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    I think we all get to that stage where we
    realise that a crush is never love,
    That people will come and go,
    That not everyone will appreciate us,
    That with time, everything fades,
    That true joy can not be bought,
    That happiness depends on one's self,
    That no matter how big our problems are,
    Some people have it worse.
    When we realise that things change;
    The weather, goals, friends, dreams...
    When we come to realise that,
    No matter how much happens within us,
    Bigger ones go on around us,
    We would begin to unfurl the sail of freedom,
    We would begin to understand that life is so
    much more than what we eat, drink, where
    we call home, what we drive, how we look,
    the level of education we acquire...
    These are all things that become
    meaningless with the end of one's life.

    The saddest thing is:
    Not many people realise this truth;
    until the very end when every wish becomes hopeless...


    Ecclesiastes 2: 11

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    " Don't let the sun go down with anger on your heart"

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    The Shepherd Ministry Inc


    Sunday Service Of 18th February 2018 (Evangelical Sunday)

    Topic: Let Us Go To The House Of The Lord.

    Text: Psalms 122:1-9

    Minister : Pastor Tunde Bakare

    Prayer Points :
    1. Father, send your light to that dark situation of every life.

    2. Almighty Father, set everyone free that has been in darkness in Jesus'Name Amen.

    3. Father, every door of blessing that has been shot against the people of God are opened by fire in Jesus Mighty name Amen.

    Message :

    Where is the house of the Lord? This is the center where every Christian do gather to worship their God.From the days of our Father, Abraham, there has been this gathering. He will call Sarah his wife and they will Meditate together in a consecrated place known as tent.

    And in the time of Moses, it was known as Tabernacle. When Aaron took over as priest and the tribe of Levi was chosen by God, another design was given by God and it was called Synagogue. King Solomon then called it Temple.

    In the new testament, when Jesus ascended, we called it Church with the presence and power of the HolySpirit. It becomes the house of God. The church is the people and not the building.

    Who Are The True Worshippers?

    1. Those who believe and acknowledge their God as their creator.
    2. Those who trust in God as omnipotent.
    3. Those that have God's Spirit dwelling in them. 1Cor 3:16
    4. Those who have pure hearts Psalms 24:4
    5. Those who are not motivated by worldly or material things but are determined to make heaven.
    6. Those who curiously yearn after their God. Psalms 42:1-27
    7. Those that are diligent and determined Romans 8:35-39
    8. Those that have grateful heart. They have a heart to praising God always Phil 4:4, 1Thess 5:18
    9. Those who are always delighted in the Lord
    10. Those who will do the work of God with happiness Psalms 1:1-2
    11. Those who love God thereby keeping His commandments John 14:23-24

    Why Should We Worship God?

    1. We worship God because God is the creator of all creatures Psalms 24:1-2
    2. We worship God because it is the commandment of God to worship Him alone Exodus 20:3
    3. We worship God because He will provide for all our needs.

    Benefits That We Get In Worshipping God.
    1. We experience great joy unspeakable Psalms 16:11
    2. His praises will fill our hearts Ephesians 5:19
    3. There is peace in His house and we experience peace in our lives.
    4. We experience security Psalms 4:8, Proverbs 18:10
    5. We experience comfort.
    6. We have hope and we are restored Jeremiah 29:11
    7. We experience salvation and deliverance of our souls.

    Every sadness, challenges or problems that you see, instead of seeing God, I pray that by the
    great power of the Spirit of God, such problem will be removed in Jesus'Name Amen.

    Weekly Prayer Point:
    (Psalms 68:1 and Psalms 23:4)

    I will not get involved in any case involving the Law Enforcement Agency, this week and beyond in Jesus'Name Amen.

    Have a blessed week ahead!