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  • grace_craig 41s

    Tragic Story

    A man and woman in love since young. Married and lived together as one. Five children they brought into this world. Those five children they raised til the youngest was eighteen years old. Yet a storm came through and tore their love apart. One went right and the other left both ignoring what was in there heart. One stayed near the children while the other disappeared. Though this all happened when they were older the children were still unprepared. The one who left was their mother. Without a care she left her children to suffer. Most of the children gave up their feelings for her. Only one child still held onto those feelings and that was the second to youngest daughter. She was always disappointed though she tried to keep the mother daughter bond alive. The love she felt for her mother must not have been mutual she began to believe. She thought to herself "I guess our bond was not that strong." Then broken hearted because her mother never came to her she said; "I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong."

  • finch_ 1m

    Tired heart
    Empty mind

    It's so freakin' funny, isn't it.

    Fighting writers block.

    #end #wod

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    I fell many times
    Now, wild flowers grow in my lungs
    and my heart suffers - philophobia,
    "love" seems like a ghost that
    eats men and women
    and whisper " I'm forever "
    in their hearts,
    But leave after slicing heart into two.

    Now, it scares me,
    when my heart leave my chest and
    sit on the shoulder of someone else,
    a dialogue of a flop movie rise
    in my mind and echoes in my ear ,
    " I thought that love would last for ever ; I was wrong"

  • sleepinghermit 7m

    I look in reflection of the sea
    I saw mirrors of our past
    From smiling faces of sunshine
    To a solemn look of the moon
    I closed my eyes and dream
    And the breeze takes me away
    Into a forgotten fantasy
    Where you and I existed
    As I relished a buried treasure of memories
    I found you were the most precious thing
    And all ever needed was you
    But now what I need
    Is to accept
    My self denial of reality
    Clocks turns one second further
    I thought that love would last forever:
    I was wrong

    #end #wod

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    But now what I need
    Is to accept
    My self denial of reality
    (See caption)

  • kingdomdelight 2m

    God is love

    "Free will" they claim
    ruin so many beautiful hearts
    without God's Holy Spirit
    love is without sound
    "Daggers and knives!"
    A heart,
    at war with the living God!
    Rebellious, prideful ...
    dreadful "self seeking" lies ...
    Oh, self lover,
    yes you, without a sound mind!
    A cold heart filled with darkness
    and feet running with mischief around
    The mirror of truth,
    daily cries;
    "Repent, repent ! God is love!
    The true mirror of the heart!"
    "But you kill the still soft Voice,
    calling tenderly your name.
    Now, at the end ...
    one day, you might cry out in shame !
    But it will be to late! You rejected God!
    I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong!"


  • kompletekaos 8m


    Our vibration matched from the very start,
    Even though it took awhile to give him my heart.
    We been through things both ups and downs.
    We've shared many smiles and a few frowns.
    He's had my back the entire time,
    He's even helped me with my rhymes.
    I fuck with that niggah that way long.
    I thought that love would last - I was wrong.

  • lunatic_pen 11m

    I’m not sure what happened, or where we went wrong
    Or why I hate hearing our favorite song
    And walks in the park, I remember them well
    But now they’re just memories, and that hurts like hell
    I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.

    #miraquill #end #wod #love

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    We built a bridge of toothpicks, then burned it to the ground
    I weep among the ashes, for among them all I’ve found
    Are shadows of the one I loved 5 years before
    Broken hearts and promises, tears, and nothing more.
    I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.


  • divyanshi28_03 11m

    Flesh is temporary,
    So Life is temporary,
    So Time is temporary,
    So emotions are temporary,
    Everything lasts forever is just a myth
    until I learnt your heart still skips a beat ,
    not for me but for someone else,
    Once it was mine ,now the holder is someone else
    I thought love would last forever:I was wrong.


  • wingedhorse 13m

    He is my lullaby
    I'm already at the Arms of Morpheus
    My coldness melted under his warmness
    I stood there starring at his mighty Eye
    I walked miles for my Ally
    I dreamt high,.I flew upon the Sky
    I feared death,. I hold my Breath
    My diadem Sparkled like a Flare
    I'm a asisine a Slow-witted imbecilic lass
    I'm a wilted, prohibited, forbid Flower
    Singing for my Noble Gallant
    I believed to my fella,is where I belong
    I thought that love would
    Last forever : I was wrong

    #end and share.

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    I'm a asinine a Slow-witted imbecilic lass
    I'm a wilted, prohibited,forbid Flower
    Signing for my noble Gallant
    I believed to Fella,is where I belong
    I thought that love would
    Last forever : I was Wrong.

  • fizahfiz_ 17m

    True Love

    Love is rare,
    Can be found in one person at a time,
    Friendship can be found in numerous.
    As beautiful as friendship is;
    it is relatively replaceable.
    You can have a bunch of good friends,
    But it is almost impossible,
    To love anybody the same as your true love.

  • puchka 18m

    Seven rounds, seven vows,
    around the fire, guaranteed
    to seal love for each other
    Somewhere down the line
    vows got filtered leaving
    granules of discontent
    And I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong

  • 2chinmayee 24m

    ᴇ ɴ ᴅ

    I ran exhaustdly for the pink tinge of love
    not judging anything as I heard
    //ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴅᴏᴇsɴ'ᴛ ᴊᴜᴅɢᴇ //
    and I trusted being so fool.

    I jumped to his shoulder
    and felt the World to me.

    I was lost in him
    and he was lust..
    Tasted my each corner being a satire....

    But a bolt from the sky figured out
    the harsh truth and whispered that

    ~ʜᴇ ɪs ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪʙᴇʀᴛɪɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ɴᴏ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴅᴇsᴇʀᴠᴇs ʟɪʙᴇʀᴛʏ ɪɴ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟɪғᴇ..

    Clouds wept..
    Flowers recited the funeral prayer.
    Burning the fake world of mine
    I did the cremation
    and splashed the holy water..

    Nature soothed me the serenity
    Served me the elixir called Maturity
    Taught me to believe in reality
    And I thought that love would last for ever : I was wrong


  • _jouissance 28m

    You can't expect fruits from a sapling but you can pin your hopes on it if you nourish it regularly.
    Likewise your dreams can't come true by the speed of your thoughts, they need time to grow and furnish.


  • kimhye 29m

    One Sided LOVE

    When I first met you,
    I lost my everything
    my family , my friends
    and my every belonging
    My one and only world was you!!!
    this was how I felt , when I first met you.

    Though we were arranged
    I still fell for you
    But lesser did I know
    that you didn't feel the same for me!!!

    I loved you from the bottom of my heart,
    and sacrificed everything for you,
    But you hated me!!!

    You were cold to me everytime
    You never gave me love,
    You didn't even remember that day
    When we became a couple!!

    You cheated on me with another girl
    You sacrificed everything for her,
    and when she's gone
    you blame ME for that!!
    and say that you want me to DIE!!

    If I would've known about you
    I would've never done this mistake

    As I tried to keep you happy everytime
    by fulfilling your every wish
    I'll do the same today

    You want me to die
    OK am going!!
    But remember one thing....
    I thought this love would last forever:I was WRONG!!!

  • monali03 32m

    I think I left behind
    A person,
    With wholesome verses
    In her heart.

    I am winter,
    With snow enveloping-
    My coat of yellow warmth.

    The rise,
    The fall,
    All the phrases
    That connect us,
    Out of our bodies,
    Within our souls,
    All dreary, haggard, and spoilt.

    When flowers bloom,
    I decide to dream.
    Dream about everything
    That's bothering me,
    All coming to an end.

    I paint this canvas blue,
    Slowly, but profusely,
    One stroke at a time.


    @mirakeeassistant @miraquill @writerstolli
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    One stroke at a time.

    Under the sky of holy stars,
    Morning sings to me.

  • sadhana_the_poetess 47m


    "I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong". Now I don't believe in love that It will be alive till last breath and never end . Love and betrayal are sister's. My fantasy is still love but in reality it will never happen like my imagination. My metaphor of love is unable to pursue my love and it will fade one day either that day will be my last day for me in the world or perhaps it would be the first day for me in second life . Alacrity is kinda fortunate which does not remain same for ever . Love is only looks beautiful in fables nd in reality it's very painful. Everyone story is not like a fairytale but everyone must passes through from nightmares. I don't want to be a part of discriminate love which will only one sided why I do this Don't I deserve love Man ? First of all I started scribble second of all examine and then whispered that wtf I'm doing.
    I thought that love would last forever see I was wrong it has proven .
    Stopped it.

    Non-fiction thoughts ✍

  • akshiwrites 52m


    Read our debut book, "When sun peeped through the cloudy window" available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion press.

    Authors: Diksha Chowdhary and Akshita Dhar



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    I used to believe
    the road is long;
    holding my hand
    you'll walk along.

    You used to talk
    about forever,
    I thought we're
    going strong.
    Afterall, each moment
    spent with you
    was like a happy song.

    I thought
    I finally found
    the home where
    I belong,
    Sitting in silence
    all day long,
    we made promises,
    I thought you'd
    keep lifelong.

    But darling,
    where are you?
    It's been so long.
    I thought love
    would last forever:
    I was wrong.

  • moon_at_heart 1h

    Her eyes look like unheard stories.
    Long lashes swept away the shattered crystals,
    Remnants of broken hope and dreams.
    Heavy lids spoke of lonely nights spent with
    Agony for company.
    Tiny creases formed around each shiny orb
    Relaying unspoken emotion formed by experience.
    The crow feet in the corners told tales of laughter
    Long since passed,
    But the greatest story was told by the deep reflection
    Hidden deep within the dark depths
    Of her unrelenting gaze.
    A story that told of sheer determination
    And that whispered, "I am a survivor."

  • woodsorrels_ 33m

    A forever freak

    I thought that
    love would last forever
    I was wrong thinking that
    there are spare forevers than
    the shifts in climate of the seventh
    month of the year, maybe 'cause
    Neruda's custody and insanity for
    love made me a holy student or
    maybe for the red-roses that thrived
    at timeliest every spring in my yard
    besides the orchid buds breaking
    out first, back in the mid of March
    Or was it Amma's real day cuddles
    and snuggles that identified me of
    love being a forever, a forever of time
    Or the two bird parents doused in mud
    and muck while getting worms for the
    little ones and still not at rest before
    feeding each one of them a big fat belly
    Or a wood thrush pair I saw every dusk
    switching beaks, there on a walnut tree
    Nani's fluttering eyes while she recited
    me the Urdu couplets that Nana wrote
    for her over the years of alliance or the
    prince-princess love stories she spoke
    to me while being a 2 year naive and
    then again when I reaped insight
    I thought that love would last forever
    I was wrong thinking that forever is
    an only definition of love, a synonym
    of love. Love that never lived forever,
    the first time snow lent heart out to
    the sun or the second time when two
    travellers heading towards two unlike
    trips fell in love and the third time
    when the winter wind ended up being
    a lover of the summer sky


  • mahtobpensdown 51m


    He was looking at their memories
    Life with him passed in flashback for her
    Oh, they both sobbed, our dreams died
    Broken by just one stroke at a time
    The whistleblower of their Love,
    paid last tune which bought a tornado ��️
    He - Sorry my dear friend, my soul's splinched
    She - Am I your dear friend, is this the end?
    He - Never thought this would be our convo
    She - You came just like a flame, which burns , making other person glow and ends burning other person just in a 'GO'
    She - You lied to me about everything
    He - Maybe, my upbringing (wickedly) ��
    She - (fusses) here is my knife and I die
    He - oh no, who will do that post death rituals of you, I don't wanna cry!
    She - Fuck off ( she murmured in anger and stabbed herself with the knife!!)
    He - Oh shit, Fuck! (Dumbstruck)
    He weeped and was repenting his last drama and a little joke gone ding, dong
    ( Oh I never meant this joke to turn this way ... It was really a prank my love .. please come back .. believe me ..)

    Weepingly ... He whispered ...

    I thought love would last forever: I was wrong


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    paid last tune which bought a tornado ️
    He - Sorry my dear friend, my soul's splinched
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  • crystal_snow 35m

    When you hope too much :)
    Don't worry, ik it was yesterday's
    #start #wod

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    When flowers bloom at my collar bones,
    I look at them with a smile
    They were flowers of golden hue.
    Nectar of hope trickling down its petals.
    I tasted it and I realised it was poison
    Realising that hope betrayed me.

    // Sometimes, something too sweet can kill you//