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  • bubbly_bluebells 7w


    How could others know that you are getting hurt if you are not reacting to the sighs of own body?

    Don't curse for what they did!
    Question from yourself
    why haven't left when
    you couldn't bear?
    Only you are to blame the fault

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    Things that drags often to destructive mode
    To not say the things you wanted to say
    due to fear;Be courageous,hold yourself
    if it's hurtung to come out
    accept to be laughed and judged
    release the resistance i.e. zipping your truth
    Otherwise, it would make you believe in your
    By going down like stab,betrayl or
    nervous breakdown
    Let your intention also be in the presence
    The way it wants to exist in the space
    Even at the most scariest place,there also
    Infront anyone though

  • nocturnal_enigma 7w

    * 26.11.2021; 12.24 P.M (Malaysia)


    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    "Woman fall in love with a man's presence. Man realize he's in love, at a woman's absence" - Quote on Instagram.

    #Acceptancec @writersbay

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    Untitle 93 ~

    Of course, you block me, again. Of course, I'm being blocked by you, again. Of course, when I'll arrive there, I'm going to use new number and message you, again. But, this time, it will be my last time of trying and then, I'll give-up on you. To you, I'm just a nobody, but, to me, you are somebody special, so, I'll still give gifts to you. To expect acceptance from you, seems impossible, but, I can't accept rejection, so, there are 2 possibilities: I'm falling in love with your presence and you will realize that you're in love, at my absence.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • love_whispererr 8w

    I'm doing bad, I'm doing good ;
    whichever you prefer.
    _Franz Kafka

    #art #wod #acceptancec

    (Ps_ Milena was a journalist and despite the distance, Kafka wrote many letters to her from Prague to Vienna)

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    Inside the platen of Kafkaesque

    Kafka's letters to Milena
    are poetic, pull blankets on miridical metaphors
    while pummeling his unlighted brink but often they
    reconcile among his slender patinas effortlessly.

    Kafka's letters to Milena
    are ethereal, drown in the chalice of radiance
    while lifting the calamities on right shoulder but often
    the left shoulder gets off a trusting lantern to Vienna.

    Kafka's letters to Milena
    are whetted, enough to chop hearts into pieces
    while holding a polished soul yet called arcane
    but often twitterpated by striding metamorphosis.

    Kafka's letters to Milena
    are like grimoires, foyers for fragrance of incantation
    while unveiling the cerulean welkin of outlying Prague
    but often shelters the discoing ripples of lapland.


  • wilmaneels1 8w

    Looking on
    She felt like the stranger
    Watching a playback of her life
    How did we get here?
    Why does it feel like I am a spectator?

    That questions came along with acceptance
    That where she find herself today is where she needs to be
    No regrets
    What happened; happened
    No amount of mulling would change that

    While she felt baffled at times
    She also felt the jolt of continuous movement without question
    Especially when you don't know the end destination but you trust the one guiding you

  • aryaa_anand 8w

    dear @miraquill I wonder how do you give such relatable prompts !! @writersnetwork @writersbay @fromwitchpen @unspokenpen1927 @pink_berry @a_lost_bear_ @queen_butterfly

    damn late post but midnight always gets the best out of me!

    #quiet #wod #acceptancec #ceesreposts

    My mind's full of thoughts and the soul of my tongue is struggling to escape from the shackles of those tyrannous virtues I've been forced to follow. My heart would explode any moment to reveal all those stories which were left unsaid, all those emotions which were unexpressed, all those wounds which were left to heal with time, all those mistakes of theirs which still await an apology. The words 'I want to live and not just survive' are stuck in my throat, waiting to reach my lips with the adrenaline that gushes through my gullet in the wake of every moment that drives my real self out of my apparent being. Those words tickle me in my stomach, and make me feel like puking out all at once to give my soul the rest it deserves. While those words quarrel to reach their destination, the guards of traditions and swords of some hollow promises silence them. And that silence persists for long. The termites of those unsaid unheard words eat up the wooden wall I created with beautiful engravings of some sweet memories. Those words now crave for more and they soon devour my soul to leave behind a necropolis of the countless lively dying feelings, that succumbed to 'silence'.

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    I'm resilient to your tyranny by choice not by force.
    Once my will changes, your sovereignty ends.


  • muskan_rajan 8w

    #pod #writersbay @writersnetwork @writerstolli #readwriteunite @miraquill #ceesreposts #poetry #love #heartbreak #crush #acceptancec

    I just started an insta account. You can check it out and follow me (idk, it's your wish, who am I to tell you what to do)
    It's called @for.better.or.for.verse


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    For the one I love ❤️

    I am not afraid of losing you
    Because I know we are chained to each other
    Handcuffs of time and space
    Rub against our wrists
    We tugged and pulled and it hurts
    But you and I
    Know this isn't in vain
    And even if this love seems strange
    I'm ready to crash like a ship against the rocks
    To smolder like gold
    To be reduced to ashes
    The last of my being drifting in the wind
    Beyond the horizon, one with the cosmos
    Where everything had aligned.
    It won't be tragic to die for us
    Because where the world seemed to end
    We began
    Yet sweet longing often turns bitter
    And I torment myself asking questions we have no answers to
    But I finally understand
    That my happiness is in your ethereal smile and starlit eyes
    And in the way you call out my name.

  • bubbly_bluebells 8w


    Waited too much for the hero as in old tales but truth is being true to self while wearing courage on the chest.Whatever background gives,leave it free just play your part passionately;that's the armour ��

    ~Here is no other hero to save ye and slay demons!!

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    I will make my story alone!

    Who would save me from too sweet people?
    Once I was too kind and believed rusks ;fallen
    Life is made to be betrayed,and crushed
    Nobody could run away from own karma
    Freely fall in the chaos, announcin' acceptance
    Being responsible for what I choose next to be

  • wordsnippet_girl 8w

    Freedom in Acceptance

    In every circumstance, whether good or bad,
    whether things are going our way or not,
    acceptance is what will set us free from all
    the burden that comes along with it.

  • biha_soundarya 8w

    Heart : I'm aware and very much conscious of my decision
    about you. I'll wait. It's not like I will be rushing for
    anything anymore. I got you back in my life. And
    I am not willing to let that go ever again.
    Conscience : Even if it takes many years?

    Heart : Yes. Who else was there for me. You made sure
    I wakr up everyday, literally pushing me out of
    bed. Sending me contents upon contents.
    Upgrading me, you made me realised my potential.
    Of all the people, you made sure that everytime I
    relapse, you were with me no matter what time
    of the day. You barely slept because of me. You sit
    and cry with me Even from my food you want me
    to eat better. Hell, I dress better without
    the cartoons t-shirt. So yes I know. Plus every
    emergency contact that I need to fill up or even
    contacts for anyone to reach when I passed on
    it only carries your name. I know I'll keep getting
    hurt along the way. I know. It is what it is.
    Conscience : Sigh. I'm responsible of you.

    **She have the entire time in the world and she will not make that mistake anymore**

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    A conscious decision.


  • nandini_5 8w

    I accept the pain you give me .
    I'll think it as a life lessons .
    You can't be the one I'll love forever ,
    I'll have to move on one day .
    Pain , hurt and memories are temporary .
    We can't stay in our past .
    Time never stops .
    We'll have to chase our future
    And we have to accept the truth .

  • pnair87 8w

    The pain
    The hurt
    The loss
    The betrayal
    The wounds
    The loneliness
    The failure
    All comes into your heart
    With the acceptance welcoming them !


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 8w

    All Rights Reserved
    23 Nov 2021 11.30 am

    #quiet #acceptancec

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    Quiet and Quietus

    | And death wore a cloak of quietude
    Shielding arrows that shout at unknown |

    • • •

    Deeper the lake, quieter it stretches
    Harder the pain, quill swallows screams

    I create and destroy universes in moments
    Muffled by winds of words inside, white noise outside
    By the time dusk whisks away and dawn appears
    By the time castles collapse and become crematoriums
    By the time drops meet drops and drinks up dreams
    I've already sailed through the heart of the ocean
    And any lava that erupts in my vicinity is enshrouded
    By the volume in which my heartbeat knocks my bones
    Molten memories rush inside latching on ivory branches
    Fills the pockets within me, attics and ateliers of agony
    The only way out of uncontrollable ache is tolerance and trust
    The feathers of faith weighs more than mountains of doubts
    To someone who lived life to fullest, bliss to brim, sorrow to summit
    No regrets perched on shoulders, there's no need to panic
    No need to submit to a storm but to stride in, head held high

    // For there's no known or unknown to holler at
    Only acceptance and abundance of sacred silence //


  • writersbay 8w

    Today write about acceptance. Write about accepting all the risks and consequences of our actions.

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    Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence.

    — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • _barbie__ 13w

    Muhabbat me dhoke ki baat to hr kisi ne ki hai
    Pr kya kbhi kisi ne surat se pehle seerat ki baat ki hai��

    Thinking of your lover as a perfect person is something insane
    Because humans are never perfect
    You can't be in love when you ignore her imperfections,
    But you are when you accept it
    When you love her beside those beauty filters
    When you choose her over any gorgeous girl around you
    When you accept her with those dark circles around her eyes
    Love is never about perfections ,it's all about acceptance ❤️


    #acceptance @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #flaws #love #acceptancec

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    You know you are in love
    when you are fine with her flaws