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  • ashamurali 1w

    Thank you Miraquill

    Thank you miraquill for the portal so strong,
    Thank you for the feeling, its here I belong,
    Thank you for the audience always ready,
    Thank you for the support so steady!

    Thank you for the thoughts so different,
    Thank you for the writings magnificient,
    Thank you for the constant encouragement,
    Thank you for ensuring mood upliftment!

    Thank you for the priceless contributions,
    Thank you for being a complete institution,
    Thank you for the knowledge enrichment,
    Thank you for the feeling of fulfilment,

    Thank you for the prompts so vast,
    Thank you for showcasing subjects contrast,
    Thank you for the confidence to last,
    Thank you, I am having a real blast!

    -Asha murali
    11th october 2021.

    Dear all at miraquill,

    This is my 250th contribution and above is a reflection of my gratitude to the portal as well as all my readers. I cant thank you enough for all the support, affection and encouragement. Thank you for giving me the courage to voice my thoughts. Thank you for giving me the wings to fly.
    Love and hugs to you all!

    I have written this using anaphora, a figure of speech in which words repeat at the beginning of successive clauses, phrases or sentences

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    Thank you for the wings to fly

    Thank you miraquill for the portal so strong,
    Thank you for the feeling, its here I belong,
    Thank you for the audience always ready,
    Thank you for the support so steady!

  • rooterscooterj 1w

    I am grateful for your sweet sunshine heart.

    A MARiee

  • iamsatyajitrout 3w


    You never Left me...
    I felt your presence while you called out my name...
    And I replied...

  • btslove 4w

    #acrostic #thankyou

    Thank you so much everyone for wishing me on my birthday and making my birthday special and memorable
    Your wishes means a lot to me ��

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    Unwithering flowers

    Ʈ int of love, twirling thrice
    on unscramble tissue I'm gazing tenth time

    卄 orizon of love carved seventeen time in each syllables of haiku

    stonishing arrows of frozen memories when kissed by the art of autumn; ashes of love start falling.

    Ň avy blue ink when falling on yellow dairy it start twinkling and becomes flowery

    nitted poem of love, embedded with hope of Sun rays when they give me, it puzzle perfectly my heart. 

    outhful as the blooming bud of sunflower bathing with sunbeams; once I bloomed again yesterday.

    odles of love I Cultivate them inside my heart;
    It'll bloom with hues of love and become immortal. 
    nfaded love and Unforgettable memories, I unfurl them and preserve them in my diaries.

    //Holding Ecstasy on my face, i smiled a lot yesterday 
    Bcz they wrapped me in petal of love completely//

    20 Sept 21
    12:18 pm

  • likwidsay10 4w

    #Writersnetwork #Miraquill #thankyou

    This is for all who regularly like my poems! I notice you and thank you for patronizing my art.

    I'd like to thank all the writers who read and support my poetry account. My art is important to me. As it's my only means of escape and expression. I bare my naked soul to strangers. All of what I write is made up in the moment. I sink into a feeling or particular theme and just jam. I'm not worried about getting likes or reposts. Though it surprises me when my phone keeps sounding off all day. Because my art was picked for Editors Choice or reposted on Writers Network. Or just the volition of the poem itself propels people into liking it. I honestly don't know what makes a good poem, good or why only certain poems get more attention then others. I often underrate my art and often don't see what others see in it. I try hard to express what I have to say in new ways that no one else has by inventing different structures.. My art expressions come directly from my experience in life. I love to write short poems. The ones with the least amount of words that express the most are my favorites. It's hard to simplify something as complex as life, love, and death in a few words. But those few words carry power and administer a strong sense of what's being expressed. People pour thier hearts out and sometimes it all sounds the same. Sometimes it's like we all wrote the same poem. It's hard to express anything unique. But what makes you unique is your voice. How you express your art. The structure, the words used, the imagery, the meter and the rhymes. Some believe suffering is good for your art and it is. Exploring the darkness of yourself on paper is beautiful. Most poems are depressing especially the ones about the unfortunate circumstances that surround the common theme of life. Writing positive is hard because we remember our experience with pain more then we do when we're happy. Pain is stronger motivater then joy. My art on this app is a testament to my preserverance as an artist. Over seven hundred original compositions and counting in over three years. I've writen basically an entire book online to read. When I die my family and friends will read all of what I've written here, they'll hear my voice and feel comforted and sorrowful. As it will be my epitaph. A mile long epitaph. I'll want them to remember this is me naked and unafraid. Here to fulfill my deepest desires that yearn to be expressed thru poetry. Anyone can write poetry, anyone. It's easy to rhyme cat with bat; then rat and fat. But to be good at writing poetry is a rare talent indeed. Most people won't remember your poetry on this app or your pen name. There's so much poetry it can be overwhelming. Most popular poets are songwriters. Poetry and music go together like chocolate and peanut butter. An,' is as intoxicating as wine. The spirit of poetry calls to all of us and we answer unafraid of what we might write. The blank page filled with unlimited possibilities, confined by words.

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  • pslmstts 5w

    I'm ecstatic to share with you that the anthology book project that I participated in is now available!

    Thank you @hatchegg_publication for hosting writing projects like this!

    Check out Hatchegg Publication's IG post here >>
    �� https://www.instagram.com/p/CTzKuLNJd9q/?utm_medium=copy_link


    P.S. I also posted a new blog to celebrate this milestone! ��
    �� https://thediwacreatives.wordpress.com/2021/09/15/our-anthology-book-is-out-now/

    #anthologyproject #published #pod #thankyou #milestones

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    there are days when all I see is mud,
    but some days,
    when I least expect for things to work out,
    the gold rise above the surface---
    in the form of small milestones.


  • wise_stranger 6w


    Teacher, one who is selfless.
    Teacher,one who stands side of students.
    Teacher, one who is the second parent.
    Thank you to being there at all times in need.
    Thank you for standing at the position a student need.
    Thank you for everything teachers ❤

  • rabeena_fathima94 6w

    When he could easily
    disgrace your love to
    convince his guilt and
    hide his mistakes,
    Girl! Just realize that
    he isn't a MAN and
    he has never
    even loved you
    in the first place.

    Say 'Thank you'
    for helping you not to be
    in love with someone
    who isn't a MAN anymore.


  • thehealer10 6w

    Memories, all those little experiences make up the fabric of our lives and on balance, I wouldn't want to erase any of them, tempting though it may be.

    #love #loveyourself #loveit #light #lovely #selflove #mylove #loveyou #iloveyou #lovequotes #thankyou #loveislove #you #angel #young #youth #angels #lightworker #hashtagr #yourquote #youngliving #lies #yourvisiongallery #lie #friends #friendship

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    Nothing more than a cliche; you remind me of my days hanging in the breeze way. Turned away by the rubbish you would bloviate. My gates protected me from you insidious plot, Lorelei.

    Sweet nothings susurrate around me as I ruminate on all the lies, not one slither of anger or regret, all I feel is a bliss. Guardian Angles preserve your memory, they handed me the holy
    aide-memoire, divulging no one out runs karma but promising not to harm ya.

    Mata Hari, you would tell me not to worry, I aimed to see your every desire come to Fruition, Sin. In the end all you wanted was an opportunity to achieve felicity.

    I'm calm, amused by the way you offer yourself as a concubine. You'll never see the flaw in that Proposition. My light has removed your viel jezebel.

  • enchantedmedium 7w

    Thank You

    Has anyone told you lately
    that you are important?
    Have you received a
    Thank You
    for something that you did?
    We usually say “Thank you” back
    but never really absorb
    our own kindness and
    efforts for the deed.
    Take a moment and look
    back at your contributions
    and give yourself a smile
    as you actually feel the
    “Thank you” for which
    you have earned.

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 8w

    All I can say is let us enjoy now without worrying about tomorrow #wod @writersnetwork #repost #love #thankyou

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    Wrongly Right

    Like some words get extra emphasis in a sentence unintentionally
    Like someday you fall for cinnamon milk over coffee and love it henceforth
    Like once you start reading that novel you didn't want to and end up re reading it for the umpteenth time

    You have become an unintended habit of my miserable life which I had taken up as a one day frolic
    You have become that warm home which I didn't want to build in the starting
    You are that blue beat that my heart didn't want me to experience at all but whoops! It can't beat red without your blue touch to it

  • charfire_m 9w

    ♒️ #dearGod #iloveyou #and #thankyou



    #1 #v1e #1one #one 🟥 🐛#v2021e #2021 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living🐝🐴🐢🐋🦧🐫🎋

    #Lifegrants us life #becausewe #aremadein the imagE(I’m agE<=of the AgE DimEnsion<=Go(o)d=absolute of/as this dimension) of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) for IAM<(3)as IAM(3) w(3)hat IAM(3) all thE(3) lovE(3), as iam(3) E(3)nough to bE(3) BE(3)ing mE(3), mysE(3)lf and Iam(3)> a soul(IAM what IAM, Phonixe of ember as life) that has a HE•art(earth inside), for you are the same thing, of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) be that by faith or by you have a body that came from the Earth(hE•art outside); you can something that came before you and that loves you more then you can love yourself to say simply.

    #Lifegrants #uslife #becausewe #aremadeintheimagE #ofGod for I’m #asoul #thathasaheart, #foryou are the #samething, #ofGod #bethat #byfaith #orbyyou #haveabody #thatcamefrom #theEarth; you can something #thatcamebefore #youandthat #lovesyoumore #thenyoucan #loveyourself #tosaysimply.




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    3:08 AM 72% 71% bed
    Dose God come to those that have happiness or those that are in sadness; dose both are seen in thinking upon unto God Him self.


    For faith is a loving house that opens to you when you are to know God loves you, no matter how your life is God loves you and wants the best for you; only of(with) daily bath of God’s word.
    3:14 AM 68%

  • midnightashes 10w

    The Road

    "You never know what the road will bring until you leave."

  • gauri08 10w

    Thank you

    And I really wanna thank you...

  • his_camera_ 10w

    I don't know how to thank you dear...still I am thanking your worth for being with me ..no matter how away you are from me that much close I am near to you ..just close your eyes think about me I will surely come and pinch you like the softy wind I hope that my words are full of elixir to you which just know the way how to reach you I am not a writer until my words are meant for you I am not the photographer until my clicks are meant for you I am not an artist until my art is meant for you I am not me until myself with my whole heart and soul is meant for you

  • benny_lambchop 11w

    Fluid motions
    Natural interpretations
    Concepts are ideas
    Intangible and ineffable
    Displayed out to me
    Vision connected to thought
    Body know how to move
    Word is hard
    Thought is good
    Thought feel nice
    Identity adopted from others
    Heritage unlearned
    Culture created me
    It can be different
    I am not alone
    We are breathing
    Knowledge is intangible
    We prescribe it value
    Constructed by our perception
    Blinded to the reality
    Destruction impending
    Perhaps accepted
    Death of fresh air
    Clean water
    Abundant food
    I should get out more

    #wod #writersbay #writersnetwork #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersofmirakee #shrooms #psychology #original #mushrooms #darkpoetry #mypoetry #poetrynetworking #societyofpoetry #englishpoetry #poetryisntdead #urbanpoetry #naturepoetry #poetrylovers✒️ #selfpoetry #modernpoetry #poetryimages #concretepoetry #queerpoetry #soulpoetry #mentalhealthpoetry #globalpoetrycult #deeppoetry #poetryspeaks #poetrysocietry #avantgarde #weird #life #person #trans #enby #love you #thankyou #graditude

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    Fluid motions
    Natural interpretations
    Concepts are ideas
    Intangible and ineffable
    Displayed out to me
    Vision connected to thought
    Body know how to move
    Word is hard
    Thought is good
    Thought feel nice
    Identity adopted from others
    Heritage unlearned
    Culture created me
    It can be different
    I am not alone
    We are breathing

  • prakritiofficial 11w

    @vinsik_ @cutegirl02
    @mr_coolsj @gunsandroses
    ��आप लोग चारो का बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद , जो मेरी हर एक पोस्ट pdhte हैं । चाहे जैसी भी हो ..... सिर्फ आप ही नहीं मैं हर वो शक्स को #thankyou बोलना चाहूंगी जिन्होंने अब तक मेरी सारी पोस्ट pdhi hai ..... aap sabhi logo ka तहे दिल ❤ से शुक्रिया .... mujhe motivate krne k liye aur meri jitni v likhawat h usse pdh kr mujhe aur प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए .....thank uhh sooo mchhh ....to all of uhh there ����
    Mujhe yha mirakee pr aap sbhi logo se jud kr bhot acha lga ek alag aur bilkul apnapan sa lga ....jisse mai kbhi nhi bhul skti .... aage v aap sb log mujhe aisehi motivate krte rahiyega .... I'm blessed to have uhh all guys there!


    बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया आप सभी लोग का


    Thank you so mchh love uhh all

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  • mr_harrypotter 11w


    Hey guys we completed 50 follower within this month thank you guys be happy and joyful it is your celebration congo

  • czarcasm 12w

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart #thankyou #thanks #happy

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    Thank you

    Thank you to everyone who appreciates my work
    For as an antisocial person all I do is lurk
    My poetry the only way
    I really get to do what I say

    Something so beautiful which runs with ease
    Written just to appease
    My crying heart that's deep inside
    Filling up and rocking with tides

    Such misery being suffered alone
    I write little stories upon my phone
    Really thank you for taking the time
    To enjoy all of these endless little rhymes

    A novice one I now turn to the paper
    And never stop until the clock says later
    A millenia of stories to go
    I have so many words it's still hard to know

    How to piece then together and make it seem wise
    Such a simple way to sit and devise
    But a story can never truly be complete
    So walk along I swear some can't be beat

  • crackhead06 166w

    I still remember that last day
    You looking into my eyes
    My stomach going on a roller coaster ride.

    Darling all the beautiful memories
    You gave in a couple month's time
    Will for eternity be cherished by me.

    Things went weary
    Tough times came by
    But you never left my side.

    I found my strength in you
    Notifications of your messages
    Were my ticket to the realm of happiness.

    I miss you every single moment
    All I want is to feel your arms around me
    Keeping me safe and fine

    Can't touch you,can't see you
    But yeah, I feel you here
    Every minute, every second
    With every beat of my heart.