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    #The roar of the aching heart.

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    Friends, family, all these
    can never fill the place
    of some things.


  • kingzaps 2d

    Jalianwala bagh

    Saikdo laasho ke khoon se sana hoon main jalianwala bagh hoon main abhi bhi khada hoon
    Unhe karate aur cheekhtey suni hai
    Kaise batau aap logon kitno ke khoon se meri diware rangi hai
    Galti kiski hai yeh to pata nahi
    Magar main abhi bhi hu thama wahi
    Kitno ke aasun dekhe hai kya main batau tumhe kitne dard sahe hai
    Kitno ki maa chini chiney kitno ke gharwale hai
    Kaise yeh bayaan karu kya maine shor sune hai
    Aaj bi misaale di jaati hai un dino ki
    Khoon se laal aaj bhai paani hai uss kue ka
    Desh to azaad hua un angrezo se magar
    Aaj bhi agar aao mujhse milne jo tum agar to dekhna abhi bhi ke dhua un goliyon abhi tak ke nahi thama
    Aaj bhi sholey bhadak rahe hai seene main
    Kya kare sahab magar desh bhi ahinsa tha chup reh gaya...

  • mrrajain 1w

    The control I gained
    The friends I lost

    The time I earned
    The trust I forgo

    The solitude I yearned
    The laughs I passed

    The profit-loss I calculated
    Aren't enough to fill the void.

    The movies I watched
    The music I listened

    The books I read
    The things I said

    The debts I settled
    The sins I committed

    The wealth I acquired
    The health I exhausted

    The memories I saved
    The moments I lived

    The relations I established
    Aren't enough to fill the void.

    The mistakes I planned
    The lessons I learnt

    The joints I smoked
    The habits I formed

    The wises I followed
    The fools I ignored

    The gods I denied
    The philosophies I subscribed

    The nights I slept
    The emotions I felt
    Aren't enough to fill the void.

    The void isn't fancy
    It's very human
    It appears to be temporary
    And I know it's mine
    But it feels like adversary.

    #sometimes #smiling #is #hard. #nothing #is #enough #to #fill #the #void.


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    The void


  • tulips 1w


    My failure was inevitable......

    Enduring you was a battle for me,
    Loving you was the worst of all battles I fought,
    I failed miserably
    Fighting the whole world for you,
    Pushing a tearful me away
    You Went
    ....not even caring to wipe away my tears
    .... not even sparing a final glance

    I Endured
    You gave me the courage to progress forward.
    You made me whom Iam
    You are my very substance

    Now all are far behind,
    Fighting and killing within oneself and among
    themselves .....
    For a petty coin or some worthless material gains

    Iam waiting for them ....

  • purrrrr 1w

    ꫝꫀ ꪶꪶ

    In the quiet,
    Tip toe, I hear them sneak
    "Shush" they whispered
    Awakening my soul
    Aaahhh it sobbed.
    The seas heard my wails
    Putting them at unease.
    The winds got a whiff
    Of my agony.
    Eerie, my heart raced.
    No one rushing to my escape.
    Sniff, sniff
    They commenced their feast.

    I was the kill.
    Like true gourmets,
    They sizzled my being.
    Those soul sucking parasites
    Demons I call them.
    How do I save it from 'em? ~ My soul
    Because without that,
    I'll breathe....but not live.
    A corpse I'll be.....
    For the world around me.
    My flesh ravishing the vultures.
    Oh my~ I cry and cry
    For I cannot endure
    this dreadful sight.

    The devil, I sense
    Stands at my elbow.
    "How are you old pal?"
    He greeted.
    And there! Then!
    It stopped......
    my heart
    my breath
    all foregone.
    Too choked~ to even let out a sigh
    His breath gaged me.
    The veins strangled my heart.
    Causing me my own death.


  • trinathestoryteller20 1w

    #The missing feeling. ��

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    The numbness.

    Suddenly I don't understand Is the night is too dark to handle or my heart is getting heavier that it is dominating the darkness of this beautiful silent night?The leaves are chanting the rhythm of peace,the rain drops are adding enigma to the soil ,the fresh air is so soothing that as it is touching my face my heart is calling just yours name;The moon is gazing at me like it is trying to convey something may be that I am so deeply missing you that even I cannot realize that;the silence is so peaceful the beautiful ambience of this cloudy weather is just calling one thing ...that my heart is calling you...though I am loving this numbness of my hands the shakiness of my voice the flattering sound of my hands the coldness of my feet the sudden crack of my voice are so lovely that I am falling in love with the feeling that how much I love you ♥

  • iamsatyajitrout 2w


    Love like Ram Ji...
    Protect like Raavan...

  • kingdomdelight 1w

    #The Word
    #Food they know nothing about

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    Food they know nothing about

    A monologue is a long speech by one person in a conversation which is used to express lofty emotions or to address another character or the audience.

    --Complete the monologue starting with---

    Over the years, I have developed this strange relationship with food. While in school I hardly ever ate in peace and I was always rushing to one place or another. School, playground and events always seemed more enticing than food. As I went to college, street food became my go-to option...But now, I gotto tell you the truth. I have come to know more and more about the food that Jesus told his disciples about. Some will be curious, some not, while other who believe and discover that "awesome food" will be truly blessed!

    It must have been on a very, very, warm summersday, just me saying.
    Just outside a little town, at the water well.
    Jesus was waiting, while his disciples went in town to get some food.
    Funny, they never mention what they had bought for lunch, that day? May be a warm bread loaf with fish? Perhaps, who knows? I believe Judas Iscariot was caring the money pouch, don't you think so? Oh, while waiting, Jesus was talking to a women at the water well. a Total stranger.
    Amazingly, he told her about water that will never let one thirst again! Wow that sounds awesome, don't you think! Yup, it is true, actually, once we drink of that water, man you'll never wanna drink anything els! Like a little child, I can imagin, how this women, was impressed, shocked and amazed at the same time! Why? Because Jesus knew so much about her, he even knew she had five husbands! Nothing is hidden with Jesus. But the beauty of Jesus presence is, that Jesus never condemns a person. He truly did came to save and not to condemn people. Wow, how marvelous that women went and called, the whole town, and brought them to Jesus untill they believe for themself. Oh, it's one thing to hear a message and it's a whole different story when you believe it for yourself! Oh, I tell you the truth!

    Jesus was a total stranger, bringing Heaven to earth, at that moment in time, at the water well. Wow unbelievable, but true!
    When the disciples got back, they were amazed too? They thought, he had something, already to eat? But it is written he told them I have food they know nothing about ? Once we discover that Jesus is the Word, the living manna! We'll eat His Word daily and our spirit man will get fed! We become strong in the Lord! The joy of the Lord, is our strenght!

    Jesus is the living bread of heaven and in the Lord's presence, He supernaturally fills us with "food" that don't let our spirits hunger anymore! For it is written; "The Lord is my Shepherd and we shall not want(crave) We shall not live by bread alone, Jesus said but by every Word that comes from the mouth of God. God's Word never returns void and always accomplished exactely what it had been sent for. Praise the living God! Amen .How marvelous the Word of God!


  • harithareddy 2w

    #the unknown fact#

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    The unknown fact

    Don't be with the so called people.....

    Be with the people where u find adorable love and joy among them

  • kingdomdelight 2w

    One Life

    One Breath
    One Word
    One Light, enlighten
    One's heart
    One step, faith, unlocks
    One way
    One assurance of things hope for
    the evidence of things not seen ...
    One body
    One Spirit, just as there is ...
    One HOPE to which God has called you
    One Lord
    One faith
    One baptism,
    One God and Father of all,
    Who is Lord of all
    One Life, in Christ alone!
    One breath, inside us ...the very
    One breath, Who created the heavens and earth!
    One life, an eternal life, we all can freely choose
    All Glory belongs to only ONE, God alone!

    Ephesians 4:4-6

  • chrisvarghese_ 3w

    #The Total Failure #The Holiness #Miraquil# writer's network

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    'നിന്നെ കൊണ്ട് ഒന്നിനും കൊള്ളില്ലെടാ', 'നീ എന്തൊരു തോൽവിയാടി???', 'ടാ.. ലോകപരാജയമേ,'നിനക്ക് ഒന്നും പറ്റിയ പണിയല്ലെടി.. ഇത് ', 'നീയൊക്കെ എന്തിനാടാ ഇങ്ങനെ ജീവിക്കുന്നെ?' നിന്റെ കുറവുകൾ കണ്ടു നിന്നെ ചുറ്റുമുള്ളവർ മാറ്റിനിർത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ടോ? ഒറ്റപ്പെടുത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ടോ?എന്നാൽ നിന്റെ മുമ്പിൽ വലിയൊരു സാധ്യതയുണ്ട്... വിശുദ്ധ ജോൺ മരിയ വിയാനി പഠിത്തത്തിൽ തികഞ്ഞ പരാജയമായിരുന്നു. വിശുദ്ധ ജോസഫ് കുപ്പർത്തിനോ ലോക പരാജയമെന്ന് ചുറ്റുമുള്ളവർ വിളിച്ച മറ്റൊരാള്ളാണ്. വിശുദ്ധ അഗസ്റ്റിനോസ് കുപ്രസിദ്ധനായ, വിശുദ്ധിയുടെ കാര്യത്തിൽ ലോകതോൽവിയായ മനുഷ്യനായിരുന്നു. ഭ്രാന്തനെന്നൊക്കെ സമൂഹം വിളിച്ച ദാരിദ്രനായിരുന്നു വിശുദ്ധ ഫ്രാൻസിസ് അസീസ്സി.❤എന്തിനേറെ പറയുന്നു?? ചുങ്കകാരുടെയും പാപികളുടെയും ഉറ്റത്തൊഴനെന്നും മദ്യപാനിയെന്നും ഭ്രാന്തനെന്നും വിപ്ലവകാരിയെന്നും വീട്ടുകാരും നാട്ടുകാരും വിളിച്ച,..ഒടുവിൽ, 'ഏറ്റവും നീചമായ കുരിശുംമരണത്തിന് അർഹനായ കൊടുംകുറ്റവാളിയെന്നു' ജനവും ഭരണകൂടവുമൊക്കെ വിധിയെഴുതിയ ചെറുപ്പക്കാരൻ തന്നെയായിരുന്നു തങ്ങൾ തേടിയ ദൈവമെന്ന് വെളിപ്പെട്ടു കിട്ടിയത് അവന്റെ മരണശേഷമായിരുന്നു...."സത്യമായും ഈ മനുഷ്യൻ ദൈവപുത്രമായിരുന്നു "❤️
    അതേ, ബലഹീനനായ നിനക്ക് മുമ്പിലെ സാധ്യത അതാണ്... മറ്റൊരു ക്രിസ്തുവാകുക To BE ANOTHER CHRIST❤
    ©grace chris

  • radnika 3w

    #the poets

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    Shades of Grey

    They say life is not
    Black and white
    It is myriad shades of grey
    Fusing and dispersing
    In and out of each other
    Blurring boundaries
    Dissolving differences
    And yet each blob is unique
    With a character of its own
    A distinction
    It holds onto fiercely
    It preserves its identity
    As one of its kind
    For though it may be a shade
    None other can match its hue!


  • annatimes 3w


    WHAT IS LIFE????
    Life is a expedition between,
    BIRTH and DEATH.....
    And in between this.....
    U have a choice, a choice
    To live happily....
    A choice to live with
    A choice to enjoy every day...
    And make it the best day

  • charfire_m 3w

    ♒️🌬 #zeropoint #vzeropointe #v1ste #1st #first #Call #the #class #in #the #world #come at #no cost #otherthen #yourtime.
    ♒️ #1 #v1e #1one #one 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚪️ #Lifeisagift that you get to open, smile your the zest in life loving life/you and you being in life zesting it up; your beautifully beautiful, your kind of IAM.... for this is a fractal universe, you to be you in many ways, in here and now space+time as you+yourself to be enough as only you can be you being you🟪🟦🟩🟨🟧🟥 🐛#v2021e 🦇#2021 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living
    #lifessmile #backatyou #youarelifesmeaning #lifesmeaning #meaningtolife #meaningoflife #findingnewmeaning #inlife #findingmeaning 🦚 🐾 #beingenough #iamenough #yourenough #enough #soultruth / #highertruths #whatami #whatwillibecome #whatistheanswer #findingitout 🦏 is a🦄#lovingself #Beingfree #lifeandlove #answers #iwilllovemyselfthroughthis #trustingself 🐉🌵☯️♒️ #Highertruth ====#alwaysbewilling #tobe being a #continuumthat is #continuallysending #loveandlight #toallforms #oflife 🐲🔥☘️⚡️🍃🥒🥑🍊🍌🍆🫐 🌬♒️

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    Zero point 1st

    7:10 PM 37% Wendy and Silent
    As this stillness crawls within I feel the HE•art(earth inside) dance I feel like I’m flying and doing the thing I can do to help the worlds get by; how one grows by what they do and their self reflection comes when 1onE wonders.
    7:14 PM 37%

  • faithwisdom 3w


    They searched the scriptures daily
    To find a way to sin
    Lacking understanding
    They justified themselves within
    Turning each page they read
    On how to drink and lust
    “Wine for the stomach!”
    And “Gods mercy is for us!”
    He looked down and stated sadly
    “They no longer even fear”
    God slowly turned His head
    As His eyes shed some tears

    They searched the scriptures daily
    To validate their cause
    As they cussed and gossiped harshly
    They didn’t give a pause
    Women of God are dressing sexy
    Men of God just want the dough
    Saints now love the world
    Unchurched youth? Nowhere to go!
    The remnant that is gathering
    No longer do they toil
    The lukewarm keeps on going
    They now are out of oil

    Search the scriptures daily
    Search hard, for the path is narrow
    God is looking down upon us
    And His eye is on the sparrow!


  • blackwidow177789666 4w

    #The Weddings, #True Love.

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    The Rich Girl's Fiance:

    The Way $he Was Dancing on The Dance Floor, He couldn't keep His Mysterious Dark Handsome Black Eyes off of Her....

  • kingdomdelight 4w

    The Mirror

    Tap into your imagination, participate in this exciting contest and win a trophy to climb a step up on the creativity ladder.

    --Complete the following story using your imagination and creativity--

    Kiri was terrified looking at her own reflection in the mirror.
    Her constant fear of growing old was coming to life.
    Some of her hairs had grown grey, her skin had left the charm of youth.
    She began noticing all the changes. "Time overtakes everyone", thought she while the flesh was hissing softly like the serpent of old.
    Who tried to blind her with his own so called "truth". Like the old woman, in the fairy tail, called Snow White, he too handed Kiri an apple of deceit. One that looks like a truth ... Almost like the real one.
    The mirror won't lie!
    But the apple in the garden of Eden, suddenly, aged before her eyes.
    The serpent who tried to roll himself up cunningly ...The same one who tried to make a nesting ground in her beautiful mind. He totally misjudged, the Spirit of the Lord. Glory to God!
    But in a blink of an eye, her own spiritual eye, caught, that dreadful lie worm.
    The one, coming out of that once appealling rotten apple of desceit.

    Like a tiny white fleshly worm, it fell out, right on her dressing table. WOW!
    It curled and twisted, tried to hide from the naked eye of the mirror of truth!
    Unstable it's own twisted ground. Pathetic!

    Suddenly Kiri laughed and laughed.
    Oh, how pathetic, does this evil fleshly worm and it's twisted apple, really looks like!
    She smashed it , with one little blow! a Little rock, on her dressing table, came handy in at the right time, to help. Her son, David has given it on mothersday, when he was only five.
    The Word always like a hammer, came down on that dreadful worm !

    But inside Kiri was an everlasting mirror! a Mirror of truth! Softly the Voice of the mirror whispered in her heart .... "Look, look inside ... See what I shall reveal, while you look into that dressing table mirror ... My word is like a mirror! It will beautiful refects, inside that mirror.
    It never leaves a shadow but it leaves an image like Mine. An Image that will nevers leave nor forsakes you!"

    With delight Kiri sighed . She then automaticlly bends forward to have a closer look?
    Her own eyes sparkled and caught the mirror's eyes. Those truthful eyes, held each other, unwilling to leave ...
    She sees the fire, the beauty, the compassion, the love and tenderness that so strongly burns.
    Then slowly her eyes caught, all the little fine lines, around her eyes and mouth ...
    Those river lines of tears, God turned into joyful riverbeds of laughter!

    She bursts, out of laughter, so joyful and light as a feather.
    All the, joy in her life, humored her suddenly with thanksgiving and praise in her heart!
    Even those deep lines of sorrows and pain were been replaced by godly joy.
    "The joy of the Lord is our strengh !": she tenderly smiles.
    With her hairbrush she tenderly brushes through her long thick hair.

    Silver hair, suddenly, everywhere!
    Wisdom, truly has found it way, to me !
    The more we grow, the more the Lord's word, will beautifully show!
    Daily beauty is been added, when we grow in God's wisdom.
    Then Kirri turned to walk out of the room and that still small voice whispers softly ...
    "So what did you see, Kiri?"

    Kiri smiled while feeling blessed with every single grey hair.
    She wisely replied "Joy!"


  • kingdomdelight 4w

    #The Word
    #shadow horses of the past turns into the white horse of truth, when they come into His brilliant light
    Light erases the dark shadows only one horse will stand in the end, the Rider on the white horse ...the Rider on the living Word ...the Word never fades ...it will stand the test.

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    Eternal flower

    has no power
    The withered flower
    mine scribbler book
    bold breath
    of life
    rapidly reminds me
    the grass withers
    the flower finally fades
    but "The Word" of the Lord
    even fair Flowers finally fade
    to the ground
    a dried flower grave
    Eternal fragrance
    renewed hearts remain
    eternal flower pedals
    in memory books of hearts
    lessons of eternal worth
    a Remembrance of eternal
    value's and truth's
    an inner beauty
    an eternal birth
    outer beauty
    slowly fades
    a last breath ...
    the eyes
    who don't understand ur see
    Only felt "heartsick"
    for their own little lost
    Beautiful faded flowers
    flowers with unforgettable fragances
    linger and leave a lovely sweet smell
    Aromatic active
    fragile fragment molecules and priceless pieces of life
    Only the Word
    in a split second
    enlighten eyes with eternal light and eyesight
    Resurrect the shadow horses ...
    brought them into the light of brilliant truth
    tremendous touching truth
    Death dies has no permanent power
    over us
    for see
    the Word of the Lord
    the Rider on the white horse
    in the heartgate of a believers heart
    grass may wither
    flowers may fade
    beauty may fly away
    the Heart molded
    with the everlasting Word of God
    radiats with God's glory and truth
    infinity long
    they'll all shine like the Morningstar
    the night into day
    eternal beauty
    eternal display
    The Word forever
    stands never fades
    God's perfect powerful praiseworthing way
    Death could not hold us
    while we ride with the Rider on the white horse, the truth
    "The living Word"
    Glorious we come forth as gold
    on a new horizon of amazing grace
    we'll all appear
    before "The Word"
    "The Breath of Life"
    Who will wither, who will fade, who will remain, an everlasting flower of beauty?
    In God's glorious light, we'll see the light!
    We behold and become an eternal Flower of true beauty!
    Sweet sweet the sound of amazing grace to ever sound mind!
    Glory to God!


  • shk_huzaifa 4w

    Zamanai ki aag mai na jal tay raho tum
    K zamanai ki aag mai na jal tay raho tum
    Jal tay raho gay toh aur jalaya javo gay tum.....
    #jealous #burn #in #fire #of #generation #the #more #you #feel #show #jealousy #most #get #fired #people #with #success #life #World #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • chrisvarghese_ 4w

    #THE MASK #THE REALITY #writer's network

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    I thought I can hide myself from others by wearing the mask. But, those who know me could identify me. I thought, through mask I can hide my emotions. But, it was also a failure in reality. In my daily life, I am using many masks to hide my real personality & its weakness.But, hypocrisy will be revealed one day. Masks are not enough to my hypocrisy.
    I reveal myself completely only to One Person. I can't wear mask before Him. It's very useless before Him. Nothing can be kept secret before Him. Because, He knows me perfectly. Only He can accept me with all my weaknesses & failures. He hates the mask - the hypocrisy. Yes, He is my LOVER, waiting for my kiss without wearing any mask in the middle of Corona. Because, The true LOVE doesn't fear anything. Ya, I should remove all internal masks & grow into the real personally of my LOVER❤❤❤