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  • clownmaker 14w

    Imperfections are truly perfect
    Perfection isn't a myth ,it lies in self acceptance !
    #spreadlove #acceptwhoyouare #nooneisperfect #youdeservetheworld ��

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    You can't predict the future nor people's emotions and feelings .
    At any moment in your life ,don't let pain break you . Failure , disappointment ,heartache and uncertainty is a part of life .
    What matters is your will power to fight back
    Remember ! Mistakes don't define you .


  • theinkwithin 17w


    I am who I am. YOU are who YOU are. It's okay to be different. It's okay to be Unique. Be you! Do you!


  • carl_roland 171w

    The Feeling (or Demisexual Discovery)

    Foreign, strange, but beautiful.

    I did not know what it was or how to describe it. Is it what I think it is? The fill to the void I felt my whole life?

    Friends. Close friends that with time became closer. That's what we were. The more we talked, the more we laughed, the more we cried. Through all that the Feeling crept in.

    Finally we meet. A hug, a kiss. More laughing, more crying. And one beautiful night that feeling had a name. I understood. I understood myself a little more.

  • akku_21 200w

    Insight Of Blue

    Leave me in obscurities, if you are not ready to drown in my doldrums.
    Leave me in darkness, if your are not ready to face radiance inside me.
    People are often afraid of the things that they don't understand. They try to suppress them down no matter what.
    Better leave me in hell or the fire inside me will set your world to ablaze.


  • samreenfatima 213w

    When You have ever expanding galaxies within
    Why to waste your energies on the outer cores