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  • sarie_the_writer 2h

    It is not the confusion of wanting you
    But rather the reality of knowing that I cannot have you
    For your situation is complex and complicated
    So for you to enter my dream again last night
    Was Unexpected and yet perhaps predicted
    And it felt so natural to see you there
    With my guard down feeling safe
    But i didn’t make the first move you did
    No hesitation as you grabbed my face
    And the sensation from your lips
    I can still feel in this present moment
    Being reminded of past private moments
    And it wasn’t as if I was disappointed to see you in my dream
    But you were not the him I thought I would dream
    And yet that was okay
    Because I wasnt woken with tears
    But rather calmness
    Because your presence somehow calms me
    And yet my feelings towards you are not as confusing as I pretend it to be
    But I know I cannot have you
    And all it does is makes me want you more
    And in your presence I pretend that I am nothing more than a stranger
    And perhaps I am
    for who we were we are not anymore
    But no one truly knows what the future holds
    But if you asked me the truth silence is all that you’ll get and distance
    Because distance seems to be so familiar between us
    As your absence continues to confirm what cannot be
    I guess we have to grow up sometime
    We are not kids anymore
    No more being blind
    We just aren’t kids anymore

  • terrybbrown 2h

    The greatest gift
    The one self given
    That leaves the world
    And I forgiven


  • pallavi4 6h

    Many masters, many lives

    I was born an old soul in the body of a child
    To loving parents in a comfortable home
    And knew as a youngster that this would be
    The last time on this earth that I would roam

    I was born and became a young widowed Indian woman
    With a small baby, a white sari and long raven hair
    I still remember the feel of the cold wind on my cheek
    And always wishing that I could go back there

    I was born and became a fat Chinese priest
    Who was councillor to a powerful king
    I sold important state papers to the enemy for which
    I was thrown into boiling water on a fire ring

    I was born and grew up to be a teenage French boy
    Who would watch his landowners’ daughters play
    As they brushed out their hair sitting by the windows
    Hoping to be one of “them” one day

    I was born and went on to be a English boy of five
    An orphan who would beg for food on the streets
    Who died hungry, of malnutrition and starvation
    A small blip on a city’s garbage heap

    I was born and became a Scottish soldier who fought
    Wars in Her Majesty’s army to protect the crown
    I died on the battlefield nameless and unknown
    My body lay lifeless and crushed on the grassy ground

    I was born and grew up to be a female Egyptian dancer
    In the court of a powerful pharaoh - the king
    I was kidnapped by the enemy and died after being
    Bitten by a snake while wearing lots of bling

    I was born only to one day became one
    With the earth of which I was born
    This time whenever I breathe my last
    It will be last time I see another dawn

    In most cultures across the globe it is believed that each of us are reborn 7 times before being given salvation or “moksha”. Each birth is significant because it may follow a sequence or in some pattern fulfil the roles of - the infant, the learner, the explorer, the lover, the achiever, the giver and the transcendence. Since only the soul takes another form/body it is said that as children we are born with some knowledge of our previous births which gradually fades as we grow older. Some people believe that we are watched over by our ancestors that become our guardian angels/masters , hence the term seven masters, seven lives.
    In my culture, Hindus believe reincarnation is a continuous process till the soul attains the qualifications required for Moksha or salvation. It is then that the soul moves to another plane, another dimension, free from the cycle of rebirth and hence the burdens and pains of life.


    2nd of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    “Many masters, many lives” taken from a book by the same name by Dr. Brian Weiss

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  • sarie_the_writer 22h

    Like shattered glass
    I wonder if he ever sees what’s behind this beauty
    The dried blood left on the shattered glass that cuts so deep
    Made by people who got too close
    But should have never been so close
    But all he sees is the beauty in front of him
    I wonder if he notices the pain in my eyes that I have gotten so good at Hiding
    Hiding from him
    And the image that he sees is just me pretending
    Being the character that I created
    I wonder if he sees the real me behind all of these masks
    And if I was truly naked if you could accept all the flaws from the reality of me
    I wonder if in the moments of him being inside of me meant more to him than it was to me
    And if confusion live within him as it does within me
    So I smile and pretend as if
    As if he can see me but I know he can’t
    Because the character that I created is nothing like the one I am
    And if he was to fall in love I’m not sure who I would be
    Or if I could love him the way that he needed to be loved
    And his touch
    It seems so fearless as if he doesn’t know that when he touches me back he’ll probably shatter too
    And so I smile and pretend as if I am not this person
    And to see if he could be someone who I can truly be naked with
    As silence fills the room and he smiles and I smile back
    But on my mind this is a test that he doesn’t even know that he is being tested
    And pass or fail I give the final grade
    So I remain silent and still accepting his presence as it is and accepting what is left
    But we all know how the story ends
    No love lost No regrets just you and me and what’s left
    And the cloud that hangs above us
    With rain that spills the truth
    Of a distant love that is him

  • sarie_the_writer 1d

    Like an unwanted visitor you entered my dream
    Creating dysfunction and illusions and yet I allowed it
    With my lips sealed wanting to speak
    But my mind controlling everything trying to keep quiet
    But my heart screams and won that battle
    For the desire of wanting you I can no longer hide
    And so I created a reality that I could have you in
    A reality that’s satisfying my heart
    But the illusion was nothing more than an illusion
    And my mind was so strong that it can no longer be fooled by this illusion
    So my heart said all the words that I would never say in real life
    Knowing that time is ticking and this was my last chance to say the words that I could not say
    And I touched you because all I wanted to do was touch you and be touched by you
    And then the truth came out
    But our time ran out
    My mind had to tell my heart that this was temporary that I could not have it
    And my heart became so sad because you are who I wanted
    If there is any truth in the words that I speak and in the words that write the only words I could truly say is that I love you
    But my mind has protected me from people that I love that hurt me
    And my mind has protected me from being hurt again and again and again
    So my mind tells my heart That only in dreams you can have this person
    Because I have to protect you from this person hurting you again
    Because somehow they can’t believe that their actions has cut so deep because you just smile and show no emotion
    You have gotten so used to being in pain and no one noticing
    And I know how much you love this person so much that you would suffocated but they would allow you to suffocate and I can’t allow you to suffocate now that we have found oxygen
    So tonight I allow you to dream of Him
    But before you wake I have to show you that this dream An illusion so that you will not think that this could be a reality for us
    This love cannot be a love that’s for you
    And I will allow you to take the lead when he can come forward and show that he can be someone that I no longer have to protect you from
    And so my mind sewn my lips back sealed
    And the illusion before I woke was revealed to me
    But in this moment I think of you
    And even though I know the reality of us I still think of you
    As my mind tells me that this cannot be and yet a part of my heart hopes that one day we can be
    But the illusion it’s all that I’m left with
    So I just remain emotionless
    With a smile on my face as everything fades
    Left with dreams of illusions
    And my mind keeping me sane
    Love of all things

  • shukla_jii 1d

    She can't wait for me ,
    Even for a long hours ,
    She becomes irritated easily.
    But when it comes to me ,
    I can wait and understand ,
    And it becomes normal why ?


  • waitedtears 1d

    If Love Is Just
    a word

    then why it hurts this much
    When It Broke


  • shewhokilledthelight 1d

    Quiet, girl

    Quiet girl.
    Quiet, girl.

    Your pain is too simple to be real.
    My pain is more than yours will ever feel.

    You and me.
    We would live gallantly,
    if only you pay me the attention I need.
    What have I not taken yet,
    that you can give to me?
    Nothing I see.
    Quiet, girl.

    My quiet girl,
    don't quit me now.
    I need your blood to feed.
    I need your heart to bleed.
    On my knees I beg you back,
    a parasite to attack.

    My quiet girl,
    Yes, that's right,


  • pallavi4 1d


    When yesterdays loom over your head
    Circling your thoughts like hungry vultures
    When the rain looks like falling teardrops
    And your mind feels like it is in ruptures

    When betrayal feels like prickly thorns
    Constantly digging into your sides
    When your heart feels shorn and shredded
    Lonely, desolately desperate inside

    When nothing seems to make sense except
    The pain from the knife stuck in your back
    When you lose your peace and comfort
    And solitarily tread a troubled track

    It is then time to forgive those who
    Previously against you cunningly conspired
    If only to move on and away from the hurt
    That in the past has already transpired

    There is a sense of freedom in releasing
    Yourself from the clutches of affliction
    Where you brush off bygones like a fallen autumn leaf
    And gain independence from being a victim

    Never however forget the lessons learnt from
    Those who once called themselves your friends
    Remissions should sometimes be given so that
    One can finally for the agony find an end

    Even the harshest snowstorms stop
    Melting into warm springs that offer shelter
    Nothing lasts forever so why should resentment
    And anger like a never ending winter ?


    1st of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, fine art america- praying hands by sheila terry

    “Tread a troubled track” taken from “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse

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  • grossett1 1d

    Silent Noise

    I hate that I cant stop thinking of you. I swear every night I'm visited by you. It's like a silent noise and with every thought my heart skips a beat. I just wish I could turn you off.

  • madinah_writes 2d

    The mirror is my best friend.
    Because when I cry,
    It never laughs.
    The mirror is the reflection of me.
    And I am my best friend.

  • pallavi4 2d

    How to survive a Panic Attack

    On a day where everything seems fine
    And you perceive a threat or some stress
    You feel you have a racing brain
    And anticipate an exposure to certain situations again
    Maybe the situations become triggers or banes

    Feel intense fear and anxiety
    Discomfort and chest pains
    Have a feeling of being unsteady, lightheaded and faint
    And one of unreality and detachment from self
    Feel numbness, palpitations and a pounding heart
    Have a feeling a shortness of breath and smothering
    Trembling, shaking and sweating
    Choking and having a fear of losing control
    The feeling of severe nausea
    A feeling like dying and going crazy
    Having a feeling of everything going hazy

    It is time to try:
    Deep and mindful breathing
    Becoming aware of your body
    Practice progressive muscle relaxation
    Thinking calming thoughts and visualisation
    Taking anti depressant/ anti anxiety medication


    30th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- No 69 by amoc777 on deviant art

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  • pallavi4 2d


    It is a great privilege for me today
    To pay homage to the great November
    For being steadfast, brightly colourful
    And cold in moderation it will be remembered

    With spring and summer out of the way
    Fall came next as always in the chain
    The trees lost their garish green robes
    Shades of orange in the forests reigned

    The season of harvest, fruit and gains
    November came with no additional baggage
    “Autumn teaches us how beautiful it is to let things go”
    Is a truthful and alluring adage

    Not hot like the October’s autumn
    Not freezing like the snow laden December
    Warm days and cold nights made it perfect
    And the most sought after seasonal member

    With the smell of spices and oaks in the air
    November lived beauteously aflame
    Tables were gaily dressed to give thanks
    Pumpkins were universally acclaimed

    Golden apples blossomed and bloomed
    Golden leaves covered the roads and lanes
    Golden magic filled the rosy cold draft
    Golden, the worldly pleasures became

    “I wish I too could be an autumn leaf
    Who looked at the sky and lived
    And when it was the time to leave
    Gracefully it would know life was a gift “

    Every year I await the advent of fall
    Before winter covers everything in snow
    November thank you for being a constant in my life
    You’ll be missed more than you’ll ever know


    30th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Jesup path, Acadia National Park, Main ne Fall 2013 by Nate Levesque on Flickr

    “Autumn teaches..... let go”, quote by unknown
    “I wish I ...... was a gift”, quote by Dodinsky

    #novendc #november #fall #goodbye #ode #eulogy #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • thoughts1226 2d


    Would you like to publish your writings in three books just in 50rs all of them will be available on Amazon flipkart etc???

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  • madinah_writes 3d

    Happiness is what we make out if life. What we find, what we fight for, what we live for. Nobody is ever going to give you happiness except your Creator. So, be happy. Find happiness no matter what.

    #thought #happiness #miraquill #Creator #live #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #lifeadvice #wod

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    You're busy writing stupid poems about depression and heartbreak. Who promised you happiness?

  • 7signxx 3d

    You are my
    'Once upon a time'...

  • pallavi4 3d

    Life advice

    I was a very troubled teen. I was young, rebellious and would not listen to good advice when it was given to me . This caused me great grief in life. I had to learn things the hard way. But I never gave up and slowly learnt how to fight on. I learnt somethings along the way and some were taught to me by people who acted as anchors for me in troubled times. I cannot say that all the following advice is my own but yes this is a list of all that helped me get back on track and acted as a guiding light whenever I lost my way- which was often in the last decade.
    Listed below is the life advice I would like to give to my younger self -

    1. Learn to trust your instinct - what you feel inside your gut the first time something happens is usually right. Trust that feeling.

    2. There is no substitute for hard work- you may or may not be the most intelligent person in the room, but you can certainly become the most hardworking . And hard work always pays off .

    3. Don’t let anything get you down- you need to learn from mistakes and move on again. If you let things get you down, you’ll never move ahead in life.

    4. Perseverance- you need to keep at a task if you hope to achieve the impossible. If you let go of it the minute you sense failure, you’ll never succeed.

    5. Failure is a stepping stone, not a dark hole- every time you fall down, get up, dust yourself , learn what needs to be learnt and move ahead.

    6. Depression is not the end of it all - you can be depressed and yet work towards your betterment. Being depressed is not the end of life. Talk about your depression and get the help that is needed to solve it. Therapy helps.

    7. Never lose faith - or sight of what you want. Yes there will troubled times and times when nothing will go your way . It is then that you need to be steadfast and hold on to your faith (in god, in others, in yourself and life).

    8. Never assume - anything about another person’s thoughts or intentions or their abilities.

    9. Do the right thing- even if it kills you, even if you are angry , even if the one you are trying to help hurts you. Doing the right thing make you not have any regrets later.

    10. Always tell the truth- except when the truth will hurt someone. Value honesty and tell the truth , always . The lesser lies you tell, the lesser you will need to keep track of what you’d said earlier. That is simply exhausting and not worth it.

    11. Never hurt people- by your actions or words. Be aware of what you are saying and doing to and for other people.

    12. Never expect goodness to be rewarded- you need to do the right thing and not expect to be rewarded for the same . Doing good never hurt anybody.

    13. Do not confuse sarcasm with wit- no the most sarcastic person is not the smartest one in the room, they are simply small minded and mean. Good things do not happen to mean people.

    14. Be sensitive to others feelings- there’s more to life than just your troubles and your difficulties . Some people are fighting greater battles than you. Respect them and that fact.

    15. Don’t judge a book by its cover or the condition of the same- stop being prejudiced and conceited and stop turning your nose down on people who do not look/ seem to be up to your standard.

    16. Be kind and generous. Kindness is the greatest gift you can give to another person.

    17. Don’t let anger destroy you - raging over things is not the right way to deal with what’s wrong. Instead of seething, learn to take control of your rage and gradually simmer it down. Anger makes you do and say things you will regret later.

    18. Don’t hold grudges- if you hold on to negativity, it will attract even more negativity. And nothing good ever came out of being negative. Holding a grudge will not affect others but will cause you great mental harm. Forget and forgive even if just to save yourself grief and pain.

    19. Do not give into peer pressure- do not feel pressurised to do as your companions/ friends/ peers are doing. Do what you feel is right for you not succumb to what others think you should be doing to fit in.

    20. It is ok to be different- you were made different and it is not imperative that you fit in . Be proud of yourself and who you are. It is ok to be different from others. Great things have been created by people who simply thought out of the box and were labelled odd. Be yourself. At all times.

    Bonus- Greatest advice that I can give : Learn to say no and cut ties with negative people- if you say yes to everything you didn’t want to agree to, you will left with a feeling of great dissatisfaction because then you would have done things against your will. Cut ties with anyone who is negative. Negative people are poisonous and drag everyone down to their level of negativity . Find your bubble of happiness and learn to thrive not just survive .

    I hope my life lessons help someone somewhere .


    29th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • telestic_typewriter 3d

    Fail, Write, Repeat

    Can't say I'm surprised
    That I'm back where I started
    Every time I get where I'm going
    I realize I never departed

    Don't see the point in even trying
    But maybe I guess I'll try again
    I'll crash and burn, but won't be crying
    Instead, to ease the pain, I'll put paper & pain

    Priti Das

  • grossett1 3d


    I guess I'm just tired, tired of fighting an endless battle, tired of being tired, but mostly I'm just tired

  • madinah_writes 4d

    Death ______/______//_______

    Death is bitter in taste,
    Life gets better yet, it's a waste.
    The garment of death black,
    His touch, no man would ever lack.

    The line of Death is straight,
    Compared to the devil, you hate.
    The breath of death is slow,
    The feel of death is cold.
    It moves in seconds,
    You don't have to be so old.

    The eyes of death look focused
    Moving in shadows, of course.
    Death is bold without fear.
    Death never sheds a tear.

    Death might be your best friend.
    He comes temporarily, lying on your bed.
    Death never departs,
    He hold you dearest to heart.

    Cheap is death,
    Life is wealth.
    Death is neither friendly or aggressive.
    So who are you impressing?

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
    To every life, death is must!
    Death is your end,
    You don't want to hear.
    So do I.
    Death is your friend.
    So is mine.

    The principle of death is simple.
    In his eyes, holds the end.
    Life is all about trouble,
    Death is rest, a life without end.

    The house of death is clean,
    It seats with your soul.
    It's also an angel without sin.
    For God destined everything.