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  • i_shukriya 16h

    Love turns
    into the worship.

    [Adhuri mohabaat ibadat banjaati hai]...

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    Hope you like it...

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    love turns
    into the worship.


  • lolablackthorn 4d


    I thought I would break
    My pattern of hidden heartache
    For you, I believed
    My perceptions we're not fake
    But I was wrong
    It was her
    You were always who I thought
    You were
    I'm still waiting, waiting my turn
    I wish love was a thing to be earned
    Put my hand in the fire
    And it left a burn
    Unrequited's my motto
    I've never learned

  • the_shattered_feelings 5d

    تمہارے بعد نہ تم رہے نہ کوئی اور رہا۔
    اک ہم رہے اور ہمارا خالی دل رہا۔۔!


  • thelonesurvivor 2w

    You say 'You are mine'.

    But I know You are not only mine.


  • nitamichelle 6w

    Pretend Love

    I never expected you to love me
    until you asked me to love you first

    You manipulated your way into my heart
    but I would've given it to you willingly

    All I wanted in return was for you to be
    the person that you pretended to be

    You know...
    The person that was in love with me

  • sheena 6w

    Word dic:
    Gossamery: delicate
    Traipse: walk pointlessly or tediously
    Carmine | Refuscent: colour of blood
    Flavescent: yellow
    Nigh: near

    Hanahaki( 하나하키병): A fictional disease where the victim of unrequited love coughs out petals and flowers of a flowering plant grows in their lungs which eventually grows to render breathing if left uncured. Cured by surgical removal of plant roots, but the side effect being unable to love after being cured

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    Pierced Through Flowers-Hanahaki (하나하키병)

    The petals, gossamery and stained in carmine shades,
    maybe were reminders of my incomplete tale
    unreturned feelings that paused my time
    are now reasons; why I can't move ahead

    Like a cobweb of hurt, pain and dusted emotions,
    I see petals coloured in a pale flavescent shade
    each time I cough them out
    while the striking lacuna deepening within

    I'd traipse my way back to you,
    I told myself a million times
    giving out reasons why I don't want a cure
    that robs me away from feeling love yet again!

    The days are now slipping by softly,
    as I've lost count of the petals that I shed
    all stained in refuscent colour, the yellow gradually diminishing
    as I left hopes now for you to requit my love,

    I wonder if this is the end,
    the spring that harboured in my lungs
    suffocating my breaths as I count back
    to my end that's nigh


  • journeyingwithnomakha 7w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

    No matter what you do, people love who they want to love.

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    It was never...

    You said it was the hideous hair,
    I tucked it under the long inch weaves.

    You said it was the acne,
    I layered my face with heavy makeup
    I could hardly see myself .

    You said it was the size.
    I ignored the pain of my bartered body
    Begging me to stop ,but i went on.
    What is a few hundred squats to the love i so desperately craved from you?

    With every drip of sweat,
    My soul poured out
    Sombreness stretched out in the pits of my heart.

    You said it was the walk
    You said it was the clothes
    You said!, said!, said !.

    Until you pulled up with a girl
    With the most hideous untamable hair
    Body size of the whole planet
    And a walk that put the penguins in shame.

    It dawned on me,
    It wasn't the hair,
    It wasn't the body size
    I wasn't the acne,
    It was never...



  • nithya_munegowda 7w

    You are the only reason why my last seen is enabled ❤️

  • honeydewhymns 9w

    Whirlpool Whispers

    I wish I didn't miss you as much as I do. I wish I could just let you go, leave you alone, let my memory of you finally rest. I wish that I would've done things differently.

    Maybe the gods decided that you're meant to be the biggest regret I carry, so that I remain grounded.

    But I still look up at the stars like they are pierced holes speckled in the night sky, a cosmic colander draining the world of it's beauty.

    In your ocean I wouldn't care if we had floated or drowned.

    I just wanted to feel weightless.


  • hedwigs_mom 9w

    I don't like how much I love you!

  • honeyedmaryam 11w

    Heart Of Ice

    A magnificent face and a mind of stone

    Mouth of gold and words of Jade

    A beauty's smile brightens up her lover's world

    Her every action mesmerizes his being

    Alas a heart belonging to another is not yours to posses

    An obsessed lover is oblivious to perilous circumstances

    The final outcome

    A broken heart at the end of it all


  • likwidsay10 12w

    #Love #Unrequitedlove

    I can see my breath
    in the cold night air
    While standing in the woods
    Behind your house where you said
    We'd meet each other
    When it got dark out
    I could hear an argument between
    You and your father,
    He's been drinking again
    So he's acting out again
    Bitter cause his life
    Didn't turn out as he planned
    Wasted youth
    I heard your father say,
    "If you go, I'll lock you out and call
    The cops when you come around."
    You shouted back
    "Go ahead. I can't stand another day
    Here in this fucking hell!"
    You then busted thru the back door
    Nearly running to the trail
    Where I'd usually meet you
    I hugged you when you arrived
    And asked, "Are you alright?"
    "Yes," you said,
    "Wanna hang for the night?"
    I understood and we decided
    To walk to a nearby field
    Where the sky was naked and open
    We laid next to each other
    An' looked up to the heavens
    It was a clear night
    An' the stars shone bright on us
    You pulled out a joint
    From your front coat pocket
    An' sparked it up
    We passed it back and forth
    Til there was nothing left
    Looking at the stars I suddenly
    Felt insignificant, not even a
    Speck of dust in the universe
    I tell you how I feel
    An' you say, "You're not insignificant
    To me. My life is so fucked up right now
    Why are we even alive?"
    You looked at me as if
    I had an answer but I turned
    An' looked to the stars
    An' said, "Maybe they wonder
    The same thing out there?"
    You looked to the stars
    An' a comet flew across the sky
    Splitting into two
    A sudden streak then nothing
    You said, "Make a wish. Maybe
    It will come true." I closed my eyes
    An' I wished for you
    You only see me as a good friend
    It hurts when I see you
    With her with you hanging
    From your arm
    She reminds me of a chimpanzee
    The world is your own
    Personal petting zoo
    You got up and said, "I've got
    To go my girlfriends waiting
    For me." My thoughts lingered
    An' I feel a sting, a pang in my heart
    You got up and ask can I
    Make it home alone?
    Of course I can
    I know my way home
    Then he left
    I walked thru the dark trees
    Heading back home
    With tears in my eyes
    That are blurring my sight
    My hearts so heavy
    I can't lift it off of the ground
    I make it home and head
    For the bedroom
    Where I can be alone with
    These conflicting feelings
    Inside that kill the joy in me
    Like nothing else
    My world felt comeplete
    When i was with you tonight
    But you don't know
    How I really feel inside
    An' its like i can't tell you
    Cause I'm so afraid
    Of the rejection
    Well at least I'd know
    I go from tears to smiles
    I got a text from you
    Stating, "I love you."
    I texted back, "I love you too."
    The night is cold but
    Your out there finding
    Warmth with someone else
    The happy feeling dissipates
    An' I'm missing you again
    I feel so lonely, I hug my pillow
    An' lay on top of the comforter
    I turn off the light
    An' sleep, perhaps I'll dream
    Of you tonight
    A single soldier in war and love
    They say there's nothing fair
    In love and in war
    This is so true especially
    For the likes of me
    I came into the battle wounded
    Will I be victorious. Glorious,
    Fabulous, its would be ridiculous
    But your servere an' serious
    Why do I feel like I could die


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    I Can See My Breath

  • honeydewhymns 12w

    For Him, My Daemon of Dusk.

    I told you 

    in the soft summer afternoon,

    how I believed in God. 

    I held your gaze

    and we parted ways. 

    The metal bat 

    we found abandoned

    held upon your shoulders. 

    I prayed the day wouldn’t come

    when we would grow older. 

    Maybe now

    you think of me

    and recall my smile

    or my tears. 

    I will confess

    this joy and sorrow

    only grew across the years.

    Today, in a blink of an eye

    I caved, felt the joy of you. 

    Felt those butterflies in my lungs

    remembered those times

    when we were young. 

    When this hungry world

    didn’t tear at our flesh

    like a vengeful ghost 

    refuses to rest. 

    And now 

    for all I know

    this love and agony

    was only hallucination. 

    I’ve homed this sweet disparity 

    as if loving the emptiness 

    would mean our salvation. 

    But through all these years

    my seeds of grief were sown 

    into the ground, 

    reaping harvest after harvest, 

    leaving much to desire

    yet less to be found. 

    Soon I looked to the sea

    witnessed a salt kissed 

    horizon of demons, 

    dancing in the waves

    eyes boring into me. 

    This ache of knowing

    I had no boat to steer

    to navigate that which on land

    seemed deceptively clear. 

    To know the moon 

    was your only master, 

    to feel wary of the storms 

    only nearing faster. 

    To feel the boon of 

    being a coward, 

    teasing your heart 

    just along the shore.

    And yet, I was the one

    left wanting more.


  • guardian 13w

    My feelings for you,
    Like wind against ocean waves
    Strong and sure as the thunder after the lightening
    Like castle ruins still standing atop hills
    Echoing the memories of their inhabitants.

    My feelings for you,
    Breathing in the cozy midnight breeze
    Waving intricate patterns in cloudy skies
    And gently brushing them aside
    To watch the stars turn in the heavens above us.

    Your feelings for me,
    Like the alarms you'd snooze mindlessly
    Or the little dandelions that would be in full bloom
    But still get plucked with the rest of the weed,
    Or the old check shirt
    Hanging behind the door,
    That you loved once
    And you keep now only for memories.


    #feelings #unrequitedlove

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    Time and Tide


  • venus93 13w


    Love itself is the sweetest feeling.
    It becomes even sweeter when reciprocated.
    But isn't it better to throw love to the winds and forget all about it
    when someone feels threatened by your love?

  • silverau25 13w

    As I love you in the beginning
    I know you feel nothing
    My heart keeps on pounding
    Your name is what she is shouting

    My eyes keep on shining
    As I can see your face smiling
    I can't hold my breathing
    I was drowning this unexplainable feeling

    As I look to your tantalizing eyes
    I see an angel in disguise
    Just like the waves in the tide, my feelings for you arise
    In my life, you are like my spice.

    This feeling keeps me hunting
    I can't stop where it is starting
    Just like the river, it keeps on flowing
    I don't mind if I am almost drowning

    My love for you is undeniable
    Just like the sand, it is uncountable
    This feeling is inevitable
    Just like the ocean deep, it is immeasurable

    No one could explain
    How much I like this feeling even I feel the pain
    The butterflies in my stomach keep on flying
    As my eyes keep on twinkling

    But how could I win this battle?
    If in the beginning, I lose in the duel
    But all I know is to dwell
    Until I no longer know how does it feel.

  • imlikum 13w

    You Will Forever Be My Always.

    I feel everything in life has led me to you, it is simply fortuitous but enough for me contentedly surrender myself to you. whenever I'm in pain, my eyes look for you knowing you're the only medicine that cures.
    Love isn't easy, I'm just a prosaic person that hinge on little things for happiness but honey! just your existence is all to brighten up my soul, your smile stays in my heart with a jubilation knowing that you're the favourite reason I'm breathing.
    ..Sometimes I see myself as a clairvoyant about us and my future lies dull and incomplete without you.
    There's never an answer to how much I love and revere you even with all the broken pieces of me, you are a significant and astounding creation of God, so marry me and let yourself be mine for the rest of the days because you will forever be my always. ©imlikum

  • randalthor 14w

    Unrequited Love

    I play chess, she plays reversi.

  • queerchildzw 15w

    Writing prompt: Unrequited love

    How sad it is to love a woman and fall short of her favour.
    It's a different kind of pain knowing your heart is given but not taken. Somewhere in limbo, waiting and hoping.
    To have this love burning inside of you, yearning to be embraced yet unrequited.
    How sad it is to love a woman so deeply and fall short of her favour...such is the curse of an unrequited love.
    It will keep you up at night replaying all the moments that could have been.
    It will make your heart beat so fast and loud when she smiles and fall into a slow rhythm knowing she'll never be yours.
    It fills your entire being with this feeling of loss, the grief of losing something you never had.
    Such is the curse of unrequited love...

  • the_shattered_feelings 15w

    The eyes reflect the hurt in heart..!