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  • zealous_xpression 43w

    In light of this valentines season...#Zealous #ThoughtProvoking #love #wanderer #euphoria

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    Je t'adore mon amour

    It is not often that i find myself with a depleted dictionary
    but when I think about you
    I'm encapsulated by a mixture of vowels from a langauge not created
    And a vocabulary that has gone into hibernation

    I become a little schoolboy struggling to find his words, ss-ss-ss-stuttering when trying to express his thoughts.
    And quivering from the self inflicted pressure

    My mind begins to wander
    But instead of finding a scenic overload
    It is met by a silent euphoria
    Lost between the reeds of emotions
    trying to document feelings from an oasis never yet discovered.

    What I'm trying to say is that you leave me speechless, breathless, soundless.
    But sometimes when i concentrate hard enough i can hear the streaming outflow of my heart
    Translating that you are a light to a path I didn't know existed.

    I'd often try to keep it to myself but know that it would be a disservice to the world not to share your illumination.
    The type of fluorescent glow that one can simply not duplicate.

    Je t'adore mon amour

    I have told you about the dreams i have of us together,
    But you know not about the checkpoints you have left in memory,
    Ones that i often visit and relive
    About wholesome conversations that greet the morning darkness
    Or the recorded moments of your growth from my seat in the audience
    It would be a lie to say that you are all that i dreamed of because you are so much more.

    Je t'adore mon amour

  • zealous_xpression 43w

    expression of water

    my affection is a lot like a fountain
    gushing proudly to a peak
    and falling uncontrollably.
    it sometimes seems to disappear
    but it is merely recycled and
    waits eagerly to express itself

    a fountain is much like my affection
    it is complex, has many layers
    and often has vast happenings behind the scenes.
    but it is beautiful
    there's just something so majestic in the water's controllable freedom.

    love has its own DNA.
    there are remnants of it on fountain floors but it has a different way of embracing itself.
    much like a waterfall - hard to find for those who search for it diligently but unmasks itself to the lost wanderer.

    it is powerful.
    able to keep dreams afloat and passions buoyant.
    able to give light to a darkened civilization
    and yet it is clumsy.
    it sometimes drops those so sure of its safety.

    as if time itself has been gripped by the neck, its speed decreases.
    you look around and it seems like you have been given a new sparkle.
    one that you have longed for like a breath beyond a mask.
    you see glimpses of rainbows
    filterless reflections
    and caves full of discoveries

    you are still falling.
    you are still enjoying it.


  • zealous_xpression 44w


    "Breathe it in"
    Good advice but sometimes misguided.
    For what is that that one should inhale?
    The fumes of a polluted mind?
    The stench of a masked world?
    Or is it to enjoy the refreshing air of a pessimist's home?

    Inhale if you must but beware that which you are taking in.

  • zealous_xpression 45w

    Oh to be a cloud

    I don't mean on cloud nine
    Medicating with goods to feel fine.

    But I'd like to be a cloud
    I'd be phased only when needed
    And every airplane punch and flock of words would fly right through.

    I'd be in control:
    choosing when to arrive,
    Let go of my emotions...feel alive.

    If there is need for rain, I would rain.
    If there is need for light, I would call in sick but oh to be a cloud.

    -I am a sitting body of water waiting to evaporate but one day...one day I'll have a seat with a different view.

  • zealous_xpression 46w


    The ground was prepped with the finest vitamins and watered to perfection.
    It was as if a special batch was to lay here
    -and so it was.

    The green-fingered gardner took his seedlings and placed them carefully like babies in a cradle.
    Knowing very well what would amount from his labour.

    A minute.
    An hour.
    A day.

    Time passes as each seedling begins to peep through the ground but one stays shy...

    The gardener remains hopeful that it will eventually sprout rays of colour never seen before - and so it happens.
    The seemingly late seedling breaks through the rock, rubble and every word of negativity...

    It establishes itself and shows off its colours like a male peacock during mating season.
    You have fought many demons,
    and now have all the reasons
    to not be shy of your glow.
    It's your time to take centre show
    And be the person you've never known.

    -You majestic seedling you

  • zealous_xpression 47w


    I've gotten so used to pretending I'm okay, that I myself sometimes don't know the difference.
    Am I "just tired" or is there another role to the character I play so often?
    The stunt double, or the action hero pretending to walk out the fire.

    I know I'm going to get up - I always do
    - just not now.

  • zealous_xpression 54w


    It is the greatest illusion-
    The audience are told that
    It is their time; that the time is now.
    But like all great magic tricks
    It is not all that meets the eye.
    It is both a healer and a quiet child waiting to cause havoc.
    It is a great teacher, despite no qualifications.
    Time is an illusion so great that no magician nor handbook is able to reveal when the trick is finally over and the curtains may say goodnight.

  • zealous_xpression 78w


    Sometimes in order to heal old wounds you have to rip off the bandage for it breathe again, so it wont need the bandage ever again

  • zealous_xpression 78w

    A bomb expert
    the best there is.

    The best there was...

    A simple mission
    or so I thought-
    Diffuse the bomb
    Before the timer reached nought.

    My heart rate increases
    - it fears its end.

    Time to decode:
    Is it the green or yellow wire
    that needs to be left behind?

    I feel the blood rush through
    my hands that holds its own fate.

    Flashes of doubt
    -is my room ready in heaven?

    The timer and my heartbeat
    have begun to mix

    Tick tick..

    As if one bomb wasnt enough
    Another arrived.

    Clock ticks loudly
    But your presence was what I ignored.

    The number of times
    You had me decieved.

    Trying to stay focused
    But you stay in my view.

    You disappear like a master illusionist
    I am left for done.


    #ThoughtProvoking #Zealous
    #bomb #love #latenight
    #alone #art

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    -not the events which unfolded,
    the person that caused it.

  • zealous_xpression 79w

    Future memories

    Rewind the hands of the clock
    To a time before it needed to
    hold half the heart of the world...

    Think back to a time before we
    Had to hold our hearts on our sleeves
    Just to keep it beating...

    Pick up and reverse the sands
    Of time that have fallen
    At the same rate as our bodies...

    Reminiscence back to a time
    Where you'd say "me too"
    And be talking about a happy story...

    Cast your mind back to a time when
    You thought about how to add to the world
    Not when you'd be subtracted from it...

    Now fast-forward and
    make it a reality once more.

  • zealous_xpression 82w


    I think I've cracked the code;
    The reason why I so often fold..

    It's because...

    Maybe I don't actually trust you;
    You say you're there but I'm not sure if it's true.

    I've been heartbroken so many times...
    It's cool though, I wont open I'll just
    continue with these rhymes.

    You think you're reading my life's book,
    Not knowing about my secret pages and where to look...

    They're hidden somewhere in between my jokes
    and double meaning words;
    Somewhere stuck between my confidence and my joy that flies like the birds..

    Somewhere between "hi" and "how are you"

    Now, I dont know who this was meant for,
    What I do know is that this is me, unfiltered and raw.

    This is me pouring out my heart
    And not expecting you to mend what fell apart.


  • harron 158w

    If You, find yourself in darkness
    Just remind me!
    I will become your brightness.


  • shrusti13 169w

    Acquire zeal such that, your fire lighten the fire of hope in other's.

  • anii_mal 178w

    Our Zealous love story

    On this terrace,
    I'm so nervous
    and breathless
    for wanted to possess
    all your presence.
    Oh baby! I'm speechless
    for your beautiful essence..
    Together we're marvellous!
    Our time's precious

  • my_balu 203w

    "Criticism accepted wholeheartedly"
    #lol #criticism #zealous #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The critique

    As a kid he cried just because few people pointed out his mistakes.
    In time he grew up realising the truth
    And now he's desperate for criticism.


  • dia119 232w

    Unlikely Alike

    Buzzing with excitement
    Jumping with joy
    Beaming with exhileration
    I saw that zealous little boy

    Overburdened with atrocities
    Tears glistening in her eyes
    Her childhood shadowed by gloom
    I sensed great misery in her cries

    These two kids; I met them
    In the same old park
    One was reaching out for the Sun
    While one's future was bleak and dark

    Each with a heart, a soul, a mind;
    The same two legs and hands
    Then why is one worth glittering gold
    And the other not even stomped out sands?

    Please hear my solemn plea-
    Oh! Break this condemned wall
    Everyone is entitled to equal rights,
    Open these biased doors for all.