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  • falak_ul_hilal_sofi 1w

    Bleeding kashmir!

    Kya baat karu mai apne
    ki yaha tou baghou sy zyda kabristan baray paday hain


  • rooterscooterj 3w

    Unity Is Here

    We are not what society tells us we are.

    Division we have fallen for
    A break in our minds
    We are told we are different from one another
    Our education educates to program our minds
    But where we all came from is traced back to the same
    There are hidden truths to keep the divide
    Who is better then who?
    I am not, you are not
    Unity not division is how to make a change
    Unite don’t fight
    Find the peace
    Re-educate to ignite the divine
    Work together
    We came from the same.

    A MARieee

  • dhruvfauji 4w

    स्वर्णिम वर्ष

    मानवता जिसपर थी क्रुद्ध , उस शत्रु पर थे उन्नत आयुध,
    फिर भी सहस्रो से लड़ा सैनिक एक एक,
    जल थल नभ में बन गए थे मोर्चे अनेक,
    सेनानियों ने विजय पाई लड़ क्षण क्षण प्रति एक,
    क्योंकि शस्त्रों के भी शस्त्र थे, वीरता विवेक।
    युवा इस युद्ध में बने छत्रसाल,
    आज भी प्रेरणा हैं अरुण खेत्रपाल,
    सेनाओं का शौर्य था इस समकक्ष,
    तेरह दिवस में शत्रु को कर दिया विवश।
    परंतु वीरगति प्राप्त शत्रु को भी प्रहरी जान, दिया गया उन्हें भी समकक्ष मान,
    लौटा उन्हें सेनाओं ने, किया कार्य नेक,
    क्योंकि शस्त्रों के भी शस्त्र हैं ,वीरता विवेक।

  • beensn 4w


    Doesn't come
    From height, weight
    Man, muscle, money power.
    It comes only from the clear
    Hearts followed by the mind set.
    You want
    To enjoy unity,
    Do away with the
    Wicked thoughts sharper than swords
    Follow clear mind and lovely ❤️ heart.

  • madinah_writes 5w

    What happens when peace is silenced?
    Does it die slowly like an abducted child from it's mother? Or it pours out dust of poverty even to the fullest sea?

    What happens to a state where injustice rules?
    Does it die out like the candle of love in our hearts? Or it blinds our sight like that of a bat reaching high.

    What happens if Nigeria divides?
    Would it again, be the gaint of Africa? Or Peace and unity would become the missing letters of the past.

    #simile #word #start #miraquill #peace #unity #justice #nigeria #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #writersbay

    #Anaphora #blackamerican #african #miraquill #bittertruth #reality #beauty #writersnetwork #peace #unity #childhood #past #writersbay #writeup #writerscommunity #freedom #love #relovultion #era #dream #tomorrow

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  • angels_halo_shines 6w


    Many thoughts cloud my mind
    The maddening ways of the world
    The shape it’s in, is all but pleasant
    We need unity, more than ever
    I wonder what that will entail
    How many more lives need taken
    There needs to be a mass awakening
    People of every country
    All cultural backgrounds
    No one is better than you or I
    We are all of equality
    No one is any less of a human
    Everyone breathes the same
    Many are treated less than human
    It leaves a bad taste in my mouth
    So frustrating to know it happens
    More than we even know
    There has to be a way to unify
    Maybe the constant control
    Their power is taken to the next level
    To basically let us kill to be killed
    With no cares of how or why
    Just left for dead
    Children are being traded
    Treated as it they are animals
    It’s demeaning the land of the free
    Now days just isn’t free at all
    Everything comes with a cost

  • spirit_13 7w

    Silent intimacy

    Intricately studding the silence
    With the words carrying the weight 
    of emotions as inclusive as I can feel,
    This seems greater than any love or devotion.

    Days and nights longing to merge
    Into the abyss of bliss.
    Soon as the souls experience unity
    All the words ending within a kiss.

  • amarsbhintade 7w

    ख़ाली ये हाथ थे जब आया मैं यहाँ था ।
    नाम भी नहीं था । लड़का हुआ करके बताया था ।

    मेंरा जहाँ मेरी माँ की गोद थी ।
    पापा मेरे लिए भगवान थे । जरूरत की हर चीज़ ला देते ।

    फिर मुझको धीरे धीरे दुनियां दिखी।
    मैने अलग अलग बट बट के रहने की कला सीखी।
    जात देखी, धर्म देखा, देश देखा। नियत मैंने किसी की खाक देखी।


  • madinah_writes 8w

    Anaphora (pronounced uh-naf-er-uh) is when a certain word or a phrase is repeated at the beginning of a clause or sentence that follows each other.


    I have a dream.
    A dream of a beautiful tomorrow, bright and clean.
    Where hard drugs and corruption is dead leal.
    And no man go court free for whoever he kill.

    I have a dream.
    A dream of light and patience, put in practice.
    A dream where illegality and shame are put to justice.
    Where all war and arguments are ended with earthy smiles and ocean hugs and sky kisses.
    Where every fight is forgotten with the letters of true peace.

    I have a dream.
    A dream of our pregnant tomorrow.
    She gives birth with tears of joy in her eyes.
    We congratulated her knowing fully well that it's the end of our sorrow.
    She birth us a new era of patience, progress, prosperity and peace.

    © Madinah_Writes

    #Anaphora #blackamerican #african #miraquill #bittertruth #reality #beauty #writersnetwork #peace #unity #childhood #past #writersbay #writeup #writerscommunity #freedom #love #relovultion #era #dream #tomorrow

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  • rahoof 8w

    A past too distant too difficult to comprehend

    Oh they say, the days of being slaves,
    And eating lunch in a pit made on the ground,
    And giving the good-produce of the coloured
    to the bloodless eyes of the landlord.
    All these would seem far too distant,
    Far too difficult for the young to comprehend.

    We heard from the tales of our grans,
    That the past was too cruel for the coloured.
    They say there was a time,
    When tone of the skin mattered more
    than the tone of the blood in their veins.
    But they say those days seem far too distant,
    Far too difficult for the young to comprehend.

    But now I understood,
    the reason behind their eyes of judgement.
    not because of my embroidered red kurti nor because of my black hair clip or because of the Bangles that leave a glittery trail on my wrist.

    And they called up on my name along with my
    Cast, again reminding me the tone of my skin and my place in that room.

    I looked back holding the certificates of my highest education.
    And I looked back and saw
    My fellow Kuravans, Ezhavars and Nairs,
    along with our Methan and Nasrani brothers.
    All of them seen wearing their ancestral garments, sitting Along the makeshift chairs,
    Holding the certificates of their highest education.
    Still trying to comprehend the fact
    That they said "that past was too distant,
    too difficult to comprehend."


  • faithwisdom 8w

    Gathering Together

    Will never cause harm
    Remain open to the thought
    That you are needed


  • arzanpawar 9w

    Prohibited Love

    In today’s society, everyone ignores what the bible says about abortions
    They ignore what it says about divorce.
    They ignore what the bible says about tattoos and sex before marriage.

    Yet, when it comes to homosexuality, they remember every god forsaken line.
    They hold it against me and everyone like me, as if it would change who we are.
    It’s as if the bible  has become a law, but only for being gay.

    But, even if you make it into the law, it won’t change who we are.
    We didn't choose to be this way. We are who we are and it doesn't matter if you are screaming at us or whispering behind our back.
    We love who we love, no law can change that.

    You may say Adam and Eve.
    I say, Adam, Eve, Steve, and the transgender man down the street.

    You may call it homophobia,
    But you aren't afraid of anything,
    You’re just an asshole.

    This has been over-said, I know
    But it seems as though some people
    Aren't listening
    How can homosexuality be a choice?
    Why would someone choose that life-style
    Of pain, rejection, fear, and no acceptance?
    Why would two boys choose
    To have a relationship they had to keep hidden?
    A relationship many people would not accept?
    Why would they choose to be separated in public
    To not even look at each other for fear of rumors

    These are people, and this is real love
    How dare they say that those two girls
    Holding hands, looking into each others eyes
    Love each other any less than the boy and girl
    Please, I urge anyone out there doubting
    That these people don't choose to live that way
    It's your responsibility to create a world
    Where it's no longer un-accepted,
    Where those boys can show the world they
    Do like kissing, they do like holding hands
    It's our responsibility to change for the better
    Anyone who says it's a choice, obviously
    Has never fallen helplessly in love before

  • dreamersneverlearn 10w

    I believe in empathy

    I don't believe in organized religion
    Things that require faith over facts
    A holy book that demeans women ,gays and promotes slavery
    I don't follow any leaders
    Actors playing their role
    We cling on their words and choose a side
    Politics and religion will always be our divide

    I do believe in thinking for each self
    I believe in living your own life,
    And allowing others to do the same
    Love is Real . Kindness can heal
    Though we may differ from our beliefs
    If united ,we're impossible to beat
    I don't believe that day will come

  • jaisyjosh 11w

    Childhood memory

    My favourite childhood memory was a regular practice which we had in our house - Family prayer- Singing songs,reading scriptures and finally ending with prayers.It was done with happiness and without an unyielding spirit.

  • akpoetry2021 11w

    Ek chingari ne poora shaher jala kar rakh dia
    Kuchh logon ne poora mulk hila kar rakh dia

    Tha slogan ''sab ka sath sab ka vikaas'' ka
    Vikas ka to pata nahi, sab bech kar rakh dia

    Dikhaya tha sapna 5 trillion economy ka
    GDP ka graph negative mein leja kar rakh dia

    Jo 35 ka petrol dene ki baat karte the kabhi
    Badhti mahngai ko desh-hit bata kar rakh dia

    Na thay Hindu na Muslim kabhi khatre mein
    Desh ko Britishers ki tarah baant kar rakh dia

    Diversified culture jo shaan hai mere desh ki
    Usay in fascists ne mazak bana kar rakh dia


  • omjangid_ 13w


    The beauty of the droplets amazed me,
    The way they come as a spherical ball 
    Eventually splitting into a round figure of many small balls.

    When the first droplet fall on the earth,
    I wanted to capture that ephemeral beauty of its mark on the earth surface, 

    After some time, I realized that they are coming as a huge bag of droplets, Composing a soothing sound while spreading the Petrichor. 

    Reaching the earth surface they all are forming different shapes of the single component, that is water,
    Characterizing that we all are different forms of the Divine.

  • lrthompson 14w

    Home, Divided

    Division runs rampant through unity on the break
    Torches flare as rage flickers smoldering kindling to flame
    Erupting the perpetual boils that fester beyond infections wake
    Fearful that lives saved are endangered for propagandas sake
    Nay, the divisions that split rip to shreds the patriotic fabric
    Shorn to threads amiable friendships that broach enmity
    Between brothers bound by blood shared
    Bleeding red in concealed unison given to each at birth
    As mighty Gaia trembles under the weight of shrugging Atlas
    Beseeching the old gods to return to former glories
    Resting lonesome Olympus from its divine pantheon
    To quake and shake the shared foundations built
    Atop mountains of lies stacked one after another
    Before the heavens part and holy Elysium repels
    The hearts of both men and women who dared divide
    A house unified on sacrosanct liberties inherent
    Gifted to the corruptible souls of humanity
    On the premise that justice should be for all
    That hold the highest values inviolable
    By any that would rabble-rouse the masses to forgo
    The established law of the land on such flawed premises
    Where words hold greater authority than actions convey
    And peace is but a pipe dream puffed in perfect rings translucent
    Fading before the light has a chance to cast dark shadows
    Imperfect in their reflection yet somehow flawless in impression
    Oh, if only we were not like that famous allegory
    Confined to our own individual caves
    Then maybe our eyes could open wide and once again
    Let in the truth that we have for too long allowed to blind us in hate
    Perhaps the fates would halt their furies
    And end our shared torment avoidable
    Unifying a once noble people to again stand proud
    A beacon to a world begging for freedom
    Clearing the fog of war and lighting the path
    Back to the house we once called home


  • _ikraar_ 14w

    I never welcomed you...you just entered and made me do craziest things
    #saree #onam #pookalam #love #unity #aroma #sadya #cousins #familytime

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    A happy morning
    Breezy mood
    Colourful clothing
    Delicious smell
    Even duties
    Freshen up attapookalam
    Gorgeous pictures

  • bharathkoli 17w


    Sometimes the problem won't let us unite and sometimes the guilt!

  • dhruvfauji 17w

    प्रदत जीवन

    था परिश्रम से उपजित स्वेदजल, उसे उपजित है भूमंडल,
    यह स्वेद जल मेरा नहीं, था भगत सिंह सा शेर कहीं,
    दे गोरों के मुंह पर तमाचा, इन शेरों ने हमें बचा डाला,
    संग सब उन्हें नतमस्तक करने वाला, कि मुझ जीव को जीवन दे डाला, बस इस कारण, मैं वक्त नहीं खोने वाला,
    यदि मैं सुस्ती में पडा रहूं, खाता पीता व खड़ा रहूं,
    है धिक्कार मुझे होने वाला, जो कौम प्रदत गई मुझे निवाला,
    उसे हमने ही कलंकित कर डाला।
    है सीने में धधकती ज्वाला, दे दिशा तीक्ष्ण ललकार बना,
    फिर तृण से भरा हो प्याला, केवल उसको आहार बना,
    मैं कार्य प्रगत रहने वाला, अब मैं वक्त नहीं खोने वाला।
    हुए महाराणा से वीर यहां, उनके पद चिन्हों पर चलने वाला, एक उत्तम समाज बनाने को, सम बुद्ध राह दिखाने को,
    मैं दिन-रात एक करने वाला, अब मैं वक्त नहीं खोने वाला, अब मैं और नहीं सोने वाला।