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    काश मैं बैठ तुम्हारे पहलू में तुम्हारा हाथ थाम तुम्हारी उदासी परेशानी की वजह पूछ लेता..
    तुम नजरे झुका चेहरा घुमा झूठा मुस्कुरा कहती के छोड़ो कुछ नही सब ठीक है..
    और मोहित लेके तुम्हारे चेहरे को आपने हाथों में, आँखों में आँखें डाल तुम्हारे दिल में चल रही कशमकश जान लेता..
    तुम्हें कहने की जरूरत भी ना पडती, के मोहित पल भर में भर के तुम्हें बाहों में अपने सीने से लगा..
    मैं दे के सारे सुख चैन तुम्हें, तुम्हारी उदासी परेशानियों को अपना बना लेता..

  • paradoxicalpenman 8m

    Mundane ambitions

    Faced adversity
    My inner demons weep
    Sparring with fate now,

    Ignorance befriends
    Curiosity is foe
    Hey alter ego,

    Adventure mundane
    Narcissistic tendencies
    Empathy counters,

    Constantly battling
    Introspection paves the way
    For my progress,

    Dwelling in insomnia
    Slumber my ambition.

  • penceze 18m

    Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

    Time after time, day after day
    Every second reminds me that you're away
    The clock ticks so slowly, moments have turned grey

    I see people smile, but they aren't you
    If you were here I wouldn't be this blue
    For all I will do is smile for you

    Away you are, but I've grown fonder
    Everyday I wonder how you are yonder
    Now I believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder


  • lihaaj_ 20m

    I'm.new knows nobody here tag karna muskil h but who so ever read it dear friend ,please keep on seeing dreams they will pave you away forward forever,
    Destiny is always foreseen in dreams only don't ignore, and if you are a lady my hearted wishes for your upcoming life and please take this poem in account as if it is written specially for you ❤, lots of respect and live to all thy who read it .....
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    सो रही है

    वो सो रही है,
    आंख के किनारे से
    रिस रहे है ,निनद मे
    आते ख्वाब ।
    कुछ रंगीन है ,
    कुछ बेहद स्वेत ।
    पर सब चमक रहे है,
    मानो प्रतिबिंबित हो स्वयं तारे।
    कष्ट होता हे देखने मे,
    पर जग जायेगी जब,
    सिरहाने मिलेगे सब ख्वाब।
    उन्हे बंद करेगी वो बाटली मे,
    आखिर अंधेरी दुनियाभर मे,
    ये बाटली ख्वाब की ,
    उसका खूद का उजाला है।
    सहारे जिसके वो,
    ताउम्र चलेगी।
    सो उसे सोने दो ।

  • desiderata_ 23m

    When he looks into those eyes, he wonders, how to do justice so sublime that it unlocks her very dreams? Double meanings or mocking hints with false cues about her secret life, like some unknowing power from another planet is trying to send him messages.

    A little booklet lying in front of him, that claims to interpret the dreams. A desire he couldn't begin to fathom when tales about the cologne bottles, hairpins, slippers, nylon stockings pouring an unholy chorus, bring tears to his eyes.

    He couldn't recall the original color of her pale nailpolish before she picked up the bottle of Acetone to remove its traces. A lost memory that shimmers before his eyes like a fairy tale from a distant land. It becomes difficult to trace the origin of her story, as it is, to trace the origin of life.

    He takes notes, how she spent her last few days with him, filling the ashtray of empty promises, diffusing scent of her Frangipani perfume into smoke. A silent passage that tests his courage, fires up the imagination and he embarks on yet another ritual with painstaking precision. A bleak hunt by conjuring her image, as light glimmers the same shade as her complexion.

    They say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. He knows, there is no such thing. Again this unimpeachable silence, incomprehensible even frightening, is far beyond their shared vocabulary. And he knows, this time it would be a long while before either of them break it and she would leave it to him how he writes about all this, for she is not he, who is the wordsmith.

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    Do they sell ink that smell of Frangipani?


  • _reehaze 25m

    Sometimes when things get too hard for me, I say these to myself. And I actually believe 'me'.
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    Time's tale

    Time did not ask me whether I am ready to handle all these responsibilities and expectations, nor did it stall to prep me.
    As I grow older, I see these tangible and intangible expectations and responsibilities weighing down my shoulders.
    Sometimes I do well and sometimes I get freaked out by it's sheer enormity.
    And as there is no written guide or rule on “how to be an adult”, I realise that I just become one….sometimes by learning from other's mistakes, sometimes learning from my own mistakes, nevertheless, trying.
    Trying everyday.
    People who were here before me did things their way which might be right for them at that point of time but I think it's ok not to be exactly like them or follow their tested path.
    I might deviate and it's ok. It's ok to be not 'perfect’, it's ok to be not politically correct all the time, it's ok to be just me... once in a while shirking all the expectations.
    It's ok.

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    #writersnetwork #pod #wod #proverb image credit :pinterest

    Contrails of our ardour
    spell out your name
    on azure canvas
    I paddle a crescent canoe
    on salmon hued nectar
    Zephyrs from your
    submerged sighs
    shepherd my sails to
    Anchor at your island

    Serenading sonatas of
    your alluring laughter
    Guide my innate compass
    as I wade through
    Nautical miles of
    liquid chandeliers
    To interlace our immortal wands
    and sway sempiternally in
    Dopamine waves

    Distance burgeoned
    but the fabric of time
    Held our memories
    latticed together by
    Limpid bonds of
    unwavering trust
    So look for the sail
    on rainbow horizons
    engraved with our insignia
    Of crystalline amour

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    Unbound ardour beckons me daily
    As I paddle my imbalanced canoe
    To anchor at your idyllic island
    and sway in dopamine waves


  • dawning_poet 42m

    Fire to the soul

    With fire in my heart
    And cold wind across my face
    I walk the empty roads
    Shadows walk beside me
    Reminding me of the forgotten fable
    A fable of truth
    That hid behind a smog of lies
    A fable lost with time
    Forgotten along with the ashes of my innocence
    I was born a phoenix
    This world turned me mortal
    Living a lonely life
    Devoid of human emotions
    Every connection I ever made
    Never had true intentions
    I didn't know love
    I threw away my freedom
    My hope was set ablaze
    And my demons broke me
    As I walked pass a Brooke
    My reflection disowned me
    The boy I once knew was gone
    And the man I wanted to be
    Never came to be
    And even though I blamed the world
    I finally realised who the failure was
    Realisation burned hotter than flame
    My world crumbled to ashes
    All there left was the pain
    And in this world of dark ashes
    Reality began to glimmer
    As I reached for it
    It exploded in my half burnt face
    Washing away the pain
    Bringing back my dreams
    Reminding me what I was meant to be
    The protagonist of my story
    Who wrote this saga
    I rose from the ashes
    Broke down the shackles
    I flew high in the sky
    Burning brighter than the sun
    The phoenix was reborn
    My glory was restored
    I buried all the opinions
    Down in hell's floor
    I had been living in a world of fiction
    Thinking what others think
    Acting out their convictions
    But with this moment 
    This new found reality
    Came my pride
    My vision, my courage and my life
    So no matter what happens 
    Or what others may say
    Fiction won’t draw me back anymore
    It won't bind me to its clutches
    As I set sail across the sky 
    Through the future
    I carry my present in this reality
    Burying my fugazi past behind me
    And no matter how low life may get
    I'll soar high till I'm dead.  

  • unnati__writes 1h

    "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"

    Liking the ice cream and licking it with pleasure
    My eyes were warmth and heart captured treasure

    Each lick so sweet, creamy and icy
    My mouth filled with love of each slicy

    Lick my tongue all the cream with so much enthusiasm
    My eyes watched all the ice go slim on my arm

    It took an hour completely for me to digest
    The taste of ice and creaminess lie best

    After an hour my tongue got flickered
    Absence make the heart grow fonder

    Ice cream was none my eyes filled with tear
    I wanted more and more to lose my fear

    They said breakup hurts; but not more than emptiness
    Specially when it's about that icy creaminess!

    #proverb #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #miraquill #writersbay #writersworld

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Designed by using canva
    Pic credit to the rightful owner

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  • wanderwords 1h

    Every heart wants
    Love to be as simple
    As the poem they posted
    on their Instagram stories
    Silently tagging usernames
    They hover on at 3 a.m.
    Scrolling through their feed
    in dark mode and accidentally
    Liking their picture from three years back
    Face palming themselves,
    Hiding their embarrassed smiles
    Underneath the blanket
    Crossing their fingers
    Hoping for bad internet
    Shutting of their phone
    As if it will change anything
    Cursing themselves in cursive bold words
    Their tongue never feels proud of later
    Somehow sleep finds them
    while thoughts of all the what ifs
    Scurry from nightmares
    that will takeover the moment
    Head hits the cushion
    Every heart yearns for the simple love
    Described in the verses,
    Complicated by metaphors
    Drunk on vulnerability
    Shackled by insecurities
    Alarm of their response spreads fear within
    Fingers tremble to glide through the screen
    Eyes feel shy of the outcome
    However adrenaline rush slows down
    The moment notification bar shows
    Nothing but headlines from TOI
    Soul exhales out it worries
    With a sad smile on face
    And the simple love no more
    Remains as simple as it seems


  • i_faha 1h

    Cookie - 10


    Oops! I didn't mean to startle you with the scariest word of this year; just meant to nudge you from this half awake state of dullness that we're all infected with these days. Isn't there a tad too much of negativity in the air? Undeniably, it pulls our morale down, which often reflects in what we write. And the written word transmits some more of it's pessimism onto us, trapping us in a vicious cycle. Such is the power of words.

    Leaving aside the philosophical point of view, even renowned scholars suggest us to use positive sentences when writing. It keeps our writings succinct, assertive and clear. Even when we are writing about dark subjects, positive writing can be very inspiring.

    Let us compare the following two sentences.
    Not all of us may remember the difference between a negative and positive sentence - negative
    Some of us may have forgotten the difference between a negative and positive sentence - positive
    The results are self evident.

    Having said that, there are instances when we need to use negations to express an opposing idea. Its generally a good idea, however, to not commit the crime of adding two negatives(double negatives) in the same statement. Except when? Find out more about it over my Instagram stories.


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    Cookie 10

    Don't use double negatives. They're are a big no no.
    - anonymous

  • angeljohn 1h

    Significance shown, amidst absence..

    Arrival of an identity,
    blissfully revives one's clarity and
    communicates personal nobility...
    Dependence, upon the noble soul,
    enrich the competitor's role to-
    fetch the toughly directed goal...

    Guidance-elderly provides victorious breath,
    harmonizing the whole of manly strength and
    indepence, to fabricate a righteous birth...
    Jewel will be thy arrival; with an impressive sparkle,
    keen to lovingly twinkle through the-
    larks of the entire animation, breathful...

    Mend thy stand, with a golden hand,
    nursing whole of loved-ones thine and
    open-heartedly frame a world, purely crystalline...
    Pour out, thy gentleness
    quenching the creations' thirst for fondness, thus
    raising the universe from the hidden hatredness...

    Silence, do acquire hearts,
    tuned with the rhythm of a flawless essence and
    unwinds the fastened innocence...
    Valuable, this day is love,
    wanted and desired by the lives reflexive; for
    xenial characters are absent now...

    Yearningly, love and live, then
    zion-worldly will be worth unitive..

    Thereby, the oneness present
    will reveal one's significance
    and the dearest heart's
    absence, makes the heart grow fonder!

  • pakhi1738 1h

    �������������� ������ ������������


    It's almost midnight and Lydia is standing outside Ryan's window fighting a battle in her mind if she should knock or just directly get in. That's how they always snuck into each other's room late at night and sometimes even in broad daylight when it was an emergency, or one of them was in trouble and they didn't wanted their parents to know. She was there to fix things with him, to win her best friend back. She finally decided to just open the window and get in. Ryan was already in bed by this time.

    He was lying shirtless and the moment he realised that someone was in his room, he got up, wore his T-shirt that was lying on his side table and said, "oh, so you are alive!" with a bit of sarcasm and frustration in his voice.

    Lydia: Hello to you too! Scoot over.

    Ryan: For God's sake Lyds, I am serious. Not everything is a joke. (He said with a concerned voice and slided to a side on his bed to make some space for her to sit.)

    Lydia: what is that supposed to mean? (She was confused.)

    Ryan: we heard the gun shot. I looked for you in the entire campus and you were not there. I thought you were hurt so I went out but none of the officers remembered anything about any gun shot.

    Lydia: it must have been something else that you guys heard.

    She tried to be as subtle as she could without giving him hints that she knew more than she was letting out. She still wasn't sure if this was the right time to tell Ryan about Owen.

    Ryan: maybe.

    Lydia: I am so sorry for leaving like that earlier.

    Ryan: it's okay. It wasn't your fault.

    Lydia didn't speak for a while because she knew it was her fault. She shouldn't have left her best friend to deal with that pain all alone.

    Lydia: wanna watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

    Ryan: now? What time is it? (He said while picking up his phone.) It's midnight you crazy woman.
    Lydia looked at him with fake anger in her eyes and that was enough to make Ryan do as she said.

    Ryan: yaah, sure! Why not? Who needs 6 hours sleep anyway.

    Lydia: huh! So it still works!
    (She said with a smile on her face and Ryan smiled back.)

    Lydia jumps down the bed and sit on the ground with her back supported by the bed side. She smiles at him and pats down on the ground near her and says, "just like before, right?" and he came down and sat with her. They tried watching the show for a while but it was like they both wanted to say something to each other and were just sitting there awkwardly, gathering some courage to speak without hurting each other.

    Ryan: I didn't

    Lydia: I have to

    (They both speak together.)

    Lydia: We seriously need to stop with that awkward twin but not-twin thing. It's your turn to go first this time.

    Ryan: I just wanted to say that when I held your hand, earlier, I didn't meant it the way you thought I did.

    Lydia: You didn't?

    Ryan: No Lyds, I didn't!

    (Ryan turns towards her and held her hands again. This time, she was much more comfortable than earlier that day.)

    We used to do so much shit together before I told you about my feelings or before I even felt like I had some feelings for you. We used to just hold hands, hug each other, hell you used to punch me for no reason at all and that's what it was this morning. I just wanted my friend with me in that moment, that's it.

    Lydia: I am sorry, I overreacted earlier. I shouldn't have and yes you are right. We used to do so much shit together and I want that friend back too. I want us back.

    Ryan: there's one more thing. Ever since that night, after I told you how I felt and you said that it'll ruin our friendship, you were right. I saw it happening. I saw you going away and that made me realise that you are the closest person to me after Dylan and all those "other" feelings were probably just a mirage created by my mind to turn it into something more.

    Lydia: So, you are saying that you don't like me, like me?

    Ryan: Umm, No! What I am saying is that I love you Lydia Roden. I have always loved you from the very moment I first saw you when you were lying on the ground with a bloody knee, crying like a baby and saying you'll never touch that bike again. I love you for every meaningless punch you threw at me in past 16 years, for every pancake your mom made for both of us every morning before school, for every time we watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. together, for every time we have laughed and cried together, for every single moment and every damn memory we share together. You are just as much a part of my life as my lucky T-shirt that I proposed to Daneliya Watson in and she very politely held my hand for the first time and said yes. I have never worn that t-shirt again and I have never washed it after that either.

    Lydia: you are disgusting, you know that right?

    Ryan: I know that.

    (And they both burst into laughter.)

    Lydia: I love you too for everything you just said.

    Ryan: so no more side feelings and no more secrets.

    Lydia: yaah! About that. I have to tell you something.

    Ryan: oh boy! That is not good. That look right there and that sentence, "I have to tell you something" it has never ended well. Should I be scared or mad? I need a heads up.
    He started muttering to himself with his fingers crossed, please be "mad", please be "mad".

    Lydia: okay, stop this madness. Don't make me change my mind about telling you.

    Ryan: it's definitely something that's going to scare the hell out of me for you and it probably has something to do about that mysterious gun shot. Since I don't have any other option but to shut my mouth and listen, you may proceed my lady.

    (Ryan said in a mocking way to lighten up the mood a bit and to silence the voices in his head which were shouting, "you know she got herself in trouble again, right? But, what the hell it is this time!")

    Lydia: I think I am in love with Owen.
    (She said it with super speed, in just one breath as if she wanted to let it all out and didn't wanted him to hear any of it at the same time.)

    Ryan: excuse me? What Owen? Who Owen? Owen who?


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  • inked_it 1h

    Walking barefoot on the ground
    Where my emotions are there
    Where the presence of the part of me
    Absent for so long

    Sitting under the shelter of my wishes
    Having my fruitful fruit of Patience
    Which was as sweet as expected
    The wish which was hiddent in Treasure Box

    Recalling the Good Old Days
    Pressed the Delete Button
    Of Bad thoughts of Evil Eyes
    I craved for the day - I met the Sky

    Will never faded away
    From the time I Love Myself
    It was as Beautiful Enough
    As Happiness Swims in my Veins

    The Glory on the face as shines like Diamond
    Hair made up of Sunrays
    Skin was kissed by the Sun
    Eyes shines like surface of Ocean

    It was Me floating like a Water
    Falls with the Snow!

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    It was Me floating like a Water
    Falls with the Snow!

  • _gk_07 1h

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder,
    Dearth of water drop in desert,
    A spark of light in gloom,
    A dazzling smile in melancholy,
    A mend to a wrecked entity,
    A willow tree to prevent erosion,
    A silver lining to clouds in the sky,
    A dopamine to a heartbreak soul,
    A nepenthe to forget pain,
    And a pen of emotions to a writer,
    With some metaphors in the way.


    #wod #proverb #weepc #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    Hole-and-corner = secret

    (~ just flow of words in the river of my mind)

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  • ajit___ 1h

    A river of words flows inside me,
    Sometimes there is an inundation of songs,
    When my mind is upset,
    I write a lot, then write it, erase it.
    I am a writer, it is natural for me

  • dr_asha 1h

    The sun will rise again

    Ripples kiss my feet
    Aah!I remember the heavenly bliss..
    Distance makes no border,
    The same turbulence will flow
    And infuse you a similar power,
    Like this flowing river.
    Time surged over me..
    Was it yesterday?
    The glory of the vermillion veiled itself
    And jumped deeper and deeper
    Into the earth's core
    But mountains beckon me
    And asks me to keep the flame ablazed
    Those storms are his guiding beacon,
    Empowers him to stand firm
    And I choose to behold and persevere
    Knowing deep within my heart..
    The sun will rise again
    And rivers will meet..
    To form the mighty sea.

  • mohitmalhoch 1h