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  • yours_fortune 10w

    Drop a heart if you agree ❤️
    Mom's are the best healer
    Dad are the best protector
    Sister are the guide
    Brother's are the heartbeat ��
    Family is the best healer
    Trust your family
    Speak out to your people
    Reach out to them if they need you
    Because no one else can understand you better than your family.
    Hug often
    Eat together
    Talk regularly
    Love unconditionally
    #family #mom #maa #aai #amma #mumma #mother #motherlove #momthebesthealer #momslove #blessing #caring #protection #speakup #lapstory

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    Laughing 5minutes with your Maa
    Is like all your problems are magically gone

  • vinhit 15w


    Teri डाट se hai meri zindagi me रोनक si..
    Lekin डर jaata hu teri ek chupi se..


  • vakilankita 24w


    शब्दों से भी ऊँची है
    तेरे बिना ज़िन्दगी नहीं |
    कहने को बहुत कुछ बाकी है
    तेरे बिना सांस नहीं |

  • herteddy 24w

    I've learnt feelings of heart from you
    I've seen my dream fairy inside of you
    You gave me the strength to fight any fear MAA

    You gave me the gift of life
    And gave me all the bliss
    Now I don't want anything else MAA

    You taught me the way to fight life
    In you heard the tune of love
    Even after a hundred births, I can't thank you enough Maa

    I can't thank you enough ��
    Happy #mothersday to all #maiyya #aai #mummy ...����

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    तुझसे सीखा एहसास दिल का
    तुझमे देखी परी सपनो की
    तुझसे ही हिम्मत मिली हर डर से लड़ने की माँ

    तूने दी सौगात जीवन की
    दिलाई मुझको सारी ख़ुशी
    अब और कुछ ना चहु में माँ

    तुझसे सीखी जंग ज़िन्दगी की
    तुझमे सुनि धुन मोहोब्बत की
    न कर सकूंगा सौ जनम में भी तेरा शुक्रिया माँ

    तेरा शुक्रिया


  • darshankumar_ 24w

    All women♀️ are mothers, for they are mothers to each other and mothers to the world.

    They are emotional, yet they rock.
    Tired, but keeps going.
    Worried, but full of hope.
    Impatient, yet patient.
    Overwhelmed, but never quits.
    Amazing, even though doubted.
    Wonderful, even in the chaos.
    A life changer, every single day.

    Happy Mother's Day to all women out there!
    Thank you for not giving up, despite the struggles. I'm so proud of you Maa❤️.

    Sending virtual hugs & greetings to all women out there, especially YOU (All the Wonder women & female force of this world)!

    With love, ©darshankumar_ <3

  • sk_soulsrhyme 24w

    Of all the blessings that has ever bestowed;
    Mother's comfort is the greatest of them all..

  • dhavalnagani 28w


    Four Pieces of Pizza.
    5 people in the Family

    "I don't like pizza, " Said Mom.

  • yours_fortune 42w

    Mommy ��
    No one else can better understand you than your mom.
    #mum #mommy #maa #mattarani #amma #aai #ammie #mombestfriend #bff #bf

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    The older you get the more you realise that your mommy is your best friend.


  • the_secret_writer90 44w

    त्या गोधडीला ऊब पण येत नाही
    जी गोधडी आईने शिवलेली नसते
    त्या चादरीत पण कमालीची ऊब भेटते
    कारण ती आईने दिलेली असते

  • yours_fortune 45w

    Boys are mostly adored and loved by their mom's a lot. And that's the proven fact. But don't know why as the boy grow up he started devaluing his mother. He started living in his own world. It's not bad, but it's not good also. She has certain expectations from you. If you can't full fill it, it's ok. But don't disrespect her. Love her the way she use to and she will love you. Blessed are boys who have mom.
    #mother #motherslove #valueyourparents #loveyourfamily #momislove #maa #amaa #aai #mummy

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    Hey Boys,

    Long drives, parties, selfies, late night , eating good food, meeting new friends, trying out new stuff, visiting new places are all in your wishlist right and obviously it's been loved by every individual. Some live for it, some dream for it , but they ultimately wish to do so.
    Tell me, when you took your mother out for a drive, when was the last time you asked her to go out with her friends, when was the last time you took a selfie with her ( mother's day and her birthday are excluded), when you complimented her about her looks, as you compliment any random girl. When you asked her to sit and watch a movie with you and you made a cup of tea for her?
    And if you say you do this often, then trust me you are the best.


  • mahamantri_writes 57w


    She is only one who is
    therefore you always,
    She is only one who is
    hungry but feed you first
    She is only one who is in
    pain but will make you happy
    She is only one who loves a lot
    more than her own
    You know who is she,
    yes she is mother.
    Another form of god on earth
    Another form of blessings
    Another form of pure love.

  • s_maryam 63w


    Tum ye "LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK" kitna bhi karlo..
    Ye Maa ke pyaar ko beat nai karskta..!!


  • tarushij 76w

    Mom's should be celebrated everyday❤️ #mom #maa #aai #biji #mother

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    A girl plays many roles from a daughter to sister to finally a wife!
    And the journey begins of bye bye personal life .

    As and when they become Moms ,
    Drastic changes are visible from being sweet women to now firebombs :p

    You cannot make everyone happy is a myth for her,
    In time of need she is a doctor , therapist, and even a financial advisor.

    The confidence you get when she is standing right beside you ,
    Whatever the situation gets , you know you'll get through.

    Moms I feel could forgive anything .
    As we grow old we realise why is she worth worshipping !!

  • audacious_writer 76w

    जादू भरी आवाज़

    कुछ तो जादू है उस आवाज मैं..
    कुछ तो मिठास है उस आवाज मैं..

    दिन की थकान..
    लोगों के कड़वे ताने..

    सब मीट जाते है..
    या यू कहु..
    सब कहीं धूमिल हो जाते है..
    इस एक आवाज से..

    जाने क्यों..
    मैं कुछ भी कहु..
    कुछ भी करू..
    य़ह आवाज निकलती है उसी प्यार से..

    ख़ुशी के पलों मैं..
    या दुख के क्षणो मैं..
    रूह को शांति दे देती है..
    बस य़ह एक आवाज..

    दिन की थकान..
    लोगों के कड़वे ताने..

    सब धूमिल हो जाते है..
    जब मैं सुनता हू..
    मेरी माँ की प्यार भरी आवाज..

    चाहे मैं चिल्लाओ..
    चाहे मैं कुछ भी करू..
    एक आवाज जो हमेशा प्यार भरी मिलेगी..
    वो है माँ तेरी आवाज..

    वो है माँ तेरी एक आवाज..


  • samrity 76w


    Jis ek sabd me Puri duniya basi hai
    Jinki jaan sayad mujhme basi hai.
    Wo phla sabd hai mera...or phla pyar v
    Wo jinke Bina na hota Mera ashtitwa v...
    Jinki aanchal har toofan se bachati hai
    Jinki muskaan har Gam bhulati hai
    Maa hai wo meri...or jaan v

    Mere har chot me jinki aankh mujhse phle bhari
    Mere pet bharne k liye Jo sayad kavi khud bhuki rahi..
    Jinke Bina jindagi Sochi nahi jaa sakti
    Unki jindagi hu me...
    Jinke Bina kabhi khush nahi reh sakti unki Khushi hu me...
    Jo har dard har takleef se mehfuz rakhti hai mujhe
    Wo maa hai meri... or jaan v

    Mere har takleef me wo dhal ban k khadi rhi
    Mujhe aandhere see bachane k liye wo khud ek masaal bani....
    Jb Meri parchayi mujhse Ruth gyi..toh wo khud Meri parchayi bani...
    Or jab v mere aankhon me aansu ayi...toh wo Meri muskaan bani...
    Wo maa hai meri...or jaan v


  • cherry_agro 76w

    #motherlove #care #maa #aai #love #unconsitionllove


    Ma kabi bola nhi Mene per aaj bolti hu
    Me aapni har ek galti ki mafi magti hu
    Me b aapse behshumar pya karti hu


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    Pehchano kon!!?

    Ha meri zindagi me ek insan hai
    Jo aapni jarurto ke aage meri khwaish ko rakte hai
    Ha meri zindagi me ek insan hai
    Jo muje behshumar pyar karti hai

    Ha meri zindagi me ek insan hai
    Jo muje sahi aur galat ke bich ka fasla btati hai
    Hai meri zindagi me ek insan hai
    Jo muje galat baat pe daat ti nhi samjati hai

    Ha meri zindagi me ek insan hai
    Jo meri har baat me saath deti hai
    Jo mere liye pure duniya se akele he ladh jati hai
    Jo muje apne se zyada zaruri manti hai

    Ha meri zindagi me ek insan hai
    Jo puri puri raat nhi soti hai
    Jis din me thodasa bhi roti hu

    Muje chot lagne per dard use hota hai
    Meri ek aavaj se duniya sir pe utha leti hai
    Hai vo insan aur koi nhi meri maa hai

  • obsovert 76w

    Día de la madre.

    Mothers have always been the most magnificent creatures of all and so shall remain the unchallenged gospel truth till eternity. In a world where literally nothing comes free & everything has labels and price, mother's love is like the elixir of unending benevolence & solicitude. Though it also happens to be something which is often the most unrequited, unreciprocated & taken for granted. However, if the truth be told, she'll be the one & only who like a beacon emitting the rays of hope shall guide our rocking boat to the shore irrespective of how rough the sea is & she will always be the one who'll stand by us when our world falls apart...❤


  • parchment 76w


    ईश्क में क्या रख्खा हैं, दिल टूट कर बस्स बिखर ही जाना हैं ....
    इनायत हो तो उस मोंम से दिल की, पिघलकर जिनको बस्स रोशन कर जाना हैं ....


  • ignitedmind_08 76w


    Maa tu aakhir maa kyu hai?
    Kya isliye kyuki
    Tu hamare saath har
    Andheri raah par chali hai
    Ya isliye kyuki
    Tu hamare liye har
    Musibat se ja bhidi hai

  • thepoetichustle 115w


    वो खुद भूखे रह कर तुमहारा पेट भरती है
    क्योंकि माँ तो माँ होती है ।
    अपनी निंद उजाड़ कर वो तुम्हें सहलाकर सुलाती है
    कयोंकि माँ तो माँ होती है ।
    तुम्हें ड़ाँट लगा कर वो खुद रोती है
    कयोंकि माँ तो माँ होती है ।
    तुम्हारे बिना बोले वो तुम्हारे मन कि बात पढ़ लेती है
    कयोंकि माँ तो माँ होती है ।
    तुम्हारी लाख बेरूखी के बाद भी वो भूखे पेट देर रात तक तुम्हारे इंतज़ार में जगती है
    कयोंकि माँ तो माँ होती है
    बुढ़ापे में तुम्हारा उसे बेसहारा छोड़ देना
    उसके लिए बद्दुआ कि तरह है
    जिसने सारी उम्र तुम्हारी सलामती कि दुआ की अब भी करती है
    कयोंकि माँ तो माँ होती है ।