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    Dear Society

    Dear Society you love your traditions and boundaries
    Dear Society you hate the person who is out of the box
    Dear Society you have the fear that others will also behave in the same way
    You always tried to kill the out of the box person
    You always outnumbered out of box people
    Many times out of the box people surrender in the end out of fear.
    But now they are nothing more than a dead body wandering here and there
    Dear Society one side you encourage us to ask questions on the other side you hate out of box questions
    Dear Society you gave us the freedom to lived & worship in our way
    But when you see it's out of the box you started teasing
    Dear Society why don't you tried to solve that problem of indigestion
    It's my suggestion please met some good doctor
    Dear Society if I have the power and money then my all out of box things are right for you.
    Dear Society you don't like when people started thinking differently.
    Dear Society you are my inspiration you trained me how to kill other people dreams
    Dear Society I think now I have to surrender because you left me with no solution.
    Dear society now I understand you love dead people than alive one
    Dear Society you love your traditions and boundaries

  • miss_silentlyweird 6w



    I DON'T
    W A N T E D
    TO BE


    I love that word “Love isn't soft."
    For it tell the truth that love isn't always like loaf,
    With warm smooth texture neither has a sweet aroma,
    That can ensnare in plate since heart growls without coma,

    ~ Life

    Floating in a galaxy with burning meteor,
    With a massive exploding of an emotional barrier,
    Making me choose whether to survive or be alive,
    So instead, I just write a poem I can't contrive,

    ~ Tradition

    With huge smiles and honoring gesture,
    Show a great length love and respect,
    We follow this tradition structure,
    Yet somehow in self it's hard to apply & direct

  • bellemoon99 6w

    Our tradition

    If I look into my répertoire of memories I can't really find any in which a family tradition was forged.

    The core of my family was strong, yet I only had three family members and one died way before I turned 15 springs.

    Our only tradition was to love each other regardless of how bad times were. Today, that's the only strength keeping my life together.

  • abhayrao 6w

    Tragic traditions

    Viscous limbo, can't break free
    Moving stillness, you can almost see
    Unfreezing so slowly, listless lovers
    Cut off mid sentence, silence hovers
    An endless night descending so slow
    From the fringes, did the darkness grow
    Creeping into those frozen hearts
    Extreme views to central parts
    Standing out is the tradition we leave
    Just be loud, no matter what you believe
    Scream and shout, accuse without doubt
    Divide, distract and all decency flout
    Not modesty, humanity, not laws, the spirit
    No agency left with a shroud of grit
    A legacy where the truth ceased to matter
    When facts gave way to words that flatter
    The art of manipulation, dangerous days
    Tragic traditions paving the ways
    New world order, tolerance just lost
    Traditions we leave and the future it cost

  • iqujiger 6w

    ISN'T IT? ��

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    From childhood I used to be very short-tempered ,I was always sulking on the
    Little things ,nomatter how little they were
    And then every time ,every family member
    Were Convincing me to take the sips of tea
    Or the morsels of food
    But for them it was only possible
    When they could pay me the Note
    Of 10 rupees .
    And after their kittling me upto to
    The brim of patience .
    During the school days
    I continued my sulking for almost
    2 days without eating anything
    Except the drops of water from the
    Washroom .
    Third day when I was in school my teacher
    Called me and he hand-overed some
    Food-stuffs in my hands (I REMEMBER, it was 2 bananas ,1 biscuit packet)
    What he said : As it was provided to
    Him for me by my father .
    And I could hungrily ate it all.
    But after I reached home ,
    The truth was something else
    What I was said :
    In the morning time of that day
    It was my Dad's phone call to
    That very teacher to advice me not to sulk on lil things In that way .
    But what he did was it's opposite .
    Perhaps it was his (FLAWLESS LoVE
    FOR ME ) that made him to do so
    After that very incident That Teacher
    Became unforgettable for me .
    And I should intentionally wanna remain
    In the debit of his ,,LOVE FOREVER

  • jikimi 6w

    #tradition #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    A memorable journey with him through blokes of sweets!!

    Challenge accepted ♡♡
    A read?

    @sumiinked this is inspired from you, truely
    Donno how, but from you �� maybe the structure
    I haven't seen you writing this topic , but inspired from
    You. Maybe by looking at your posts and reading them
    Again and again

    I m still a child (or you can say so) but still remembering my childhood :)

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    The packet of cordiality we bought from the shopkeeper

    D'you remember darling?

    We used to share crisps among us? But there
    Were love notes inside the packets? Ugh, we
    Used to sip poetry in our coffee mugs?
    D'you remember? D'you remember?

    The rainbows we matched with our cotton filled
    Candies? The sugar barley sticks we sucked? Do
    You remember? Ahaah! And those mince
    Pies you used to steal from my snack box?
    D'you remember? D'you remember?

    The clouds we stared at daylight, popping eclairs
    At our tiny mouths? The stars we counted at dark
    Sky at the night? Drinking elixir of love?
    D'you remember? D'you remember?

    Don't you remember? The first time on the toffee
    Bar? Two foodies when met? An the explosion
    Occured? XD as we started buying every
    Toffee and every drink?

    Ahhahh!! Those were the days, now we both have
    The wrappers only but no happy candies and no happy memories ;(

    Just the wrappers serving as bookmarks of my favourite poetries!!


  • karasi_0v0a0r0g 6w


    Such a constricting word
    Permissions, deprivation, Captivity.
    Yet none favors crimes.

    It's what makes a society function,
    Consisting of people that consists of individuals.
    Therefore law exists.

    Such toxicity that comes within thy name is when once individuals standard is infused on to others.

    The simplest universal standard that all of us can partake.

    The golden rule


  • pallavi4 6w


    I love that word “tradition”
    Something I’m proud of as an Indian
    The culture here has had set rules
    For every person of every generation

    I hail from a land that still greets guests
    Like the good lord himself has arrived
    Much is done to make them comfortable
    Much happiness from that is derived

    Respectfully all elders are treated
    Their will governs the household
    Families stay under one single roof
    Safely enveloped and kept together in the fold

    Food is treated with reverence
    Multiple gods are considered holy
    Animals are given their due but now
    Change is arriving gradually and slowly

    Inspite of much remaining the same
    And things being done like they were before
    The traditions that governed us are shifting
    And adapting to the changing times some more

    A woman’s place is no longer the hearth
    She is allowed to fend for herself
    Marriage is no longer forced upon her
    And considered her only option once she turns twelve

    Dividing caste lines are gradually blurring
    Interfaith relationships are not rare anymore
    Elders try to not interfere in the lives of the young
    Although culture is still kept at the fore

    Families no longer necessarily live as one unit
    That doesn’t mean the love between them has declined
    Elders are still considered voices of reason
    Their authority is still not undermined

    Many turn atheists and not god fearing
    Many give up religion altogether
    Given the cultural mix we live in here
    No prejudice is able to last forever

    The world has adopted our folded handed “namaste”
    That has long defined who we are as people
    Our festivals are celebrated across the globe now
    We are no longer considered weak and feeble

    There is more to the customs I follow
    Of my country than is visible on the outside
    We are so much more than a bunch of snake charmers
    We uphold our culture with great pomp, show and pride


    11th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “pond for Krishna pichwai “ by Yugdeepak Soni

    Thank you for the repost @writersnetwork !

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  • iqujiger 6w

    Wod.... tradition....@....writerswork

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    After she fell down with the Gibe's
    After the ist Love ,Everyone started
    to see her with the sight of flaws
    Even her family started to keep an
    Eye on her .
    She was doubted by everyone
    she was not allowed to sit in
    The room alone
    Well said ,,what is inside remains
    Inside .
    No one tried to know what she is
    Doing inside the locked room .
    ,,Perhaps she could be cleansing
    Her sins with tears
    Wrapping her scars inside her written
    She could be bleeding with repentence
    Through the clots of her old love lesions
    She could be striving to hide herself
    In the shadows of shyness .
    Then tell me how could her shaking
    Chapped lips bear to repeat those anecdotes again which brought her
    The uncontrolled humiliation.
    HUH......now how could she bear to
    Enter the new one (FUCKING LOVE)
    But They wouldn't believe her
    They would consistently punish
    Her for the sin which she is not
    Even bearing to think of again .
    But why they do so ?

  • soulo_scribbles 6w

    Channels of clan

    Beginning years with godspeed.
    Ending them with karaoke soiree.

    Growing green thumbs nutured by papa lores.
    Humbling drill of charity encouraged by mama mores.

    Candlelight charades during power shutdown.
    Favorite faloodas fashioned hand in hand in Lockdown.

    No sunday mornings without father's ginger chai.
    Nor are there noon naps without mother's radio lo-fi.

    Sticking together during worst hardships, in bear hug I baptize.
    Best cheerleaders celebrate my success, in gratitude I cry smile.


  • luckylakshmi_ 6w


    What is tradition?

    Following any particular rule
    Or just walking through the path someone paved?

    Is it about wearing dresses
    Or about how we represent ourselves?

    Is it about what we eat
    Or is it about what we drink?


    We are born alone,
    And we will leave this earth alone.

    In between this birth and death there is only one tradition it's called "Humanity."

    Humanity is the only tradition that we must follow.

  • anthonyhanible 6w

    Relationship Tradition

    Baby O baby
    I got the door
    Baby O baby
    Please O Please
    Walk in the inside down the street
    Hold my hand
    Letting everyone know I'm your man
    On my knees trying to make it complete
    Husband and Wife
    And kids
    One happy family

  • thelonesurvivor 6w

    Sweetest Family Tradition

    When you wait for everyone for dinner
    When you talk and watch TV together
    When you get scolded for not eating veggies
    When you fight with your siblings for maggi

    When Diwali means Kaju Katli and Crackers
    When Holi means Pichkari and colours
    When Dusshera means watching Ram Leela at nearby ground
    When Navdurga means watching Maa's statues while roaming around.


  • pink_berry 6w

    Maybe it's not apt.....but I really enjoyed writing. Thank you for letting me cherish my memories @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #tradition #wod

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    Family traditions

    Family, a perfect life guard
    We share every single memory.
    Learn from their experiences and over traditions , here's a documentary.

    Thursdays are the days
    for gatherings
    The night is spent watching horror movie's
    Popcorn, ice-creams and chai
    Those days are precious than rubies.

    Fridays are for picnics
    Swimming and barbecue .
    The nights are spent playing charades.
    Some easy and some with no clue.

    The first of every month
    Is spent giving treats
    Lots of food and lots of fun
    And ludo where everybody cheats

    Few gatherings are religious
    We pray and we recite
    We give blessings and
    Fill moments with delight.

    Few might sound silly
    But indeed it's a tradition for me
    A family where memories are cherished and
    Locks of problems opened with many keys .

  • amtupu_ 6w

    Some folks
    just don't get it.

    they think practicing
    tradition makes no sense.
    It takes too much time,
    too much equipment,
    not to mention the expense.

    but the fondest
    memories of my life
    -they might think sound funny-
    were made possible
    by four very sweet beings.

    my Grandma and Granddad,
    My Mom and Dad.
    'cause they spent time
    and spent the gold

    one fake folk tale,
    instantly made up mystic
    unfathomable songs and
    today I'm silhouetted against
    3D delineations of the same tales.

    you see,
    the most important lessons
    helping values grow strong,
    come from loving traditions
    & passing them on.

    #tradition #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    One fake folk tale.
    mystic unfathomable songs.
    -some folks
    just don't get it.


  • prem79 6w

    Nostalgic Childhood

    Those moments when I recall
    It feels like I'm scraping a happy bruise
    The adventure stricken life
    A hilly boy racing through pine and chestnut woods
    Up and down the hills
    In the air filled with aroma of tree mosses
    Playing thief and police
    When "to be a thief" was not illegal
    But a prized status
    Made hideouts in cave
    Kidnapped police and tortured them
    Oh! That was real fun
    When starved
    Ran into somebody's plum orchard
    Devoured all that our hands could reach
    Climbed the berry trees
    Stole cardamom
    Pressed through thorny bushes
    To gulp in the golden himalayan raspberries
    Oh! That was real fun
    Though no children parks
    We invented or discovered one
    We had natural slides and swings
    For slides
    Just looked for a steep slope
    Poured water to accelerate
    Sat on a bamboo sheath
    And slid with uncontrolled speed
    Until we had holes in our half-pants
    For swings
    Just got hold of a broken bamboo
    And swang immitating Tarzan
    Howling at the top of our voices
    Fearlessly carefree
    That led to numerous accidents
    Due to snapped bamboo swing
    With thud we fell down the slope
    With breath almost lost
    Yet the pain was worth
    Ofcourse the end was never happy
    As we were summoned
    With mother's whip
    Oh! That was real fun
    But I wonder sometimes the kids now.


  • benkim 6w

    long live my mother that is a piece of song i grew used to a motivating one to me though

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    sleep my little doctor 
    little  doctor sleep
    you're done with today's work
    Tomorrow  is another day

    You need to wake  up early 
    Wake up wake up
    Patients  will be waiting  
    will be waiting  will be waiting 
    For your their hope
    your their  hope 

  • greywolf 6w


    The voice of the lullabies are gone
    But the lullabies remained

  • arti_20 6w

    || सफर ||

    आज सफर कुछ सुहाना सा लग रहा है ||
    दिल मैं कुछ तूफ़ान सा उठ रहा है
    लगता है बरसो बाद जिने की ख्वाहिस फिर से जगी है |
    आज दिन बड़ा प्यारा लग रहा है |
    और आज सफर कुछ सुहाना लग रहा है |
    बचपन की डांट मैं फिर से मां का प्यार झलक रहा है |
    पापा की लाड आज फिर से बड़ी दिल को तस्ली दे रही है |
    जिंदगी जीने में कुछ अलग सा मजा आ रहा है |
    आज ज़िम्मेदारी बोझ सी नहीं फर्ज सी लग रही है |
    अब जिंदगी जाह्नुम नहीं जन्नत सी लग रही है |
    आज कुछ नया सा लग रहा है |
    और आज सफर कुछ सुहाना सा लग रहा है ||

  • puranidiary 16w

    Read it from pov of child living in broken family!!
    Inspired from certain true events ���� ...
    #12amthoughts gn ��

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #partition #property #family #child #wod #pod #ceesreposts #tradition

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    Partition of love

    Today they all built a large crimson wall
    to fade my footprints in midst of our residence hall
    sealed the sunshine from upstairs with rusted lock
    Chained the common gateway with cemented rock
    My aunt kept on counting the pennies of gold
    And my mother carried the
    sacarments in saree fold
    Vigorous ink sketched the
    separation with vague signatures
    Property papers kept account
    of every estate and old furnitures
    Trembling hands weighed the
    heritage on scales of envy
    the aloof hearts traded
    mutual harmony with disputed money

    Will they establish a wall too betwixt emotions ?
    And shut the smiles in separate accommodation
    Will they coat their love with glittery dust of pride?
    And suffocate the symphonies in coffins of chide
    will the prime papers snatch our peace and unity?
    And swords of abusive arguments bind our beauty
    Will the muffle of money murder their morality too?
    And the ecstatic evenings would bid balconies last adieu
    Will they segregate the colours
    of compassion from memoir of holi?
    And squeeze the oil of obedience
    from the dazzling lights of diwali.
    Will they pierce the photographs
    too packed in family album?
    And barricade the tranquil breezes
    to make the nerves numb

    How long will they swallow
    the venom of fury beneath hoax laughter ??
    Will they never scribble chapters
    of "they lived happily ever after"
    How long will my lullabies
    strangle in sobbing nights
    Will they never breathe bliss
    again and put a full stop to fights?
    How long will they bleed hatred
    and title integrity as bluff
    Is it mere the partition of property
    or will they soon part our love?