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  • mishr01 10w

    हमे तो एक शक्स ने ही बर्बाद करा आप ज़माने की बात करते हो,
    इस दौर मे अपनो के साथ हस नही सकते आप गम बाटने की बात करते हो,

  • evelovestar 21w

    Waking Up To Love

    I used to be asleep.
    Going through the world
    Expecting deceit,
    Which I received.

    Luck was on my side.
    I met you one night.
    I looked at your eyes
    And melted inside.

    Patiently, you taught me
    To Love and be free,
    To live passionately,
    And be grounded like a tree.

    And in your sweet embrace
    My fate was changed.
    You opened my eyes,
    And woke up my heart to Love. ❤️


  • evelovestar 28w

    Text your flame, romantic texts collection. Download and share the Love. �� ��

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    Feeling Romantic

    I love you!
    You make my heart feel warm.

  • evelovestar 28w


    To be in your arms
    Is all I ever want.
    It's like being embraced
    By a god.


  • evelovestar 29w

    Next to you

    When the going gets tough,
    And I lose myself,
    I find myself
    Next to you.


  • evelovestar 29w

    Celebrate Us

    Because I met you on a warm day like today,
    Because you brighter my days,
    Because when I look into your eyes,
    I see bright sun rays,
    Because I want to love you without a break,
    Because when you touch me,
    My heart wants to get out of my chest,
    And when you're next to me,
    That fun thing happens in my breast,
    Because I love you
    I'll celebrate Us today.


  • evelovestar 30w

    Magic on your bed today

    Of all the magical things that I could do today,
    From riding an unicorn,
    While singing under the rain,
    Or throwing a party all to myself,
    I could write a book of all the things
    That make me feel great,
    I could travel to a galaxy
    Very, very far away,
    Or I could dream of seahorses
    Bringing me to you, smiling, on this day.
    Of all the magical things that I could do today,
    The thing I want the most
    Is to lay, next to you, on your bed.


  • j_a_esquivel 36w

    You got to give yourself pizzazz

    This upcoming holiday maybe associated with the heart,
    I've always thought it messed with people's heads.
    I didn't like how some people thought less of themselves because they were alone on a particular date.
    An abundance of sweet should never bring sour.
    If you're feeling lonely or worse, 
    This poem is for you.

    It's the 14th of February,
    If you're alone, it might be scary.
    The table is for two,  But don't show yourself out
    Valentine's is romantic,  but love is what's it about.
    Just because you're not committed to someone doesn't mean you can't participate.
    Your heart may be broken,  but it didn't disintegrate.
    Practice some of love's characteristics.
    Whether it be sentimental or materialistic.
    Tell someone of your admiration,
    Tell someone they're an infatuation.
    Find something to hone your chivalry.
    Work on your part of the symmetry.

    You have unfocused desire,
    Don't conspire.
    Don't try to scheme.
    Apply passion to every line, every scene.
    Take the lead in your own movie.
    Trust me. Confidence is groovy.
    For right now your love is a one way street,
    At least you got direction, who knows who you'll meet.
    On this day play that game,
    Spread that love, be constant not tame.
    Pay compliments like they're an overdue bill.
    Overdoing it is underrated, don't be shrill.
    Don't try to impress anybody,
    Just give comfort to somebody.
    Every heartfelt goodbye
    Started with a "hi"
    If you're on the bench, you're not out.
    Remember what the day is about.
    The idea may be foreign or new,
    Maybe it's time for you to start loving you.

  • mishr01 37w

    एक उमीद दिल मे रखते है हम,
    तेरे वापस आने की आस रखते है हम,

    सभी को पता था अंजामे-ए-मोहब्बत,
    फिर भी ना तूम बाज़ आये ना हम,

    जो तुमने मेरे साथ किया उसके बाद जाना,
    तुम्हारे जुबां से लफ्ज़-ए-वफा ना सुनने पाये हम,

    फिर इतिहास दोहराया सा लगता है,
    आज फिर किसी के इन्तज़ार मे रात भर ना सोये हम,

    जो अंज़ाम हू मेरी मोहब्बत का मिया सब कुछ करेंगे,
    किसी की बातों पर भरोसा नही करेंगे हम,


  • seraiah_smiles 38w

    "To My Valentine"

    If I'm not blessed to have met you, then what am I?
    If I'm not your beloved, when clearly you gave all of yourself to me, what am I?

    If you're not my first love, then what could you be?
    If you're not my one and only, greater than all of the universe, what could you be?

    If I am the beloved, then who would be my lover but Thee, Jesus?

    #pod #wod #valentine #valentines #day #first #love #beloved #lover #Jesus

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    To My Valentine

    If I'm not blessed to have met you, then what am I?
    If I'm not your beloved, when clearly you gave all of yourself to me, what am I?

    If you're not my first love, then what could you be?
    If you're not my one and only, greater than all of the universe, what could you be?

    If I am the beloved, then who would be my lover but Thee, Jesus?

  • mishr01 39w

    पनो मे इतिहास के हम भी लिखे जायेंगे,
    वो जिन्दा रह कर मरंगे हम मर कर अमर हो जायेंगे,

    निकलो जब घर से तो मा का चेहरा देख लेना,
    सारी बद दुआओ के असर खत्म हो जायेंगे,

    लगाए था जो कुछ पेड तेरे आंगन मे,
    जिस दिन तुम निकलो गे दिल से सब मर जायेंगे,

    जो करते है वादा वफ़ादारी का तुमसे 'mishr'
    पीड़ पलटते ही तम्हारी ये वादा भुल जायेंगे,


  • evelovestar 39w

    When I look at the sky
    I feel your love, as I do
    When I look into your eyes.


  • mishr01 39w

    सपने देखे सारे औकात से बाहर वाले है,
    हम भी कहा किस्मत की सुनने वाले है,

    जंग लड़ेंगे तकदीर से अखरी सांस तक,
    हम कहा मौत से डरने वाले है,

    इस दिल पर कोई पथर रख दो,
    कब तक हम गम-ए-दिल उठाने वाले है,

    हमे इन्तज़ार करवाने वाले हो गयी हद अब,
    हम तेरी ज़िन्दगी से विदा होने वाले है,

    येह फ्लिमे, insta, reel सब गलत दिखते है,
    येह मोहोब्बत का सच कहा बताने वाले है,

    झुटे खेल रहे है ज़स्बतो से,
    तन्हा रो है दिल लगाने वाले है,

  • blumea_ 40w

    Sa kahit saang tingin
    mga mata'y nakasilip—hinihintay
    bawat kahulugan ng iyong mungkahi.
    Kay hirap kang mahagilap
    tama lang ba na ako'y mangarap?
    kahit patago
    kahit malayo
    na nandito sa dulo; tinitingnan bawat galaw mo.
    hinihintay ka, baka sakali.
    na baka may pag-asa pa.

  • blumea_ 41w

    Im not a child anymore.
    Yet, I want
    to believe
    in some

  • uncle_sam 41w


    I know I'm supposed to be happy
    and I really look the part because Valentine's Day is here once again
    But lets get real,
    who invented this smoochy stuff?
    Damn I hate Valentine's day
    and all the stupid clichés.
    I mean come on;
    Couples holding hands like little kids,
    kissing in public; they cant control themselves.
    Roses and flowers that only lead to allergies,
    chocolates and strawberries lead to more calories
    then he calls you fat and leaves you as big as the earth.
    Things made in the image of hearts to present love yet it is just a meaningless shape and an organ in your body.
    Red is just a color,
    thinking too much of it reminds you of blood;
    you know blood on a knife after you stab him/her for forgetting it is Valentine's Day.
    It is so stupid.
    Love songs are played.
    Teddy bears are bought.
    Jewellery is expensive along with edible arrangements.
    It makes one wonder why didn't you do all that yesterday or last month.
    Valentine's Day is just a joke
    So many expectations
    So many clichés
    Don't even get me started on "I love you"
    This common sentence is a little overused on Valentine's Day.
    Why must you profess your love just for one day?
    Valentine's Day is for hopeless romantics,
    thinking that love is one day affair,
    not knowing that love is a journey of self discovery
    Love is not defined by a day.
    Love itself defines us all the days of our life.
    It is meant to be celebrated everyday not just a single day
    What more can i say;
    roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    I love Valentine's Day LOL

  • anvaya 41w

    #10wordstory #valentines #valentine #valentinesday @writersnetwork

    Prompt: Write a 10 word love story using the word mistletoe

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  • porcupine 41w

    Happy Valentines Day

    Happy Valentines Day
    To everyone
    May it be a special day

  • harlynnoelle 41w


    I found myself a home in you
    Flowers blooming through the grooves of my mending heart.
    And I wonder.. as I wander,
    Would I be a home for you though we're apart?

  • bittersweetserenity 41w


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    What do you think about when someone says the word Valentines?... Most people think about chocolates and roses and gifts with red pink and white... Well to me it's different..Valentines to me is about having a loved one and celebrating it with your loved one... For me the gifts are nice but what's even nicer is to spend your valentines with the one you love and be lucky you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a mom or a dad cause most people don't have that and if you don't have a loved one for valentines then fuck it count me as your valentines