniority " said King Bobby. " You will be staying in the castle "
    " Trust me, it is going to be amazing "
    " Well, I must head back to Queen Starling "
    " She is a great queen and women of Bird's Isle have loved the queen for a reason "

    King Bobby headed to his room.