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    It's a 2.0 version as few lines and the theme has been taken from the poem written by Markus Natten. And also this was my very first post when I joined miraquill.
    #child #wod #pod #inspired @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites Enjoy reading ❤

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    Childhood [2.0]

    When did my childhood go?
    Was it the time I realised that the stars didn't actually shine,
    And the moon could not be mine?
    Was it when I found that the shadows can't be caught and animals can't be taught,
    Was that the day?

    When did my childhood go?
    Was it when I found that the raindrops aren't the tears drops of the cloud and not just the thunder but wind can also be loud?
    Was it when I realised that unicorns doesn't exist and rainbows are just colourful rays of a mist?
    Was that the day?

    When did my childhood go?
    Was it when I stopped thinking from my heart?
    Was it when I realised that life is really hard and therefore I gotta be strong ,
    Was that the day?

    Where did my childhood go?
    It just passed by like a stranger who gifted me memories and faded away.
    That's all I know.

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    #kwansaba #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites all three are interconnected.
    Enjoy reading ❤

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    Was I the one who faked myself?
    Was I the one who reneged words?
    Then why did love return as pain?
    Why my heart turned into million pieces?
    Why can't I believe in love again?
    How could you forget me so easily?
    I feel you never loved me maybe.

    Maybe you never wanna cherish our days.
    Maybe love was a game for you.
    You whom I thought was my king.
    King whom I loved more than myself.
    My love for you had failed now.
    Now I can barely fill my heart.
    Heart has holes and cracks never healed.

    Healing takes time but mine takes years.
    Years I loved are years I wasted.
    Wasted to a point that lost myself.
    My hopes are keeping me alive today.
    Today I ink my future not my past.
    Past holds no value for me now.
    Now you are no one for me.

    //And honey, 'TRUE LOVE' is an oxymoron for me. Neither my ink could describe it nor the poetic language, so I leave this incomplete tale of 'TRUE LOVE' over you.//

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    Mirror, the lier

    When I look in the mirror ,
    I see a simple girl standing in front of me.
    Her medium length hair , her hazel brown eyes , her light pink lips and those dimples when she smiles.

    What I could see is just my mere appearance , but what I demand to see is the real me from inside.
    As the world judges me from my silhoutte, let me look into my beast inside.

    I wanna see the scars, I've been camouflaging.
    I wanna see the dark circles, I've been concealing.
    I wanna read the dark secrets I've been keeping.
    I wanna embrace the weeping demon , I've let sleeping.

    I know it's illogical to ask the world of demons to see the angel traces in me. It's naive to warn them with the sleeping beast inside me.
    But then let the mirror Atleast not reflect my mere beauty.

    When I look in the mirror,
    I see my pure reflection.
    Or maybe I'm a victim , smitten by his lies.

    //And honey, when I look in the mirror, I see love in my eyes. I smell hope of your presence. I recite poetry of absence as that's all I could do.//

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    Dead but still Alive

    It was pretty late in the night.
    I was lying on my bed.
    Unlike other days I slept easily
    Without any dread.

    I dreamed a dream with someone who was gone.
    Gone far away in the heavens as he was long dead.
    I saw him and ran towards him.
    I dared to tap his head.

    He turned facing me and I could see the sparkle in his eyes.
    I reached forward to hug him but I couldn't.
    "Nanu , why can't I touch you ?" I asked angrily.
    "You can see me , isn't that enough?" He asked.
    "No! Don't you know your granddaughter, she is never satisfied." I grinned.
    "Indeed I know. But I also know that she gets pleased with little things to." HE winked. I giggled.
    "How are you my doll?" His eyes filled with tears.
    "I'm not fine , why did you leave me. I can no longer hold your hand , pull your cheeks , tap your head in an irritating manner , I can't talk to you , neither can I hug you." I exclaimed.
    "Sometimes, people need to leave when they can't bear the struggle to live. Do you want your grandpa to suffer?"
    "No!" I replied with innocence.
    "How are you with people down their on the world?"
    "Just like you , traits of an army man , you didn't let others cross the border and I don't let people cross their limits." I smirked.
    "How's the world there?"
    "Huh ! The world's beautiful but people are worse. They are torturing your little innocent granddaughter." I frowned.
    "As far as I remember you hate daily soap dramas , then how did you learn to be so dramatic?"
    "Uff Nanu, don't you know your wife and daughter, it's hereditary." I laughed.
    "Such a devil you are!" HE smiled lightly.

    I could see him smiling at me and taking steps back.
    I ran behind him to stop but he disappeared in the dark.
    "Nanu!" I screamed as my eyes were wide open.
    My lashes were wet and my hands were shivering as my mum calmed me down.

    Sometimes it's so strange how you dream your closed ones when they leave you forever.
    Or maybe they are there somewhere in the corner of your heart, still breathing memories.

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    Home is where the Heart is

    I couldn't sleep last night as the thoughts of leaving this place didn't leave me alone for a second.
    I could barely breath with peace and I lost the war with jitters.

    My room where I laughed, cried, cherished and battled.
    These walls have heard secrets more than anyone.
    The ceiling have seen both the angel and demon inside me.

    My family, oh , I could hardly imagine a day without them.
    The way I use to glance my mum while she cooks.
    The way I cuddle with my dad when he is busy.
    The way I annoy my siblings, being the eldest.

    The pink walls gives me a sense of belongingness.
    The aroma of eucalyptus in the air feels fresh.
    The windows which throw inspirations to my ink.
    The flower pots which never fail to lighten my face with a new bud.

    Oh ! I can't bear to leave this place I whimpered as my dad hugged me.
    And he said "my princess, your home is where your heart is. Place your believe and trust on your fate. And then see the miracles of destiny."

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    #joy #wod #pod
    Well even EC, WN repost and POD brings me endless joy����
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites hehe ��❤

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    She - My overwhelming joy

    As I open my eyes early in the morning and see her lying all in my arms , brings me endless ecstacy.
    I set the falling strands of her hair behind her ears and stare at her.
    Appreciating the perfection by almighty in my heart.

    Her closed eyelids and lashes curled up are like a blanket under which an entire galaxy is sleeping.
    Her face so serene and chaste just like her name.
    I could sense the peace underlying her heart as it beats near my chest.

    Her warm and tiny hands brush mine with love I never felt.
    Her lips whispered things I never heard from anyone.
    She calls me her world ignoring the fact that I'm mere human.
    But loves something which metaphorically present objects.

    Every time I see her walking around makes me feel blessed.
    When she is near, things start going well.
    Her presence is filled with magic and her poetries are a magic spell which had engulfed me in a fantasy world from which I never wish to escape.

    //And honey, you bring me overwhelming joy. Your presence is never empty. I wish I could write some more but you as you never fail to tempt me.//

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    Her Name A....

    A plain white canvas , was all it was before few moments and now
    Its her name I brushed on it.
    As its not less than any poetry.

    I painted Pink roses and baby breaths around the name.
    Lush green mulberry leaves surrounding it.
    Linden leaves sneaking from the corners and blush Mandevilles catching my eyes.

    It might seem just a name but it's the axis on which my world rotates.
    It's my lifeline for which my heart beats enough.

    She is an art who made me an artist but alas I couldn't paint her.
    But indeed I never failed to weave her into my poetries.

    My love, you made me paint poetries and poetry was something I painted with my quill.
    I would love you from all your flaws and imperfections to all your features and perfections.

    Your eyes speak sonnets , your smile is my metaphor.
    Your lips are pink smilies not like anything in this world.
    Your presence is the subject of my poetry.
    Your embrace is the description of my proses.

    //And honey , I couldn't force my eyes to look away from the canvas. As I painted my whole world right Infront of my eyes and that's your NAME.//

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    #heart #wod #pod
    And you two ..... I still exist ������
    Hayeeee, I lobe you both , inni jaldi sunn bhi liya ��������❤❤
    Thenkuuu shoo much for the EC(8) ������������
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites
    Enjoy reading ❤

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    Perfection is overrated

    Late in the eve , I passed by the gallery in my town.
    The old yet vintage interior never fails to catch my eyes.
    Stepping inside the wind chime made a pleasant melody.
    The smell of wooden racks feels warm and earthy.

    I came across two white marble made hearts leaning over a stand.
    The marbles were granular and lustrous enough which made my irises sparkle up.

    One was pristine , perfect and pure.
    Like the innocent kids heart which was polished placidly.
    But it lacked something which I couldn't guess.
    "It's perfect yet imperfect ! What's missing?" I whispered to myself.

    "Perfection is always overrated! Nothing seems better without few breaks and falls." She sighed.
    My pupils weren't ready to look away from her. She was seeming perfect to me like a goddess.
    "Indeed !" I forced from my lips.

    "This one's broken and glued back with gold lacquer. There are lines which traces breakage and healing." She paused, she had a serene look.
    "Healing?" I questioned.
    "Anything that breaks , needs to be healed! Sometimes a thing and sometimes..... the heart." She answered.
    "Hmmm, I agree! At times imperfections seem to attract you whereas perfection seems to be a bit boring." I stated.
    "Indeed , what's a beautiful garden full of blooming roses , lavenders and mulberry leaves without few withered flowers and dry autumn leaves." She smiled and walked away.
    I couldn't help but just stare at her.
    Indeed she was imperfect yet perfect as all this time she wrote her replies in a notepad and presented it to me. She couldn't talk yet we had a conversation.

    //And honey , I would love to fall for you accepting all your imperfections. I would relish the blemishes.Because if moon scars can be poetry why can't your flaws be an art.//

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    #brave #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites
    Tbvh I don't remember the last time I took a stand for myself. I'm a damn sensitive and timid human. So wrote it in a general way.

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    What's being BRAVE ?

    //When a young maiden walking across the streets sighs a disgusting sight , when a teenager at home is touched by her tuition teacher in a wrong way , when a women at her work place is being sarcastically asked about staying over and she keeps all that hurricane inside and walks away. Locks her in a room feels unholy after being touched , lands her frustration on the furniture. But instead of all this if she takes a stand for herself, she complaints about it and never ever let it effect her , and then this is called bravery.//

    //A marriage gives several rights to both men and women. And when the men dominates her with everything she does, when raises his hand just to get her in his control and mental disturbance isn't less of any torture. She either tends to suffer all this pain and not uttering a word to her family or she decides to end her life as that seems the end of the problem. And if she speaks against all the bans and crosses All the caution lines , this is called bravery. Not letting yourself suffered is called bravery. Not allowing the QUEEN inside you to be his slave is BRAVERY.//

    //When being bullied by your classmates, when being judged by your shy nature, when being burdened up with hell of responsibilities you didn't expect to take up and you keep it all low as men are supposed to be brave.
    But you learn to react, respond and relish is what's called bravery. Society can never accept introverts. They can never accept the fact that men can cry. They can never see you pampering your girl , they judge you all the damn time and to all the men out there , let them go. You don't need to justify your personality nor you need to prove your uniqueness. And you can cry , you can express, you can speak and you are strong.//

    //Even LOVING AND LETTING GO is an act bravery. When you love someone purely and decides to express and not to hide is bravery. When you allow your heart to say all the words and poetries it's been holding on is bravery. And when you are broken down and hurt you are left all lost but you decide to let go ; that's bravery. As letting someone go has always been a part of loving them.//

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    Noor- light / also the bright reflection over ones face denoted as beauty.
    #portrait #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites

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    Knowingly unknown Maiden

    Early in the morning, I see her in the fields of orchids.
    Rushing behind the woods and collecting some fruits.

    Her white dress falling over her bare body. The neckline has a lace which kisses her collarbone.
    Her blonde hair contrasting the shade of woods.
    Her hazel brown eyes are innocently notorious.
    Her blush pink cheeks are redder than cherries.

    I walk beside her to help with loads she carry to the old age home nearby.
    She smells of musk with a little trace of orchids in her lingering skin.
    Her hands are softer than cotton. And oh ! How can I forget her voice which is sweeter than honey.

    I walk back to her home just to assure the little lover inside me that she is safe.
    We never spoke to each other , the only words we whisper are greetings.
    Or maybe our eyes did the task of chasing a conversation.
    Waving a goodbye I left.

    And here I am portraying a portrait of a maiden lot less than a goddess.
    Oh honey , I wish my words were enough to describe you and my metaphors may veil under the noor you hold.

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    #song #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites
    ~KAL HO NA HO~❤
    This is not just a song for me but a whole heartfelt piece.
    Yeh last pukka ��

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    Will tomorrow be there?

    Time changes , time rushes.
    You can't hold it. You can't stop it.
    Tomorrow's are just a true facade. You never know when your last moments hug your soul and the angels of death are ready to kiss you.
    Live the very moment of your life. Don't be ignorant. Don't take things for granted. It's not just you who is suffering there are many like and unlike you.
    Life's a gift which few find a disgrace. It's a blessing which few find a curse.
    But whatever it is , it's yours ! Make every breath of yours count because you never know will tomorrow be there or not !

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    #song #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts
    अखियाँ दे कोल रह जाने दे
    कहना है जो कह जाने दे हे
    तेरे ख्यालों में बीते ये रातें
    दिल मेरा मांगे एक ही दुआ
    तू सामने हो ओर करूँ मैं बातें
    लम्हा रहे यूँ ठहरा हुआ
    पहले तो कभी यूँ
    मुझको ना ऐसा कुछ हुआ
    दीवानी लहरों को
    जैसे साहिल मिला आ आ
    ओ ओ ओ ओ ओ
    एक लड़की को देखा तो ऐसा लगा
    This is something which can never happen ! How can I forget Darshu ����

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    When I saw her

    Oh my ! Her eyes were the cosmic universe which took me on tour to explore the entire galaxy.
    They whispered , they expressed , they spoke and said everything which her cotton candy lips failed to say.
    All I ask for is her presence around. All I want her to do is lend me her time so that she could hear all I wanna say. Somehow when she is around time stops and the moon is under the eclipse as I'm standing with the one who makes him jealous.
    //And honey , when I saw her , I took her to the fields of my heart and she harvested love by growing a yield of her poetic essence.//

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    ~Do you remember, we were sittin', there by the water?
    You put your arm around me for the first time
    You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter
    You are the best thing, that's ever been mine~ Mine by Taylor Swift ❤
    #song #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites
    Look at my possession over someone whom I haven't met yet ! Lol ! ��❤��

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    On a beautiful blissful morning
    I sat on the couch wondering about you.
    I felt my pain depart as your thoughts arrived and
    And my heart smiled as that's all it could do.

    It's been raining since night to all morning.
    Last night both my eyes and clouds were heavy and couldn't take the load.
    The clouds showered rain and I flooded tears of pain.

    The raindrops followed the lines on my palms as my tears traced the way down to my neckline.
    All I could see was grey misty clouds and all I could feel was blues inside my soul.
    And then I slept lying on my pillow which still holds the essence of my crystalline droplets.

    "When you are fighting a war for love make sure whom you support. The evil team betrays you and the good team owns the territory of your heart." These were the last lines I heard the stranger whispered to me when I opened my eyes in the middle of my dream.

    Not just in my dreams but in my imaginations, my fantasy and everywhere you hold a place my future love. All I want you to be is mine.

    //And honey, not just poetically or imaginary but I want you to be emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, totally and hopefully all mine. Forever mine.//❤

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    My soul a home

    The sand of hope which lies on the ground must be moisten.
    The clay of patience moulded enough.
    The tools of care used only when required.
    The bricks to be placed accordingly made of blessings.

    The gravel of prayers made ample and hard.
    The Cement of love is seldom used on its own, but rather to bind sand and gravel.
    Little water of self-ism.
    The concrete of used enough to bind cement and water.

    The walls of happiness build high.
    They are white washed with believe so that rough cruelty doesn't flake off.
    The roof of soul made stronger so that rain of pain doesn't weaken it.

    The floor of heart tiled with marbles of affection.
    The walls painted with choice.
    The windows set to ventilate the vapours of agony.
    The door of heart ready to welcome strangers.
    And now my home is ready.

    //And honey, my house doesn't seem a home without your presence. Knock at the door soon.//

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    Moon & Sun

    //And honey , the moon accompanied the lost souls during the night. The sun guided wanderers during the day. "Evening" was the time the both friends met and in the other phases they use to set.//

    The sun shone bright.
    The moon reflected light.
    The clouds were there mates.
    And evenings were there dates.

    The sun was a happy soul
    The moon was a shy one.
    The sun gave shades to the sky.
    The moon gave metaphors to poets who lie.

    The sun made the sky blue , yellow, purple and pink.
    The moon was grey in the sky like the shade of ink.

    With yellow the day is done.
    With grey the night is on run.
    Incomplete without one and
    They are the moon and the sun.

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    #berrytales #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites
    Huh ! This is totally different from what I usually write. Bht pyaar shyaar likh liya ab bas ��

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    She was my dream , she was my girl.
    Her lips were rose and her eyes were pearls.
    She was a shadow for everyone,
    But for her they were none.

    She was a sweet soul
    She had no self control.
    She just couldn't say no.
    She made THEM diamonds being a coal.

    She had a beast inside.
    Making her a whole.
    They scratched and ripped her skin
    And she covered it with a dark stole.

    She was lost in the abyss
    Of her own thoughts.
    She tried reaching to the end hole.
    Her attempts went in a vain
    And her tears started to roll.

    She is strong, she knows her strength.
    She can be calm and she can be red.
    She can make best from worse.
    They are living secrets in her head.

    She can be the king of her Kingdom
    She can run the crowd ahead.
    She can own her throne and
    She can make miracles to what's only said.

    She can hold back her emotions
    She can make sword from a thread.
    She can bleed ink and
    Make her cluster shred.

    She can follow her will only if she ignores THEIR expectations.
    She can be no more under dread.
    She can do it all on her own.
    And she can make her words embed.

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    Ayeeee thenkuuu for acknowledging my presence ����❤
    I bet you ppl have never met someone who appreciates herself so damn poetically ����❤
    #two #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites

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    //A beautiful soul where pinkies clasp
    Her aura is not less than a fairy
    Her tales are aesthetically pleasing.
    And she is a cute little berry.//

    //Her eyes are the cosmic skies at night.
    The Iris twinkling like stars.
    She has Saturn ring smile and she uses moon dust to cover her scars.//

    // Her heart is enchanted with love . Her presence is not less than a bliss.
    She can be the Queen of your heart. If you let your soul kiss.//

    //She can make your agonies get cursed.
    She can be the Moonlight in your darkest days.
    She can make your life a blessing
    And she will never fail to raise(you).//

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    I. //And honey your presence is
    Not less than a moonlight for me, lightening my face with glee.

    I wish to hold Hands
    Take up long walks under the stars
    And count cosmos in your celestial eyes.//
    II. //And honey, my metaphors hum
    Dead hopes with cinders of lost believe.
    Wishing for your magic spell.

    The Moonlight in my sonnets
    Making attempts to rhyme with your breaths.
    Wishing for an embrace in your arms.//
    And honey , The Moonlight fell upon my pages as the moon read my poetries and whimpered seeing my love for you.

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    Wish to
    Be your
    Poetry in thy

    Wish to
    Be your
    Breaths humming

    Wish to
    Be your
    Sukoon in

    Wish to
    Be your
    Life after

    Wish to
    Be your
    Metaphor in

    I wish to
    Just hold your

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    #remember #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites
    Oops kinda lengthy �� but I don't know what have I written. Bla bla bla ��

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    Remember, remember, the day I first saw you?
    Your blonde open hair falling on your shinning cheek bones.
    Your pink lips curling my lips into a smile.
    Your hazel brown eyes filling mine with love.
    Your presence making my rough cheeks blush.

    I never knew what love felt like until the day our paths crossed each other.
    Love was a dead word for me and your touch had blown life in it darling.

    I still remember how my dimples pierced my cheeks when you laugh. I still hold on to my diary reminiscencing your embrace. I remember how called me a bear because of my beard.

    Remember, remember, the day I bid you farewell. You made my drought eyes shed water.
    You were my metaphor , than my life and now you are the essence of my poetries. And here I am Inking about the bliss moments with you.

    I never knew what missing someone felt like until the day you became a memory for me.
    Memories were a word with no definition for me. But now I know the meaning.

    And honey , remember me as I remember you with every breath I take. Remember to come and give me a hug as I won't ever let you go after that.

    //And honey, memories are just the images of absence unlike love which is an album of moments.//