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  • elisebeth 66w

    I am her

    I am her,
    A sister
    Who's breath was snuffed away
    By the hands of another
    Simply because, I walked by conveniently

    I am her,
    Who left for work early
    In an attempt to provide for my family
    And never returned
    I am her,
    Who loved so blindly,
    Beaten so brutally and made makeup my best friend

    I am her,
    Silenced with threats
    Because I attempted to speak up
    I am her
    Stripped of my innocence
    Long before I knew how babies came to being

    We are all her,
    A sisterhood,
    Standing on the pile of bones of all those who did not make it
    Saying to you,


  • faatimajoosub 255w

    They watched him grab onto her arm,
    Knowing that he was harmful.
    They watched her eyes release salty tears,
    Brought on by the pain throughout the years.
    They watched them pretend to be in love,
    But that was something to protect them like a glove.