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  • kritu5 81w

    Being a women is tough
    We face every obstacles
    And sometimes we fail to make things better
    But you know what we never give up not because we are always suppressed but because we know how to face wave of a wind In the sky ,we know every wave make us strong ,bolder .
    And at the end every wave is so familiar to us to dive , it allows us to spread our wings ........but I wish every women get that chance to spread their wings in the wide sky
    PS :it's a small quote for women who never give up on her Goals .I salute them

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    I'm a humming bird ,
    Who knows exactly ......
    How to fly in a wide sky
    ✍️ God's daughter

  • lynnea68 172w

    Womyn"s Wyrding

    Ancient power slides over sleeping skin.
    Womyn's Wyrding...feel it again.

    Entourage of Angels, the gangs all here....
    Plans up...throw away fear.

    Power in Creation..
    Going to create our way through..

    And pull manna from heaven..
    With a great I AM or Two.

    Silken Siren weaves and wyrds...
    Spin goddess...spin..

    Bring it on through.

    Spellbound...spell kissed...
    Manifest light...

    Casting spells....
    No fear of the night.