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  • raman_writes 1w


    तेरी याद आती है मुझे बस किसी से कहता नहीं हूँ ।

    और तुझसे कहना चाहता हूँ पर तू सुनता नहीं है ।।


  • alonestar1 1w


    झूठ से कितनी तकलीफ़,कितना दर्द होता है,,,
    उसे इस बात का तब पता चला जब,,,
    मैने उससे झूठ बोला ।।


  • xiana444 10w

    ���� when i don't have any inspiration to write ..
    #tell me kis pr likhu ??

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    Soch rhi hu aaj ek kavita likhu ,
    Magar likhu to kis pr likhu ?

    Samaaj pr likhu ya vishvas pr likhu ,
    Kal pr likhu ya aaj pr likhu ?

    Sach pr likhu ya jhoot pr likhu,
    Tum pr likhu ya khud pr likhu ?

    Kya likhu !! Kya likhu !!

    Soch to rhi thi ki ek kavita likhu,
    Magar likhu to kis pr likhu ???


  • bclark2681 11w

    Whisper Adorations

    Tell me about the love you
    Feel for my heart and soul
    With your open hazel eyes,
    Whisper words from your
    Tongue to fill my esteem

  • bclark2681 11w

    Tell, Yell, Plead

    Tell me
    Explain how
    Our world became so
    Chaotic confusion with
    Hatefulness destruction
    Was it them
    Was it us
    Truth hidden amongst
    The shadows of despair

  • nemesis_here 17w


    They'd tell on you
    And then
    they'd tell you off
    Maybe they can't
    tell apart
    what's freedom and
    what's captivity
    Should we then wait
    doing nothing?
    Should we then
    keep suffering?
    Can we not just
    Is this really
    only time can tell?


  • _flow_of_words_ 17w

    A nanosecond of happiness

    The day has come when everything has started fading. I prefer silence over the excitement of telling you some things that had happened in my life. Maybe the silence, too, will fade away one day, and I will start getting accustomed to the randomisation of my thoughts when it comes to you. One day I will hate you, and the other day I won't hate you, but I will surely avoid you because maybe witnessing your reaction is something like a terror for me. And for God sake, I had wished you to appreciate the nanosecond of happiness I felt while telling you what I experienced, but the bubble was burst away by the way you reacted. 

    So, as of now, silence it is over the excitement of telling you something! Maybe the nanosecond of happiness started mattering more than the expectations of you being happy for me.

    So, silence it is before the bubble of happiness fades away one day!

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 30 September 2021 @20:52 hrs IST

  • jbhavika 21w

    Thak chuki hu me #bsss#tell about yours # miraquill

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    Toh batao kb tk
    Aakhir kb tk me yuhi chalti jau
    Umeed ki kiran sang liye aage badti jau
    Kb tk uss umeed ko jagae rakhu ki har andheri raat k baad sawera aata h
    Kb tk apne gum ko apne andr chupae jaau .
    Kyunki sach batau naa
    thak chuki hu me ,
    Kandho pr unn umeedo ki kiran liye, jo kbhi jalti nhi
    Thak chuki hu me khudse ,
    Kyunki meri to mere aage bhi chalti nhi
    Thak chuki hu me sabse
    Iss bheed se , iss akelepan se ,
    In sawalo se , in jawabo se
    In umeedo se , in nirashaoo se
    ab nhi hota aur mujhse

  • davinci 23w

    evening rain

    tell me of pain
    tell me of sorrow
    as i cascade from the heavens
    i drizzle o'er your wounds
    i soothe your scars in stardust
    bathe your in starlight
    so tell me of the ache in your bones
    tell me tales of your withering heart
    let my embrace endow tranquility
    let my resplendent drops accompany your tears
    let them, to eternity, freely flow
    and through them let us set sail; in search of your long lost soul

  • pragatiaharwar 24w

    Tell me about the passing moment,
    about the breeze which blew away the worries
    you might have.

    Tell me if the past is all which is hidden in your fists
    or I can get a glimpse of my future as well there.

    Tell me if I tickle you will you stare at me angrily
    or just hug with with open arms.

    Tell me if I keep staring at you will be at last recognize me
    or just ask again with a sigh that who am I?


  • bubbly_bluebells 24w

    #tell #list

    Tell me
    Dear bubbly buds
    When you open
    Namaste petals
    to bloom as flower
    Isn't guesture of praying?
    Also pay gratitude
    By writing
    a geometrical song
    In the blue zephyrs
    for butterflies
    whispering process
    About wholeness
    Among red ladybirds
    In an authentic-self
    preserving a treasure
    inside for future hopes
    Whose wilting wish;
    to be green again
    In the Aura of serenity

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    Transforming,an eternal light
    Of monsoon serendipity!

  • dipalirana 24w

    Unaltered, plain, life of D

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    Tell me...

    Tell me why we humans worry so much about trivialities when we are only here for a minute of this eternal time. But then again these trivialities make my life worse, knowing that we don’t mean nothing, that I don’t mean nothing in this wide wide world, I feel sad I cry because of small things. Why is sadness and happiness never constant? Yesterday I was so happy, today I am back to my own sad little world. Life is so unforgiving. The maker must be thinking, ‘this person has been too happy lately, let me take away all the happiness from its life in a second” A perfect day you said, for me it’s only a mirage, shadowing all the imperfections behind the precariously held so-called happiness. You say people bring happiness, I agree, but it’s only one side of their innumerable faces.

  • elchosen 24w

    *How I feel can't be felt.*

    Empathy seems the perfect feeling to show love but yet none as been close.
    You can say I'm strong but deep within me I know I'm weak.
    You think I'm meek but I know I'm arrogant to my emotions
    I might not even speak, but I'm full of a million words
    You have given your best to show you're my best
    Just let me be, cos how I feel can't be felt.

  • mickyjfoster 24w

    Truth Me

    Tell me why you love me because I don't know what love is anymore.
    Tell me what you see in me for the mirror eyes of your reflection tell no lies.
    Tell me the truth even if it shatters my heart, I promise I won't cry.
    Tell me because I need to know for I will continue to overthink.
    The truth vs the reality, we've tried but nothing seems to click.
    So tell me the truth, what do you wanna do?
    I say this to say, don't play games with me for I'm quick to throw a drink.
    So tell me.

  • prose_nexus 24w

    Whether words mean anything to you is solely up to you. Can you accept the specular nature of human expression. We are sad, we are happy, we are frustrated, we are hungry and then we are angry. Tell me all these to the best of your ability.

    #tell #fantasy #reality #dreams #pod #realwritings #fear #truth
    #writersofig #writersofinstagram #writersofindia #micropoetry #poemsofinstagram #poems #writersnetwork #poetryporn #wod

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    Tell me when the first comet sparked the sky and littered it with white flames.

    Tell me how the randomness of spikes appearing on soft fruits does not challenge our taste.

    Tell me which race came first in existence against all others. And tell me which one, at last, will beat the game.

    Tell me why I ask questions everyone knows the answers to with science or faith.

    And tell me where I will end up in all of this chaos after my escape from existence.


  • sarcasticbong 24w


    Tell me,
    How does it feel
    Under my skin, as you sunk
    Is it numb like a pity lover 
    Scribing poems for his tomb.

    Tell me 
    Did you met death 
    Standing at the doorway
    of my fancy facade rib cage 
    With a fixed gaze 
    Singing the dirge.

    Tell me,
    Why do feelings exist
    Can't we just evolve 
    Out of this phase 
    Overrated chase.

    Tell me,
    How do you trust 
    When everyone is diluted
    Flying in their air balloons
    As if they are immortals
    Did they forget about the air they breathe?

    Tell me 
    How does it feel
    To breathe the same
    gloomy toxic air as me.


  • african_nate 24w

    Tell Me

    Tell me
    When did the storm beat us
    Like palm trees on a beach
    We've survived hurricanes and cyclones before
    So tell me,how did we let the violent sea waves sweep us in separate ways?
    Tell me...
    When did "Us" turn into "you" and "I"

  • bellemoon99 24w


    Tell me a story where we all win.
    Tell me a tale of hopeful hearts.
    Tell me about a dream you hide.
    Unravel yourself before me.
    So my broken pieces may find a home.

  • fizahfiz_ 24w

    Tell Me?

    The moment I see your notification,
    Everything starts....

    My heart beats faster,
    My feet shakes & feel cold....
    My hands trembling,
    I can't think straight!

    Suddenly without thinking,
    I throw awah my phone,
    Aah!! My phone!!!
    Why I threw it?!

    I cover my face with a pillow and
    scream loudly as I could,
    I really want to say something,
    To ask,
    But I couldn't say anything even a word,
    I can only hear my voice trembled,
    I'm sweating.

    Tell me...
    I looked so weird,
    I'm speechless,
    Seems like I will be fainted but I don't,
    Tell me why I'm like that?
    Tell me why I looked super nervous in the outside?
    But I'm so happy in the inside,

    You texted me!
    Your notification made me like that,
    What's wrong with me?
    Tell me...why you?


  • keyru_b 73w

    Tell me how it feels
    Sitting up there

    Throwing one down
    Who picked you up solely

    Tell me how it feels
    Sitting up there

    Weakened my life
    To much to blame me

    Tell me how it feels
    Sitting up there

    Beaming bunch of smiles
    While leaving me lonely

    Tell me how it feels
    Sitting up there

    Having fun n joy
    Escalating my sighs

    #wod #miraquill #tellme #tell @mirakeeworld
    #color #colour #anaphora

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    How it feels

    Tell me how it feels
    Sitting up there

    Weakened my life
    To much to blame me