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    I love reading stories, I have since I was little girl, I would get lost in these stories, I loved so much.Traveling with magical creatures, Wizards, sometimes time travel.
    As I grew older, I stopped imagining I was in these stories, because now I know that they are not real, they never were.
    But I wish they were real.


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    Pronunciation of some of the words at the beginning for ya

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    'Anticluas (ahn/tick/lu/ahs)'

    'Thebios Magly (Thee/be/ohs - mahg/lee)'

    'Zumath (zoo/math)'


    It all began on a rainy day, the angry clouds reaching high into the sky as if standing testament to the temperament of the group below.

    They stood silently, seriousness and worry etched upon their faces as they started into the crystal ball before them.

    'There was no sign that he would've taken the dark road that has led him to becoming this immortal Necromancer of death.' A wizard said urgently as he watched the memory below.

    A memory of the day he had stumbled upon a lost boy with the choice to do good in the world. A choice that could mean the balance between good and evil.

    It would be a memory he had come to regret. A missed opportunity to rid the world of an evil that would place the world into a realm of fear and darkness that none had have to face since the fall of the evil coven millennia before.

    The boy before them hadn't a drop of evil in his veins. So what had driven him to go on a killing spree? Breaking every magical law in the wizarding school by practicing dark magic. A magic he shouldn't have encountered in a prestigious school as Anticluas.

    'What are we to do? These memories can only tell us so much.' Fiona Appleton, Headmistress of Divine Arts, said worry etched upon her soft face.'He's looking for something. He wouldn't have come out of hiding for just anything.' The wizard said aloud, turning towards the angry clouds.

    The mark of the spider stood out against the soft white clouds, a showing message of who had just been there. Thebios Magly was once a good man, but whatever had been good in him died long ago. 'What if he isn't looking for something but someone?' Fiona asked, wand poised in hand as she contemplated the thought.

    'But who in this day and age would he be looking for in Kinregeard Village? Only women and children live there.' He said as he turned towards the other two witches who were finally coming out of their trance.

    Maybe they had something we didn't. 'He is looking for someone indeed.' Esmeralda Ashburn said as she came to stand beside him. 'There is rumor he looks for his heir. A group of seers has come forth with a vision. He fears that it may come true so he hunts for his blood.' She announced to the group with a grimace.

    'He has a child, we have no records of the child but it exists. We don't know their age or gender but we do know he is looking for a boy or girl the same age as the girl that survived his attack seven years ago.' The other witch said as she looked up to the sky.

    'Was the mother human or magik? Do we know that much?' He asked hoping for something.'We got the inkling that she was magik, meaning if she grew up in this area she might have went to Anticluas.' Esmeralda said shrugging her shoulders. 'It's raining we could scry better on a sunny day.' She added with a hint of frustration.

    He nodded his head, agreeing. When it rained like this you had a fifteen percent chance of your scrying actually working. It just goes to show that such a life force as magik could be affected by mother nature herself.

    'You've tried your best, and that is all I have asked for.' He said, hoping to ease their nerves. 'Is the girl safe, at Anticluas?' Fiona asked, crossing her arms as she touched her bracelet, a remnant of the fallen star of Zumath.

    It was rumored to help the wearer tap into their full power without wearing them down. And in the hands of such a woman as Fiona, he knew the bracelet was in the hands of good.

    'We've reenforced every charm and all the triggers. We should be able to tell if anyone with malicious intent makes it within one hundred miles of the Alkalil Bridge or the castle. And the girl, the girl is in safe hands.' He said smiling. For he knew she was safe.

    For now.


    She still dreamt of them. Her parents, the people who had raised her since they had found her. She could recall the letter in her mind, the letter her mother had written for her to be read when she was older.

    Kariena, my darling daughter of the light. You have a troubled past filled with darkness that we distinguished when we found you all bundled up on our front step with only a ring and a letter pleading for us to raise you as our own and to protect you with our lives.

    You may not be of our blood but that doesn't mean you are still not family, dear daughter.
    The happiness you have brought your father and I will follow you even when it gets dark and treacherous for you are meant to be the light in the sky to those lost.

    Even after our passing do not hold hate, for it poisons the heart and makes us vulnerable. Know that we are at peace, darling child of mine.

    You are not alone, simply look to the sky at night and see the stars and you'll know we always watch over you.



    She sighed as she stared at the stars from the window of her room. She missed them but felt comforted by the fact that they watched over her.

    She stared down at the simple gold ring, a ruby surrounded by a sunburst of white diamonds.

    Enchanted, of course, but no one had been able to find the purpose of the spell.

    After if was concluded to be harmless the wizarding committee allowed her to keep the only token and the only thing remaining from her past.

    She would just have to see how long that would last.

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    B L O O D M A G I C

    What is blood now,
    Once happen to be my imagination.
    What is bone now,
    Turn out to be my insatiable passion.
    These organs that function without emotions now,
    Used to be my only hope, my last option.
    It is not the same as it was,
    A series of events happened,
    Turning every souls dark, after all...


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    Hogwarts 2.0

    Doesn't this remind you of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

    Dude, magik is totally real.


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    Some people are holograms
    Some people are aliens
    Some people are ghosts
    Or spirits
    Sleepless spectres
    Some people are love
    A few people hate
    Some people are vampires
    Or warlocs
    A few of the lucky ones
    Are even dragons
    And the most unfortunates
    Forgotten Gods

    If you really look at it
    Most people
    Aren't people at all

    And if this resonates
    Then chances are
    Neither are you


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    Blue Friday, a holiday

    Excerpt from A Wizards Handbook, Guide to the Modern Wizard by Robin Leslie
    A holiday invented by wizards to combat the raging capitolistic rampage known as Black Friday. Rather than needless spending, wizards are encouraged to wear their best blue attire, and put on their best displays of blue colored magics, spells and potions. If one does not have any sort of blue attire, it is absolutely alright, Blue Friday is, at its simplest, embracing a calm and flowing attitude towards the day ahead. Wizards are discouraged from spending money and are rather steered towards spending time quietly in the company of others, sharing knowledge or skills. They are also very much encouraged to extend these gentle festivities to mortal counterparts as to break their cycle of capitalistic endeavors and remind them of the more important fleeting things in life.


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    She is a magic which
    Is challenging even for the great wizards to learn.


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    I have a wish

    I have a wish,
    The wishing star can't fulfil,
    It seems like it's childish,
    But, my heart thrives to be filled in.

    It's a fantasy of my own,
    It started when I was young,
    Then I got old and it was blown,
    Stories from childhood, to which I still clung.

    A world of magical Wizard,
    A shining slipper and a grand ball,
    A mystery castle with lights that flickered,
    A universe of fairies, mermaids, beasts, demons and all.

    Every night in my Dream,
    I'm a part of these illusions.
    I flick my wand so, the cookies have cream,
    And a fire-work show starts in my vision.

    Dancing with the dwarfs,
    Playing with Pokémons,
    Flying on my broom,
    When I wake up I drool,

    And my magical bubble bursts,
    I realize, I'm still in my bed,
    For I have a wish,
    The wishing star can't fulfill.


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    Wizards Wheeze

    No, not here, let's go outside if you please.
    Together we'll try this new strain of wizards wheeze.
    Your last one was good, the sensations lasted all day long, but last time I almost got hypnotized by a frog.
    Don't get me wrong, amphibians are good, but he wanted a bride, to take care of his brood.
    Yes, I know, tadpoles, slime and such,
    Good Merlin, man, don't light so much.
    Oh, no, this one's gonna be the bad trip, we need to sneak back in, I need some pumpkin pasties now, and some cookies from the tin.
    We're going to your dorm, Im staying in. No ones gonna notice, I'll borrow some robes from you then.
    Good it's all settled, to the kitchens now, the grass is crawling up my skin, and the clouds are angry cows.


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    Non fictional Hermione

    Unconsciously picked up a stick and said wingardium leviOsa, stillness of the feather brought her back to the bitter reality

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    I'm powerful villain in wizard history of century

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    Villain among Wizard

    I'm the unspoken name,
    Well know in wizard history,
    Im special and not the same,
    I bring fear and victory

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    Books turn muggle into wizards.

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    The prophecy (2)

    When spares are spared, when time is turned, when unseen children murder their fathers, will the dark lord return.

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    My favourite character in Harry potter series was Severus snape.
    Who is your favourite character? Comment down below.
    #harrypotter #wizardingworld #witches #wizards #severussnape #snape #thehalfbloodprince #potterhead #pottermore

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    The Half blood prince

    After all this time?


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    J.K Rowling

    The sentimental endearment millons of people hold for wizardry universe, once resided in the mind of one. You-Know-Who.


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    Wizards don't die but your memories they do
    What happened was sudden, you left without clues
    Come back once and let me pay you the dues
    The sake of touches we made call you (return)

    Angels won't lie but your words they did
    Had to stand alone, the paths once you lead
    Forgiving you could be better than being dead
    The sake of scars you gave push me ahead (return)

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    You know who

    Everyone is capable of love,
    Unless you are Voldemort..

    Then it's a different story

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    ​Dragon Lake

    Follow me to Dragon Lake
    the princess waits in gold,
    come down from your craggy heights
    oh hermit, reknown of old,
    a cloak of fairies guide the way
    through the woods that part
    to the place where she bathes
    her lonely broken heart.

    You loved her once long ago
    when the world seemed young
    rubies fell with the rain
    and the first love song was sung,
    The dragons danced around the shore
    heating the lake with flame
    and two lovers in the water warmth
    whispered each other’s names.

    But when evil wizards did conspire
    and alchemy took the night
    to split asunder all that’s good
    and banish away the light,
    dragons fled the lover’s lake
    and thus you were exposed
    before the blackest jealous heart
    that withered where it goes.

    Spellcast you were to fall asleep
    while others took your form
    to masquerade and corrupt
    the princess that fateful morn,
    though she looked with her eyes
    all that she saw was you
    and her very heart was blinded thus
    as they lay into the dew.

    The pure of heart sleeps not in spell
    and with that you did awake
    to find your love, your only love
    in the arms of the hero fake,
    No explanation was needed then
    it was all so plain to see
    never trust a princess
    “you never cared for me."

    Into the clouds and the heights
    you climbed the mountaintop
    to rid your heart of the pain
    and make the memories stop,
    while far below on the lakeshore
    veils of disguise disappeared
    revealing to your princess love
    she held another near.

    Wizards will disrupt young love
    that beats within the heart
    and she realized this too late
    look not with eyes to impart.
    and so now she bathes all alone
    lamenting what she has done
    wishing you’d return to the place
    where you and she were one.

    Serpents may have left the land
    but the flame they brought still burns
    The magi were banished long ago
    and the lonely heart still yearns.
    So come down from your craggy heights
    oh hermit, renown of old,
    Follow me to dragon lake
    where your princess waits in gold.

    By Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Dragon Lake

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    The wizards in my pen
    create a connection
    between my mind and paper.
    While I sit at the table,
    inking every idea,
    expressing all of my feelings
    without restrictions.


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    Harry Potter.. My fav quote about hp
    #potterhead #harrypotter #witch #wizards #hogwards

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    Books Turns Muggles
    Into Wizards and Witches