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    This piece is dedicated to @blakkchild_prominence with continued prayers for his recent loss. ��

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Though my eyes cannot behold
    Her human form or lovely face
    I know that she walked on
    To greener pastures than this place

    She walked on to somewhere peaceful
    With flowing waters, clear and blue
    Bedecked with fragrant flowers
    Dressed in every single hue

    She walked on to verdant hills
    Misty mountains and balmy shores
    She walked on to Emerald Isles
    Rolling plains and endless moors

    And where she roamed
    She spied such beauty
    And peace throughout each land
    Long gone were hateful ways
    From every woman, child, and man

    She saw that race was not an issue
    Nor color of skin, nor creed
    Tolerance was witnessed
    In every thought and word, indeed

    At last she could relax
    For all were truly free
    In this place where all were one
    As far as eyes could see

    And although she's gone from here
    That's just fine with me
    No kiss of death shall smite her
    She walked on to eternity.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 12/12/2019

    *Image credits not mentioned, but are to go to the rightful owner.

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