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  • ouch_theseoneliners 2d


    What's excites me the most about office is "off".


  • husnachikwela 5w


    Three days of week end,
    Plays different types of band,
    Other people plays while band,
    While Other plays while stand.

    In night club people spend,
    Sing song they have understand,
    With different style of hand,
    DJ will play different sound.

    Different types of drink around,
    Having different type of ground,
    Drinking while managing their round,
    Showing in how they bound

  • elfman 5w

    Floored waves heavy red oil upon unborn ashes alive
    The heart beats to see the next holiday and coffee break gossip
    Steel greenery upon the neon walls slicing through the kiosk
    The office chair isn’t as comfortable as my school counselor promised
    Witty white thievery of imagery and has-been magicians explain the math to you about why the electric bills have not sufficed
    Work for another weekend where you can black out on the couch
    Work for another weekend, there’s no other choice for the cookie-cutters
    Only mouth to yourself the Method of moth to the light


  • kingdomdelight 5w


    They come and go
    like an autumn wind, one can't hold
    Only like a kid awestruck, her beauty, we can behold
    Like a kite, it takes us UP, with awesome colour
    At the end ... weekend waves
    Wrapped in a "weekend-jacket" with flying wings
    Oh, I'm not ready to trade her,
    for a blue monday and another 5 day packet of early rising
    Still enjoying the last sip of singing sunday
    while Monday finds it's cunning way into my head
    Oh, it's the end of another beautiful weekend


  • hazel_nut_sucks 5w


    Everyone is busy in weekend people have something to catch up to ,
    Some have art,
    Some have studies,
    Some have passion,
    Some have love.
    I wonder why do they choose one day to fulfill all those things,
    Why do you have to allocate a single day to be yourself, to express yourself
    What do they do the whole week
    Everyone is only busy in their weekends.

  • shabz_felix 5w

    Good old weekend days

    How can I go on this way
    Take me back to yesterday
    When with happiness I sing along
    When freedom was my song
    Life online was barely spoken of
    Wounded but not broken ,self love
    Take me back to yesterday
    To the good old weekend days
    Where beach life was the vibes
    On the shores we slip and slides
    Churches pews were often filled
    Lives were very thrilled
    Family and friends meet for grace
    Not much needed space
    Take me back to yesterday
    Back to the old time ways
    Sincerely words formed poetry
    Dancing to good old gospel music country
    Home chores overwhelming multitasking
    Lost sight of time without asking
    Every Sunday dreams fulfilled
    Food pile high on my plate with refilled
    Take me back to yesterday
    Where dreams became reality
    Sitting to enjoy a movie buzzing like bumblebee
    Take me back to the good old weekend days
    Where covid was never a part of the happy ways

  • stevenbates 5w


    Waking up slowly engulfed by your love.
    The release and connection supersedes all the tension created
    By the weeks work.
    Dive into the day feet first;
    Dinner with desert.
    The cherry on top of our toil
    The weekends spoils

  • aaureate 5w


    I am tired and fatigued
    I am done with my five days of drill
    I put aside my tools
    I wait for new sunrise and new rules

    I open my eyes, stretch and yawn
    I gape at sunrise enveloped in sunflower hue
    I let its rays sooth me till inside
    I feel dewy grass below my feet
    I caress petals of white daisy gently and smell buds of lillies
    I fill my tub with scented water and petals of roses
    I pamper myself oblivion to the ticking clock behind
    I let my hair dry in soft breeze as I enjoy my steaming cup of chai

    I am rejuvenated and revitalised
    I am ready for a slog of life
    I am ready to weild my tools
    I am all set to face Monday morning  blues

  • his_aesthetic_ink 5w

    She's my first sight of dawn ,
    rejuvenating joy of weekend..


  • sunseeker 5w

    Soft, sparkling moonshine,
    Divine, sunny daisy,
    Riding glorious rine,
    Colors carved, crazy.

    Yet sweet, Saturday song,
    Marvelous, mellow solace,
    Growling gladsome gong,
    Smiles flowered, flawless.

    Heavenlier, Sunday chimes,
    Holy, warm delights,
    Singing, chirpy rhymes,
    Heaven heaped, alight.


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    Heavenlier, Sunday chimes,
    Holy warm delights,
    Singing chirpy rhymes

  • chinahorom_ 5w

    Peppery stew tickling my nose.
    Hauling angry words at a blaring TV.
    Helping Nike with her homework,
    Repeating instructions like a broken record.
    Eating rice...again.
    Looking out the window, grateful I'm not under the scorching sun.
    Giggling at something Gid said.
    Ehma strumming his guitar to my sister, Christi's soft singing.
    I play my music with my pen against paper, crafting poems,
    The perfect percussion to accompany the weekend 's frenzied music.


  • the_girl_with_specs 5w


    Music and the sunset
    A perfect weekend.

  • writerra__tale 5w


    You know the funniest part is people you love' are the one's to leave you foremost and the people you might just know came through a long way with you because you never known if they existed.
    Now when you've faced the worst..
    Now that God has made you very strong
    You're ready to face anything and you became so neutral towards giving any reaction to shit happening in your life.. because when you were not ready n faced the worst without knowing it , ofcourse this time you'll nail it with your performance because ultimately when life gives you lemons just play with them giving it back to life and say fuck off!

  • irene_belida 5w

    This weekend I have learned that it is okay not to be in a romantic relationship even if your friends and all around you have this kind of relationship. I have learned that it is unnecessary to have this kind of relationship. Growing up, I always find myself behind in the realm of society just because I don't have a romantic someone to hold on, to talk, to have sweet moments and to quarrel with. Now, I understand that it is totally okay if you don't have that kind of relationship. It is okay to be single blessed.

    Have a nice weekend everyone! Lilies because I love 'em.
    #weekend #wod

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    My Weekend

    We talk and laugh
    All of our souls intertwined
    With the same views and beliefs
    We don't even think if there'll be tomorrow,

    All of our talks and laughter
    Made me realize something:
    That it is completely okay
    To accompany myself

    And I couldn't realize it
    Without having the gems of life;
    The gems that I'll always treasure,
    The gems that I'll always care for.

    This weekend,
    I couldn't be any happier
    Even if I am bruised with school activities
    That I have learned to be contended—with thyself.

  • samarsingh 5w

    Sailing through the Monday dawns
    Over the seas of caffeine
    Surviving the storms of weekdays
    To reunite the forever lie of a weekend


  • kanikachugh 5w

    The ground has gathered our shadows.
    The spell worked.
    I’d collect our eclipses like dried leaves
    and crush it in our garden.
    You know, the leftover love makes
    a good fertilizer for a fading passion
    and might curb some pests
    like your virulence towards me.

    I am not toxic, am I?
    I love you with all my heart
    even though it beats hardly
    in your absence.

    I’d plant soft kisses
    on your neck before the
    urge to asphyxiate you takes over.
    My tender hands love to
    fondle your thighs or
    scrape you with dagger-nails,
    depends on how you behave.

    Do you want to leave?
    I will let you go but
    with my pernicious influences
    groping you at the midnight hour
    of my baleful madness called love.

    Oh! Wait. I did let you go.
    Is it the episode again?
    where I wanted to hurt you
    but wanted to change
    for you too.
    I am re-living attachments.

    Damn! These weekends.

    Weekends are the repository
    of zombie memories
    and I’d curtly admit
    I get a little joy
    in getting bitten up
    and behave like a lifeless insect
    exposed to be stomped on.
    The only antidote is Monday
    that splashes reality too hard
    for my senses not to spring it open.


  • prakashinin 5w

    Weekends ended up with my childhood.Aftter that l made me up for the weekends. Now It is like any other day.

  • muskaanbhatt_ 5w

    Weekend Joys

    Weekend days
    Full of craze
    Waking up late
    Fulfilling my fate
    Shopping, picnic,travelling
    Dinner,dates and outing
    Enjoying every moment
    With my close one's involvement
    Try to do everything
    Which we plan and together we all sing
    Visiting relatives, meeting cousins
    Reminding childhood days like all of a sudden
    Going out enjoying nature
    With great satisfaction and pleasure
    Clicking moments in very way possible
    While sharing some secrets inexpressible


  • strangestranger 5w

    And when you start to engulf the warmth of the weekend,
    slowly ,
    It ends ,


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  • muskaanbhatt_ 5w

    This new year Big punishments are coming from Lord to illegal kids and wrongdoers spread all over all world.

    #pod #wod #weekend @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Kuch khayal

    Jhooth aur fareeb ka jaal le dobega galat sonch wale logu ko
    Bekirdar aur badnam zamana kya bachayega unko
    Aj nahi toh kal apne girebaan mai jab jankege wo
    Toh sharam se dhoob marege jab khudko gunahagaar aur dusre ko seda sada insan payege wo