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  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 2h

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    "A person often meets their destiny, on the path they took to avoid it"'Jean de la Fontaine'

    She didn't exist
    Before she was six..

    No God
    No Santa
    No birthday gifts..

    Yet, many a foster home
    To treat her like sh*t..

    I suppose it didn't matter
    She had no social security card..

    Or a birth certificate
    For birthdays she never
    Remembered having..

    Shoes to wear
    Food to eat
    And she was dirty..

    But not just her
    Face and tousled
    Chopped off hair..

    Inside her
    It felt dirty as well
    Growing up
    Inches from hell..

    I think it mattered
    The most to her
    That she had no mama..

    Especially to explain to her
    That life, very rarely
    Was ever, very fair..

    All of her "various mothers"
    Who let all her "various fathers"
    Take her
    Off and alone..

    And when they were done
    They left her
    And raw to the bone..

    Her heart weighted down
    Like around her neck
    A heavy stone..

    Yet, a Heavenly Spirit
    And Earth Angels
    Lifted her up
    And tore off the bindings
    That left her to drown..

    She became a person
    That not only existed..

    But a woman
    Who lives
    And loves
    And laughs with her children..

    Her friends
    Her loves
    Her angels
    Her God..

    Broke her free
    From a cycle
    She DIDN'T pass on..

    Turned to light
    And broke through
    A seemingly
    Never-ending night..

    There's a possibility
    It can be, someday
    We all end up
    Brave and free..


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  • sunseeker 10h

    I dwell in thick woods,
    And bask beams with folks,
    I shroud grey hoods,
    I greet crazy strokes,
    I mold nameless enigma.

    I escape soggy summers,
    And hide from bitter winters,
    I flee from brutal bummers,
    I wait for hopeful winders,
    I ride race of grief.

    I've buddies in wilderness,
    I've home in arduous nightmares,
    I've smiled in coldness,
    I've roamed fresh aisles, bare,
    I celebrate colours of heaven!


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    I've smiled in coldness,
    I've roamed fresh aisles, bare,
    I celebrate heaven of colors!

  • wordsmith_ashi 11h

    कुछ गुनाहों की कोई माफी नहीं होती,
    माफ न करना कोई नाइंसाफी नहीं होती ।

  • wordsmith_ashi 11h

    खुश तो बहुत होंगे वो
    खुश तो बहुत होंगे वो आज मेरा दिल दुखा कर,
    आया है इस धरती पर जो
    आया है इस धरती पर जो वो जाएगा अपने कर्मों के फल पा कर ।

  • puchka 16h

    With shaking hands I picked up my pen to write that letter, long intended; held back thinking of the consequences. "It's time, it's time, it's time" repeated to myself 'strike while the iron while is hot, or you'll forever regret". So I wrote, "it's all over, go your way, find peace with her and let it be in the open. I knew all along but never dared to tell, bluffing myself it was all in my head. Now I feel liberated".

  • joybirdpoetry 16h

    Don't try to be a hero.

    Just try to be brave.

    There's a difference.


  • puchka 1d

    Meet her before dawn
    Meet her in the noon
    Meet her late night
    Or any other time
    She's a picture of delight
    Not a hair out of place
    Not a trace of tiredness
    On her beautiful face
    Even after spending
    Hours in the kitchen
    Stirring pots and pans
    Covered in sweat
    Carrying around her
    A sweet fragrance
    Of jasmine flower buds
    dipped in honey
    Of Ponds snowcream,
    Of Jabakusum 'tel'
    Her face aglow
    with red vermillion line
    drawn in hair parting
    like a perfect pencil line

    "Mommy smells"
    Assails the senses,
    Awakens memories
    of her daily presence
    Emulating her ways
    Tried but failed to attain
    That immaculateness
    That purity of soul
    That mind clear as crystal
    That calm composure
    Always exuded

  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 1d

    #portrait #wod @writersnetwork #writersbay #ceesreposts @writerstolli @miraquill @mirakeeworld #TrudgingTowardsTheTruth (Thank you so much, @writersnetwork for your❤)

    A darkening surge of magical light
    seems to somehow best describe her...

    yet seems as confusing
    as the sound it is making
    as it comes
    from a noisy mind
    not ever again
    to surpass
    these silenced lips..


    to a pen
    whose ink flows into words
    put to lines
    greeting ones eye

    and equally as beautiful as all that..

    that lashes about and sheen's
    grasping at your attention
    leading straight
    to the carillon blue gateway..

    that is
    to a soul
    set in the ways of mother/crone
    and yet unwilling
    bend-less, embrace..


    it is that..

    the earth
    and moon/sun
    Will have to
    command it so..

    And all the rest..

    That only
    "I am.."
    and maiden
    encircle us
    in a mesmerizing dance..
    "you are"..

    you are
    the song and the dance
    the laughter and the tears..
    you are
    the teacher and the taught..
    you are
    the mountain that moves
    only in the sight of the goddess..

    yet i will not forget the seed i planted
    as the last of the sunset
    allowed that mighty mountain its minute for me..

    it stood..
    for near a moment
    that seemed to turn into a quarter of a century..

    you allowed me to share in your touch
    beyond ozone-less breath..

    I lost my mind
    in what was said
    what wasn't
    and what was thought
    to of been said..

    those heavens and hells
    a treasure
    of a Gaelic nymph
    goddess mother
    wisest crone
    wavering tree
    flowers free
    and unmoving mountains
    that moved this earth..

    take her all away

    my own personal Pompeii..

    bring her back

    only in the form of a dream..

    "magical lights of black"

    all forms we possess or lack

    yet all pieces
    with her
    we're not..

    holes would turn whole
    if you were to just
    keep your promises
    and believe in us..

    don't confuse this moment
    with nothingness
    and flight..

    yet only
    with knowing
    who she is
    she is..
    and how that
    leaves me so empty
    and yet fills me so fully
    with bitter-sweet, sight.


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    ( a (portrait) of the end of 25year old friendship, not an amicable end But this is how I see her with my ❤)

  • joybirdpoetry 1d

    #portrait #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #writersbay Thank you #writersnetwork for the kind repost.


    Do not let yourself
    do not unfurl
    your feather soft leaves
    that dither
    on slender
    horse hair stems
    of a hundred years.

    The windowsill
    stays dusty
    and the faucet drips
    the water
    makes its journey
    through old copper
    and out to sea
    I catch some drops
    in a Frozen glass
    to measure out
    some life.

    Let it go.

    Do not get hopeful
    you will reach
    nobody hears
    your leaves unfurl
    in time lapse
    it is silent
    as you strain
    in artificial light
    to yawn.

    Let it go.

    Do not despair
    you will survive
    clipped and shaped
    at the hands of
    change direction
    search for sun
    through tiny cracks
    your beating pulse
    it flows still.

    Let it flow.


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    Do not let yourself
    do not unfurl
    your feather soft leaves
    that dither
    on slender
    horse hair stems
    of a hundred years.

    The windowsill
    stays dusty
    and the faucet drips
    the water
    makes its journey
    through old copper
    and out to sea
    I catch some drops
    in a Frozen glass
    to measure out
    some life.

    Let it go.

    Do not get hopeful
    you will reach
    nobody hears
    your leaves unfurl
    in time lapse
    it is silent
    as you strain
    in artificial light
    to yawn.

    Let it go.

    Do not despair
    you will survive
    clipped and shaped
    at the hands of
    change direction
    search for sun
    through tiny cracks
    your beating pulse
    it flows still.

    Let it flow.


  • kalaprincess 2d

    My sweet sister-in-law

    Donning a faded pink salwar
    She struts around the house
    Her head held high
    Her eyes look not to the ground
    Her sweet serenades echo the house like thunder
    Nobody dares to laugh around
    While I stand and boil up in rage


  • mmmthoughts 2d


    You start to suffer when you lose the path, you start to lose the path when you lose interest, you start to lose interest when you lose creativity, you start to lose creativity when you're mentally tired... that's what my philosophy is..THINK ABOUT IT..


  • anu_sri 2d

    4 U my devil

    As a girlfriend my biggest happiness would be watching you tasting your dreams rather than walking through aisle. Because , I was surprised to meet the reality that a devil like you can even look innocent when they talked about their dreams

  • anjuzzzz 2d

    Jo rula sakta hai...
    Wo tujhe...
    Bhula bhi sakta hai yaar

  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 2d

    #song #wod @writersnetwork #writersbay #ceesreposts @writerstolli #TrudgingTowardsTheTruth @miraquill @mirakeeworld (Inspired by Leonard Cohen's song"death of a ladies man")(Thank you so much @writersnetwork for my❤!!)

    Pat the bed and
    Request "just a cuddle"
    Lust just behind
    Those smoldering
    Deep, dark eyes..


    I KNOW the impact of a cuddle

    Until and when we snuggle..

    Tis' not the "platonic"
    We'll feel for each other..

    With just a "normal"
    Cuddly "snuggle"..

    In our minds


    In these

    Of our hearts..
    Our bodies..


    This "cuddle"

    IT is more..

    We'll have to explore..
    Our real thoughts
    On our "cuddle"..

    More than
    "We'll just be talking"

    Reaching out for..
    Just a kiss on the neck?

    A nibble for the earlobe?

    Softly, yet
    Maybe a LITTLE
    Suggestions skillfully

    The love-making
    Inevitable after..

    The hot breaths..
    The Kissing..
    The Hugging...

    ALL that started
    With "let's just cuddle"..

    Tis' a "cuddle"
    That goes beyond..

    What our feelings feel..

    NOT just yours
    Just mine..

    Just those that they are
    innocently intertwined..

    As our feelings just pass
    Through talk..
    That innocently lead
    To a blink and a sigh
    But then captured
    By a silent invitation
    Of your beautiful eyes
    That you say
    Get lost into mine..
    I melt
    Into you..

    Our hand finds a rhythm..
    Our fingers
    Left with an electric currency
    Up and down
    Our intertwined thighs
    Lightning striking..

    This could be
    "cuddle" action
    Even though OUR minds
    Have gone to heaven..
    Our non-action
    Of our"cuddle"
    Tells me
    For now..
    What will happen
    Without the knowing how..

    Nothing wrong with such
    Romantic propositions
    Passions and positions..

    For now, just for now
    Dreams will be dreams

    Most assuredly
    And erotically..
    What will happen


    I know
    The impact of our "cuddles"..


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    Inspired by the song "Death Of A Ladies Man" BY "Leonard Cohen"



  • anu_sri 3d

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Ebb#mirakee#writersbay#writersnetwork

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    Being near the loved one, yet feeling far is ebb

  • montycristo 3d

    "Fresh Lemonade & Ice Cream w/ Swirls"

    6:00 am/pm Eyes glued shut with needed sleep no Beeps not even a sound from the little Yellow Peeps.
    With my big Z's Followed by the itty bitty z's to Sheeplike Hollowood as it begins it Ends with a Lick here, A warm lick-a-Lickty there & 2 Sloppy Licks right over a eye...No lie cross my Heart Sticky a thousand Needles in my other Eye. For under a minute dreaming about cheers & bottomless Tapped Beers. It seems that dreams & pillowed muffled screams & Klidascope sparkles Headlights. Around, Around I curve with 1 last Nerve .What I see coming high above the tree tops through the couching smoking Bears slacking & lung hacking. A Angele's choir Sung sweet melodies of "Smells Like Teen Dung". On the run form tons of guns. Flashbacks & heart attacks & Bros B4 Hoe's. Bambi's Mother had to go jumping a little the winds ends & the Darker Side of Christmas RED flows & the laughing crows only grows. Dragging 2 now Dark Red & Newly Dead tiptoeing around the nagging has no bounds. With 2 marshmellowly mounds on top of a Cold 2-Folded Bush. Coming from behind A Clapping sound from the Rear trying to get back in gear looking in mirrors over the years losing tears & careers. It finally Ends where it should of begun... strolling under a bright & big Sun having loads of Fun. Instead of dragging the dead & hearing the nagging & now time starts lagging. I'm wishing & hoping for me to be wearing a Tag on my forgotten Frozen Toes, but no-go on the blood flow so instead of a stroll over & roll out at the Trunk-Stop to Whip-it-out & Let-it-out. Just like Frozen I'll do the Funny Talk while I do the Funky Chicken Walk... & Let it & Let it Go .... While I do the Funky Chicken Walk... If you just give your ears a listen, You'll might hear my liver do the shiver quiver as I'm pissin. While I do the Funky Chicken Walk... Cock-a-Doodle-Doo...Cock-a-Doodle-Doo.... OOP!?! I just went POO TOO!?!
    Ewe!.. What to do? I know I'll start the Wickety Chimpanzee Walk too & when you take look You'll see my Chimp Pimp it POO Finger Flick.....
    Yeah that's enough enlightenment for today....

    THE END...

  • anjuzzzz 3d

    Kaash tumhe pata hota.....
    Ki mujhe
    Kaise laga


  • omweri 3d

    Ain't our empasis wrong?

    Now tell me,
    How many more lyrics and music and arguments are we wanna launch?

    On 'How more clean we are than others,
    On How we more Jesus loving we are than others,
    On How more godlier day we attend church than others,
    On how holier we know we are than others,
    On how many more hours we pray and fast than others ...
    While remaining the same 'crude' people we were,
    With more and more songs lists accompanied by our names.
    All this making us stumble where faith could simply move this mountains.

    How soon have we forgotten?
    Have we forgotten Abraham,a moon worshipper,who believed God and was counted unto him righteousness?
    Have we?

    Have we forgotten that the more hour praying and fasting, sacrifice and offering giving pharisee was 'no better' than the Humble poor tax collector?

    Have we soon forgotten that thief on the right side of Jesus on the crucifixion believe God and Now He's in paradise!..
    By the way,
    How was He baptised?
    How holier was He than the other thief?
    The bible says after acknowledging his sins then believed in Jesus and Grace and Mercy was His portion.
    Ain't our emphasis wrong?

    Jesus preaching to a Bible quoting, Sermon preaching, Law knowing Nicodemus self told Him:
    "He that believes in Him(Jesus) is not condemned,
    But He that believes Him not is condemned already."
    "He's not believed in the name of the only begotten son of God."

    Ain't our emphasis wrong?


  • virahela 3d


    Miracles, she gives me in life with never ending prayers

    Outshine, she Illuminating the perfect light, her love burns brighter than a 1000 suns

    Tenderness, is how she comforts my soul in difficult times

    Happiness, is what she wants me to have all the time, countless

    Elegant, the way she takes care of things with the grace of a queen at her thrones

    Reliable, is how she stands by me when I need her the most, always.

  • montycristo 4d

    "The 1 Who Fear Follows"

    Creepily shadowing from the in between abiding his time. Patiently crawling forward. In the darkness he is a low whisper in your ear the chill that makes you quiver. With awkwardly oversized grips & sharp fingertips he stays.... where? There? Not to far not to close to be noticed. If you wonder just to ponder why you might vanish on this cold winters night. Second guesses will bring delightful messes. Oh my wonderful dear friend Curiosity you bring out joy in so many of my toys. With their eyes wide open burning to blink you start to think now on the brink you begin to sink. Gasping, panting the park's lights start to dim. With thoughts running amok reality & morality blends in the height of chaos sending out a mental S.O.S. GRASPING OUT IN FEAR. When their hopes & faith disappears when your world mirrors the darkness and your reaching out for anything, everything but nothingness is all you find. In the slightest of movements I ascending to my prey having my fills & chills I get my thrills to be the 1 who follows... The 1 who has enlighten your horizons of a new way to look in the night. Walks turning into jog then the fun when you begin to run into the fog tripping & slipping over the (movie scripted log).

    In your moments of thinking it all over....
    You sigh with relief at last, at last.... Until the chill that fills the air everything stays still. With my wicked will your hairs arise & the world cries then light dies from your eyes. You will think Twice when you feel my NAME. Through my touch you'll know FEAR....

    Sinfully Yours MR. GOOSE D. BUMPS