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  • laconic_words 22w

    The scars you call ugly marks,
    She has embraced them,
    They are now her tattoos when she is fun,
    Her medals when she's brave,
    Her reminders when she's weak.

    You call them ugly,
    I say,
    She's beautiful with all of them.


  • thebeautifulbits 35w

    It happened even before her birth,when of her mother she was a part ;
    They decided to put an end to her life even before it could start.

    It happened when she wanted to go to school just like her elder brother,
    But she was made to sit at home for she was just to cook and clean and learn it all from her mother.

    It happened when she got her period for the first time ,that first stain;
    Instead of comforting her she was made to sit and sleep on the floor to increase her pain.

    It happened when she was returning home alone that night and yes she was 'properly dressed',
    She was gang raped and killed and to add to it they are still roaming free as no charges were pressed.

    It happened when his ego was hurt as his proposal was rejected ,
    He threw acid on her face and that completely changed it no matter what was injected.

    It happened that night when at the office she was working late,
    He harassed her, threatened to end her  career if she spoke up and that 1 incident haunts her till date.

    It happened after her marriage when she thought she will have 'happily ever after',
    But all they did was pressure and torture her for money thereafter. 

    It happened at her promotion party where  after years of hard work she had gotten that position and the raise,
    But all she got to hear was how she had  used 'inappropriate means to climb up the ladder' and not any praise.

    It all happens and we know it, in every country, religion, section and class,
    Let us please bring some real changes as it's a shame that so much time we have allowed to pass.

    #womenempowerment #rape #sexualharassment #acidattack #poets #womanhood #education #dowry #promotion #reality #girlchild #mirakee #miraquill

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    It happened...

  • lovely_rachana 42w

    The destroyed beauty

    Her flow had a divine grace
    She talked with exclusive sweetness
    Her words reflected her tender age
    She drew attention unintentionally
    Her charm blessed the surroundings
    She despite her desirable traits hid
    Her face was covered with a scarf
    She feared of revealing her smile
    Her facial beauty remained hidden
    She created a dilema in the crowd
    Her charecter had a pleasure
    She then unveiled the darkness behind
    Her face was burnt by acid
    She was attacked for not accepting someone's stubborness
    Her beauty was burnt because she protested for her feelings
    She was torn apart from her facial beauty
    Her tender and pretty heart still remained to glow

  • mai_shayar_to_nahi_ 53w

    किसी हसीना के चेहरे पर तेज़ाब फेंक
    उम्र भर उसे बेहिसाब दर्द देने वाले
    जा डूब मर चुल्लू भर पानी में तू
    बड़े आये खुद को मर्द कहने वाले

  • anishawriting 56w

    My cries were unheard;
    Justice was nowhere near.
    How many Nirbhaya's more;
    For society to be cured?
    -Anisha Bagal

  • agoraphobic_aesthete 56w

    #depression #brokenheart #acidattack #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Please do check my other quotes if you like it

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    Angel with broken wings

    As she lay on the white sterlized sheets
    Of the hospital room ,
    She wondered
    "Where did things go wrong?"
    Her broken heart yearned,
    to know the answer
    With half of the face scorched with acid
    The broken heart gave her agonizing pain
    Than her acid withered face
    The man who called her beautiful once
    With love and affection was no more.
    Then she saw them;
    Her parents, whom she had left for the sake of love
    Were in front of her,
    With eyes full of distress for their little angel
    Little angel with broken wings...

  • solivagant_soul 56w

    The perceptible disdains burned her heart
    To charred remains,
    Perpetually conveying her to a place with unsettled complains,
    Questions left unanswered; justice forsaken.
    Trembling fingers once again touched her deformed face,
    "What was my fault..." Was all she could whine.
    The monsters in her sepulchral mind abused her for the thousandth time.
    And the smell of petrichor in her yard no longer entices her phuviophile soul,
    Since, she was attacked only once by the assailant,
    But stabbed countless times by the perspectives of the society .

    She possessed colossal dreams.
    Dreams that could surpass the throes of myriad pain society leaves.
    And on gloomy nights when everyone's asleep
    She shares her grief with the lonesome moon,
    And break down in tears soaking every inch of her pillow.
    For she would never be able to look as beautiful as before.
    The makeup products stacked next to each other stood unused.
    the pain that was piled up upon her blazing heart was impeding her.
    And her curled up face loathed the mirror.
    For everytime she looked into it.
    It said, "You look ugly".

    Walking back and forth in dilemma of life and death.
    At the end of the day, she wonders holding her breath.
    If her time has arrived,
    To lie amidst the pyre, quiescent and defunct.
    Till the fire consumes her bare body.
    Could it be the only solution to avoid the society?
    The society that would stab her every second,
    With disdains and displeasing remarks.

    A single gush of that vicious liquid that ruined her from the core.
    Gone were her dreams and passion.
    No more the person she used to be.
    And the girl who was once called "Pretty"
    Is now recognised as an amorphous monster in the eyes of frivolous society.

    Yet, for the first time she stood and observed
    her reflection on the mirror.
    The mirror that was disused for a very long time,
    With it's surface wrapped with dusts.
    She touched her impalpable face with her trembling fingers.
    Trails of panorama of her echoing cries and screams,
    the rapid heartbeats accompanied by the gruesome aftermath of the profound acid attack,
    Ringed in her ears.

    She broke down in tears and hushed herself.
    Adorned her bare ears with her favourite earnings that she hated to wear.
    While she searched for contentment loathing her face,
    Covering with a veil everytime she exited her room,
    Her safe cocoon.
    In the long run, she attained Contentment from the face she hated for so long.
    She learned to enamour it.

    She was deformed yet so divine.

    ✨~ Here's a long piece of my penned down writeup about all the beautiful souls who has been through gruesome acid attacks.
    It requires a warrior heart to stay strong after such a horrifying attack. And I truly admire them in everyway. ~✨

    #mirakee #MirakeeWorld #readwriteunite #sadpoetry #acidattack #socialissue #writersnetwork #poetry #life #inspiration
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersofmirakee

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    The perceptible disdains burned.
    her heart to charred remains,
    Perpetually conveying her to
    a place with unsettled complains,
    Questions left unanswered;
    J u s t i c e f o r s a k e n
    Trembling fingers once again
    touched her deformed face,
    "What was my fault..."
    Was all she could whine.

    (Read full poetry in the caption)

    ©_~ ~

  • _mamtaa 58w

    She was a flower, yet to bloom

    She was a flower ,yet to bloom
    Blessed with an ideal life and a great fortune
    Until one afternoon,
    When few boys took her to the backroom
    Got between her thighs and robbed her virginity
    Savoured every bite and ripped her dignity
    Her "NO "was loud enough to be heard
    Yet no one cared, and they left
    With her legs apart and her dreams blurred
    And still, the society shamelessly assumes
    Her honeytrap intentions or short costumes?
    Idea !! Let's make the rapist her bridegroom
    That's how her purity won't doom
    15 years old Muskan didn't like Majid back
    He made her victim of acid attack
    With a prejudice of short dress, they contextualised
    But even the cats in streets are sexualised
    While humans are still fighting for damn sexual rights
    How can we feel safe?
    When these incidents happens every often
    When Nirmala Hatyakanda is left forgotten.
    We have failed as a society when we
    Didn't acknowledge what victims went through
    And bombarded #notallmen in every #metoo
    Killing the rapist in not solution but Smashing patriarchy
    You and me, let's create ground of equality and fight toxic masculinity.


  • rashmijoshi 60w

    आज भी मै बदली नही

    तुने तेजाब ही डाला था ना मुझ पर,
    पर देख आज भी मै बदली नही
    आज भी मेरे इरादे और सपने
    अभी भी बरकरार है।
    हाॅ माना मेरा चेहरा
    थोड़ा बिगड़ गया है
    पर आज मेरे हौसलो ने
    तेरे तेजाब के असर को बेअसर कर दिया है ।
    हाॅ शुक्रिया अदा करना चाहूंगी तेरा
    कि तूने मुझे खुद से प्यार करना सीखा दिया,
    तुने सिखा दिया मुझे अपनो की पहचान करना।
    देख तेरे तेजाब ने आज भी मुझ पर कोई असर नही किया,
    लगता है तेरे उस तेजाब की बोतल मे सिर्फ पानी ही था,
    जो मेरे सपनो को छू भी नही पाया,
    और मेरे इरादो को और भी मजबूत कर गया।
    चल अब तुने एक अच्छा काम तो किया,
    जो मुझे अपने आप से रुबरु जो करा दिया।
    तुने एक बार मुझे फिर से जिंदा कर दिया।

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 60w

    I was offered an unwanted proposal,
    My only fault was my denial, my refusal.

    The best way he could punish me and harm,
    Was to mute me forever and steal my charm.

    No doubt he succeeded in burning my face,
    How would he still set ablaze my grace!

    The sick-minded guy did not know,
    My soul would never cease to glow.

    The deeper he wanted to bury my dignity,
    The harder i shall strive to establish my identity.

    My Conscience doesn’t allow me to curse or avenge,
    My smile and success shall be the greatest revenge.

    Those eyes which sympathised with my plight,
    Shall applaud my attainments and behold my flight.

    Don't pity me as an acid attack survivor,
    Instead support me rise as a courageous warrior.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*
    *Insta Handle : sword_of_word_86*


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  • apoorvabirla 67w

    Stop this hell yaar . Why don't you understand that everyone have different choice and everything you wish can't happen instantly you will have to work upon that for getting the same but not like this.
    The girl is your love and if you respect love than why not that girl

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    उसकी बात को क्या टाला
    उसने तो सूरत को ही जला डाला
    मना करने पर उसने हड़कंप मचाया
    और लोगो ने सिर्फ दुख ही जताया

  • _trisha__ 68w

    When a physical abuse is
    Just a news
    How far will their
    Emotional pain
    Will reach


  • liii17 70w

    #overcome #acidattack

    Picture Source: Pinterest

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    The day I afirm to overcome it,
    The scars on my face takes me back...
    Innumerable sleepless nights,
    The struggles and pain...
    Still it makes me think each day,
    Did a 'No' reply to you, needed an acid?


  • amirag 70w

    First, it was a crush.
    Seeing giggles escape
    from those beautiful lips,
    Brought huge smile on
    the admirer's face.

    Winsome feelings
    started digging into
    Admirer's heart.
    Everything was 'As pretty as a picture.'

    First staring, then watching,
    Her every move
    Soon escalated, to stalking.

    His crush, which turned
    Into love was soon
    turning into a
    dark pit of hollow obsession .

    Soon those winsome feelings
    turned into a terrifying hatred,
    Malignant rage was surging
    through his veins.
    Seeing her giggle and
    smile at someone else,
    was like an arrow,
    Hitting and shattering what little,
    Of love was left.

    In just few days,
    Every bit of feelings, decency,
    And ability to think evaporated.
    Red hot surge of rage,
    was all he could feel.

    And just like that
    No words were said .
    No names were exchanged.
    No feelings were conveyed.

    Only pain was shared
    She got the pain,
    Which she never deserved.
    He avenged for something,
    For what, their was nothing to repay.

    She payed for something,
    She had known nothing about.
    Well the admirer was happy,
    Now their was nothing left to admire.

    Only her ear-shattering cries
    were still singing in the background,
    When he walked, far away from life.

    #acidattack #hate #love #onesidedlove #girl #boy #rage #obsession.

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    Darker pit of love

    What do you think was it ?
    Can we even call it love ?

  • thandebaste 71w


    खूबसूरती का बखान तो हर बार किया,
    चेहरे का, मेरी आंखों का दीदार बेशुमार किया,
    पर क्यों मुझे समझ ना पाया तू,
    क्यों तूने ऐसा हाल किया।

    चांद कहा था जिस चेहरे को,
    फिर "एसिड" का क्यों दाग़ दिया,
    नामर्द कहूं या कायरता तेरी,
    जो तूने ये उपहार दिया।


  • anecdote_relator 72w

    इश्क़ करने वाला आज, इश्क़ के पीछे इतना दीवाना है,
    के इश्क़ केसे करें ये बात वो ना जाना है।

    Starting a new series of poem which is titled as "जुर्म"...
    Some random poems will line up following the crime happening in the society...
    #mirakee #mirakeelove #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #life #creativity #hindi #time #nature #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary #acidattack #crime

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    एसिड अटैक

    वह सुबह थी किसी काली रात जैसी,
    जिसे शब्दों में बयान कर पाना मुश्किल था।

    तेज़ाब से कलंकित किया था उसके मासूम चेहरे को,
    जिसके आंखो में नजने कितने हसीन सपने पनप रहे थे।

    एक 'ना' ही तो किया था बस,
    वह क्यों हो गया था इतना बेबस।
    क्यों एक 'ना' उसे इतना खलता रहा,
    की बीच सड़क एक लड़की तेज़ाब में जलती रही।

    "वह सिर्फ मेरी है", ये पूरी दुनिया को जो बताना था,
    "और अगर मेरी ना हो सकी तो किसी और की केसे हो जाए", ये सबको जो दिखाना था।

    वह चीख रही थी, चिल्ला रही थी,
    तमाशा देख रहा था हर कोई।
    सब अपने हाथो को पीछे बांधे,
    मदद के लिए आगे बढ़ा ना कोई।।

    किसी पराई लड़की को बचाने को
    कोई क्यों ही रेखा फांदे।
    कोई मरता है तो मारने दो,
    सिर्फ हम ही क्यों आगे बढ़े।।

    वह रतो को रोती थी
    और घबराती थी उजाले से।
    और खुदी खुदसे डर जाती थी
    देखकर अक्सर खुदको आइने में।।

    वक़्त लगा, पर संभाला खुदको,
    हिम्मत बटोरा और किया बुलंद हौसले को।
    तेज़ाब फेक चेहरा तो जला दिया था उसने,
    पर मेरा ये हौसला भला केसे जला पता वो।।

    यह तो सुनाई सिर्फ एक लड़की की कहानी है,
    ऐसे कितने ही जुर्म रोज़ होते है, कितनो को सुननी है।

    अख़बार खोलोगे तो दो दिन निराशा तुम भी जताओगे,
    और अगले ही पल ये हादसा तुम यू ही भूल जाओगे।


  • unrhymd_poetry 73w

    If it was so easy to break,
    So today,
    the faces of all girls would have been burnt.

    #mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeworld #oneliners #acidattack #acidattackfighters #fighters

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    अगर तोड़ना इतना आसान होता,
    तो आज, सारी लड़कियों के चेहरे जले होते

  • saisandhya98 76w

    ACID..this 4 lettered word end with' D'...d for dangerous,destruction etc .....finally DID I DESERVE??
    hear the cry..
    meanings: -
    dauntless- invulnerable to fear
    descry- get sight off
    dashingly- bold,spirited manner
    dejected- sad and dispirited
    denounce- accuse as disgraceful
    dangle- action of performing a move
    defiance- challenging attitude.
    debacle -sudden disaster
    debilitate- make weak
    defy- to refuse to obey
    debar- to prohibit
    dwindle- become smaller
    decanter- bottle
    dorsal- back
    dire- frought with extreme danger
    derm -skin
    deluge- overwhelming amount of sth

    #acidattack #poetry#mirakee#writersnetwork#readwriteunit#poetry#chhapak#poetry@mirakee@writersnetwork #poetry #thoughts #diary #life@readwriteunite@scratchedstories

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    Done from daily duty,
    directed to my dwelling dome..
    the dusk drenched with divinity,
    dated the dauntless me for a roam...

    There descried a damn devil in the dim..
    to the destiny,drove dashingly sans delaying..
    Dejected mind then, "where's the dare dying?''..
    denounced the Durga in mine..

    Dawn followed next,and me with my dangle..
    dose driven in night,defiance at its height..
    did my desk doing with all my delight,..
    day' s doing great,I dreamt in a jangle..
    but delusion it was that took a different angle...

    "M dying out of ur dream,even in day time..
    God has declared u for me,so plzz be mine"..
    me doomed,dehydrated,degrounded; cunt understand..
    'A debacle'!! out of my desire was on my land..
    debilitating me down,his dating demand...

    Drowned deep into distress,defied him with dare..
    deluged with dangerous disguise,he gave a dreadly stare..
    Drunk with desire of victory,
    A 'demon' , turned that don diety..

    That devil in the dim deliberately drawn in mind..
    Ohh! this demander is that devil only,I could remind..
    Deceived from disgusting texts till next day,
    my bro to debar the discussion, I decided.
    Dwindled my despair,when none found to disturb on d way..
    bro diseased by heat went at the bay..
    the second hand just twisted,and detrimentality just beasted..

    Dabbing my dorsal,drained the decanter,
    ditching me to the darkest,depleted my dire and deter..
    with d deluging heat of denting burn,had dissolved my derm..
    H2SO4 it was;doubled the pitch of my mourn,drilling my firm...

    Was dying from depth in the ditch..
    No idea what next happened till the mirror denoted me a bitch..
    Driven into dark,had lost the left eyesight..
    And for d right sight,nothing was left that could seem bright..
    my dazzling derm being deleteriously dead,
    cud see disfigured,dishevelled face entirely distorted..

    With those dark dents,forever to detain,
    brain droning a question..
    this deadly H2SO4..
    U demonstrate,did I deserve??

    Beauty he burnt,but m still not defunct..
    He decided to make me dormant yet I turned determinant..
    I will decry now to deal with such demon..
    "Death u deviced in my desire,leaving a dot of sattire..
    Deity will now doodle and destruct your attire"


  • sanju13 80w

    Acid Attack

    One guy proposed to me. I rejected him still,
    he follows me daily.
    But one Friday my life got changed he attacked with acid on my face. I fell down with the pain on the face and on my hands.

    I opened my eyes after 2 days in the hospital.
    I'm scared of looking into my face.
    My beautiful face was burnt out with acid.

    Why do a few men can't understand
    no means no?
    I can tell him one day he will cry just like I cried look into my face. He ruined my face, not my dreams. I'm stronger than before to reach my goals and to make him cry.


  • bleaker 84w

    Glowing like an emerald,
    Her eyes still perceive more than our sight.
    Not always,
    In the eyes of beholder, beauty lies.
    The blind do admire beauty too,
    Through a sense,
    Through divine vision.
    True beauty flourishes
    Where we cannot go,
    Far beyond our imagination.

    Go and watch her,
    She still puts her pictures up on the internet,
    Without makeup, with no filter on,
    Unlike you, she doesn't rely on
    Fakeness of an app, she's a fighter.

    Go and watch her
    If you have courage to face the reality.
    Pictures are just made of pixels
    And face, made of cells.
    The content of character builds
    The real essence of beauty!!

    #poetry #bleakerpoetry #acidattack #quotes #inspiration #beauty #personality

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    Go and watch her,
    Her face may be mutilated,
    Her soul is still pure.
    A smile still illuminates her lips;
    She's learnt how to endure.

    Go and watch her,
    Her face might have been lost
    With the touch of acid rain.
    Her beauty is still alive
    Like the blood in your vein.

    And that beauty is still visible
    To the eye that does more than seeing.
    Her eyes are still glowing.

    (Rest In The Caption)