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  • _truesayings_ 1d

    I hope you be unapologetic enough to choose you over anything and anyone that brings you down or holds you back.


  • _truesayings_ 1w

    ज़िन्दगी दरवाज़ा खटखटा रही थी।
    मौत मेरे सिरहाने में छुपकर बैठी थी।


  • devashi 2w

    The night is young

    As the conversations begin
    Hear the laughs and see the blushy face
    All with one emotion
    Which makes the night better
    All I look for a young time
    Which could never make us to think how immature we were
    The night is young
    Beacuse you are here
    I am here
    The void is no more, the thrill for the time is on
    So I stay here
    I Forefeit the time
    And let the night stay young.

  • lightnessandark 2w

    Once when I was young,
    I believed in Happy endings.
    That people love you,
    Without any motive.


  • inderpreet29 2w

    Once when I was young
    My heart was pure
    Filled only with love

    Once when I was young
    little things made me happy
    Everything was new and exciting

    Once when I was young
    I laughed my heart out
    I knew how to live life to the fullest
    ©Inderpreet Singh

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 2w


    Once when I was young,
    I used to get scolded by my parents and teachers,
    As my fingers cease to create magic on blank papers,
    My unfriendly pen's writing appeared like ugly creatures.

    Once when I young,
    I used to draw mirror image of alphabets,
    Letters were my enemy, except O & I, my fingers' pets,
    I could seldom write clean, without any mistakes and regrets.

    Once when I was young,
    I never liked the concept of spelling and dictation,
    I struggled with phono - graphics and diction,
    Memorising peculiarly, my tongue tasted friction.

    Once when I was young,
    I loved the people around me, I cared and trusted,
    To fit In to their Boxes of Perfection, I shrunk and adjusted,
    Stupid me did not know, those smiles were greeced with greed and hugs, lusted.

    Now that I have grown up,
    I noticed my books have put on the cloak to be my dear diary,
    The pen that betrayed me then, still stands aside, my only confidant, my dearie,
    My foes then are my friends forever now, they all blend smoothly to be my poetry.

  • ericajean 2w

    #once #wod #young

    Once when I was young
    Traffic scared me
    My palms would
    Seek my mother's hand
    Which calmed me

    Once when I was young
    I talked to bears
    Their button eyes
    And poly-stuffed bodies
    Never had me scared

    When I was young
    I'd croon to bony moons
    Sitting on the top bunk
    Papers with honor
    Rolls and report cards
    Next to literature awards-

    To have eyes that shined
    With hope aligned
    With dreams of immortality
    Until father left to join
    The moon in the sky,

    I still sing for the moon
    I still sing for the moon

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    I was one million times immortal when I was young...


  • claralynne 2w


    I miss the way Friday used to make me feel.
    Waiting for the bell to sound. 
    Days ahead imminently amazing; happiness-bound.

    But now it doesn't matter if Friday's around.
    Or even if my feet touch the ground. 
    Floating on my cloud---round round and round.
    Looking for a meaning... a purpose... or anything profound. 
    What day is it; What time is it? 
    Is the clock even wound?
    Oh what Id do to wind back the clock. 
    To a Friday with afternoon bells and boards covered in chalk. 
    And nights with friends where'd we'd giggle and talk. 

    "Be kind, rewind" on all cassettes. 
    Simple fun and pleasure. Scrunchies and barrettes. 
    Innocent minds and souls. Too young for regrets

    But now, with Friday comes a haze. 
    Days of the week...in a daze. 
    Dazed in the days. 
    Weak at the end of the week. 
    Living in a blur. 
    Walking's a stagger. And talking's a slur. 

    If you can just make it to Friday, that's what they always say. 
    That's when it will all be okay. 
    But how is that so?
    When it's like any other day..
    When time makes no sense and is in constant disarray. 

    I mss how Fridays used to make me feel.
    When I used to laugh for real. 
    When the weekend was tomorrow, and I had nothing but time to kill. 

    The aroma of bacon would feel the air the next morning.
    But now, I'm just mourning....for Friday's that don't exist.
    In a heartbeat, I'd go back.
    I would not resist.
    To hear that Bell again. And a class be dismissed.
    Movie nights With Friends- '10 things I hate about You' and Never been kissed'
    Tart, candy braclets half-eaten on my wrist.
    Goodnight hugs from my mother---Too many things to list.
    Those are the Fridays that I have missed. 

    If I can just make it to Friday....
    For a bit longer... If I can just subsist.
    For now I'll just relish in the fog of nostalgic Friday mist. 

  • _truesayings_ 3w

    Faith is the tipping point,
    That decides success or failure.


  • thehealer10 3w

    Memories, all those little experiences make up the fabric of our lives and on balance, I wouldn't want to erase any of them, tempting though it may be.

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    Nothing more than a cliche; you remind me of my days hanging in the breeze way. Turned away by the rubbish you would bloviate. My gates protected me from you insidious plot, Lorelei.

    Sweet nothings susurrate around me as I ruminate on all the lies, not one slither of anger or regret, all I feel is a bliss. Guardian Angles preserve your memory, they handed me the holy
    aide-memoire, divulging no one out runs karma but promising not to harm ya.

    Mata Hari, you would tell me not to worry, I aimed to see your every desire come to Fruition, Sin. In the end all you wanted was an opportunity to achieve felicity.

    I'm calm, amused by the way you offer yourself as a concubine. You'll never see the flaw in that Proposition. My light has removed your viel jezebel.

  • anuradhasharma 4w

    मेरी हसरतें भी अब , अंगड़ाइयां लेती ।

    बातों की रंगोली से ऐसे न खेलूं होली ।

    ऐसे तो सारे फिज़ाओं में हमारी गूंज होगी ।

    फिर कुछ भवरें आ पहुंचेंगे , हमारी गली ।


  • lollipop71 4w

    Oh So Deceiving

    I am 5 years old, I want a toy, a slinky
    Oh now I have to be ever so sneaky,
    or I will not get my way, my eyes I blinky
    So innocently for that is my
    Weapon of weakening thy father
    To give in to my deceitfullness for
    I always get anything I desire while
    I am the youngest, and the only girl
    that gets such fulfillness from
    My sneakiness and desire.

  • faded_dream 6w

    If I could start over again again I would still want to be born on the same day as you ,grow up together with you
    Thank you for showing up in my youth
    No matter when it is , I will always stand by ur side with no regret.......

    There will be some one who will sing our 18 years song ��
    Over and over and reenact our 18 years old story.they all said that you can't go back to ur youth including all of your loves which we still keep on promising for life with each other it's said that close friends will be close forever .
    Young people will be the same as you showed .....
    We will have no regret in our youth ....
    After few years I hope we can remember when we were young


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    Memories hit harder than anything else...

  • supasesh 7w

    crowded aisle when it should be single file, a mind no one can mend

    lifestyle not worth wild, this is suicide just not sure where itll end

    taped smiles and faked files, and all this just for a fucking trend

    broken tiles from bullets of denial, but were different we dont break, we bend


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    "tell me something about yourself"

    "I'm everything your preacher warned you about, but better"

  • supasesh 8w

    I don't know what happened to the kid mama raised
    I don't know what happened to that little boy you use to praise
    Between the drugs and hurt all I can do is sleep for days
    What happened to that bleach blonde boy who would bask in the sun's rays?
    He crumbled when I woke up in the hospital and saw my mother and sisters  face
    But somewhere inside me, he's there, still trying to find his place; we both are 


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    I think I forgot how to be happy

  • amantespoetas 9w

    Last night I met a boy

    Last night I met a boy
    I have only seen from afar.
    He wasn't my type,
    I wasn't interested in talking to him,
    but life ended up doing its work
    and he suddenly came and sat next to me.
    Conversation took a nice path,
    we discover our similar points and we laughed.
    He sat with me under the blue night sky,
    our bodies almost touching in the big sofa,
    we listened to the rain falling and saw the thunders together.
    He thought I was afraid, but I wasn't.
    I love thunder storms...
    Then we fell asleep.
    There. Together. In the sofa. Our bodies almost touching.
    The problem is: how could you be able to sleep when your heart is beating so intensively?
    We did nothing big, but my heart went crazy over it.
    And I hate him for this...


  • csn_3102002 11w

    #to doctors#medicoz#young inspirations

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    The one who's so humble
    Being a pillar for
    Those who suffer and crumble
    And thinking life is jumbled

    Every night being awake
    To every patient he spake
    Dusk till dawn with vigour
    Saving a life is his sigor

    Surviving a life of sacrifice
    Because this Earth is his dice

    Hats off to that selfless ethical brave man
    Who is trustworthy and passionate in saving lives....


  • lollipop71 11w

    Good Ole Days

    Go to school all week patiently waiting for the
    Weekend when the fun starts
    Pick out that special outfit for Friday & Saturday
    Night. Wait!! Can't go anywhere without the
    What?? Yes, makeup, very important to a young
    Head to the next town, meet friends, decide on
    What all want to do
    Oh, what to do? Check out the game room, ride
    around w/friends just because, drive through
    parking lot of local dance hall see who we see,
    where the older folks go to dance the night away.
    Play a quick game of pool, or arcade game before
    Deciding to take it to the next level,
    go have a drink or two, smoke some
    Green, if you know what I mean, until you feel like
    There isn't a care in the world if only for a little while
    Never know who you might run into while engaging
    In the fun times.
    And cute guys everywhere you see!
    Quality time with cousins, and the friends we made
    Along the way.
    Those days are long gone, only memories now.
    The simpler times in life, young and almost care
    When we could relax for a bit.
    Places not to be mentioned, school or work.
    Foreign words then, to not be concerned with
    A time when life was so much simpler.
    Oh how I miss those good ole days.

  • tanujsingh 12w


    “Where are we?
    What is this place”
    She asked me.
    This place, I built.
    Putting aside all my guilt,
    Forget to smile, that I missed.
    All lies, hide in mist.
    This place, I built?

    “Why are we here?
    What do you want?
    She asked me.
    “Are we good” I replied.
    Don’t hide, you decide.
    Time and love, I gave like a child,
    Young and broke, still I smile.
    Smile, smile like a child,
    Like nothing happens.
    Still standing here,
    But inside everything shatters.

    This place I built, with no guilt.


  • shanthi_yella 13w

    Judged and Compared

    We face it in different situations of our life.
    We are compared to other kids in Childhood life.
    When our parents say, look that Y got more marks.
    Look your friend got a good rank and seat in College.
    When our teacher says, you are nothing and you will be nothing in life, only the first ranked will succeed in life.
    When we hear this every time, we bare it every time.

    When we hear our parents saying look at your friends getting settled at a young age.

    They compare everything from appearance to earning.

    Yes! Our parents love us.
    They are concerned about us.

    But we don't compare them with other parents and say
    Look at my friend's parents who have a big house, who earn more than you.
    We don't compare our teacher with the teacher of other school and say he is settled in a good life and earning more than.

    It's about comparison and getting compared.

    Sometimes children compare their parents with others, saying you are not doing like them.

    We as children, teenagers, or young adults keep on repeating these words and comparison and de-motivated.

    But when we think in a reverse way, maybe I would say positively and say to inner ourselves that

    All my Dearest persons,
    Please wait one day you will find an incomparable me. The one and unique me, with my own identity.
    It's about self-satisfaction, rather than thirsting for stopping someone to "STOP COMPARING" me and "STOP JUDGING" my life.

    They compare us only once when they say but keep on thinking about their words and compare ourselves for N times.

    Is this life or reality show! Why are we judging each other?

    If this never happened with you, great you are a lucky and blessed person.
    If you never did this as a Teacher, parent or Child, you are great! Keep going...

    If comparison and judgement happened with you, great! You are blessed to say on one day, I'm incomparable, My life is not meant to be compared and judged.

    Life is not a race to compare and judge, let's connect emotionally with self-respect and mutual understanding and love.

    The base of my next Book "The Times of 1965"
    AV trailer available in my Instagram account @yellashanthi and YouTube channel @shanthi yella

    Shanthi yella

    Yay or nay..add your opinions..
    @miraquill @quotes