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  • yesenias_song 8h

    Wasted many years filled with tears and what if's. Wasted them by placing other people first and always ended up getting hurt. So call me selfish and self absorbed but I am no longer putting up with being second best. I'm placing myself first.


  • brokengypsysoul 1d

    Porcelain rage

    Items of yours are flying down the hallway
    He is throwing them in a mad furry
    Yelling at you to get out
    Your baby walks up the hallway to see why dad is mad
    She wants to console him and before you know it...
    A porcelain bowl goes flying through the air with force
    It hits your baby on the head
    Baby screams an awful scream
    You run and grab her quicky into the kitchen to check...
    He grabs you by the back of your hair
    You try to resist, you try to pull away
    Your hair is ripping out, you are trying to protect your baby
    He yanks you all the way to the ground by your hair
    You are holding your baby so tight
    So tight as you fall the ground, protecting only her
    He has her! He has her!
    No! Nooooo! Come back!
    Please, please please don't take her.
    You will never see her ever again he shouts.
    He tries to hit you with the car.
    Where did these wounds come from?
    Why am I bleeding, ouch, why does that hurt?
    It's a blur, it's a blur. What just happened?
    My baby's gone! My baby's gone! She's hurt!
    You have no phone as he broke it last week.
    You run inside, grab your car keys...
    What why won't your car start?
    Your stranded, he cut you off from everyone, from everything.
    You have no way to contact the police.

    - one of my most heartbreaking moments

  • anna_leigh 2d

    Forced To.

    He is the scent of strong coffee,
    He is the shine of morning dew,
    He is the rays of sunlight in the early morning,
    He is the smell of rain,
    He is the color of the Earth,
    He is the wind of a storm,
    He is the eye of the hurricane,
    The wave of a tsunami,
    The debris of a tornado,
    The ashes of a dead fire,
    And yet, I love him.

    I love him to the point where my lungs fill and swell with fire,
    I love him to the point where my heart beats faster and faster, overfilling my body with blood,
    I love him to the point where my eyes leak tears when I press on spots he's touched,
    I love him to the point where my skin cracks and bleeds,
    I love him to the point where my bones split and rearrange themselves,
    I love him to the point where my brain bleeds and blood leaks out of my ears,
    I love him to the point where my body flinches at his touch,
    Where I beg him to stop giving me bruises,
    Where I beg him to stop pulling my hair,
    Where I beg him to stop forcing me into doing things I do not want.
    And yet, I still love him,
    Beacuse I have to.

  • msnunu88 3d


    Overflow of sexual, physical and mental abuse contribute to pain, hate and aggression. When will the State of fear and tumult end.

  • anotherstardust 1w

    Stay away from people who find peace elsewhere just because you couldn't do it for them, once.

    They basically feed on your "Goodness" to feel better about themselves and when you run out of it, they go hunt down another source and will come back running when you're ready again.

    It's kind to be a giver but that's emotional abuse.


  • roopa7 1w


    Abuse makes me strong enough...I am in traumatic stress becoz of many abuses...
    Now....I can ,I will handle it...
    ....my words.......
    If an abuses through by someone to you .... simply don't take it....be calm.....karma will hit them hard...

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 2w


    Your an abuser
    You need help
    I tried to give you help
    You burned me
    If you ever come near me
    It'll be violent
    I didn't suffer in quiet
    Just for you to lie again
    What did you expect
    When you hurt someone so dearly
    I'm done
    Stay off my shit
    I've been forced to watch yours
    Because you can't help but lie
    Do it again and the same will happen
    Be happy with what you have
    Move on
    You caused me so much pain
    I threw up for weeks
    I'll say what I want
    When I'm the survivor

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 2w


    Calling a broken heart a narcissist
    A tricky game

    I always wanted to die
    To blend in
    I hated the crowd
    But I wanted to heal
    So I forced myself out

    I hated myself
    It's what made me hate you
    Always parroting me
    My worst parts

    You've finally done it
    You switched places with me
    I truly believe
    In your head
    I'm you

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 2w

    Not Me

    Your a lier
    Your scum
    You called us lovers
    Perfect fits
    All you did was hurt me

    I begged to help you
    You left me on read
    I begged to save you

    You ran into the woods
    You cut me
    You beat me
    You raped me
    You forced me to do so much
    Put me through so much

    I loved you with every part of my heart
    Wanted to keep you safe
    You broke my heart

    Now you're accusing me
    I want you to die
    I want you to suffer
    Put you through all the shit
    Everything you did to me
    The broken noses
    The cutting
    The burns
    The collar
    The whipping
    The slapping
    The lying
    The cheating
    The abuse
    The neglect
    And the broken heart

  • poetrynz 2w


  • cassiopeia513 3w

    Emotional Abuse

    Emotional abuse can be just as bad as physical abuse recognize the difference to act accordingly...

  • high_priestess 3w

    one week

    What will I do when I see you?
    Will I jump into your arms?
    Sink into your chest like a ship sinking to its grave?
    Will my hand slip into yours like we were never apart?
    Or will my skin still start to sweat as you close in?

    Tell me you’re a surgeon and you can fix a broken heart
    Tell me all this pain is just inspo for the art
    Tell me that these tears are just water for the earth
    Tell me anything just don’t tell the fucking truth

  • pi_infinite 4w


    The human brain is selective
    And so are our memories.
    I wonder what it is
    That chooses for me
    With dangerous unpredictability
    What events wind up
    Getting caught in the spiderweb
    That is my mind
    And which ones vanish
    There are some things I know
    Despite a lack of recollection -
    The dread of coming home,
    The fear of being too loud,
    Recognizing footsteps in the hall,
    Flinching at the sound
    Of a ringing telephone.
    But my brain seems to filter
    The good from the bad,
    The sugar from the salt
    With such ease,
    Until the memories are gone
    And the emotions start to fade
    And suddenly I can't remember
    Why I fled a situation,
    Cannot recall
    Why I cut the devil
    Out of my life
    When all that remains
    Is the shadow
    Of a set of spread wings.
    It is dangerous,
    Terrifying even,
    The realization that I can't even trust
    My own mind anymore,
    Be it through manipulation
    Or my own desire
    For an easier past,
    Because I fear that I will make
    The same mistakes again
    For sometimes bad memories
    Are our only protection
    From new pain.


  • smile_its_sunnah 5w

    The Abusers Methods:

    I am the physical pain, the pain that makes the body ache with blooded rain. I cause the punished soul to beg for forgiveness, just to get a few moments of numb bliss.
    My work is imprinted on the skin, crafted to express every sin. My vulnerable canvas will cover the marks and scars of my art, that you wouldn't be able to distinguish the two apart. I am the devil in disguise, I have the power to make the weak feel a sense of surprise, until he/she is screaming out their unattractive cries. I am a monster that you need to beware, but that doesn't stop my servants from practicing this nightmare.


    I am the pain you feel within, the mental disaster that flows and embeds my addiction. I make you feel worthless and disgusted, I make you question every helping effort until you become distrusted. I kill you silently, leaving no proof of my existence, Until you submit to no more resistance. I continuously claw my beliefs onto your damned soul, waiting for the moment I achieve my deviled goal. I dare not lay a finger on your body, but that doesn't stop me from mental disembody. I am the greatest form of pain, I drive one slowly but surely insane, until every hope seems vain.

  • bunnyfromjupityr 5w

    Elegy For Broken Windows

    I’ve never ever felt more lost and alone than living in my childhood home. 
    Severing myself away: I stay bawling in a ball on wood tiled floors. Or roaming
    frosted neighborhood nights until single file porch lights turned off. Stones 
    taking flight at bright burning bulbs. Looking back I gotta ask would you have known
    where the wild things went? We went gently in flattened insomniac styrofoam snow:
    deep mint boot prints pack tracks. Roots wilt from flinging blizzard piles that sew
    sluice in somatic soil; maybe I’m Diogenes deracinating ecclestial seams. Tones 
    of a new melody, unlearning what you taught me. Defenestrating screams thrown
    through the window. Flakes twirl all spinally. I don’t come back until dawn grows 
    across the sky. Whiskey whisks with nicotine warmth numbing shivers in chrome 
    silver lined streets. It took so long but I’m finally bomb blasting psalm scripture in poem
    stanzas. Cause I can’t stand the fragmental calm stricturing structures my bones
    build. Your ranting mentally mames me: ripping same scar tissue till xylophone 
    ribs show. Palms zipper, letting go; punches puncture plaster walls. Glowing 
    sun pools in the closet door crack: locked under coat racks. Cold clocking slow,
    yet nonstopping fists gunshot at terminal velocity. Any propinquity has grown
    Into repulsion. Left with perpetual escaping propulsions. Compulsively combing
    thin salamander skin, licking nonexistent burn wounds clean I still see thick rows
    of duct tape twisting my body like kelp pulling into the sea. Asphyxiation goes
    away easily. One day I’ll be torn free no matter if I use my fucking teeth. Yo, do you respect me? Wait, for once I don’t care; for once please shut up. Although, I still fear what you think of me, winding rhymes mean jack shit in this cataclysmic biome y’all call a home. Lastly: fuck you for making that house so haunted by revolting childhood memories, mismatched splotches of paint kaleidoscope my vulnerabilities and now I even flinch at the wrong kind of breathing. I’m just left all goddamn messy.

  • pi_infinite 5w


    Like weeds that grow
    From a blooming soul
    Your words take root
    And break my whole.
    Create a net
    So tightly woven
    Leave me broken
    As lies shine golden.


  • veronica099_ 6w


    It's like the water, shapeless, transparent, flows from one place to another, like that innocent smile of a child, who explores everything, everywhere it goes. Just like that cloud which forms no object, so you can't put a label.

    But, what if you keep some drops or some of the cloud or some of that smile to yourself so to frame it as you like, so to destroy its innate facets ?
    Suppose, due to prolonged separation of those little things you took from where it belonged, it has completely transformed. Would they still be reflect their origins?

    When that shapeless mind of a child experiences severe abuse, see others cry, she automatically suppresses to smile innocently anymore, his formless cloud-like mind become constricted and eventually the boundless transparent flow stops.

    It is worse than a slavery, where atleast the people can act against it so that the voice could be heard whereas the voice is silenced forever.

  • isha08 6w

    Women's day

    She had an anxiety attack
    This women's day.
    Howling and bawling,
    Not a sound out of her mouth.
    She stared,
    At the person,
    In the hazy mirror.
    Broken, dismantled,
    It stared back.
    Eyes exuding pain,
    Or was it fear?
    Thousand thoughts on her mind,
    All in disarray.
    What had she become!
    A mess of haywire emotions.
    But who does she blame?
    The people who shouted,
    In full display.
    Or the people who did not,
    Give a look back.
    Or them who discredited,
    Her existence.
    She lay,all but pieces.
    Shreds of a life barely lived.
    As she walked out,
    Banners calling women,
    Strong flew.
    She glanced,
    As a little girl laughed,
    At her innocence,
    She smiled.

  • ananyasaraswat 6w


    Fight and save yourself little girl
    Fight him you beautiful pearl
    Fight before he catches you
    Fight him before he scratches you
    Fight before he scar you soul
    Fight before he makes your skin crawl
    Fight and don't let him see you weep
    Fight and don't let him cut you deep
    Fight and don't let him touch you anywhere
    Fight because monsters like him are everywhere
    Fight and save yourself my brave girl
    Fight him my dear warrior

  • lifeistooochota 6w

    Everywhere women's day wishes
    The very next moment
    Mc Bc beep beep beep