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  • sujmamchat 3d


    I remember the first time, I took my son to school.
    I made him learn all the P's and Q's and also the rules.
    Holding my finger, the little one walked
    Not knowing what was in store for him as we talked.

    I told him of the playmates he would meet
    All teachers and the headmistress on the seat
    In the premises, a beautiful garden, a park
    Where he would, on his first journey, embark.

    Lovely fairies in colorful dresses (girls)
    Looking so innocent with their hair in tresses
    Tiny elves who would play around (boys)
    And loiter in the classes and in the ground.

    There would be colorful blocks and vibrant toys
    Available for all the girls and the boys
    A blackboard where the teacher would show
    Figures of numbers and alphabets kids know.

    Hearing all this the little one said
    "Mom I am not at all afraid,"
    "But tell me mom, will you be there ?"
    "To cuddle me when I need your care ?"

    To this, my silence was heavy with remorse
    "I am always there for you, for better or worse."
    "Just call me and I shall be by your side."
    "To love and care for you, I shall abide."

    We reached the school and I bid him adieu
    Handed him over to the security guard in blue
    He whimpered, as he was taken away,
    "Mumma, mumma, where are you today ?"

    My heart did cry and my soul did weep
    I knew he was hurt inside very deep
    He was searching for his mom, who wasn't there
    How would he receive her love and care ?

    What about my promise to be by his side ?
    When he called me, why did I hide ?
    Behind a tree, to avoid seeing the sight
    Calling his mumma to hug him tight.

    When this memory haunts me down the years
    My voice does break and my eyes have tears
    The first time when my son went to the school
    I taught him the P's and Q's and the rules.

    @ Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

  • its_deep 1w

    This is everything

    A road that faces the sun
    Goes through the countryside
    To a small house of my choice
    Someone's waiting on the stairs,
    through the doorway of my life

    along the side of which a crape myrtle is
    So sacred that I could make a crown of its branches for you.
    Light coming through the redwoods
    Every reflection in those drenched leaves

    You and this alluring place
    Where I found my fondness in its purest form,

    No smile on my face, but good tears.
    which fell down with the most wonderful sensation.

    When I said,
    "You're everything,"
    "This is everything "

  • kirukka 1w

    Stone heart

    Than the eyes
    Tears are worth more!
    If so why?
    Eyes showing the world!
    Showing the inwardness of tears.

  • roel_gonz 1w

    If I let
    my feeling
    in my poetry
    I'll be drown myself

    -- tears --


  • adetunjioluwabukunmi 1w

    Tears of a Crazy Manchild

    Ta ta ta, that's the sound of my iced tears, dropping on the concrete, and failing to break.
    That's the voice I remember, when as a kid, I learnt those first words.
    It's not much to remember, but it's more than enough to be felt.
    Heart to feel, but no memories to appropriate the past.
    It is psycho and it's ugly, when you rear your head to search what isn't.
    Reverse psychology, a skill necessary to win without fighting.
    Sometimes it's a weapon, and at another,
    A touché for a good laugh.
    It's fascinating isn't it, when you know, but you don't, apparently you were thinking it.
    But reality found its way to knock you back to life.
    Your world of fantasy crumbles and you have to learn life as it should be learnt,
    And not your fancified static probabilities.
    Ta ta ta, how could those sweet words, Become tears so hard they fall to break grounds.
    But they don't, and that's what's up.
    Wake up dreamer, your imaginations are caged in the prisons of reality.
    Even if you break free, you are still a prisoner, And your mind is shackled to grounds, that iced tears don't break.

  • soulsights 1w

    Cry out!

    Tears ain't to hold
    but to glide down
    and make you shine!

    If clouds couldn't rain,
    We could never spot the rainbow!


  • trusty 1w

    I wish i lose all my tears through my sweat
    So that my eyes would rest

  • shadesofyu 1w


    "Be strong" they said. "How could I?", Her mother thought. When her son's coffin was being laid in the grave.

  • liepa_malijauskaite 1w


    A lite in the sea of darkness,
    Is given music of ones tears,
    A lite house of ones heart,
    Will show them their way.

    A laugh in the sea of sadness,
    Awkward smile in place of fear,
    fearless yet like glass,
    A life in a mirror of oneself.


  • bettywrites 2w

    #poetry.#Tears #literature.
    By unknown writer

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    My eyes dries out.
    They have become brave to enjoy the normalcy of life.
    The life that is filled with happiness,sorrow,sadness and love.
    Funny how my days turned out to be.
    I have found peace in my tears.
    They make me find the perfect side of me,
    I mean the soft part.
    My tears makes me remember my heart and they come together again with joy.
    They make me remember memories even when I can't see the future in me.
    They make me feel joy and the beauty of being myself.

    Do you know how important those tears are?
    They are one of the gold I have gotten in my writings.
    They make me relieve during my lonely days and makes me hope for a better tomorrow.
    They make me never to forget who I am or where I am from.
    They make to always remember never to disappoint those who put me on high regards..
    Those are my tears.

    It is just like the far end of life that we don't seem to see but feel.
    How it gives me courage to console myself in my sorrow.
    How it makes me to yearn for someone I love- whom I lost.
    How it makes me marvel about the wonders of God.
    How he makes the galaxy and I cry at his power with love.
    How it makes me console myself.
    How it makes me do the best I can.
    How it makes me stand strong instead of self pity.
    How it makes me feel where my greatness will be.

    Tears are what humanity needs to face.
    People run away from it,
    Making their eyes weary and tired.
    Tears makes you face your reality when you believe in it.
    Just like it makes me relieved when I do.
    It sounds crazy right?
    When you have the gold I have,
    You realize how beautiful it is.
    Find a comfort in your tears.
    Those tears.

  • bare_heart 2w


    A result of rushing thoughts in mind and feelings in heart...
    A valuable thing...

  • aadil_sadiq 2w

    Har Ankh Nam, Har dil-e veran, Aur Har Ujde Chaman Ka Insaaf Hoga,
    Jo Haal Firaun Ka Hua Tha wahi Anjam Firaun Kay Lashkar Ka b hoga.
    Randon thought #burningparadise #Kashmir #killings #wails #sobs #tears #cries #mourning #Kashmir #tehreek @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @miraquill #pod

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    ہر نم آنکھ، ہر دلِ ویران اور ہر اجڑے چمن کا انصاف ہوگا،

    جو حال فرعون کا ہوا تھا وہی انجام فرعون کے لشکر کا بھی ہوگا۔

    صوفی عادل صادق قادری

  • angels_halo_shines 3w

    Just Like You Said I Would

    Nothing seems to stop my tears. The tears that fall down my cheeks, I can’t seem to have any control anymore. Kinda like falling leaves on a windy day. Only the leaves they fall to welcome winter. A cold and blustery season. The cold, it sticks around me, lingering on. The cold days without you they just go by. Continuing without or without my presence. That may sound like I have lost control of myself. Just sometimes days just go by, I stare into space, lost in my own mind. There is not much comfort in knowing your spirit is always around me. I just wish you could still be here. You can’t, you fought like Hell. I know we meant everything to you. We know that. You must know too, you meant the world to us too. You left your mark on everyone that you ever met. Through nursing school. Through your 30 years of your chosen career of nursing. You had a strong impact on each of us. We were lucky to have had you the time we did. God knows I still wish you were here. The kids aren’t the same. I’m not the same. I guess each day that goes by I should be thankful you’re not in any pain now. I am selfish to want you to be here, but not you being sick. I miss having talks, laughing and watching movies. And just hanging out. It’s the little things as you get older you learn to cherish and keep close to your heart.
    In the end, you just don’t ever know when you say I love you, it may be the last time. I miss you Mom. Just like you said I would. You take for granted, all you can’t get back. I have, I did. I regret it. I guess that you understand now. I do. Like the falling leaves I shed tears, crying at times where I catch myself wishing my phone would ring. And you would be on the other end. Everything happens for a reason. Yea, I guess. Wonder what the reason was for you to get sick. And one thing after the next would just come up. No breaks. I am sorry. So very sorry. For sometimes being angry. My mood swings. My mind. It’s all over the place. With no control. Not many can understand, until it’s them. You told me that on more than one occasion. Turns out you were right. You were right whether I wanted to admit it back then or not. Most of the times not. I know. I am sorry I didn’t realize sooner the importance of the time we had, back when we did. Through the good times, the bad times, you were always there for me. I never needed to ask, you knew I needed you & you were right there. I won’t forget. I will be there for all I can be for the kids. As I see the importance it was for me. If only I could have been more of a daughter than I was maybe everything wouldn’t be so hard. Thank you Mom, for all you did, all the memories we have shared together. I will hold them closely to my heart. I will remember our happiness together. I will always love you Mom.

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    @writersnetwork THANK YOU 🙏 FOR THE LOVE!!💖❤️💕

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    Just Like You Said I Would

    I will remember our happiness together. I will always love you Mom.

  • roel_gonz 3w

    It's okay to cry sometimes
    Let your tears drop into the pavement of memories
    Dried by the wind of loneliness
    Words with empty lines
    For a while a love's fires shines

  • shayara_rinny 3w

    Leave the person who
    calls your tears DRAMA
    Unless you will always be
    In trauma

  • wordlywednesdays 3w

    I'm so excited for the video of Forgive Yourself Child to air tomorrow!
    Follow Wordlywednesdays on Instagram for more.

    #forgiveness #selflove #emotions #tears #selfharm

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    Forgive Yourself Child

    "For years now you've been bleeding,
    Slicing roads that lead to nowhere,
    On your perfect brown skin..."

  • unnibabu 3w

    Words aren't enough

    Shallow are all words!
    For they cannot convey
    what my heart wants to say,
    what my mind always replay.

    When words cease to be
    And eyes speak in tears
    Then my feelings are seen
    Then my heart is clean.

    - unni

  • lollipop71 3w

    They Fall Like Rain

    A bottomless pit of tears, your
    Eyes become so smeared,
    So hard to see the road from
    This river of tears you soon
    Wish could find it's way to
    Another place and time.
    They Fall like Rain.

    Swollen, red eyes so puffy
    It is difficult to see the light.
    So tired, so tired of this
    Neverending fight. Where
    Oh where is the light.
    They Fall like rain.

  • uyirttezhu 3w

    நாம் தேடிச்
    செல்வதும் கிடைப்பதில்லை
    நம்மை தேடி
    வருவதும் நிலைப்பதில்லை...

  • unnibabu 4w

    Tears follow smiles

    Smiles turned to sweet words
    And words became tight hugs.
    Each moment glued us together,
    I became You and You became me.

    Now when we part ways
    I smile again with wet eyes
    Reminding myself in regret -
    "Tears gently follow smiles!"

    - unni