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  • gaurangig 22w

    #kitchen #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

    I had written about this for the word prompt surroundings! That poem is titled #Surrounding. With the Indian patriarchal system, women have been bound to the kitchen, irrespective of their talents, dreams and aspirations!

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    A corner of the home, the kitchen
    Has hidden the tears
    Suppressed the fears
    Saw dreams turn to burning embers
    Of a thousand generations of mothers!


  • miss_silentlyweird 24w


    Here, I should forget my thoughts now
    Let go all of my rain to be a snow
    To throw or blow my heart down
    But I cannot get my head around

    The heat of an oven on a cold day
    Only last for second because it didn't stay
    Pitch black flesh and bone
    I couldn't believe you're gone

    A palm into my mouth down to my face
    I have been into this phase
    But why I forget to interlace?
    The surrounding faith in trace

    I'm too young to be flying
    When its a heaven a moment ago
    Only to fall dying
    The moment you go


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    #miraquill @miraquill

    [About ; Its tied in with having somebody one second and losing them the following. Whenever you nearly had it however at that point you don't. The moment of losing somebody you love, and now you're vulnerable.]

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    What if?
    You become somebody else

    I can't help myself to look around.
    In people and in a crowd—hoping,
    That maybe you're there
    With different surface
    But I will still recognize you
    Because I know exactly who you are.

  • jennau 24w

    Lulu's Two
    A banner still hang upon the wall
    Unicorn cutouts still on the drywall
    Balloons still cover the floor
    Until tomorrow my body sore
    Toys sprawled here and there
    It wasn't about what it took to prepare
    Its was about the joy in her face
    The minute she saw the place
    Her eyes grew big and she squeaked
    As she couldn't contain her excitement peaked
    As bubbles begin to fill the air
    she attempts to catch with loving care
    A great big smile across her face
    With both arms out she reach for embrace
    Terrible twos here we come
    She marches to her own drum
    I know she can't stay little forever
    I just wish there was some button or lever
    To let me linger for awhile
    And study that precious little smile
    Feel her teensy hand in mine
    A little peace of cloud nine

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    Lulu's Two

    A banner still hang upon the wall
    Unicorn cutouts still on the drywall
    Balloons still cover the floor
    Until tomorrow my body sore
    Toys sprawled here and there
    It wasn't about what it took to prepare
    Its was about the joy in her face
    The minute she saw the place
    Her eyes grew big and she squeaked
    As she couldn't contain her excitement peaked
    As bubbles begin to fill the air
    she attempts to catch with loving care
    A great big smile across her face
    With both arms out she reach for embrace
    Terrible twos here we come
    She marches to her own drum
    I know she can't stay little forever
    I just wish there was some button or lever
    To let me linger for awhile
    And study that precious little smile
    Feel her teensy hand in mine
    A little peace of cloud nine

  • brokenwings_yetpowerfulbeing 24w

    It's true that being in a positive atmosphere makes you happy and healthy. But, those who spread negative vibes don't even realise that they are contributing to whole surrounding and making people impact from it. Though, it's true surroundings makes you the way it is, but taking things on your heart, affecting yourself or living peacefully without making it bother you is your choice.


  • alexrover 24w

    THIS ERA..

    Passing by in cars, on bikes,
    flooding space with trucks and ties;
    Huge trunks cut down
    to short sticks of decor,
    The sound of solemn, I hear no more.
    Wishing for a place of silence,
    praying for a moments of tranquil
    yet toiling none to built one
    only back against the chair
    dripping in desire and quiet sob.


  • childauthor_345 24w

    Uncensored are the paintings
    Yet the #surrounding is unknown to it .

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    Behind the door , my dreams are waiting curiously ,
    But the tense tensed the lock tighter , featured one crossed the threshold ,
    As a key whilst perennial drought of gleeful tear ,
    And sudden , it was raining , rosewater not too new , not too old.

  • susann 24w

    Dialogue: (Day60)

    Mop and Bucket

    Hey mop

    Hey bucket

    Today are we going to clean

    I don't know, I miss being in water

    Yeah,yeah I'm not surprised

    C'mon bucket,you do it perfectly

    Thank you mop

    Do you think she's okay today?

    Yeah she seems relaxed

    How do you know?

    She's listening to music

    I love mopping on a beat

    Me too mop, me too

    Do you think the floor today will cooperate?

    It always does, you clean it perfectly

    Thank you bucket

    You know, you better not leave me

    I know, I know, I won't break anytime


    I love you too bucket


    Yeah,yeah whatever...

    I love you too mop

    Of course you do!


  • aye__writes 24w

    As I wander through the corridor of my home,
    I feel a sadness lingering around,
    masked by a happiness that is based only on survival
    but then again, what is life without both sadness and happiness?

    I ask myself..

    As I wander in my room,
    I can see the stain of my tears
    haunting me with every agonizing memory
    but then again, I can hear my laughter echoing,
    telling me that every inch of my mind is strong enough
    that I should not sweat the small stuff.

    As I wander through the depth of my mind,
    it asks my heart to love a little more
    so that it can finally be at peace.


  • carrie09 24w

    Walls painting in white,
    squeezed in betwixt the pillars of red brick colours standing high in pride,
    Dawn peeps at the strong jet black color gate.tinted in gold,
    guarding my Masonic Lodge,
    Trampled by square brown tiles pasted
    from east to west and north and south
    surrounding my courtyard
    my palace looks empty and dry,seated as in the midst of Thar desert.
    thirsting for greenery
    to give it life and light.

    Help comes from.a mason,
    to keep my home alive,
    so one late winter weeks his cement mixer hands wove magic and crafted a garden beautiful flower pots within courtyard empty walls.
    And lo and behold on a lifeless wall a beautiful hanging garden was born and live.

    The morning dew kisses my yellow blooming freesia,
    fresh fragrance whiff of fresh air
    surround the courtyard and
    out of the blue I watch in joy the bunch of primroses in the eastern corner of the white wall nodding with joy.
    The radiance of vivid and beautiful flowers breathe life to a plain white wall as four seasons kept rolling by, a picturesque of my magic hanging garden ,reminds me of the wonders hanging garden of Babylon.

  • neogpallabi 24w

    From the diary of a Selenophile.


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    Walking by the lawn,
    Amidst the garden of
    Petunias and Crysanthemum,
    Inspired by the,
    Gorgeous masterpiece of nature.
    The sunset reminds me that
    "Happy Endings do exists!"
    Turning to the east,
    I was awestruck.
    The Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty;
    Venus~ swinging by the Cresent moon.
    I forgot to blink my eyes!
    As if,
    Two unfulfilled lovers,
    Playing hide & seek
    betwixt the clouds.
    Blushing in shy,
    Both are sharing the
    Energy of Telepathy!!

    I was enthralled,
    I forgot to blink my eyes again!

  • bhawanaa 24w


    Where I can live a healthy wealthy and successful life with my family and friends
    without fear।

  • trulyyours1625 24w

    Think of human

    A man was killed in the uniform,
    Who's care rather he was only Ukrainian or Russian,
    But he texts his mom before death
    Some writers and some politicians play the victim card game,
    Who's care who's dead civilian or (civilian in the form of dress) soldiers,
    We are in the 21st century, we saw war only and only base of ego.

  • gaurangig 24w

    #surrounding #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

    An Indian woman, especially of my mother's generation and generations before that knew only one surrounding. This is a tribute to the sacrifices countless women have made so that their daughters live better and freer lives!

    I entered this world with hope in my eyes
    It looked like the garden of Eden to me
    The spic span platform with shiny tiles
    The utensils tinkling in rythm with my bangles
    The jingle of my payal reflecting
    In the water running from the tap
    I was a new bride, it was my first day
    In my new home, in a new place
    I crossed over the threshold and looked
    This was to be my surrounding for years to come!

    I made friends quickly with the spoons and ladles
    I talked about my hopes and dreams
    With the sauce pans and bowls
    They were my friends, they were with me
    When I fed the entire family
    They were my dinner dates
    A cold meal often, as I dined alone!

    While everyone relaxed in the living room
    In front of cool wafts of a cooler
    I toiled away in the heat,
    Burning with me was my griddle
    The refrigerator in a corner
    Showed me little sympathy
    As it blew cool kisses at me
    Everytime I met him fleetingly
    For carrots, cabbages and cucumbers!

    This was my world and I it's queen
    As I toiled like a penniless maid
    Sometimes it's earlier mistress would peep
    Just to check if I had made it mine
    Everytime it happened, my kitchen and me
    Would behave like strangers
    The minute she left, I would wink!

    My kitchen was my haven
    It knew all my secrets
    The red swollen eyes after
    A fight with my husband,
    The angry quiet tears
    After a taunt from his mother
    A silent prayer as I burnt my aspirations
    The first morning sickness
    Heralding the arrival of my daughter
    The secretively hidden note of Rs.100
    That my father handed to me
    When he came to meet
    All of this, my kitchen witnessed!

    I had not planned to lead a life
    With this dreary place
    I had hoped to fly high
    I had wished to be a doctor
    And save some innocent lives
    But destiny had written
    A kitchen all over my palms
    Acceptance was my only option
    Resigned to my fate with no qualms
    And yet it opened its heart to me
    Absorbing me like all those
    Dream-less eyed brides
    That had touched its wall
    With reverie!


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    In a corner of the house,
    I am just a room
    I don't just feed people
    I also take care of the Goddess
    Who makes this place a home!


  • bipsss 24w

    My Goal

    Once I had a dream
    which is now my goal
    want prove my existence
    just like a mole

    Always believed in my friends
    never thought they will betray me
    May be this is the reward of my faith
    but it shouldn't be the destiny

    But, yes I am lucky
    cause I have a gem
    my friends know her as my gf
    for me she is my support system.

    Since my childhood, my Dad did all he can
    for my happiness, my Mom pushed her abilities,
    I was born in a middle class family
    I want to carry all their responsibilities.

    Responsibilities! yes it's heavy
    But I don't want it to drop
    cause I have made my mind
    I will never stop

    I will never stop
    untill becoming the best
    I will fight for it
    till my last breath.

  • subhamrizal 24w

    Betwixt a leisure sleep and flooding dawn
    The doors of my vision hinge vaguely
    Alarmed by the gabby pegions
    Yakking at the streets
    And the sad nightingales
    Nodding on the branches.
    My mind wakes with silent sigh
    By the tempting essence of the Darjeeling tea,
    Ravishing the lousy bygone dream.
    And when I see the sunbeam spraying
    It's warm hue on the Sikkimeese hills,
    I feel envious for the forlorn side
    That Kalimpong holds as it's darkside.
    But that's how the creation is,
    Sweet and bitter reality,
    A perfect paradox and artistry.
    You must see the sun hiding in the dusk
    And the birds gliding
    Like cluster of restless stars.
    That's how Heaven is,
    And life drives by with no complain
    And it stops in the same heaven,
    Where the sun sprays it's rays
    And goes back with a mesmerizing display.


  • rahmahdi 24w

    My home

    Look at the big window with the scenery of fruit trees
    Exit to the back door to find paddy fields and coconut trees
    Nostalgic view of the door of my cupboard that full of theatre show tickets
    Living room that full of pillows and sofa give me a warm feeling
    Look at my frontyard to see a little simple wooden hut as a place to feel the sunlight and wind
    My home maybe not a perfect house but it's the warmest home in my heart

  • diplim 24w

    The dismal turn of events
    splattered all around the world.
    God idly sits on his heavenly throne
    as children bleed,widows weep, people kill.

    Far from the atrocities of war
    I stare outside my silent
    countryside window
    And wonder
    If even this peace will last.


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 24w

    #food #surrounding #kitchen

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    28 Feb 2022 2.48 pm

    Rassasy - to satisfy with food
    I read that food itself is an ingredient


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    A bitterness rolled in sweet
    Drawing designs of dark fantasy
    On my parched tongue
    That tinge of acidity that attracts
    Tired taste buds to tango on thrill
    The aroma of floral freshness as well as
    The flavour fight between cocoa and nuts
    To start off my morning on a busy day
    My thirst take a quick dip in the dripping
    Hotly brewn beans of classic caffeine

    ~ The taste of coffee adds a tint of brown blanket to warm
    The chill breeze of morning, makes my blues blazing red

    A finely woven thread of soft gold protein
    What else is the ivory shells carrying within
    As I crack them on my countertop
    That small crunch is anticipatory
    While I stir the batter, sticky and soaring
    It roars a bit when poured on my pan
    A pinch of salt from solivagant clouds
    And a pepper shower from lightning rods
    I imagine, as I gently cook them, pat pat
    On my tongue the firm silky layer bursts
    Tender as tranquil, bouncy as a boost

    ~ Every bite of baked eggs, texture tapers down filling heart
    I eat away worries munching on close-knit healthy haze

    Burning beds of bread and boiling milk
    Bathed in butter, pressed in toaster
    Caramel brown coating on its frame
    Cinnamon sprinkle to dress up a dream
    Delighting me with delicious toasty aroma
    While I bite the crust, crackers of joy crash
    Sweet and sour, salt and silky, savoury sets
    I wash it down with a gulp of warm milk
    Breakfast's never complete without bread
    Block of kneaded balmy bright bliss
    To keep away hungry hurricanes, i bite them hickies

    ~ Loafs of bread brimming with the feel of home
    A ticket for a hearty meal and happy day

    Past a busy brunch and
    Hands trekking pages and palettes
    Mind move mountains and marvel
    At the speed at which dawn trades to dusk
    And I'm back at my cozy corner
    Cradling a tea with spoon full of honey
    Stitching stars onto my sky of solitude
    It rains as dewy ribbons, a mellow symphony
    Playing in heaven, and a pizza crust ticks
    In rhythm with the beats, inside the oven
    The box that bakes breathtaking bowls

    ~ No heart can stay cold when good food warms them up
    I close oven and begin dinner, my smile rivals candlelights

    || Ingredients are not to dishes for measure
    But dishes are those ingredients for leisure ||


  • muskaanbhatt 34w

    Travelling through paper

    I can travel on the paper
    From comma to fullstop without any slipper

    From writing prose to poems, my words are getting smoother
    Writing for my love to the suffering of people,my rhymes are getting better

    From writing truths to the brutalities,to some my inking seems bitter
    Errors to perfect grammar,the depth of my writing is going deeper

    Journey through words and sentences isn't always safer
    Sometimes pain hits,mind corrupts thinking and writing stops there


  • sumana_chakraborty 24w

    These stars made me wonder one day
    How dreams are like
    Are they full of aspirations
    Or wishes of unfulfilled minds
    When stars remain high up in the sky
    Dreams promise to be nigh
    My little hopes of meadowy green
    Running madly by my window screen
    Drizzles of love so passionately wild
    Moistening the barriers of unkind
    I try to touch their feelings
    So carefully
    Catch them lightly but
    They evanesce
    always with a scary scream.