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  • puranidiary 27w

    Goshh am i dreaming or what... My first ever repost ����
    Thanku @writersnetwork this means so much to me!! ❤❤ Truly made my day... (12th❤)
    24may 2021

    ~Compared to beautiful hearts all these beauty standard seems all vague to me ~
    '���� �������������� ���� �������� ������ ���� ����������, ���� ���������� �������� ���� ���� �������� ������ ���� ���� ������������" -���������� ��������������


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    Her soul lied in the moon, body resembled twinkling stars
    Now i see her shattered on ground smacked with scars
    I heard few drops of his venom touched her pristine soul
    Meek crowd witnessed her skin burning like soggy coal

    Bottle of acid blazed her eager wings into deadly ashes
    Inch by inch her skin melted down in gist of all splashes
    Slowly the smile faded ,no more was she beautiful & bold
    Rosy lips glossy cheeks all numb, stripped heart all cold

    She sobbed all nights asking what was her fault
    Dazzled eyes, wavy hair what exactly led to this assault
    Does the blame goes to her attire or to burning desire
    Unheard screams repeatedly asked to the silent mirror

    Repeated surgeries, deformed dimples marks all over
    All engraved by those sinful hands of her claimed lover
    Petition cases judgment dates all made it to headline
    Amidst all the chaos, lively bosom faced bitter decline

    Once the lovable lad of all,now crumbled under the veil
    Vigliant eyes questioned her character denying all wail
    World at last titled her victim, but she chose to be warrior
    Writing her own fate , gradually she became stronger

    The face that was burnt was the face now she loved
    Wrinkled, marked fragile cruticle but her heart all above
    Showering strength to others, no more beauty standards
    With her pious dreams,those charred hands did wonders!

  • athulya_nair 35w

    I have been noticing that
    Lately.. my heart pumps
    Acid instead of blood..
    And it burns in wherever
    It flows.. rotting my bones
    Tearing away my flesh..
    Burst opening my veins..
    My bleeding arteries scream
    For help, but are not heard..
    So are my thoughts -
    Screaming, crying, storming.
    Still what everybody sees is
    A calming soul, a perfect body
    That always wears a smile,
    Like nothing wrong is ever
    Likely to happen inside.


  • deepflowsoul 43w

    I can only take it with a grain of salt while studying how to use it to my advantage.

    #field #poison #fertilizer #disguise #antidote #anticipate #acid #realize #healing #understanding #truth

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    You pass through my field
    With droplets of poison disguised as fertilizer.
    I anticipate this, and create an antidote
    That morphs your acid to realizer.

  • deepflowsoul 47w

    Cycle monster

    Everyday I release more of you,
    Sometimes the glue releases old fumes.
    I'm left once again with gouged wounds,
    The acid squelching into my emptied rooms.
    Suffocating, I flail for lone holes dripping light,
    I catch a whiff, and breathe in center by night.
    Again and I again encounter this monster,
    Until we become friends in my downstairs.

  • _wild_pen_ 56w

    If it wasn't for you, I would have never gathered the courage to complete it.
    #me #I

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    Why has the world become so ruthless
    Have humans lost all humanity and morals?
    Why can’t I be safe here, O mother Earth
    Do daughters have no right to be

    I am afraid to live now
    I am afraid to love
    I am afraid to trust,
    and live independently

    My soul cries, for each of us who was
    ripped and raped and then blamed
    Who was cursed for being brave
    Crushed and made a slave
    Who was punished for being beautiful
    Shamed for being dutiful
    Who was acid-attacked for denying
    and raped when she was flying

    By the hands of those monsters
    who could not control their egos
    and their hormones
    What was our fault we appeal
    upon whom the inhuman act was done

    My soul reasons today
    Does goodness at all exist?
    Because in this era of ‘Kalyug’
    Evil triumphs over truth
    Inhumanity rules over the brainless humans

    Don’t we have the right to live
    Free of the fear of being ripped and raped
    Free of the fear of being loved then cheated
    Free of the fear of being attacked and shot, just because we denied
    Free of the fear of being cursed and shamed, for being ‘the ME’ I am

    How is it Sita and Draupadi’s fault?
    It was Ravana who kidnapped her
    and people who blamed her
    It was the Kauravs who humiliated her
    and Pandavs who stood silent

    My soul shrinks when I realise
    I’ve taken birth in a world
    Where women are maltreated, cursed and blamed
    Where men are free of all crimes they do
    And people live in terror, and finally are buried in graves


  • rashmijoshi 59w

    आज भी मै बदली नही

    तुने तेजाब ही डाला था ना मुझ पर,
    पर देख आज भी मै बदली नही
    आज भी मेरे इरादे और सपने
    अभी भी बरकरार है।
    हाॅ माना मेरा चेहरा
    थोड़ा बिगड़ गया है
    पर आज मेरे हौसलो ने
    तेरे तेजाब के असर को बेअसर कर दिया है ।
    हाॅ शुक्रिया अदा करना चाहूंगी तेरा
    कि तूने मुझे खुद से प्यार करना सीखा दिया,
    तुने सिखा दिया मुझे अपनो की पहचान करना।
    देख तेरे तेजाब ने आज भी मुझ पर कोई असर नही किया,
    लगता है तेरे उस तेजाब की बोतल मे सिर्फ पानी ही था,
    जो मेरे सपनो को छू भी नही पाया,
    और मेरे इरादो को और भी मजबूत कर गया।
    चल अब तुने एक अच्छा काम तो किया,
    जो मुझे अपने आप से रुबरु जो करा दिया।
    तुने एक बार मुझे फिर से जिंदा कर दिया।

  • sesquipedalian_squirrel 75w


    The tears aren't salty
    And they aren't like waves
    Of the oceans faulty
    Way that it saves
    The drowning girl
    From the deep deep sorrow
    Washed out to shore
    To face tomorrow
    The tears are more
    Like acid
    Burning valleys on my cheeks
    Dissolving what of my heart would remain
    And raining for weeks
    Till I melt into merely a stain
    And all the tears are in vain
    Cos at the center at the core
    Tye acid wells and flows some more


  • indigosparkle 79w

    Confidence stuck till my throat,
    I remember myself
    Walking through the road,
    All eyes gazing the confident beauty,
    Like I just fell from the heaven.
    But that wasn't what my fate wanted.
    My self possession drained,
    When I saw him walking towards me,
    He loved me would be wrong to say,
    He loved my face, he loved my body,
    And I was neither interested, is what I speak.
    I rejected his proposal constantly thrice,
    Less I knew that I have unintentionally
    Hurting his ego and his love.
    This time when he walked towards me
    I could see the anger as fire in his eyes,
    But least bothered I walked fearlessly.
    What the hell he would do to me?
    Why should I fear him?
    These were the two constant questions
    Cum answer revolving around my brain.
    Least I knew that he could actually
    Ruin me and my body with all his soul.
    His fire of agony acted wrong,
    He came near me and asked along,
    I'm asking you for the last time,
    Would you love me or not?
    How many time should I tell you,
    I don't like you! Get lost!
    Again unaware of the fact that
    I was pouring kerosene in the burning fire
    I spoke to the rudest tone atlast.
    The next I remember was me laying in
    The white bed of hospital ICU
    Burning and burning my whole face.
    It burned like fish out of water,
    It burned like heart out of body.
    All I could see was darkness,
    And sense the immense pain throughout the body.
    Thinking hard I remembered what happened,
    A white colour liquid was blown on to my face,
    And hardest burn,is what,after that I chased.
    Running throughout the road with a burning face,
    Crying at the loudest tone, for how much it pained,
    The skin literally came off, I could feel the smooth,
    My heart wanted to die, for not attending this truth.
    Doctor came to me, and softly spoke in the sweetest tone,
    But the pain couldn't bear, and felt like the harshest tone.
    You are a victim of acid attack,
    The voice broke. He killed your skin,
    The voice continued.
    Acid attack, harmed the skin is what I heard,
    Just hearing this,my heart literally stopped,
    This couldn't have happened if I was a little cautioned.
    Slowly slowly removing my bandage, the face they revealed,
    Looking at my face I couldn't believe,
    A beauty was what I defined myself a few lines back,
    My skin tore myself out, in just a few minutes after that.
    I'm literally crying not only for my face,
    But it burns my heart and soul and tears the good feels.

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    Ahhh....my first ever @writersnetwork repost ..
    I'm already on cloud nine������
    This was unexpected,❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork

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    Acid attack

    "He changed my face,
    Not my heart.
    He threw acid on
    My face, not my dreams"
    - Laxmi, acid attack survivor.

  • sazsahu 86w


    Every other day I've been trippin over acid,
    Laying on my bed, I saw an eye on my forehead.

  • unborn_awareness 88w


    I don't see patterns in the light :(

    So ;
    I draw them ,
    with my body -

    For my Spirit
    To know the way ..

  • devanshi_khare 92w


    Reject krti hai magar
    Acid phekne ka nahi

  • the_drunken_poetess 98w

    He Loved her very much!

    His eyes had captured her breathtaking smile,
    Day and night, he imagined her walking up the aisle.
    But he never had the courage to walk up to her,
    And each day his love for her became stronger.

    One day he saw her with someone else
    He was out of control and in complete distress.
    Without a second thought he picked a bottle of acid.
    And threw it on her face for what she did.

    A splash of this liquid burnt her entire life.
    For days she couldn't open her eyes.
    Feeling the burning pain unimaginable to any being
    Given a choice she would have preferred dying.

    Days passed and the wound was slightly healed.
    But she did not have the courage to see what the mirror revealed.
    The horror in the eyes of her loved ones was enough
    to tell her that path ahead is going to be rough.

    That beautiful face he had loved, no longer existed.
    The smile he was crazy for, had completely faded.
    The pain in her eyes was all left for him to see.
    That burnt face was now her destiny.

    From hearing words like 'wow' and 'so beautiful',
    the only reaction she now got was 'What the hell!'.
    She finally took the reins of her life in her hands
    and went into the real world to make new friends.

    He kept weeping each day disgusted with himself.
    His own mind became his enemy, a ball of guilt in itself.
    No time in prison could bring back that life.
    When he was just an innocent lover looking for a wife.

    Vani Agarwal

  • pakhi_05 99w


    मेरे इनकार का
    इतना बड़ा जवाब ....!

    मिट्टी में पड़े सुषुप्त
    शरीर मे हल्की जान
    बाकी थी ...
    रेंगते शरीर में कुछ
    जल रहा था ...
    खामोश पसरी आँखे...
    रुँधा कण्ठ ...
    शब्द बुदबुदा रहे
    धीमे धीमे
    मेरे सूखे होठ ...

    लग रहा था
    पूरा शरीर गल रहा ,
    पिघल पिघल कर
    गिर रहा हैं ...
    पर कुछ तो बाकी
    था वो थे ....
    मेरे जिंदा होने
    का अहसास ....!

    सारी हिम्मत इकठ्ठी
    कर दी थी
    कायरता के जवाब ने ....
    हमेशा निष्ठुर क्रुरता
    का एक ही उत्तर
    फौलादी इरादे .....!

    सुनों हैवानो ....
    तेजाब सूरत तो जला
    सकता है पर
    अस्तित्व नही ....!
    तेजाब से जिस्म
    झुलसता है पर
    मनोबल नही ....!!

  • akanshasain 99w


    These colours life...

    Black can be happiness when clothed...
    If its my skin it might be loathed...
    Red can be love, It can be romantic
    Red can be love.,It can be an acid
    Blue is good when its light. . .
    Darkness of it is very terrifying
    Orange, happy and bright..
    It may also be burning someone off life...
    White is pure and angelic sight,
    but once tinted it can never be fine.. .
    The colour of life can be changed and moulded...
    You are the one you can decide how to hold them...

  • soumyawrites 115w

    #acidattacks #acid attack survivors

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    This world has given a name like pretty face,
    The world burnt them the so called pretty face .
    I am alive so as my spirit of living
    © soumyawrites2019

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  • lions_heart24 123w


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    Kindly do read -----
    Acid rain is primarily produced from the emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from thoughtless human activities causing air pollution .
    It weakens trees and increases their susceptibility to damage .
    Acid rain causes corrosion of surfaces exposed to air pollution and is responsible for the deterioration of limestone and marble buildings and monuments .
    It is very harmful to agriculture, plants, and animals as it washes away all nutrients which are required for the growth and survival of plants.
    It alters the chemical composition of the water, to a form which is actually harmful to the aquatic ecosystem to survive .
    Info credit : Google

    #acid rain #raindrops #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork @odysseus

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    As raindrops
    Peel away
    From an overcast sky .
    A field of rain lilies
    Down below is petrified .
    Buds whisper
    Into their leaves ears ,
    God save us from this acid
    that shall once again singe , sear .
    As each drop soaks , seeps into their soul ,
    They wilt with hopelessness , morose .
    Of what should have
    Been a shower to revive ,
    They wonder how it turned
    Acidic due to humanity's
    Neglect , avarice ....

  • thepeacefulquotes01 125w


    Thinking of, to get rid of
    Having natural face but not satisfy enough
    Putting down artificial beauty in the body,
    Wanting to make more good looking.
    People are getting jealous
    "How can I look attractive ?"
    Some become curious,
    Some have intention to destroy it.
    But not everybody putting artificial beauty,
    Because that people love
    What they have got from birth,
    Still some are curious
    Some have intention to destroy it.
    "How to destroy their faces ?"
    "How to destroy their natural beauty ?"
    Some people thinks
    "If you are not mine, you will not belong to anybody."
    Throw the acid into them,
    Destroy them forever,
    From outer beauty to inner depth.
    Acid attacked become victims by them
    Lost the natural outer layer,
    Victims, No, Warriors
    Rise and stand to punish them
    It may difficult at first
    But you are not alone, dear.



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