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  • in_fragments 1d

    Which nature-based element is my favorite do you think?? ����
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    Aqua Pura
    (I Am)

    I am aqua pura. Flood and flux. My body
    is every rivulet and flume, every wave
    and every overflowing current.
    I spill back into myself all the time,
    because I am everywhere, inside
    of everything, arousing metamorphosis
    everywhere I travel.
    When healthy, spreading clarity
    from shore to glittering shore,
    letting the curious ones seek
    the world always underneath-
    the tactile bottom of a quick creek,
    the swellings of sea life beneath
    a formless ocean,
    water racing over rocks;
    mineral witnesses to a body of liquid
    that mixes and runs forward
    unafraid and unopposed,
    slowly shaping my sides
    against every stoney obstacle,
    ever majestic as I blaze another trail
    through the unknown otherworld
    of the wild. I can pass through places
    no human being will ever reach,
    I traverse every edge of the world
    a thousand times over. I reign
    with watertight sovereignty,
    replenish life immersed in my seniority
    as the oldest element on Earth.

    I carry messages in my movements,
    I bring them to your skin
    and wash your feet with them.
    I cause them to slide away from you
    when you submerge your head;
    I communicate, take from you, and give
    back to myself, for my power is stronger
    than any individual mortal.
    I am a pool of legendary memories-
    the same now as I was
    when I explored in ancient Egypt,
    when they left me polluted and sickly
    in Medieval London,
    and when they created poetry for me
    in the quiet gardens of Japan-
    the same in the beginning as I will be
    at the end. I am the final
    resting place for many, the awakening
    of enlightenment for others.
    I am the crystal skin that houses
    the core, the heart of fire deep below,
    and I remain fleet-footed
    amidst all changes in flow.
    Every stagnant part of me
    will find myself again eventually.
    I am the life force inside you,
    the past and future
    surrounding your present...
    and you still insist magic doesn't exist?

    I am water. I exist-
    the thankless magician
    who transforms everything I touch,
    begetting magic and catalyzing growth
    from the globe up to the cosmos.

  • poetrydelivery 4d

    No fears
    Nor cheers
    Only peace
    In my tears.

    No war
    Nor blood
    Only recycling
    All the love.

    Must fight
    Split the air
    Breath brave
    From loving
    The sky.

  • yoyoshatalkswalksnrocks_ 4d


    Water in the sky,
    Why are you so shy?
    You turn so bold on the surface...
    Oh! What a beautiful ruckus!
    'Alias' I sighed.

  • shaabie 3w

    Pondering if I ever fell in love with a city.
    Have you ever loved a city? Did the city love you back? Have you ever loved a city and left?

    Tried being octasyllabic this time.

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    Have you ever loved a city?

    Ever tried loving a city?
    And ever did you long to be,
    The dimly lamp of back-alley,
    And eavesdrop illicitly.

    Ever did you fancy to be,
    An early winter blurring smog –
    Refuge for the asthmatic love,
    Albeit stingy with some cough.

    Ever did you feel playful like,
    The rain-filled wobbly pavement tile,
    That splashes the naive suede shoes,
    Paint them muck in nice earthy hues.

    Ever did you fall so deeply,
    Beloved city become you,
    And you become her gleefully.
    Have you ever loved a city?


  • anirockz7 3w

    Just to explain the importance of water
    I wrote this!

    This one is in indirect motivation. Hope y'all understand.

    Too many deep meanings in this one.

    Poseidon is considered God of sea

    #water #nature #evolve

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    In Search of Achilles Heel of Poseidon -

    Fascinated by the blue seas
    Curiosity arouse for Poseidon
    A God throwned of our surviving liquid
    Sitting on a seat conversing it's cool breeze spun

    Is it an ice crown on his head
    What were the deeds of his that led
    Mythologies acknowledged valour and power
    But I focused on why water is so sour

    He showed salted arrogance
    Humans impurity purified it
    His egotistic tsunami created mayhem
    Even toughest skyscrapers couldn't fit

    Is the God undefeatable
    Or is it so scarce
    Poseidon is afraid of dying
    As we submerge our dead deep far(down)

    In search of Achilles heel of Poseidon
    I drowned myself in his ocean
    Enough of droughts enough of calamities
    How to set things in motion

    We swim we drown
    We drink we clown
    Poseidon floats and laughs
    Win win situation he claps

    You can't ease the ego by abuse
    But calm it down with proper use
    Evolve your mind and you may TASTE water
    or cry and scream with dry throat, Poseidon will carry slaughter


  • raman_writes 3w


    ठहरे पानी से बैर रखा चलते से हाथ मिला लिया ।

    बेचैन हूँ मैं तब से जब से तूने देखकर मुस्कुरा दिया ।।


  • ericwinnert 4w

    Water Like Thoughts

    In the lakes of my mind,
    waves move like thoughts
    rippling along
    gaining strength
    And momentum:
    they spread out,
    break against the bank,
    then ripple back to their epicenter:
    like a thought
    turning back on itself -
    an Echo in reverse
    Becoming ever more intense
    with each repetition.

    The sun, watching from above,
    casts shimmering gems
    onto the lakes surface -
    Like epiphanies
    They seem to appear,
    As if from on-high
    Bright and shining,
    Reflecting something
    Precious and other worldly -
    Impossible to grasp,
    But there all-the-same,
    They bring joy
    As they flicker and dance
    Illuminating the face,
    Feeding the mind.

    The waves lap at the shore,
    The metronomic sound
    Lulls me to a hazy drowse;
    The gentle splashing
    Brings on small dreams
    That intrude at the edge
    Of my sleep.

    I float contentedly
    On the lake's surface,
    Basking in the glimmering
    Sunshine, when a fierce wind -
    Like a tortuous memory -
    Whips up the water
    And rocks me to and fro:
    My dreams become turbulent,
    Nightmares rise out of the dark
    As monsters of the sea
    Wishing to crush and kill
    All that is beautiful
    In its path.

    I pray for the sun
    To break through
    The storm clouds
    And warm the wind
    Bringing it down gently
    To the level of
    Contentment I felt
    Before the
    Monstrous thoughts
    Tried to throw me
    Into the void,
    Through a whirlpool
    that circles
    round and round
    Dragging me down
    Into darkness,
    The cold waters
    Rushing over me -
    monstrous memories
    Drowning me…

    thoughts like water


  • nocturnal_enigma 4w

    * 27.10.2021; 11.37 P.M (Malaysia)

    #Enough #Money #Stop #Count #RunOut #Water #Spend #Lavish

    * The word Enough here, has 2 different meanings.

    * #simile #wod @miraquill

    * Korean word 그만해 Geumanhae = Stop; Enough

    #ConcretePoetry #Concrete #Poetry #NuEmConcrete

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    Enough! ~


    Stop counting the money!
    Because it's never enough!

    Run out like water; That's money!
    Stop spending lavishly; Not enough!


    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • mohandas 4w

    #Decommission mullaperiyar # each life counts #water to live not to die

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    Each Life Counts

    Those who are so sure about the safety of mullaperiyar dam should show some balls to stay near it atleast for some months and prove us they are right..

  • himangshuagarwal 8w


    Clouds went missing there,
    The sky is empty.
    Air is withered there,
    The leaves are dried.
    Birds stopped flying there,
    The voice is crippled.
    Life is vanishing there,
    The hunger is killing.

    A voice, I heard that day,
    Just strong enough,
    To reach me.
    The last drop, I saw there,
    Shining bright,
    Was the last since then.


  • jpwriter 9w

    Stone in water

    Realize I am here to only help you
    A stone in the water, to help you step through
    Time is all we have, maybe less too
    Just so you know you are perfect and God blessed you
    In troubled terrain throughout this jungle
    We are to love one another and help with the fumble
    Putting that ego away and learn to be humble
    And just let things be, like it was bumble
    I know this life has so much gray area
    It will only brings worse making our land hysteria 
    And on this path when you have fallen I will carry ya
    To the promise land where the more the merrier 


  • ririma 9w

    Silent waters

    Beautiful and blue,
    All the waters.
    Tranquil and silent,
    All the rains.
    Deep and mysterious,
    All underground.
    Calming and peaceful,
    All the tears.
    Absorbing and oozing.
    Sloping and splashing.
    Heals within.
    Every water, all the same.

  • cleopatra_verse 10w


    On my worst days,
    I pour a little water
    In my favorite cup,
    Swirl all my problems into it,
    And knock it back like a pro.

    Some days I pretend it's vodka,
    Some days it's the blood of Jesus
    Either way, for me,
    This washing is salvation.

  • dimic007 10w


    It's been half decade, i am blocked.
    Still i find a way to stalk.
    I know i cant talk.
    But still i can stalk.

    I know i have been erased from the menories.
    But your memories will stay on forever.

  • ghost_writter__ 12w

    Water & Pebble

    Time is like water, keep on flowing through the filter.
    Memories are like those small pebbles which are left behind.
    Those memories we once made together
    It's stuck in there...


  • seraiah_smiles 13w

    I sail ahead to uncertain seas. My captain, the one that drives me, he uses his only map to navigate all throughout this journey. Sometimes, the weather is as kind as a clear, refreshing bottle of water. Other times, a gentle breeze or faster wind would compel me to go beyond my usual speed. Oftentimes, rains would meet me like a friend that's politely pouring beverage into my cup, or vice-versa. Rains can also be like friends, fighting, or actually just having a misunderstanding. Anyhow, I continue travelling in these uncertain seas. Looking back, aren't rains actually helpful? Without them, I wouldn't be where I am right now. Why? Of course, it's the water cycle. Without precipitation, these bodies of water I'm on will be gone through evaporation. There are times when these outpours become storms and waves appear overgrown. My captain looks at the map steadfast and decides where I best go according to his judgment. In a number of detours, my captain discovered treasures. However, this time, we found ourselves surrounded by mist: tiny droplets of water in the air makes it difficult to see. I have hope, nevertheless, and always will: like before, I know that this situation will turn for the better. I have hope, indeed, and always will: that my captain and I will certainly arrive someday in the Paradise that we, O, so Hope for.

    #Royal #Clipper #RoyalClipper #ship #autobiography #metaphors #simile
    #Paradise #Hope #water #air #wind #detours #treasures #captain
    #rains #helpful #uncertain #seas #only #map #navigate

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    Royal Clipper: An Autobiography Of A Ship


  • perdu1992 14w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #thinking #water #sea #day #night

    Why is overthinking only expected to be experienced in silent darkness?
    Overthinking at night is in presence of peace , where there's no one else but you facing your changing moods
    But when it happens during day , why isn't it justified ?
    Even though it's harder to stay normal outside
    When you carry nothing but pain inside

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    The light striking my windows
    Informed the arrival of another mighty day
    Skies were busy chasing away the dreadful shadows
    While my pillow had something to say,
    "Birds chirping , flowers glazing the sun
    Nature was singing it's daily melody
    Yet your reflex was pensive mournfulness left undone
    One side lying emotionless , the other stabbing for its custody"

    Drowning in the ocean of thoughts
    In darkness is guarded by peace
    Where the body doesn't camouflage the insecure spots
    For the conflicting waves that must cease
    Espying all alone
    Expecting a better tomorrow but will remain an unsung tale

    Drowning in the ocean of thoughts kept unknown
    Under flame is tormented by
    hullabaloo, freed by invader's bail
    The storms at the base of my sea
    Set the motionless rivers
    To which the trespassers couldn't see the plea
    Acused changes , that actually were nothing but scared shivers
    Leaving behind the water bearer alone
    To relive her unnoticed tale

    Aug 19.2021

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 14w

    Sunny summer days takes me way back growing up on the slippery creek lines.
    Slippery if you tried to cross the wrong rock. Oh, and I tried the wrong rock many times. Right & left, didn't matter which direction you went. Family was never far away. Tippy toed to safety, when in doubt. I always knew when it was time to go pack up for home. I would feeling very itchy. I used to look in the shallow waters, there is a minut insects swimming around. (Pssst I think it made me itchy.) Was it just me? I will never know. If there was a bug to make me itchy, it would find me. I guarantee nature & I were the best of friends. During those days anyway. Nothing like growing up on the riverbank & on the back roads. The old dirt road the bridge is made out of rope and wood that would go across the big wide creek. We visited year after year. It was always the same places. Nobody else was ever there so it was like our own place. I haven't been there in years though I wonder if it's still the same, untouched and waiting for small hands digging in their waters. What I wouldn't give to go see it again. I don't know maybe it's still the same after all these years people coming and going, taking as they please. Knowing the creek would be here for them day after day. Waiting for our tiny hands to scoop up the water. Tiny toes shimmering through the sun, shining through the shallow waters. Year after year we would be found there. It was always the most peaceful place to be.

    #writersnetwork #water #sun #peace #tiny

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    Found There

    Tiny toes shimmering through the sun, shining through the shallow waters. Year after year we would be found there. It was always the most peaceful place to be.

  • deep13gk 15w

    Waves follow the fragrance of love
    Beauty of waves take
    heart of people all over world
    World under beauty waves
    Full of mystery and dangerous
    World under water is a special
    Creation created by God
    Which is full endlessly things
    Like unique kind flower,
    Stones, spices of animals
    Things we have not saw yet
    That beauty Is can't express
    By any word in world

    #love #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetr #nature #poetrylover #writerstolli @miraquill @writersnetwork @childauthor_345 @im_the_star_of_my_life
    @writerstolli #ceesreposts #readwriteunite #wriers #tod #pod #love_gone_sour @writersnetwark #support #smile #water #fragrance #mirakee #repost #readers #writtingcommunity #comments

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    Waves follow the fragrance of love
    Beauty of waves take


  • kimzee 15w


    Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink and your thirst increases. Kissing is merging of two lips, two soul and two spirits that makes them divine. Kissing you is like dancing in the rain; it is exciting kind of sensation that you can't help but fall in love with