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  • shabz_felix 1m

    Love End

    He came to my garden of roses for glory stroll
    With dew drops to refresh my soul
    Within like Petals blooming
    Walking in grace while souls booming
    The precious love we share
    Holds my heart so dear
    Sweet melodies in heart ringing
    The bosom of my mind is rejoicing

    On the bed of roses
    Creatively poetry in the bud composes
    naturally rhyming with the most important part
    Tasted so fruity ,I think it's a rap
    Running wild till night fall
    Captivating feeling above all

    Beaming with emotions
    Dreaming is just illusions
    Real industries in perfect harmony
    Interior red desert sweeter than honey
    Sucking nectar enthrall
    Achieving all our personal goal
    But I really thought that love would
    Last forever ,but I was wrong

  • subhamrizal 8m

    She was an angel dressed in flesh and bones;
    Beautiful eyes, and the warmth of her heart
    Could melt even the coldest ice:
    like I once had
    She was my smile, dream,
    And the only love of mine.
    Her presence always took me to heaven,
    The highways were the Avenues of heaven,
    She was the only unicorn in this
    Cursed life of mine,
    But I'm a demon whose curse
    Can never be washed,
    I could jump on a burning flame
    Just for her smile,
    The sweetest I ever saw.
    But the warmth was a dying ember
    She kept the ice in her so quick
    and left me shivering.
    When I jumped into the river
    Too many times to make it home
    I'm out there on my own,
    Drifting all alone
    I see the storm getting closer
    And the waves they get so high
    Seems everything we ever knew is here
    Why must it drift away and die
    I knew the storm was getting closer
    And all my friends said I was high
    But everything we have
    ever known is here
    I never wanted it to die

    "I thought that Love would
    Last for ever : I was wrong"

  • msushil 13m

    Doubt wore vermilion,
    Doubt wore bangles
    And doubt wore mangalsutra.
    You left me
    With my new bride
    That schmoozed with
    My helplessness.
    I thought
    love would last for ever:
    I was wrong.

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    Doubt wore vermilion,
    Doubt wore bangles
    And doubt wore mangalsutra.
    You left me
    With my new bride
    That schmoozed with
    My helplessness.
    I thought
    love would last for ever:
    I was wrong.

  • kanikachugh 16m

    Sorry. Not a poem ��

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #end

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    Part 1

    One night I was walking down the road after a party I left early. Talking, sharing about my past life. My fears, my inhibitions, insecurities, about the people who left me for heavenly abode. The person walking right beside me was patiently listening to my apprehensions. As I approached my home, I stopped to face him and told him how much I miss my dad, I miss a lot of things and I'm glad he is here with me. He extended his hand to caress my cheeks with tears glistening in his eyes. He wasn't only listening. It was, as if, he was feeling my pain. Moments like these were treasures I didn't have to hunt for.

    Part 2

    The person who once felt my pain doesn't even recognize my agony anymore. I scream, I cry, I recall our past memories that surely has left his heart merrily, without leaving out the remnants of my precocious impressions that once held his heart so tightly.
    Thousand times I had unknowingly begged, hundred times cried myself to sleep. At times even in front of him, but he was unable to feel any pain. He says it was time to move on, he says we knew from the start, he says this was bound to happen; something which, mockingly, was all true. Very true.
    But why his heart doesn't squeeze its all blood out leave him breathless to warn him as it does to me "missing someone to this extent would only kill you."
    Why aren't his rational thoughts do not bark at him and say "That's it? You're done? Will you give up now? Was it that simple to finish it off? Though it was supposed to happen but too soon, my friend. Too soon."

    He, the stronger one whose eyes used to fill with water beads the moment he was about to separate from his lover for a couple of days, he is now indisputably willing to accept his lover won't be in his life anymore and his brain has already given up on the beautiful memories created.
    I used to be so amazing in his eyes. Now I am not, even in my eyes.
    The most ironic and heart-wrenching tragedy is when your lover forgets about your love, about how they felt with you.

    It's similar to picking up few snips from a drama and reciting "yes I remember this scene" something that you have watched from afar and not lived it otherwise no one forgets about it that easily. It remains. The feeling remains. And if you aren't able to encounter those rollercoaster feelings again (which drowns you, fills you with complete happiness/sadness, absorbs you thoroughly, has the power of taking you to the other world) that depicts you've thrown out all of it into an irretrievable oblivion and you remember it like you'd remember a movie you had once watched (& not lived). I thought our love would last for ever: I was wrong.


  • nocturnal_enigma 19m

    * 19.10.2021; 6.37 P.M (Malaysia)

    * A far cry = Silent struggles that somehow need more attention

    #AFarCry #wod @miraquill

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    -ry ~

    Can it be heard from afar?; A far cry.
    Tears out of eyes has become dry.
    While ones smile seems so wry.
    No need to know why. Don't pry.
    Fail pretending to be ok. Despite try.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 22m

    * 19.10.2021; 6.35 P.M (Malaysia)

    * 3 other versions of last line:

    Listening to the old songs; Classic./
    Lifestyle of farmers & fishermen/
    Livelihood of farming & fishing./

    #Acrostic #Poem #NuEmAcPo

    #PastoralPoem #wod @miraquill (Focus on fantasy of withdrawing from modern life to live in an idyllic rural setting)

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    RURAL ~

    Rooster says "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo".
    Urban-life is different than in rural.
    Ringing of crickets on the grasses.
    Aeathetic view of the paddy fields.
    Living in a peaceful place; Feel calm.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • shabz_felix 47m

    Heart break

    Like the daises we bloom heartily
    Surrounded by the fragrance breath of lily
    Sweetly gliding deep flow
    Racing heart melted snow
    Blinking tears of sentimental joy
    Tracing petal unzipping wrapped toy
    Happy tunes filled my pot of roses
    Down my thighs bear fruitful poses
    Thought I was attached to the vine
    Twisted stomach wilted ended in the branch line
    I thought that love would
    Last forever but I was wrong

  • his_aesthetic_ink 54m

    You're gone forever.
    Life went on without

    It was ending to our
    company but not the
    end to our poetic tale...


  • nocturnal_enigma 1h

    * 19.10.2021; 5.53 P.M (Malaysia)

    #Acrostic #Poem #NuEmAcPo

    * Gustatory imagery @miraquill #gustatory #imagery #wod

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    Gluttony; I eat a lot and become fat.
    Unable to resist my food cravings.
    Sweet taste of chocolates and...
    Turkish Delights; Plus, some....
    Arabic sweets: Konafah & Baklava.
    The cold ice-cream cool throat.
    Oh, macarons taste good too!
    Ramyeon that spicy, but, tasty!
    Yummy foods are too many!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • charlieka 1h

    Love Listed

    caterwauling the chain links curling fingers plucking fence songs walking smack dab into surprise attack from cupids errant arrow never a tiny moment to ponder I should of listed one way or the other to avoid the stabbing connect all along
    like a cardiologist performing amputation the subject of scrutiny cut to the point and left the sobbing blade weeping into my vital organ
    I thought that love would last forever but I was wrong

  • nocturnal_enigma 1h

    * 19.10.2021; 5.50 P.M (Malaysia)

    #FreeVerse #Free #Float #wod @miraquill

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    Free & Float ~

    During my free-times,
    I like to write. It's like
    my ideas float on
    my mind. Rhyming
    and free-verse poetry.
    Other than poems,
    I write proses, sayings,
    songs and stories.
    Writing is a way for me
    to freely express myself!

    My freedom of thoughts
    make me write anything
    I want, without any restriction.
    It's like my body float on
    a buoy at a swimming-pool
    of my tears or ocean of
    my emotions. My soul
    feels freedom. My spirit
    floating in the realm of
    writing, among writers.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • edward_3355 1h

    You always ruffled my hair
    When you were bored
    I saw the last breath of spring
    Comb the unkempt meadows

    You often placed your palm on my arm
    Showing how pleasantly cool it was
    I walked along the thawed river
    And threw stones which skipped heartbeats

    You hummed a tune while we
    Walked along the woods
    A mocking bird renders
    Cheap imitations as I try to hum them

    You planted hurried kisses
    On my forehead as you said farewell
    I collect fallen flowers
    And freeze them in time

    A cruel lens magnifies your absence
    And I see the memories fall into graves
    In nights I prowl these catacombs
    Pale and sleepless like a ghoul

    I had stacked the moments with her
    Labelled “forever” in a pristine corner
    Of my tumultuous mind
    I thought that love will last forever
    I was wrong

    #end #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

    //Written in a hurry//

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  • divyanshi28_03 1h

    The days filled with warmth,cold,laughter,love
    all that we shared,all that we built within us
    are now remnants of a broken past.
    A storm visited and gushed our love along
    Neither you sing to me nor I write to you
    Once made tear filled promises
    now they are empty bottles of pain
    Summers filled with joy turn to grey winters
    Life goes on,time keeps trudging along
    I thought that love would last forever,
    I was wrong.


  • reflections__ 1h

    #end #wod
    Trying to write

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    Last night I slept,
    half-a-tear tucked away
    into the deepest crease on my pillow,
    willing it to never resurface
    through my wakeful eyes;
    but nights are mysterious,
    ridiculous too
    and I laid supine,
    a little too awake
    for the insomniac demon inside.

    My windowsill is broken,
    it spares me a glance
    as if pleading with its nonexistent hands
    to undo the sinners' knot I had tied
    last night,
    but 'last night' is a vague term
    it dates back from yesterday
    or at times,
    a year and a half.

    Did you call me?
    I often wake up to
    the suffocating memory
    of that last letter you wrote,
    more for yourself than to me.
    It sits over me
    like a manuscript in gold,
    that could never be mine
    for you gave it away
    to land on my mailbox,
    for you knew I'd breathe
    through these wars
    (and I couldn't bear with
    what you called
    a happy-go-lucky binge.
    You were a crazy drunkard!
    I wanted to tell you,
    Didn't you sin enough for the two of us?)

    I still sit on the yellow fields we walked on,
    hold my hands up to the sky
    to collect the dandelion seeds you blew
    the other day,
    but all I grasp on
    are fleeting threads of a memory
    when we held hands
    more for the cold air of November,
    - -
    we were too young
    to love and hurt
    ~ but you never really grew, did you?
    You loved rainbows
    while I filled canvases
    with the color of your smiles,
    What are rainbows anyway?

    We were too sober for this world,
    I thought.
    But you were always drunk
    and loved your hands on the wheel,
    while colors made me blind.
    Oh how I wish I could save you,
    but you made yourself a heaven
    and I'm the best demon
    in the hell you left,
    only for me.

    I thought love would
    last forever : I was wrong.


  • snehajacob 1h

    Jennie uttered, " I Love you "
    though she was uneasy
    but she said it anyway
    this feeling, hard to supress
    but when expressed
    soo vulnerable
    that's love
    afraid to let your guard down
    I'm afraid to love you.

    When you look at someone
    with soo much affection
    then everything collapse
    with a sentence.

    Soo ironic

    Everything starts with a sentence
    Everything ends with a sentence

    Journey from I Love you to
    I hate you is far but close.

    Love was a blanket
    safe one, I longed for safety
    thought I had him
    But he was the one who put
    salt to my wound.

    I'm stronger than ever
    After all these years
    of agony I'm stronger.

    I thought that love would
    last for ever :I was wrong.

    #end #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    this feeling, hard to supress
    but when expressed
    soo vulnerable
    that's love.

  • boddobodes 1h

    When they say you can't do it
    Do it twice and take pictures
    Don't forget to wink

  • telepathy123 1h

    Me trying my best not to blush while writing this.

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    Hopeless Romance...❤

    The moments we spent,
    The sweet melodic words we exchanged,
    Looking into your eyes,
    How our lips met each other,
    How our heartbeats spoke,
    More than words could,
    The way your cheeks blushed,
    At my sight,
    The way your touch,
    Made my hopes rush,
    The way my love ,
    Increased for you more and more,
    The way your giggles of laughter,
    Made me go crazy.
    Your chestnut curly hair ,
    Falling down your forhead,
    Was the most beautiful sight,
    Of all things I've ever met,
    You decided to leave me,
    Going far away from my embrace,
    Going far away from my love,
    I thought we were meant for each other,
    I thought that love would last forever:I was wrong....

  • unspokenpen1927 1h


    //Sauntering together on the thorns
    But why only i felt the pain?//

    Red blood raging in my veins,'coz' some pages of my tenderness are been torn apart,Don't wash my blues 'let me',write vows on The stagnant
    water And the sky emulate
    Spring caressed the sakura,left the scars on the cheeks,How love can tatto the scars?
    I try to fit myself on the canvas of
    His life but unfortunately my soul
    Did not fit in it and my love was
    Overflowing with the paint of pain
    I thought that love would last for ever
    I was wrong~

    Vermilion shinning on the forehead,I tied the knots of seven promises,From the veins of my heart His love was my jewellery,His hug was my warm abode I am loyal as the poets Poetries ,Lips painted with burises,wearing the bangles of The hopes and ring of Eternal love, I got paralysed From the sun stroke
    My death was uncertain and we departed,Tears had the traffic in my eyes
    I thought that love would Last for ever
    I was wrong~

    #end #wod
    Thanks for the ❤
    Happy reading ❤

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    ~I thought that love would last for ever
    I was wrong ~

  • elli_mcfarlane 2h


    When I was but a child,
    bustling with spirited joy,
    I held in my tiny heart,
    self love innate to all.
    I thought that love would
    last forever: I was wrong.


  • tsm_3000 1h

    I was always there to comfort you but you didn't even notice me.
    I want to share your pain but you loathe my existence.
    I surrendered my soul to you.
    But you still ignored me .
    Time changed ,life changed
    But my feeling for you never changed.
    Finally you accepted me but I didn't guess was waiting for me.
    I gave my heart to you with pure love and hope.
    But you returned it as broken halves.
    You made fun of me and broke beyond repair.
    I was just an unwanted thing in your life.
    I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.
    #end #wod

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    Even though your love was fake,
    I love those fake moments and always cherish it.