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  • ophilian_quill 1d

    #A kiss

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    I froze in the moment of heat...
    When embedd our love with passion.....


  • bejubaanshayar 2d

    #mrak #A

    Aap sab ke savalon ka jawab bas ek hi hai mai theek hun zinda hun aap logon ki dua hai ���� ummid hai aap sab bhi khush hoge maze me honge

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    Wo Aaj mera dil dukha ke jarahe hai
    Khawab sare mere jala ke ja rahe hai
    Jiske sath ka hamne sath dua manga tha
    Wo aaj mujhse daman chuda ke ja rahe hai

    Ye na pucho ki muhabbat ki nishani kya hai
    Wo aaj apni yaade tak mita ke ja rahe hai
    Samjh sake na wo muhabbat meri
    Sanse chal rahi hai fir bhi dafna ke ja rahe hai


  • deepika_j 2d

    #A red rag/flag to a bull (phrase) - used to describe an act of intentionally provoking someone or making someone angry.
    #whodunit? - who (has) done it?
    Kind of mystery story where a reader/viewer doesn't know who committed the crime, usually a murder , thriller, detective novel, detective story.
    # 19th April 2021

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    When you are already frustrated and then doorbell rings as soon as you open the door there is no one this act happened twicely and then you would have understood there is a red flag to a bull and with a angry thought of mind you will say
    I won't leave you...
    #childhood memories #exams#school #building Masti#doorbell

    Do let me know your experiences in comments

  • deepika_j 4d

    #A change is as good as a rest (phrase) - changing your work or profession is alsoo beneficial as taking a break..., doing something different from what you are routinely doing is almost equivalent to taking break as it is refreshing and you will feel energetic.
    #hubris - feeling of superiority, excessive self importance, excessive pride, excessive self confidence/self glory, over confidence, arrogance.
    #17th April 2021

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    A change is a kind of change to your thinking, living, working

    A change is as good as a rest don't feel hubris when you quickly get the better opportunity then others.
    As other are also trying..

    Yes, change is important

  • poetante 1w

    Deseos mundanos

    Un pez a la deriva, tu fueras mi pescadera.
    Una cometa sombría, tu el viento que me lleva.
    Hago enter y clear, a estas palabras ya perdidas.
    Este corazón roto ya es vidrio y no hecho de arena.


  • queen_of_inks 1w

    #A challenge #start a poem with a sentence and end it using same sentence 😌Queen of inks is back on Mirakee 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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    “I made dinner baby”

    I called my husband after closing work on that lovely Wednesday evening,to ask when he would be back and let him know I made food,so we have immense pleasure after excusing our guest Mrs Brendon,as it has been a while we made love!

    Work closes and I invite Mrs Brendon over for dinner at my house
    Her food is dished and I excuse myself to get something,I stab her from behind same way she stabbed me by sleeping with my Husband,Stabbed her countless times,each stab giving me a sense of fulfillment and feeling of triumph and pleasure.

    After that I use the cutlery to pluck her cute little eyes out and every other vital organs to serve as dessert for my dearest Husband,using her blood as a marker print on my walls

    My husband walks in on us,with Mouth wide opened he asked almost peeing in his pants,What have you done? I replied with a sinister,manipulative but sexy Smile;
    “I made dinner baby”!


  • fatimawaheed15 2w

    #Lockdown changed me❤️#My whole lifestyle modified#A pure duration for me

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    But Now I'm Energetic❤️

    Why does the sunshine come towards me everytime?
    Why does not it make me go afraid?
    Is being shy a capability of mine?
    Even though, a regular style...

    It feels decent time thou,
    You can never make it final,
    You can never make it go back

    But now I'm energetic...

    I feel a sort of new joy,
    Never go down, never go in fear, never mind, mention it not indeed.
    But this time is a new creature to deal with
    I feel, yeah feel best enough to endure

    So fresh,

    But now I'm energetic...
    It's time to move on,
    When I wake up I feel being uncovered,
    What I mean is absolutely fine
    But my moment not gonna verge,
    Would be ever lasting to me,
    Senses are changing differently,
    World cups being distributed, that what makes your success come up now,
    Feeling glad every time,
    No matter what you are,
    It's  a decent period to be night and twinkle.

    But currently, I'm energetic,

    So glad everyday,

    But now I'm energetic, energetic...


  • ilisahchishi 3w

    #a lecture learnt in college ;)

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    You influence my life like the french influenced the old english in the year 1066.

  • ophilian_quill 3w

    #a laugh

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    Wishper Quiet... D devil's listening...


  • garima2612 3w

    #A landing to went korea for BTS,
    Learning Korean language ,
    Do comment down if you want to support...

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    (I am BANGTAN girl)

  • garima2612 4w

    #A ever judge

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    Walk like you are a king ,
    Walk like you don't care who is a king

  • garima2612 4w


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    No need a special attention but still
    A (VIP)

  • garima2612 4w

    #A nice day

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    A K-POP heart from garima

  • garima2612 4w

    #so sorry if this writing is not in English and not understanding
    #A up really a nice song

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    Boy with luv

    모든 게 궁금해 how's your day
    Oh tell me (oh yeah oh yeah, ah yeh ah yeh)
    뭐가 널 행복하게 하는지
    Oh text me (oh yeah oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah)
    Your every picture
    내 머리맡에 두고 싶어 oh bae
    Come be my teacher
    네 모든 걸 다 가르쳐줘
    Your one, your two
    Listen my my baby 나는
    저 하늘을 높이 날고 있어
    (그때 니가 내게 줬던 두 날개로)
    이제 여긴 너무 높아
    난 내 눈에 널 맞추고 싶어
    Yeah you makin' me a boy with love
    Oh my my my, oh my my my
    I've waited all my life
    네 전부를 함께하고 싶어
    Oh my my my, oh my my my
    Looking for something right
    이제 조금은 나 알겠어
    than a moment, than a moment, love
    (Ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ah) I have waited longer
    (Ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh)
    For a boy with, for a boy with love
    널 알게 된 이후 ya 내 삶은 온통 너 ya
    사소한 게 사소하지 않게 만들어버린 너라는 별
    (Oh yeah) 하나부터 열까지 ay ay 모든 게 특별하지 ay
    너의 관심사 걸음걸이 말투와
    사소한 작은 습관들까지 (Hope world)
    Ay 다 말하지 너무 작던 내가 영웅이 된 거라고 (oh nah)
    난 말하지 운명 따윈 처음부터 내 게 아니었다고 (oh nah)
    세계의 평화 (no way)
    거대한 질서 (no way)
    그저 널 지킬 거야 난 (boy with love)
    Listen my my baby 나는
    저 하늘을 높이 날고 있어
    (그때 니가 내게 줬던 두 날개로)
    이제 여긴 너무 높아
    난 내 눈에 널 맞추고 싶어
    Yeah you makin' me a boy with love
    Oh my my my, oh my my my
    You got me high so fast
    네 전부를 함께하고 싶어
    Oh my my my, oh my my my
    You got me fly so fast
    이제 조금은 나 알겠어
    than a boy with love
    (Ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ah) love is nothing stronger
    (Ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh) (than a boy with) than a boy with love
    툭 까놓고 말할게
    나도 모르게 힘이 들어가기도 했어
    높아버린 sky, 커져버린 hall
    때론 도망치게 해달라며 기도했어
    But 너의 상처는 나의 상처
    깨달았을 때 나 다짐했던걸
    니가 준 이카루스의 날개로
    태양이 아닌 너에게로
    Let me fly
    Oh my my my, oh my my my
    I've waited all my life
    네 전부를 함께하고 싶어
    Oh my my my, oh my my my
    Looking for something right
    이제 조금은 나 알겠어
    than a moment, than a moment, love
    (Ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ah) love is nothing stronger
    (Ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh) (than a boy with) than a boy with love

  • poetibrah 4w

    #a letter to the make up kit...

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  • abi009 4w


    I can't say what love is,
    Neither can feel what love does.
    All day long feels the rhythm;
    Sitting by the couch relates every reason.

    Reiterate things firmly;
    Fudgel every now and then.
    Still end up thinking;
    Is this the way love happens?

    But I can feel what missing is all about;
    Solidity of taken away ones.
    Knowing the place is going to be void,
    Still it will go on round-the-clock.

    Love to miss,
    Or miss to be loved;
    Is consonance in itself.
    Tickling strings to a unknown runway.

  • maakinidhi 4w

    #a reminder to your soul❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    सुन रहे हो!

    सुन रहे हो ना?
    मैं आईना दिखा रही हूं तुम्हें!
    जो कोई नहीं कहेगा तुमसे!
    उस सच से रुबरु करा रही हूं तुम्हें!

    देखा था मैनें बेहद कठिन रास्ता था!
    वो जिसपे बडी़ हिम्मत से तू चला था!
    मुश्किलों ने भी आजमाइश भरपूर की थी!
    पर तेरा तो सिर्फ मंजिल से वास्ता था!

    सलाम उन हौसलों को जो झुकते नहीं हैं!
    प्रणाम पादारविंदों को जो रुकते नहीं हैं!
    प्यार ,उस दिल को जो महसूस करता है!
    खुद चोट खाकर औरों को महफूज रखता है!

    अब कभी जीवन में हताशा या निराशा हो ना!
    तो याद रखना कि तेरी उडा़न बडी़ ऊंची है!
    इन्हीं जख्मों ने तो सजाया,संवारा है तुझे!
    हार नहीं सकता तू कि तेरी शान बडी़ ऊंची है!

    ऊपर उठ पर्वत जैसे और समंदर जैसी गहराई ला!
    धैर्य तेरा हो धरित्री जैसा,जग को आकाश अनंत दिखा!
    याद रखना यही कि तू महाराणा का वंशज है!
    याद रखना यही कि तू भावी पीढ़ी का अग्रज है!

    तो उठ और चल फिर कि कोई लक्ष्य रहे अप्राप्य नहीं!
    मैं आत्मविश्वास हूं तेरा कि हर पल तुझी में रहता हूं!
    हर एक दिन श्रेष्ठतर बनते जाना है तुझे बीते कल से!
    कूच करने से पहले योग्य बनना है,यही कहता हूं!

    मृत्यु क्या मारे उसे जिसने जीवन को जीता है!
    चिर शाश्वत है वह जो औरों के आंसू पीता है!!

  • that_craze 4w

    #@writersnetwork #nobooks #wod
    #A world without books

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    A world without books

    A world without books
    Would simply be a world of doom
    How would we find explanations
    To the world's complications
    And the world's misconceptions

    A world without books
    Would be a loveless one
    Imagine a world without any writer
    To pen down any story
    To explain the concept of love and romance
    By putting it into a book or more
    A world without books
    Would be a world of insensitive cruelty.

  • _rash_ 4w

    #A world without books..

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    A world without books are like a sea without the great as well as the small size of insects in tht sea...!

  • poetibrah 5w

    #a letter to the afterlife...

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