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  • nik_esh 149w


    तुम मेरी हर दुआ में शामिल हो!
    क्योंकि तुम मेरी चाहत हो
    धूप में ठंडक सी राहत हो,
    कैसे दूर रहूं तुमसे और तुम्हारी चाहत से
    खुद खुदा भी कायनात बदल देगा मुझे तुमसे मिलाने को।
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  • hadil18 160w

    We weren't just a forgotten chapter,
    We were the whole damn story!


  • adwinrx 176w

    You and I
    Not even the gods above
    Can separate the two of us
    No,nothing can come between
    You and I

  • uncertainme 191w

    Stethoscope is the only thing which doctors carry every day and at every instance of the day till the grave......so if you wanna be close to them, keep them reminding about you..... give them the assurance that yes someone truly cares about them inspite of their unavailability. This is the best gift as it always stays near to heart. They'll remember you everytime they plug in the earpiece and hold its chest piece❤ and let me tell you..... it won't be a distraction for them so don't worry!!!
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    Naa hope mein
    Naa dope mein
    Jo maja hai LITTMAN ke stethoscope mein

  • vikrampaul_ 194w

    #love #loveyourself #myself #poet #perfect #you_and_i
    Accept her without any condition.

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    A girl without her mood swings and
    drama is just a quiet peaceful brick. So,
    embrace her madness and let her run
    wild through your heart.


  • the_writers_point_of_view 205w

    I wish I could be as casual as you are.
    I wish I could be as simple as you are.
    I wish I could stop expecting,
    I wish you could be more serious,
    I wish everything to back to normal.
    I wish all my wishes come true soon.

    Charvi Suri

  • rupsa_roy 206w

    Studed with Diamonds

    Under the Sky
    Studed with Diamonds...
    I saw the Moon
    You wasted Time
    On counting the stars.....


  • melomania 206w

    In another lifetime, love. I am there the way you want me to be. But in this one, accept that I cannot be contained.
    #sorry #friends #love #almost #you_and_i #i_am_the_one_that_got_away #friendzone #almost_lovers #original_content #prose #probably @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    "Hey, Friend. Hey, Almost Lover."

    Your name was a home to me, and yes, you are special in ways I would not trade.
    But you have to understand that I can't stretch my love for you, so much, that I'll begin to see you the same way you see me.
    "I know you're skeptical with almost everything," you said "but if it makes you feel any better, there's some dumb hope lurking somewhere between the ideas of being meant for someone and that someone being meant for you."
    It hurts for me to think that you thought I was the one meant to be with you forever. Hurting you was never on my list of things to do. But it had to be, in the end, when you told me you loved me. And then I had to wager the idea of what would hurt you most. The terrible truth of rejection, or the sweet, littered lies of empty i love you's?
    In the end, I only had the action of choosing between hurting you, or hurting you even more.
    So I'm sorry that this is where we end. I'm sorry that my heart's gone. I'm sorry I don't know how to love, and I'm sorry that you can't be the one to teach me how.
    For now, just indulge in the idea that in another universe, in another lifetime, we were meant to be. But don't forget that in this one, my heart belongs to nobody. Not even myself.

  • novemberpoet_ 214w


    The first time I met you,
    It wasn't love at first sight,
    my love for you formed gradually.
    Your personality, your hairs,
    your voice, your eyes,
    your humor.
    The way you looked away
    and smile.
    Gradually it all clear to me
    that you are exactly
    what I was looking for....


  • scarlet_love 214w

    कभी कभी

    अजीब सीं लगतीं हैं शाम कभी कभी
    सूखें सीं लगतीं हैं बरसात कभी कभी
    बेचैन सीं लगतीं हैं रात कभी कभी
    ज़िन्दगी हैं बेजान कभी कभी
    समझ आए तो हमें भी बताना
    क्यों यादें करतीं हैं परेशान कभी कभी

  • mrunalini_04 217w

    With the faint light of the drowning sun and the appeasing cold breeze, I was there, on the back seat of the car, looking out of the window humming a song that had been reverberating in my head since morning. You were there too, driving the car and occasionally looking at me from the rearview mirror probably wondering what I was thinking. And our friends! One on the passenger seat asking for a group picture while the others were happily posing for a click.

    As I positioned myself for the picture trying to fake a smile, a number of images flowed behind my eyelids. There we were, sticking to one another, fitted in a frame. These were the moments we lived for, pausing at irregular intervals, trying to capture a still from our experiences which we would carry with us forever. These were the pictures we posed for and the candids we longed for in the hope of stringing them together, creating our story. We captured moments With every click of the shutter as we were afraid that they would escape. So, we took one more shot, one last look to relive it years down the line

    But what if we could stay a little while longer? What if we didn't have to go?
    After you left, sometimes I feel like standing in the middle of a collapsing dream: like a part of me vanishing away in ashes against some darkness. And somehow I dont even try to save myself. I just let myself disappear.

    I see myself totally guarded by that insulated wall of chaos. In a cage where I see outside to find no one. But I can hear the voices of many familiar people who want me to stay and of those whom I want to stay. I am not empty but so heavy with thoughts that I can’t speak. The words seem to choke me. I wish I could have said all those things but there isn’t any listener, to be correct "You"!

    So amid all this tumult of thoughts and mayhems, returning back to the scintillating night I manage to murmur “I write because you don’t listen “.
    And with this I quietly walk out, ending every night and ending us.

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    I see myself totally guarded by the insulated wall of chaos. In a cage where I see outside to find no one. But I can hear the voices of many familiar people who want me to stay and of those whom I want to stay. I am not empty but so heavy with thoughts that I can’t speak. The words seem to choke me.


  • abhishekshrimal 233w

    My silence is very personal and sensual,
    As this is something which only I can understand;
    SHE can feel.

    (no ifs and buts in between)


  • rayligh13 273w

    You and I

    You got the petals, I got the thorns
    You got the warmth, I got the burn
    You got the snow, I got the cold
    You got the winter, I got the leafless weather
    You got the raindrops, I got the thunder

    You got the rush, I went breathless
    You got dreams, I got these endless nights

    You got the photographs, I got the memories
    You got the perfume, I’ve got its scent

    You got new pals, I get no letters
    You got the stories to tell, I got the unspoken lessons
    You got warm hugs, I got shoulders to lean on

    You got your plans for future
    Of which I’m a part nowhere.        

  • rahul_singh 289w

    You and i

    She call herself intelligent
    But can't understood my pain
    Behind my fake smile.....
    She call herself a good friend
    But can't know reason
    Behind my sadness
    She call herself a great person
    But can't hear my voice
    Behind my long deep silence.......

    -Rahul singh