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  • passionate_prism 11h

    A big glass window
    Young girl searching for rainbow

    Returned from work, alone at home,
    Keep talking on phone with her mom

    Dark cloudy sky,
    Birds flying very high

    Sounds of thunder,
    Creating big blunder

    Shot circuit in the light pole,
    Giving my heart a deep hole

    Thundering and rain started,
    As if some giant monster farted

    Frogs started singing a song
    As if Don’t know from where they belong

    This is a story of girl living alone
    Who finds even fireflies as drone 🤭😅

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  • secretlife21 1w

    #a lone# traveller#

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    When all of us are together, alone is just a word but once lone it carries emotion of remembering memories making u feel alone.


  • lollipop71 2w

    One of a Kind You Were

    Your love was like no other, one
    Of a kind, although not as strong
    At times as I would have wanted.
    Tough love? Is that what it was?
    That's my belief and I hold it
    Within my heart until my end here
    On earth.
    You cared for my boo boos as a
    Mother would. You made me
    Soup when I didn't feel so good.
    You encouraged me to do better
    When I didn't think I could.
    You let me see what fun was like
    In your own special way.
    You were always there for me in
    My younger years, but not as much
    As I always wished you were.
    My adult years you were there for
    Me more. You would still care for me
    When I fell ill no matter what age I was,
    No matter how tired you were.
    I did my best to take care of you when
    You no longer could. I only hope I did
    For you as well as you expected I could.

  • roopneil_7 2w

    #A mirror tale....

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    Rejuvenate now
    Otherwise going deep in deep
    Clear the dart and reflecting you
    It's a pure eye contact

  • goardhan_ 3w


    i'm fake
    i'm masked
    i'm a cheater
    in other's View point

    i'm Frank
    i feel wrong

  • khushi_j_soni 3w

    Letter to all humans .

    Dear humans breath!
    And take some time to think
    In which century do you live ?
    Ya right!
    You live in a world where
    Humans, you came first followed by humanity.
    And then all other things were created for your convenience,
    Then why do you use this so called word "discrimination"
    "My religion superior "
    "Your religion inferier"
    Please stop spreading this supperior and inferior religion complex.
    As all coins has it's two sides
    Silimar is the case with religion that's all in your mind.
    Grasp the good ,
    Because i know this for sure
    that each religion's conclusion is to do good to other humans around.
    So when the almighty did not discriminate in humans
    Why you do it?
    Why u keep showcasing that only your peoples are good
    And rest all are bad?
    I know this words are extreme and so are your statements.
    Take a pause and think .
    How can the other human around you be a so called bad one
    When he is also almighty creation ?
    Then how come talking to them , eating with them , making them friends, marrying them , helping them or considering them as a part of your life become in any way becomes wrong??
    Just Question it to your self
    And then you will understanding you are questioning the almighties creation..
    Can the almighty be wrong?
    If you thing so,
    I am sorry
    I doubt your thoughts.
    If you think the other way round
    I definately think u got my thought.
    And so please it's a request
    Consider HUMANITY bigger then ANY RELIGION'S..
    and your almighty will surely be the happiest one from you.
    And will surely be proud of his creation that's you!

  • harithareddy 3w

    #fantasy#belive in u#a world of fantasy ✨

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    Few things makes curiosity.......

    And few makes fantasy in life......

  • failedtune 4w

    The Monster

    You think I will step aside
    To watch you tame the sky?
    You think I will stay silent
    While you take triumph captive in each moment?

    Do not mistake my respect
    As a stepping stone to break
    I am a monster hiding in plain sight
    Your end is nigh, and your only option is to give up the Fight.

  • shabnam19 4w

    Poen#a thought on material life # power of God #feelings

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    तू किस संसार मैं आनंदमग्न हो गया
    तेरा संसार तो स्वय मैं हु!!
    तू मुझको इस संसार मैं क्यों इस कदर खोज रहा
    मैं तो स्वयं तुझ मैं ही हु, फिर तू क्या सोच रहा ?
    इस भौतिक संसार मैं तू, प्रसन्ता कभी न खोज पायेगा,
    अनंत प्रसन्ता को खोज, जो तेरा भीतर छिपा है!
    जिससे तू चिपका पड़ा है,वो मात्र कोरी कल्पना है
    जो तेरा सच्चा आधार है,वो स्वयं तेरी रचना है
    ये ऐसा प्रकाश है,जिससे परे कोई अंधकार नही
    ये ऐसा सम्मान है ,जिसके बाद कोई अनादर नही,
    ये ऐसा जीवन है जिसके बाद कोई मृत्यु नही
    अस्तित्व के संसार मैं तेरा मात्र मैं ही एक साथी हु,
    फिर तू खुद को क्यों इस नश्वर संसार मैं डुबोता है!
    तुझ पर कही एक कार्य बड़ा है!!
    तेरा जीवन निराधार पड़ा है,
    मेरा इक अंश तुझमें भी है,
    तू उसको बस जीवित रख
    अपने श्रेस्ठ चरित्र और उच्च नैतिकता के साथ
    उजको सुसज्जित रख!!
    मेरे आशीषों के द्वारा ,दिव्य प्रसन्ता का भोग कर।।

  • layadev 4w

    #a great come back# there will be one day

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    With my broken
    I know who am
    I know how strong am
    I know how to treat myself
    I know how to make myself happy
    I know everything... about me....
    I know one more thing
    How to rebuild myself with this broken
    And I know there is nothing strong than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.


  • subhi0616 4w


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    Thoughts - him the bloody

    Goin' to sleep with your thoughts
    Wakin' to seek to talk
    Seein' things brings you in my thoughts
    Flightin' to get rid of it
    Finally know it's just the bit of shit.

  • khushikhatri 8w


    I like very few people.
    On whom I trust,
    I mean on whom we lay a lot.
    You are One in that.
    I don't know when I started liking you,
    I don't know when I started coming closer to you,
    I don't know when the closeness grew,
    I don't know when I fell in love,
    I don't know when I started loving you,
    I don't know when I started missing everything about you,
    I don't know when I was apart from you started falling in love.
    I just want to say that I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH❤...........


  • delphic_one 8w

    Don't be a puppet

    You are playing, knowingly or unknowingly, a character in this play.


  • arathi_dazzled_viara 9w

    #A new lesson❤️

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    ദേഷ്യത്തിൽ ആരോടൊക്കെയോ പറഞ്ഞു പോയ ചില വാക്കുകൾ നമ്മുടെ ജീവിതത്തിൽ ചിലപ്പോൾ ദുഃഖങ്ങൾ കൊണ്ടുവന്നേക്കാം... ചില സൗഹൃദങ്ങൾ തന്നെ അത് ഇല്ലാതാക്കിയേക്കാം.ദേഷ്യത്തിന് പുറത്ത് പറഞ്ഞു പോയതാണ് എന്ന നായികരണം ആ മുറിവുകളെ ഉണക്കില്ല മറിച് തന്റെ ഭാഗത്തെ തെറ്റ് മനസിലാക്കി അവർ നമ്മളെ തേടി വന്നാൽ ഇനി ദേഷ്യപ്പെടാതിരിക്കാൻ അവർക്ക് ഒരവസരം കൊടുക്കാം ❤
    നിന്റെ ദേഷ്യം മറ്റുള്ളവരിൽ അടിച്ചേല്പിക്കാൻ നീ ശീലിക്കരുത് അത് നിനക്ക് ബന്ധങ്ങളുടെ കേട്ടുറപ് നഷ്ടമാക്കാനെ ഉപകരിക്കൂ

  • artijain 9w

    #a new day# poetry# feelings

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    A new Day

    Waking up to a new day is like
    Embracing a new of everything
    A new cup of tea
    A new path to tread
    A new goal to pursue
    A new way to contribute
    Something to explore
    Something to share
    One more day to thank for
    The sunrise and the sunset
    The food to eat and water to drink
    The bed to sleep and clothes to adorn
    Friends and family to love
    I am in awe of each new day❣️

  • pzychorockgirl 10w

    A day

    Give me a day with a sinner...
    To hear the tales on how to become a winner...
    To feel power ..to devour others happiness...
    And rip their humanity and souls apart...
    Give me a day with a sinner ..
    To learn the atrocities of our society...
    Give me a day without empathy...
    Give me a day of blissful ignorance...
    To walk around like a zombie...
    Give me a day with a villian....
    To know of their religion...
    And show them I am their competition...

  • shivvani 10w

    #a Dil hai mumkin
    #blessed soul

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    Sometimes,I need a coffee
    by myself
    some alone time,
    to know
    More of myself
    some parts of me
    uncovered, beneath the layers.
    some depths,
    of heart,and soul...
    yet to be known
    to me
    still to be touched
    by me,
    ..to love....
    myself....a bit extra
    .......and some more.


  • firasath 10w

    To all the people I have in my life

    Sitting all by myself at night
    Looking at the dark sky at times
    I wonder what happiness might look like?
    Thinking about all the good and bad times
    I had a few people to whom I might talk to,all night
    Talking about our future, past and tonight
    Being wild and happy and having fun all the time
    Then we grew up and got lost in our own lives
    I miss them at times also my old self some times
    Now I just talk to myself whenever I feel like
    I'm losing myself trying to find who am I?
    Looking at the sky even if I'm all by myself tonight
    I still do have memories of such amazing times
    I'm so grateful to all the people I have in my life
    I think this is what happiness might look like:)!!!

  • shimmery_vibe 12w


    Water is salty still bearable,
    Mud is swampy still Swimmable,
    Ocean gave birth to many like me,
    Many with fins, yet is without breeze;
    Tho I am someone known as GOLD,
    I am no Shark neither a Black Moor,
    I get less life but little am I found on shore,
    But place which is and would always be mine,
    Gives my name a very delicate, beautiful shine;
    no shark, no whale, neither king, nor tail can be named after GOLD;
    as it is just something for which, I AM VERY WELL KNOW.


  • bischild 12w

    #a letter I would have loved to show you.

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    I wish you Eternal happiness.

    My world is pitch black
    Where you once stood as my only source of light.
    Where had my time gone?
    I cannot feel it move.
    Did time stop for me?
    Or did I stop for time to move on with you?

    I miss you.
    I would have done better
    But my fears stopped me from working hard.
    Fear , not of losing you
    But of keeping you.
    My fear that if i grew to love you deeper.
    If your heart were to clasp with mine,
    Would the hold you have on me become strong enough to break me
    More than it already could?
    Or would I break you?

    So before I had the chance to find answers to my questions,
    I decided that it will be better to never find out.

    Now I am broken all alone.
    My night is darker
    As you have taken the moon and stars with you.

    But I am glad
    Because even though you took my time and my light,
    They will always accompany you
    Until you find eternal happiness.