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  • khushi_07 3d

    Having a heavy mind can trouble you in life... The untold story of yours can increase the trauma and anxiety, it's better to share things with the one who you trust..... Instead of living in a stressful condition.
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  • charithaburri 2w


    Do you know what is the best part about writing??? You just have to hold the pen and it itself takes you to the stories....

  • just_happysoul 2w

    Why me ?

    Now I hold so much sadness in my eyes
    I watched my world fall apart the day
    The kind of deep suffering
    The happiest looking people.
    First I admit that I am happy.
    Even though I was not their own,
    letting things go will teach me.
    I could heal the pain.
    I was not hurt.
    I am blessed.
    I know it would take so long,
    I am blessed.

  • charithaburri 3w


    Am in love with the people I never met and cites I have never been to,

    Am in love the dreams I have never accomplished and destinations I have never reached,

    Am in love with roads I have never travelled and stories I have never experienced...

    Am in love with the words I have never penned and emotions I have never felt...

  • charithaburri 3w


    Vo tho bin bulaaya mehman tha, na jaane kis haq se aaya, aur kis haq se chala gaya, ab ham roke bhi tho kis haq se....

  • bisma13 4w

    Struggling with my thoughts and making them feel ok with the cheats and ������


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    I wish I could return you all the pain that I am gifted from you now and then....

  • bisma13 4w

    Unturned stories of my wet eyes..
    Untold truths of your elude days..
    Will reflect my pain one day on you..
    Just untold will also be the reason of my departure..

  • charithaburri 7w


    Agar kahun tho zyada hojayega, aur na kahu tho adoora hi reh jayega, aakhir karu bhi tho kya....!

  • keepguessing 8w


    "If certain things aren't ment to be in our life ., It should not cross our sights ,.. it's like" ... pfft *
    "Ha ha ! it's a best ever nightmare one could get . Giving things we never asked for and taking it back on the time we get comfortable with it ?? .. is it even fare" ?
    "Too early to express... too late to get back ! Fear of rejection.....?!. fear.... to even express !!!! hmmmm! Some lifetime opportunities are lost because of this "..
    * looked at him , and quickly took her eyes away to graze at the clouds *

  • rhythmic_beats 10w

    Yes you heard it right, Depression is no more
    In this world now! I was the last one to be
    Hugged by depression, this hug was quite different
    Than other hugs, usually it felt like howling icy chills
    Through the nerves but this time it was as warm as
    The winter afternoon, for the first time I saw him
    Smiling so bright though he was poisoned with
    Happiness, he knew he was about to leave
    This world forever, he laid on my laps and
    Wrapped in his arms tightly for the last time,
    Kissed my heartbeats slowly many times
    As he could feel my heartbeats breathing peace
    Finally after many struggles.
    My heart was terribly webbed
    By the satin silks of melancholies
    And depression had found this heart as
    The most safest home to dwell where
    Sun rays was obstructed and blackness
    Was the astonishing beauty.
    My heart was also too kind that it could
    Not kick out this tired wanderer and gave
    A shelter and delicacies of poignancy
    And darkest of the darkest shades was his
    Favorite colour in all choices,
    Be it attire of grief, be it umbrella of tears,
    Be it chocking thoughts.

    He didn't know I was the his last home where
    He could find himself slow poisoning
    With happiness, surprisingly the changing time
    And need for humanity, love and kindness
    Forced myself to step into light and walk
    On the path to find its source, while walking
    On this broken road I fell many times more
    Painfully than ever but my stubbornness bridged
    The huge gaps of hopelessness and belief,
    And I reached to the door which was brightly
    Illuminating like a nebula and was filled with
    Treasures of therapies like
    Poetries dancing to the rhymes,
    Haikus shining like pearls with its perfect syllables,
    Sonnets romancing and consoling each emotions
    Which which was stuck in the haunting motions,
    One liner blazing strength and motivation
    Beating Monday morning blues,
    Acrostic poems of everyone's name
    Inked on their home's name plate symbolising
    Their beauty and charm blossoming all the seasons,
    Found eye opening sight of
    Repainting Vincent Gogh's scary night painting
    To serene night painting and I could hear
    His soul saying that it's time to change,
    It's time to smile, let's reshape our thoughts
    And responses more consciously so that no one
    Thinks to escape from the time and
    Thinks to change the time by painting it
    With colourful butterflies of hope and divinity.

    Depression was my lover, he loved me a lot
    Like none can do! And love is full of sacrifices,
    In love your other half's smile
    Becomes more valuable and important
    Than your existence, you can die without
    Any complains when your love finds eternal peace!
    And so depression was leaving me, was leaving
    The whole world without any pain as now he
    Could finally rest in peace without anyone's
    Burdened heart carrying heavy eyes of storms,
    He left peacefully by slow poisoning as now
    He is free from everyone's acquisition that he was
    Responsible for the pain!

    He urged me to carve these words
    On his graveyard to:
    "Remember me as undesired yet beautiful phase
    Where one learned to grow their roots more stronger".

    A gentle reminder to all, depression pleaded
    Not to cry on his funeral instead wish him
    Goodbye with roses of smile as only this could
    Liberate his soul of all debts and unknown sins
    And can see all of us happy from the heaven.

    ----------- In your memories,
    Yours forever (not so forever)

    Keep smiling✨


    PS. Depression is also cursed to struggle, better you bless him peace and set him free from this tangled world��

    Image: picture from Instagram edited by me

    #obituary #depression #sincere #emotions
    #untold #words by depression
    #poetry #wod
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee

    Thank you @writersnetwork for Editor's choice ♥️

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  • charithaburri 11w


    Talaash hai yek aise shakz ka jo kahe, "Agar tumhe batakna ethna pasand hai tho mein bhi chalu saath mein"....!

  • d_untold_story_denny 13w


    जिंदगी चाहती है
    कि में खुदखुशी कर लूं

    में इस इंतजार मे हूँ
    कि कोई हादसा हो जायें

  • nilanjanasardar 15w


    Love is when you still want his good even though he is not yours❤️

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  • rhythmic_beats 15w

    When everyone says love is just a myth in this generation, I have seen love very closely. Love seems myth because love is rare. Love is truth and truth is love. But our eyes are fooled to see adulterated beauty and it's the reason we fail to see true love and what is not love we try to put a stamp of love on it which anyways not gonna accepted my soul though social media can accept it!

    We say moon is so bright and shines so beautiful because moon knows to illuminate in darkness! But ever wondered that maybe the moon is loving the sky; yes that pitch dark sky flaunting its navy blue shades to darkest of darkest black! Living in darkness the whole night. But the moon is silently loving, caring, making night's darkness more beautiful by giving it's light to the sky. How innocent it is, right! Loving the sky so much in her darkness, the moon tries to spread it's all light throughout the horizon but still the sky is unknown about the fact that the moon is in love with her. She enjoys the light but is always unaware about this silent love, the untold love.

    May be the moon told the stars to be with her when it's new moon, after all moon never wants to see the sky; love alone. All those stars blossom at night flourishing the fragrance of moon's love to the sky, the sky totally enjoys this love filled waves but unaware about the fact that moon's love is none other than her♥️

    I hope the sky and the world soon realise that love is true and beautiful but it's silent, untold! As the universe is so vast, in every corner of the universe, love like moon and sky exist.

    Love is so simple yet undiscovered and rare♥️

    © rhythmic_beats

    PS. After a long time here. Hope you all doing great ✨��
    Coming to all slowly ��

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  • pranalishah 15w

    - Wanderlust Souls -

    World was decked with wanderlust souls,
    Whilst waiting to venture off the untold.


  • bornto67 16w

    Day's are gone but still memories Alive somewhere in thought❤️


  • lunatic_pen 20w

    let's continue tomorrow or next next days☺️
    part 1.0

    note: it's your risk if you read this.

    #mirakee #story #faith #against #religion #untold #secrets #love #forbidden

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    The Untold Story of Us


    I meet this guy yesterday
    He's standing in front of me
    He's wearing a white long gown
    Dress like an Angel without a crown
    And spreading the aura of a saint
    Of his magical words he paint
    Preaches the words of God
    About good and evil
    But I'm sad
    I heard it loud and clear
    When the book of life
    Told us not to fear
    As we face trials
    that nobody wants to care
    I remember mom and dad
    Tears fell down in my cheeks
    I feel the burden weep
    And feel the heavy heart
    But I try to hide it and keep

    I saw him glancing at me
    When our eyes meet
    I see the burning heat
    He's a preacher but why I feel
    He's like a sinner
    I ask myself, is he too a sinner?
    How can he spread the good words?
    He is HUMAN, a flesh full of mess.
    He is HUMAN, a sinner from the east.
    He is HUMAN, a soul with a beast.
    How can he say "spread love and love one another"
    If he, him self don't have the experience of getting married or any commitments or relationship in his life.
    How can he defeat the crave of his desires?
    He is also HUMAN. Who wants the true love.
    The love that involves human touch and human caressing soul and lusty human nature.

    After hearing the words of God
    I'm about to leave
    But I heard someone
    Calling my name
    I turn around
    I found him
    I look into his eyes while
    He took my hand
    And hold it, saying "God is with you"
    As I responded "and also I am with you"
    His eyes open wide
    As he heard me what's inside
    I feel his nerves shaking
    And he begin sweating
    But still my hands, he's holding

    He try to back off
    But ....


  • _searching 22w


    उनके सिर्फ आने भर की ख़बर से, फूलों के खेत मेहक़ उठते हैं, सोए हुए पंछी भी चेहक उठते हैं!
    खूबसूरती ऐसी जो बयां ना हो सके मुँह जुबानी,
    हर फसल झुक कर सजदा करें, प्रकृति भी हैं उनकी दीवानी! उनपर रंग नहीं रंगों पर वो जचते हैं, फिर चाहे वो लाल पहने या धानी!

    . ©__abhi

  • _searching 22w


    Thaame mera hath, Dikha lau tujhe Waadi, Shehzaadi, Malika-e Noor, Jannat-e-Kashmir shehar se door, taaron ke neeche, jheel ke upar, jahan thandi Fizáyen nikal jaye rooh ko chukar...

    Jahan kuch na hone ka dukh zara sa lage, or tere hone se sab bhara sa lage.
    Gale se lagakar sununga teri har baat ko,
    Hum dono hi honge shikara me raat ko...

    Chale mere sath, thaame mera hath, Dikha lau tujhe Waadi, Shehzaadi, Malika-e Noor, Jannat-e-Kashmir shehar se door, taaron ke neeche, jheel ke upar, jahan thandi Fizáyen nikal jaye rooh ko chukar...