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  • meghna_thakuria 6w


    Countless stars singing in the sky
    Secretly watching me
    The night came, making the world glow
    As if the time stopped for a minute
    And I was still waiting for it to show
    The stars sang me a song
    A calm music was played behind my back
    It was telling me to sleep
    I was awake watching them smiling at my face
    I gave them names
    But I forgot to call them
    as they all looked same
    I was sitting in the folding bed
    The wind like kissed me
    on my cheeks
    There was a cold feeling
    One star recited a poem
    Dedicated to me
    I was listening and fell asleep
    The night passed by
    Birds woke me up as Stars took their place
    It was a nice, calm night
    But not able to say it to them
    And I am writing a poem dedicated to you...
    ( Dear stars )

  • __enihs__ 112w

    A beautiful night

    At the time a lil' before sunset..
    When my eyes opened
    Due to the cool gentle breeze
    As I forget to take upon
    My blanket.. And as I took and
    About to sleep off again..
    The scenery out from my window
    Stole my sleepy drowsy eyes
    As it was incredible ..
    My eyes glimmered
    As I stared greedily at the sky..
    The stars twinkled as crystals
    In a crescent moon night
    I forget about sleeping
    And stared at the sky
    As if I have found the beauty
    I was searching so far....
    And indeed this was one of them
    I was looking apart
    From all those chaos, confusions and all..