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  • shantishalom 2d

    If only you'd know

    My head is screaming the visuals and sounds
    but no one can hear them 'cause I keep them quite.

    Scenes from a nightmare that only few saw,
    And none of those witnesses didn't even shrugged.

    I craved for love,
    I cried for help,
    I even used to beg for a truce
    but she never stopped
    the tortuous shock.

    Time doesn't heal as the say,
    It just buries the corpses deeper the brain
    And when you least expect them to crawl,
    The zombies will eat you from the inside out.

  • whoeverzx 3d

    I wish i could dive deep
    Into your soul
    Without fear of getting wet
    Then i
    Find you
    In tears

    I knew from the beginning
    You ve been there
    For decades
    Without anyone to realize
    If you were there all this time

    I really
    Wanna tell u
    "It's okay to being you"
    "You re seen and heard"
    And i will stay there
    With you in the depth
    Until the sky become dark
    And we become deeper
    Without any words
    Just presence of our feeling
    That always told to "shut up"

    I wish i could
    my soul itself
    Was imprisoned.


  • angels_halo_shines 1w


    One day, one could say
    Hey man, I will be ok.

    The next day, one could say
    Eh idk maybe I'll be ok tomorrow.

    Next week, one could say
    Idk when, I just know it's not today.

    I'm not ok,
    I'm not going to be anytime soon.
    It's ok, that's the way it goes.

    Too much taken away.
    All at once.
    Once something has been seen
    It's a part of you.
    You carry it.
    Good or bad.
    Memory, nightmare or trauma.
    It can't be taken back.
    No matter what how you figure it.
    You're left dealing with pain within.
    Wondering why me?
    Because, you could handle it.
    That's why.
    You can handle it.
    But, can we really?

  • srnjj17 1w


    Im digging graves
    For all my feelings
    And burying them alive
    Saying farewell
    To everything I held inside
    It's my turn to be the ghost
    I'll make everyone see
    Even I'm gonna be dead to me.

    Cut my soul open so it bleeds
    Give me some kind of release
    The pressure, the weight
    It's all too much for me

  • justanotherdarnedgirl 1w

    it's one of those nights where i'm
    breaking down on the bathroom floor
    -endless stream of tears and fears
    gripping and pulling on my own hair
    hoping it would stop my brain from hurting
    and that inexplicable pain in my throat i feel
    as i'm trying to swallow every word that's trying to come out of my mouth
    it's been 11 years now and i'm still trying
    regardless of all those times i almost gave up but each morning i wake up hoping to make it through the day and each night i pray not to relive those nightmares i lived
    i wish i could erase all the trauma from my mind, body and soul just like that
    but the hardest and the painstaking truth
    is that i can't, no matter how hard i try
    i could be wrong and i wish i'm wrong
    'cause they say time heals everything
    so i keep trying and trying all this while
    i lived all these years with the trauma
    and maybe i will continue to live with it;
    i don't know if it will ever go away but
    i wanna keep trying until i no longer can.


  • popsweety_abi 1w

    More than a word the silent cries has a high pain!


  • whoeverzx 1w

    Night catharsis

    Silence in the dark
    Growl of emotion
    Ask for validation
    Wrap my body
    Can't escape, no more

    No whiskey no TV
    Distraction submit me
    To the truth
    A long nightmare
    Before the dawn.


  • claralynne 1w

    Old Soul

    Time stretches.
    I've been here before.
    Deja vu.
    Here once again to find myself.
    Lost until found.
    One soul.
    One love.
    One universe.
    I'm getting closer.. I feel it in my heart .
    Seeing glimpses of light when the whole world is drowning in the shadows.
    Trauma tricking minds.

    Vibrations and Frequencies.
    Soaring in the sky....
    Only the shadow of my wings on the ground as I glide amongst the clouds.
    I dance with the sun.
    Rising above.
    Spreading love.
    Discovering Divinity. Immortality.
    A warfare of souls among us.
    Fighting in the dark.
    A mother that is Earth.
    Desperate for an army that brings fire to the shadows.
    An old soul that is Chosen...
    This is my last chance.
    I've been here before.....

  • wingedlioness 4w

    Time Given

    His words cause tension in body at times
    Causing me to shut down
    With his lack of understanding at times
    He makes argument with things I say
    Causing me lose my footing
    In this thing, this situationship
    Whatever you want to call it
    Why, do I bother
    His past has done great damage to him
    Causing him to bolt shut his heart
    How do I keep trying, keep trying without
    The feeling of being rejected
    Or not near good enough
    To activate his trust
    Why do I feel like, I'm fighting a losing battle

  • amaranthinepoetry 4w

    Blue Foam

    Blue bruises tickle my skin
    through the lashing of my kin;
    waves of ocean drown my scream
    blue foam frothing at the brim.

    Blue sky songs hum my days
    nights are soaked in rainy daze;
    dreams are venture in lanes of Rome
    my tears trigger their blue foam.


  • whoeverzx 4w

    I wish i could talk
    With my heart and soul
    I'm stuttered
    In silence

    The warmth inside me
    Slowly became cold
    Without words

    This body and mouth
    Was Chained by agony
    And surrounded by darkness
    My shadow sink into it

    Whispering with screams
    That can't be heard by ears
    Until the dead
    Stop get their flower

  • loftydreams101 8w

    Dear Uncle

    In his piercing black stare
    Cold and quiet
    My own sacred fires
    Die in vain
    In a bitter storm of vice
    He buries
    All his empty nights of crawling
    In the heart of his envy
    Among the old bones of kin
    Still he teams with life
    Somewhere underneath
    A hero’s swift plunge through the depths
    To the fading pulse
    Of his forgotten beloved
    Encircled by time
    And crushed by silence

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • kaach_ka_panchi 8w

    A lot of you are products of broken homes, abuse and neglect.
    Surrounded by fakes and imperfections.
    Suffer from such a trauma.

    But Talk about that, whatever it is.
    Don't let some thoughts fool you.
    invest in therapy.

    Self-destruction is not cute.


  • in_fragments 8w

    I don't have a lot of friends, not enough who know me anyways... this one is kind of all over the place. The moral is just... to talk again. It's like we've all forgotten how to create true connections. We just... become what we think others want us to be. And in the end, we're left with no identity of our own.
    #pod #poem #mirror #friendship #trauma #recovery #inspiration @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Mirrors, Blood and Silver

    Two long and statuesque silver mirrors
    take the places of two human beings-
    because we don't see people anymore.
    We only see the parts of each other
    our psyches choose to show, the parts of us
    we want others to see, the parts of us
    that reflect everybody else
    like we're looking glass,
    keeping bottomless secrets
    behind our own thickened frames.
    They only see that which is surface level,
    that which is easiest to digest;
    for it gets harder and harder
    to fall in love the farther we venture
    into the limitless abysses
    of our inner selves.

    We will all be mirrors, in the end.
    We are all so tired, so colossally lonely,
    shapeshifting through life showing others
    who they are, searching until
    we're senile, feeble and gray, in hopes
    that somebody will finally see us too.
    We are all forlorn from soul separation,
    and that means we are all
    never really alone. We will never
    achieve true kinship with each other
    with our exorbitant reflectors
    still stood up like pointed cannons.

    We must speak. Bond deeply.
    Break down our own walls.
    Remember that longing; let it move
    past your lips in speech
    and down your face in hot tears,
    let it rush through your entire body
    in vibrations of vulnerability.
    Let a conversation move your heart,
    let the connection of two lost souls
    cause these mirrors to throb
    like terrified hearts.
    Let it build up, feel the excitement,
    the body and soul buzz with recognition.
    Let yourself scream
    until you are seen... until that throbbing,
    powerless mirror you hide inside
    implodes in a burst of burning glitter.

    Go through the anguish
    of picking the broken pieces back up.
    When you stand up dauntless, each naked
    in front of the other, covered in blood,
    and pierced by 10,000 shards of silver;
    no longer caught up
    in such unscrupulous competition to be
    anybody but your authentic selves-
    then you will see
    everything kept suppressed,
    left unknowable in each other,
    and you make the reasoned decision
    to stay or run in panic
    from all the things you've seen.
    The panic that comes
    from knowing someone else-
    and the panic that comes
    from knowing your own self.

    When you have demolished
    everything around you, uprooted
    everything you thought you knew,
    and laid with the pain
    to see it for what it is- the beginning
    of healing a worn out mind-
    when you wipe away everything they
    convinced you that you needed,
    you come one large leap closer
    towards the future you've always wanted,
    and the life you have always deserved.

    It all starts
    with a single heart-to-heart
    and the will to shatter our silver shells.

  • mmbftd 8w


    I understand now
    Your fear
    Your cowardice
    The way you violently
    Kept us in line
    To make yourself feel important.
    And I've been your sounding board, since I was four years old. I was a wise child even then, because I had to be, to survive your rule.
    Now, even after your coma and near death sequence miraculously gave you more chances to live again ...
    You change nothing
    You have always been a liar
    A manipulative man
    Seeking out sympathy from your daughter before she could even ride a bike.
    Your marital strife, was a saga you versed me in.
    Now, you are almost 90. Ancient. Their should be wisdom acquired by now, but there are only more lies, more boiling hatred for anyone around you who thinks for themselves. Because you are a follower, begrudgingly. You do it to be a martyr. For sympathy.
    But I've none for you old man. I'm to blame. I've coddled you my entire lifetime and I've suffered from it. You never stood up for me, never got to know me, never heard me or cared to question anything. Your weakness sickens me. Have you never been grateful for anything?
    You tell me how you and mom fantasize about how much better your lives could've been if you hadn't had us kids. With glee you told me this! Even if it's true...why speak it? You want me to know that you are sorry we exist?
    We never asked to be here, under your thumbs, manipulated and diminished by your violent outbursts of fists and screams.
    I used to watch you beat my dog through the window. Horrified and terrified and all at once grateful it was not me in that moment. But I loved my dog so much. He was my one spot of joy. You hurt him. You hurt me through him. You planted seeds of terror in my soul. Your eyes black like hollow holes of rage. I could not save my dog, nor myself. You were my father, the secret monster. Smiles and songs for strangers, jokes and laughter to draw them in.
    And then other times you made me sing. Trained me to be your partner in ways my mother could not. You wanted to be famous. You wanted adoration above all else. You still do. And when I was little I sang and thought we sang together for the joy of song. The purity of harmony filling the air around us. But I was your monkey. You fooled me. You pretended to know me. As I tried my best to communicate with you through song.
    I'm so angry all this time later. Mostly at myself. For not seeing through you sooner.
    You created a jester that only a child would accept.
    I kept your secrets because you told me your life depended on them. I grew up angry at a mother you made into my enemy, with your lies. Your groomed me to be your soldier, your mascot, your shield against her.
    And even now, with your second chance at a valuable life...you cannot step into a life lived with integrity.
    You can only brag, about yourself incessantly.
    Old man, I loved you so, idolized you, took punches for you, gave you so much of my time and protection. Above my own life, I cared for yours.
    You are a bad man.
    You are on your own now.
    I can't save anyone but myself now.
    And you'll not even notice me gone.

  • justanotherdarnedgirl 9w

    you say that I always fight
    but what do I do when
    that's all I ever knew
    to protect my heart


  • fervent_writing 9w


    The most painful trauma that one could experience in their lifetime.


  • lifelesssoul 9w


    Everything's happens at its particular time
    Time to time Happiness was there
    Then came the Trauma uninvited
    Along came his friends Tragedies
    Depression holded me tight
    Recovering from their party
    Saw someone stayed with me, love
    There it was happiness by her side
    Everything happens at its particular time

  • dwordperspective 10w

    I'll hold you up, I'll protect you with my heart.
    I might not be strong but it's the best I got

    #trauma #love #perspective #strength #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #life #betterdays

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    I'll hold the pain, for you

    She was told to stop being herself
    But it wasn't like that for her
    she was hurt, traumatized
    but still chose to believe in love

    When you grow with trauma
    you choose how It Ends
    this was the end that she wanted
    to love unconditionally
    cause that's all she craved

    You don't have to understand
    It wasn't meant to be
    it made me happy
    isn't that everything

    Of course it was a lot to take
    the constant breakdown
    the complete blackout
    Teary Eyes, shattered heart
    but if you knew her
    you know she would choose it all over again

    She has been depressed, suffers from anxiety
    but if there was anything that she could change
    it would be the suffering
    to never see anyone go through what she goes through
    The constant battles, dealing pain

    A death ritual for herself
    to love everyone regardless of the pain
    to be a shoulder to cry on when there is no one else around
    reminding you that love still exist
    that fairy tales are not true
    that life isn't all golden
    there is no one there who will save you

    I've been through it and I am telling you that I can't be a silver lining
    I cannot make the pain go away
    all I can do is love you with all my heart and remind you that struggles may come and go

    but a promise from my side
    I am right here
    I'll hold the pain, for you

  • dcgarriott 10w

    Attachment issues are the worst.

    You undoubtedly know it's going to end
    But you allow them to stay and use you up because you're too afraid to be alone.