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    (Picture taken by rest zone)
    Mask is a friend
    Now a days
    It not only helps us
    But helps others too. .
    Please wear this safety precious pearl
    as and when it is seriously required
    We can't do anything big But
    we can save Ourselves and others too
    by this very small step ...
    Which really means a lot
    Now a days. ..
    Be safe Be secure
    Plz follow guidelines properly.
    Save life save soul..

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    "Rise and Fall"

    O the wounded one
    I know how you feel
    You've accepted already
    that you will never heal

    But haven't you known
    enough of life to realize—
    a fallen Phoenix always rises
    from the ashes, EVERY TIME?

    O the blessed one
    I know how you feel
    You're drunk on power, unware
    that time can turn its wheel

    Haven't you been alive
    enough to realize —
    even the mightiest one
    can't stand against time?

    The wounded and the blessed,
    we all fall and rise in life
    Then why not rise with grace
    and fall with a smile?

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    Rise and Fall


  • pooja17 1d

    Life a mix blend
    Of ups and downs
    Sometimes low sometimes up
    Sometimes happy sometimes sad
    We must be practical and superb in
    Moulding the worst times into a delightful tray...just as an orgami folds ..so in this way we are folding sorrows to come up with hopeful and sweetest moments of happiness. .
    As life is too short to enjoy it fully **
    Isn't it?

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    Dear Mother,
    I hope you don't suffer.
    It's been years
    but I am better here.
    You are toxic and weak
    and to me you would leak.
    I've given up your burden
    of my actions I'm certain.
    You suffocated my soul
    I've filled that hole.
    I needed you gone
    you were poison all along.
    I'm so much better these days
    what else can I say.
    Thank you for giving birth
    I am happy on this earth.

  • the_unfiltered_ink 3d

    Dear mom,

    Today I realise that mothers are more than anything soft drizzles that kiss a child in both failures and victories. I doubted myself uncountable times but everytime I found you standing by my side, cheering me up always. I remember how I gave up on writing when I initially started my career as a content writer. It was so daunting for me to deal with the rejection that never seemed to disappear. I remember how I cried, thinking I don't deserve anything and you hugged me whispering that this is just a part of the journey.

    I laugh on the way I snobbed thinking that I don't look pretty and escaped all the family functions and photography sessions. You always came there caressed my tears and told me that doesn't matter what people think, I would always be your princess. Your confidence in me made me believe in myself. You have always been my best friend and you will always be the most precious comrade I have ever got. Even if you aren't with me here today, nobody can take that place in my life, ever!

    My heart weeps all the time, when I realise what did I lose in this sacred life. I lost my life, and honestly I am not the same again. The day you left us and went to your true home, some parts of me too were gone with you, mum. All that has kept me alive is you and the promises you bestowed upon me to fulfill.

    Today, I want to tell that you the finally the day has come when I can call myself a mother. Yes, your heard it right, your little crazy kid has given birth to a soul. Guess what? It's a girl. I have no words how this feeling has been. Carrying this angel in my womb had been a beautiful experience. I think of the times when I irritated you with my nonsense and you angrily said me that I would understand the situation only when I would myself turn up as a mother. Those days have finally come, and I am all set to be annoyed, afterall karma would come back onto me. And I know you would laugh out loud from the skies for sure. I know you, you aren't too nice to not to.

    I am glad for this beautiful gift by God. But you know, I somewhere prayed to him to send you in my life again, in the form of my child and I don't really know whether it's you yourself or may be some different blessing from the heaven. Mum, I would try my best to be the best mother I can be. I know I would really suck at times but anyway please keep me motivating, you are within me, keep whispering, I would listen forever.

    Everything seems so perfect despite your absence. Papa will surely turn up as Good Nanaji , I know but I feel upset at times that she won't be able to meet her super sweet and smart Nani. Anyway, I would always tell her our tales and the lessons you taught me over the years. And I bet you she would laugh like anything, listening to our crazy stories. And she would definitely be more inspired than her Nani than she would ever be from me, I am sure of this.

    Till then, you take care of yourself wherever you are and keep visiting us at times.

    We all love you.

    Simran Ahuja

    I am not a premium member though, but I really liked the contest so I wrote my entry. I hope you guys would like this.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli#wod #pod #writingcontest #mothersday #dearmom #lettertomom

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    Dear Mom,

    Today, I want to tell that you the finally the day has come when I can call myself a mother. Yes, your heard it right, your little crazy kid has given birth to a soul. Guess what? It's a girl. I have no words how this feeling has been. Carrying this angel in my womb had been a beautiful experience. I think of the times when I irritated you with my nonsense and you angrily said me that I would understand the situation only when I would myself turn up as a mother. Those days have finally come, and I am all set to be annoyed, afterall karma would come back onto me. And I know you would laugh out loud from the skies for sure. I know you, you aren't too nice to not to.

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    Thank you so much writersnetwork for your kind read. Means a lot. .

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    Journey of my dreams
    When small
    Nothing matters
    A slight grown-up
    Wished to be a teacher. ..
    Loved to correct/checked my own copies when
    Passed and promoted to next class
    That time feeling so happy and delighted too..
    As if I achieved something **
    Miracle happened
    God bless me with this achievement **
    I hold my mother's hand
    And moved towards My destined shore. .
    Suddenly everything changed in
    Just a while
    Lost mother lose everything. .
    Felt lonely just surviving Not living fully
    Then once came to know
    about writing apps
    which not only gives me space &
    Allowed me to move at my pace
    But also gives me one hope to move on**
    Nothing left me alone from then
    Started feeling sigh
    Too much relaxed than ever
    These platforms gives me everything
    Which I can't think in my life....
    Thank you writing apps
    Thank you to all readers and writers
    For your kind and constant support everytime.
    Thanks God for giving me chance to explore myself by this very special present which remains precious to me forever. ...till my last breath ****

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    Today I realize that mothers are more than anything but soft drizzles that kisses a child in both failures and victories
    One that kisses your cheek when you cry on your pillow or when your boyfriend breaks your heart
    Hugs you when you're angry and can't make a choice of running away or telling you my fears
    I tried so hard not to tell
    Tried so hard to show you
    I'm a mommy now
    My baby is my own
    New name, looks just like me
    My last name
    Fears of a home I grew up in wrapped up in a bundle.

  • lizmaniaaa 4d


    Dear Mom, 

    Today, I realise that mothers are more than anything soft drizzles that kiss a child in both failures and victories. Thank you for upbringing me as an independent woman. As I am holding my child in my arms, I think the same. I want to raise her as an independent, self-loving, compassionate woman. You are the one who told me, "unless we love ourselves, we would not be able to love others." I have always kept that in mind, and it has served me well in life. When my baby grows up, I will tell her the same. 

    Mom, as a child, whenever I did something that irked you, you would tell me, "maybe, you would understand this when you are of my age." I am realising that now. The role of a new mother is exciting, at the same time, tiresome. I often wonder how you managed us. But, I would not dare to stick to the cliche of calling mothers superwomen. Because, I know they are not. They are neither magicians nor superwoman. They are human beings who sometimes get tired of being a mother. They sacrifice because their heart is full of love. They are willing to go to any degree to raise their child well. But, they also need their 'me time' in life. They too have to pursue their dreams. I have never asked you about your dreams or wishes. I promise you that next time we will discuss that and do one crazy thing that you have always wanted to do in life. I know you would laugh reading this. That is okay. We have always pulled each other's leg, haven't we?

    I feel exhausted, sometimes. But, I love this phase - seeing a tiny human growing up. The way she curiously observes everything, makes noises, giggles, mimics me and cries whenever I am not in her vicinity. I feel loved. It is a different kind of love though. Sometimes, her tantrums test my patience. But, I love her so much. Now, I know how much you love me.  

    I can never be you. I am an entirely different person. So, I will be a different mother. My perspective about child upbringing will be different from yours, for sure. But, I really hope I will love my child as much as you love me, and let her live on her terms when she grows up. Just like you allowed me choose my path. I owe you a lot. And, I love you so much. 

    Much love,


  • pooja17 4d

    Our life is as a sun
    When we are happy and delighted ✌✌
    It's like a sunrise
    But when we are sad and depressed
    It's like a sunset
    Do remember one thing always
    After each sunset there will be a sunrise**

  • pooja17 4d

    When I fall and fail each time
    Some laughed; some criticised
    Some motivates; some decodes
    Some suspect; some percept
    Each one of us is alike
    For being perfect
    We have to be open throughout
    Perfection is something
    Where you don't need to
    Add;subtract;multilpy or even divide something **
    Don't feel yourself out
    Whatever may be the reason about**
    The more you try,
    The more you gain **
    The more the risk,
    The more the benefit**
    The more the falls
    The more you explore **
    One try isn't fruitful everytime
    So don't worry and fed-up very soon
    Try as much as you can to enjoy life's bestest boon**
    I started with 0
    But with support and inspiration from
    So many wonderful people in my life
    It got
    transformed from dull and hopeless one to
    An enthusiastic and positive one**
    Thank you everyone ***

  • nssinked 4d

    Dear Mom,

    The world is ain't beautiful they it use to look from your arms
    And you always use to say when you become a mother then you will get know how difficult it is to be
    And today I did actually realise that mothers are more than anything soft drizzle that a kiss a child in both failures and victories
    After I gave birth and my first kiss to her
    Then I actually realise it just become world to you
    The flesh of mine and mom that the most beautiful feeling in the world
    I love you Mom because you I got to experience this thing...

  • sleepingsoul 4d


    I transformed myself from being a blabber to a writer so that my mind works more than my lips

  • erics_girl 4d


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    Dear Mom

    Dear Mom.

    Today. I realise that mothers are more than anything soft drizzles that kisses a child in both failures and victories. So I write you this tribute from my heart...
    One day isn't nearly enough
    To honor & show You my love.
    So each written word that I say
    My heart truly feels Everyday.
    I grew up & now I'm a Mother
    Myself, I can empathize with
    all You've been through, and
    now I know how You must
    have felt.
    I'm taking this time to list all the
    things You did for us, Sacrifices
    made because You loved us, +
    plus all the other stuff, Every
    good Mother does..
    .(Thank You for teaching us
    to have faith, thanks for
    teaching me how to pray, & for
    praying for us everyday.
    .(Thank You for teaching us who
    our Savior is, His Crucifixion,
    His Resurrection that His Love
    is Perfection, & believing in Him
    Leads to redemption..
    .(Thank You for teaching me
    right from wrong, Thanks for
    Your Caring correction.
    .(Thank You for comforting my
    Broken heart, thanks for Your
    Loving affection.❤
    .(Thank You for fighting to keep
    Me from harm, thanks for Your
    Strength and protection.
    .(Thank You for caring when
    We got sick, making sure we
    Didn't have an infection
    .(Thank You for guiding me thanks
    for Your helpful direction.
    .(Thank You for sharing Your many talents, thanks for the Awesome confections.& sewing
    Outfits for my cheering section
    .(Thank You for Sharing Your
    Wisdom & Knowledge, Thanks
    for Answering questions.❓❓
    .(Thank You for providing a roof,
    Thanks for always preparing our
    .(Thank You for the garden You
    planted, thanks for the chickens
    & taking us camping.
    .(Thank You for always having a
    Pet thanks for the memories I'll
    Never forget.
    .(Thank You for putting up with
    Our crap, for loving us even
    when we were brats.
    .(Thank You for giving & forgiving
    .(Thank You for being whom we
    Could Depend, thanks for letting
    Me be Your friend, Thank You
    For being mine too.
    .(Thank You For Working so hard
    All Your life, to be the best faithful, hardworking Mother & Wife.
    .(As for anything I may have
    missed on this list, Thank You for
    Every bit of it. You'll be happy to
    Know I don't take any of it for
    Happy Every Day My Beautiful & Awesome Mother! I Love You for
    Ever & Ever A'mein!
    Your Loving Daughter,
    Letitia Puanani Meheula

  • mirakee 4d

    Complete the letter.

    #writingcontest #contest #creativearena

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    Complete the letter.

    Children often get to hear from parents that perhaps when they grow up and become parents themselves, they will understand the struggles of parenthood. Today, put yourself in the shoes of a woman who has given birth to a baby and is writing a letter to her mother!

    --Use your imagination to complete the letter--

    Dear Mom,

    Today, I realise that mothers are more than anything soft drizzles that kiss a child in both failures and victories....

  • pooja17 5d

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    Zindagi har kadam ik nayi jung h
    Jeet jaayenge hum **jeet jaayenge hum **
    Jo agar hum sab sang hain...����
    Zindagi milke beetaayenge
    Haal_ae_dil gaa_ke_sunaayenge
    Hum toh saat rang hain
    Yeh jahan hopeful banaayenge. ..����
    Zindagi ki yehi Reet hai
    Haar ke baad hi jeet hai
    Thode aanshun hain thodi Khushi
    Kal sab Theek ho jaayega. ..����
    Har gadi badal rahi h roop zindagi
    Kahin pe aanshun hai Aur aankhon men nami
    Sab depressed hain aur kuch frustrated bhi
    Aao hum sab sabke liye dua karte hain
    Sab Theek ho jaaye. ..����
    Rabb test le rahe hain
    Hum sab ka abhi
    Please tuttne n dena apni Himmat ko
    Waqt aaj aisa h Toh
    Kal badal jaayega
    Keep yourself so motivated
    And happy for those
    who cares and concerned for you
    Each day and night
    Please do smile so to make other's smile
    If we sit sad and depressed
    Who will look after those
    Who are dependent on us
    For everything. ..who wants us to be happy and smiley through. ..please stay safe and sound. ..

    (First attempt by me in which I used movie songs along with some views in the form of words by me*)
    Thanks everyone **

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  • rani_shri 5d


    How do I start my writing, I often think. But then I think it's very easy to start something when it comes to write about you because you're the starter of my life. And like the way, my life starts on you, I can start this letter with the name,I have given to you.

    Dear Mother India,( I call my mom with this name only)

    Thank you so much for being there with me and thank you so much for being the reason of my existence.

    You're the one,who cared for me since the very first day, I started growing in your womb. Thinking about me only rather than thinking about yourself, you became the one, who cared for me before my birth in the outter world. You lived here to give me the life and put yourself in danger to give me birth. Before taking the birth in the world, I took birth in your womb and experienced the most beautiful phase of my life because till then my whole world existed inside the body of the most beautiful lady on the earth.

    When I was born, everyone was happy that was shown in their eyes and lips in the form of smiles. You were the one, who silently cried with all the emotions putting into those tears. You just had had a killing pain, still you were shining with the lights of motherhood. Thank you for feeding me without telling. From teaching me how to speak and walk, to giving me the basic knowledge, you became my teacher too. You were my first childhood friend who played with me and the fairy of my nights,who sung lullabies for me. Till the childhood, you were the one I trusted the most. But the most scaring moment in my childhood was, when you used to fall sick and second most scary thing was, When you used to blackmail me saying 'I won't be your mom anymore if you'll not follow whatever I say & I'll turn into blah blah's mommy. Later on I realized, mother's are unchangeable and irreplaceable.

    My teenage made you suffer a lot. With all the physical changes, you taught me everything. Menstruation never looked heavy or inauspicious to me because you understood and supported me. You fought with all the physical changes within me but those psychological changes were making a gap between you and me. Somewhere in understanding and trusting the world, I started considering you as enemy. But you didn't give up. You gave time to me and the changes in me. Somewhere in between saying "Mom, you won't understand", silly me forgot that only you'll understand, who knows me more than I know myself. You were the first one, I wanted to see after returning back from outside. No matter how much did I want to leave you in anger, your absence was the most horrible dream and reality for me.

    From waking up continuously to change my nappies to waking up in my illness and from there to waking up for my exams, I don't know how much nights,you missed to sleep. Everytime, when I lose the self confidence and self esteem, you were the one, who knew the inner shine of me. From waking me up in the mornings with the raising sun to raising my confidence in darker nights, you built me up as the most strong girl after you and left some of your reflections in me. Sorry for all the frustrations, I vomited on you due to my own mistakes and anger. Sorry for the harsh language and words, I ever used for you.

    From making food for me to feed me with your own hands, you were the best masterchef. The wishes that were denied by God were fulfilled by you. You always fulfilled my good demands. You became my secret holder, a forever trustworthy friend. How do I forget the support you gave to me, the every single day. You worked on my dreams even more than I did. Whenever I lose my confidence, I used to get it back by laying in your lap.The most scary thing was getting scolded and beaten by you for my well wishing, which I understood so far. Later on I realized, mother's are the best support.

    I remember when I got the degree of Masters, you were more happy than me like it wasn't me who got the degree but it was you who scored the 1st position. Books and study were never a burden to me because you never put any pressure on me. You slowly started teaching me the household chores. I wasn't skillful like you nor I'm till now, but I never forget your efforts which were more than mine. It was you, who made every dish I wanted to have. I don't remember, If I ever felt hesitation to say anything to you. I remember that I had fallen in love, and shared it with you but you slightly pulled me out from the mess. And how do I forget that how much did you cry on my wedding day. The most scary thing here was going to another house after leaving you. Later on I realised you also did the same and I'm the result of that. And there I knew how emotional and sensitivite you were for me. There only I realized mother's are the mixture of strength and emotions.

    Now, When I'm experiencing the motherhood, I'm realizing all the things done by you. You forgot yourself and lost your beauty for me. Your life changed into mine and you started living me. My kids ask me that who is my role model, I silently smile on their question and think about you. Everyone loved me but no one tolerated me like you did. May be I won't be deserving to anyone but I'm happy because at least, at the very last I deserve to be yours, I deserve to be my mother's. I deserved to be loved by you.

    "You succeeded in everything but failed in being bad like you failed in creating your fake angers."

    People think, being a mother isn't anything but you proved them wrong. You achieved a lot. You're the most successful woman with the best motherhood. Motherhood is the biggest achievement among all because it pays, it suffers, it sacrifices, still it survives and gives best out of it. It's not any task or duty or a profession but an emotion that not everyone can feel. Even if it's a profession, then it's the only one, which is paid zero amount of cash because it is being paid the amount of love, respect, trust and so on things that are much more than money.

    "Motherhood pays a lot but isn't get paid a single penny."

    This one day celebration or one later can't explain you or thank you enough for your love and tolerance of everyday. But rather than this, I can't do anything else. These long notes can't define your love. They don't even stand infront of you. You are meant to be loved everyday likewise all the days start and end on you. You aren't the form of God, but you're God itself. I can't think how many times,your prayers and blessings saved me from unwanted, unseen, unexpected things and accidents. People wander to find the God & God already exists in mothers. Mothers are the first name taken by a baby, also it's the first name that is taken in every fears and tears and joys too.

    "Mothers are good and so is their motherhood.
    May God keep them happy & safe, touchwood."

    Your little one has grown and has now her own little ones. Someday, perhaps, they'll write same for me on my successes and failures. People say ,my shadow looks like you more than it looks like me. They also say that you reflect out from me, but I think I still have to learn so many things to be like you. May be I didn't succeed in being a good daughter but you were always successful in being a mother and may be I'll fail in being a good mother but I will give all the best of mine to my daughter. May be I failed somewhere, but you didn't. And the day,when my kids will write about my success only, I'll understand that I have totally captured and adopted you inside me & I have succeeded to be like you. Till then I'll keep trying to be like you..

    "Nothing starts & ends without you but still everything starts & ends on you."

    "There is no child without a mother and no childhood without motherhood."

    Thank you for being my mother.
    Thank you for living the motherhood for me.
    Thank you for giving me birth.
    Thank you for feeding me, raising me, understanding me and standing by my side.
    Thank you for loving me unconditional in every condition.
    Thank you for being in my ups and downs.
    Thank you for always being there with me.
    Thank you for loving and caring after me.
    Thank you for tolerating me, Mom!!

    Thank you Mother India, Mum, Mom, Mommy, Mummy, Maa, Mata, Ammi. She is called by many names but emotions are always same.

    I love you Mom, more than saying and writing it, I mean and feel my words with all the innocent emotions inside them.


    #writingcontest #contest #creativearena #pod #wod
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #mothersday #nayab_naushad


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    Mother & Child

    a word that
    carries all the
    inside it.
    Mother, the
    e- motion -s
    t- ha -t Mom
    c- arr -y is the pu
    b- eauty of -rest form
    t- he wor -ld. of love. S-
    Mother, ☆ -he is th
    A beauty, -e on -e
    that carries w- hos -e
    almost all those l-- ove is
    realtions,that stays uncondi
    here in this universe. -tional.
    Mother, a relation that is the Her love
    most unbreakable one ever,here. is undefined.
    Mother, is everything of the She is the God.
    whole earth. Mo- -m
    She is loving. yo- -u
    Lo -ve are my
    yo - u, li- -fe.
    de -ar ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
    cu -te ☆☆☆
    mo -m.☆☆☆☆

    To all the beautiful
    mothers, a very very
    heartiest love & thank you
    for giving us the wonderful life.
    You all have the po wer & potential
    to create a new life which noone
    else can do. This thank you is
    very little packet of the
    appreciation for you,
    still accept all
    our love,we
    give to


  • elli_mcfarlane 1w


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    Now steadfast in recovery,
    I owe you an apology,
    I can only pray my
    amends be received.

    Addiction within,
    cast me with sin,
    a demon born
    when I started.

    Intoxicated haze,
    unaware of my ways,
    I left you broken hearted.

    Words are hollow,
    I know now the sorrow,
    I inflicted in my daze.

    I've cast out the devil,
    my spirit now level,
    I've committed to
    changing my ways.

    The old me reborn,
    yet I remain somewhat forlorn,
    at how my world has changed.

    My apology now written,
    a response no need be given,
    just know I'll love and miss you forever and always.

    I'm sorry.


  • swetaswadhismita 1w

    Love song

    When I was falling down,
    She held me
    She held me
    She kissed me
    She tapped on my shoulder
    And said to me to stand again
    Her touch
    Created sparks
    In my whole body
    She was like a dream that happened to me
    And I couldn't resist her
    She promised me to hold my hand till the end
    And she never left that
    I am now out of my trauma
    And she became my queen
    And I, her king
    And we built our kingdom


  • pooja17 1w

    Sometimes we
    Are our own lighthouse
    When we sit alone
    And in silence
    Suddenly asking questions
    To self
    Our inner voice
    So good answers
    To our asked questions
    That sometimes we got
    And then we immediately
    Move ahead
    With great confidence
    and true faith
    in God with our sincere
    That time
    One hopeful light
    Of our own
    Turned out to
    Be that spark
    Which we
    Are needing
    At the moment
    And for which
    We are searching
    Here and there**

  • k_roast_blogs_ 2w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writingcontest
    @mirakee @mirakeeassistant
    Dear parents,

    I love you, but please try to understand me, too?

    i’m upset about how conveniently you pick up justifications for your side and don’t consider my side of the story when we get into an argument. it sucks when you say, “you are yet to see the world.” and make me feel like a kid

    i understand this ‘generation gap’ will always be there, but if North Korea and USA can stop themselves from launching their nuclear weapons, i’m certain we can find a middle ground, too.

    it’s just that if i’m talking back or anything – i’m not trying to disrespect you. i just want a little privacy and freedom. it’s weird that if i close the door for a minute, you barge in and confront me as if i were making a bomb in my room or talking to the aliens.

    and please tell me why i can’t have a sleepover at a friend’s place? don’t say, “you’ve your own house.” i know i do, but i’d like to spend one night at my best friend’s place. p.s. whenever we’re out, we’re not roaming around carelessly or getting drunk recklessly.

    i know i’m not the perfect child. sharma ji ka beta is better than me academically, i know, but can he paint as i do? no, right? have faith in my dreams, as i do. that’s all i want.

    i’m not complaining. i know we’ve had a lot of fun together. family picnic, going away on a vacation, and whatnot, but sometimes, i feel we’re different, and it’s okay.

    just don’t force your ideologies on me – i’m an individual. and i can’t see the world until i step out and mistakes of my own.

    lots of love,
    your child.

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    Dear parents,

    I love you,
    but please try to understand me, too?
    Me and sharmajih kah beta
    Are different