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  • bluemushroom 2d

    The crises that pours like no tomorrow,
    Drowning thy hope and buried in shadow.
    Oh how easy to pretend and show thy smile,
    Covering the broken facade for a while.
    Let no one know the inner struggles,
    Let no one know your fight for battles.
    Wounds that silently bleeds,
    Cries that are forcedly muffled.
    For no one are willing to listen,
    Not even a single soul are willing to reach a hand.

  • snehajacob 2w


    It's time to let go
    In this Mirakee
    This place can keep this,
    Once I bury I'm never coming back.

    I held on
    For too long
    Breaking my soul
    Let go.

    It's time to let go
    So , I don't sink
    This community helped me
    In ways I thought impossible.

    My secret community
    Helped, listened to me
    That's all I want
    And thank you❤.

    This secret made me question
    A lot, at times disrupted my self
    Let go of things that doesn't define you
    You are worthy and you're a proof.

  • marianotsaint 2w

    Life is always filled with obstacles.
    Everybody faces challenges at some point of time.
    I believe it's the essence of life.
    It is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.
    Our struggles add value to our lives.

  • bhavana_29 3w

    Out of the mud of your fears, struggles, pain and confusion, the lotus flower of your inner heart will spontaneously grow.

  • cactuspenguin 3w

    I've been in a spiritual rut, struggling with questions about my Christian faith that are incredibly difficult to answer. But despite my doubts and struggles, God is still good. No matter what I think or what my circumstances are, it doesn't change God's nature. Though I can't always understand everything--which makes sense, as I'm just a 21-year old human--I will still trust God through it all.

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    Holy, holy is God

    Oh, God!
    How I wish to understand you, for
    Getting wisdom seems impossible in this life.
    Only you can provide that
    Despite the darkness and blindness.

    Reach out and sing to Him who is holy!
    Always preach about Him only,
    In seasons of love and seasons of loss.
    See what He has done in our lives,
    Even with the animals and the rocks.

    Oh how holy you are, God.
    Let's all say this together!
    Yes, we shall praise your creation for eternity!

    In times of trouble and ease
    Never stop singing about Him,
    God, the Lord God almighty!

  • dia_dubzz 4w

    Run against Wind
    Swim facing the Waves
    Stand before ur Enemies


  • poetshrutiwrites 5w

    I'm feeling trapped inside,
    Is my body and soul aligned?
    Living everyday with fright,
    Searching everywhere,
    For unequaled insight.

  • solitudesoulscribbled 6w

    You have gained the dare

    Have to win the fight by making best strategy
    Instead of it not by doing bad cunning!
    Walking out from the game is the gentleman move,rather than win the game by play cunningly!
    The Victory smile is more precious than getting champion trophy!
    "Never say Never"
    "U can fight forever"
    "They gonna  have still to send the best fighter for the champ"
    Now you're stronger enough to fight back on your tears
    Fight back on your pain and struggles"
    You not only walks in to home with that trophy
    You have already burried all of your fears under the ground and now you gained the dare!


  • redneckwriter69 8w

    "Demons of a Monster "

    I can't seem to outrun
    These demons in my head
    I often wonder what it
    Would be like dead
    Away from the judgement
    Of the world and hatred
    Of a heart so badly broken
    Can't deal or function
    Half the time I'm not even here
    I'm outta my head with grief
    Pain and being ashamed
    I can never pay for my sins
    Demons run round my head
    Like a a race track or a course
    Never stopping unless I'm silent
    Sleeping but am I sleeping
    I'm actually running for my life
    Or for my life scared I'm cracking
    With no ledge or not safety zone
    Why did this have to be
    What did this happen to me
    A horror so strong it never stops
    The world sees me a monster
    Never to reform or change course
    I'm not this person but I am this
    Person , been denying my whole
    Life who I really am I am the monster I was broke many years
    Ago failing at life ever since ...
    I'm sorry I'm not here I've left
    My mind years ago .........


  • lalitha_l2 9w

    Just a single thought of mine, of struggles which undergone, sparks a smile on my face, and says, oh baby, you crossed many, but still some yet to!!

  • aalletterr19 9w


    I hit a new low.
    I was in a bad mood.
    I was on my own.
    I screamed in frustration.
    I was also crying.
    And depression appeared in front of me.
    Peace, I struggled to find happiness.
    Then, all of a sudden, I found myself in this place.
    "I am grateful," said the voice.
    I'm grateful for everything I've been given.

  • eternal_ 9w


    It is the mountain of dream, -you fall- you fail-you get up...so on
    and if at any point you think of quiting then you are missing something.
    Because the joy is in the climb itself.

  • aalletterr19 10w

    The Struggle

    There are days when I can't get out of bed. Even if I put in so much effort.
    There are days when I'm not sure who I am or who I used to be.
    Then there are those days when I don't want to do anything other than the things I feel obligated to do.
    I know, it's difficult.
    I believe these are the moments when people get desperate.
    So, in desperate times, desperate measures are needed.

  • kelvin_mathew98 11w

    Even in the Midst of Darkness and Struggles , There is Someone to help you and Console You .
    A Friend , Soul Mate or Some others

  • pragatigarg 11w

    My mind glides over
    The dark ink following in my veins
    Are the shades of brutality
    Where each shade speak of its story
    Struggle pain death desire and each such earthly affairs

  • rhythmic_beats 11w

    Dear stranger uhmm... Sorry for being strange in your mirror of eyes, I know I'm so close to you but still far away just like the sun touching the sky in the horizon but still not touching and leaving behind illusions only.

    I kept on beading the beads of each and everyone's happiness but not yours. Maybe I thought you would definitely try at least by the end of the day to get out from the storm of loneliness and your silent screams as I thought there might be someone who can hear your arrhythmic beats which you were hiding behind your crescent moon of your wrinkling face.

    I never bothered to ask you how are you? What you need? Or are you really okay? As I can feel your warmth but that warmth felt like a sun struggling to shine behind those thick layers of snowy clouds.

    Ah! I enjoyed the ride of rhymes in your poetry but I never thought to dive deep into the ink which was bleeding from your heart. To the world your poetry is magical and mesmerising universe but failed to see your poetry as a shooting star who was falling in the peaceful pages to wipe out all unexpected and unbearable pain wishing to smile again which seemed miles away from the sight.

    I know you are brave and strong enough to stand up without anyone's presence but I failed to understand you too need time for that and at present want to rest under the shade of love and care.

    Standing at the seashore you are a serene sea which soothes the eyes and soul but when I started the voyage I realised the struggles and storms you are tackling daily.

    Behind your smile was a mysterious novel which no one could read or the ones who started reading left midway keeping an autumn coloured bookmark between the chapters hoping to read later but never turned back again. Your skin was dusty and webs of puzzles entangled you completely.

    Colours were waving their beauty outside but was still incomplete and void as your hues were abstract which I finally tried to understand and searched eagerly to see what you were collecting and hiding it in that secret room.

    Oh dear I was surprised to see the room. It was a royal book shelf lining with gems of different volumes, chapters and series of novels which I tried to search everywhere and in everyone; but never in myself. All the experiences till now forced to look me inside as I was feeling incompleteness in completeness too as I never touched this part of mine which was a treasure I was carrying and embracing ignorantly! I learnt little late that to love and give happiness to others first you should fill the void in you. Fill your soul with happiness and sparkles of kindness which will then automatically spread like the first ray of sun in the day.

    I'm so sorry dear self as I never checked upon you, your mental health, your needs and your voice. I never saw that time was frozen inside myself and everyone was walking ahead. Sorry for keeping you apart though everyone felt togetherness still you were standing apart when the surrounding was blooming spring and you were the only one standing with falling autumn.

    PS. No wonder why is mental health still a big question! No wonder why is depression so miserable! Until and unless you don't satisfy your hunger of soul, nothing outside you can bring that precious smile! Pause for a moment. Think for a while. Be little kind to self also. Write it down, paint, sing or start dancing you will see and hear those silent but disastrous voice that was killing you inside. Open the door to self to find the path of solutions. First make yourself complete instead of making others complete taking those broken pieces as you won't be able to finish your milestone when your mind, heart and soul are not aligned properly.

    Don't turn yourself to a stranger as one day you will find harder to love yourself than anyone else in this world!

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    #truth #irony #struggles #selflove #care #kindness
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee
    Thank you @writersnetwork ♥️

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    Sorry for being strange in your mirror of eyes, I know I'm so close to you but still far away just like the sun touching the sky in the horizon but still not touching and leaving behind illusions only.

  • srishti28 12w

    It's something, where I belong
    I think, I eat , I walk of brawl
    I owe it's patent, no more than juggles
    Here, I must pendown something
    Coping up with this swing
    Entails me to have similar reasoning

  • miaferg 12w

    Dear Paranoia

    You twist me up
    You chuck me out
    You corrupt
    Nothing stopping you
    You are strong
    Kept me up all night
    2 hours sleep, not enough
    Distracting myself
    From you, too tough
    Sick of fighting
    Fleeing all the time
    Here you don't belong
    Are we one or two
    Am i me or you
    It feels like you're the devil
    Alive inside my mind
    When you grab my reins
    I detest
    You don't allow me rest
    To question
    Where have i gone?
    Wouldn't be so wrong
    You're turning me to ruins
    Behaving like an act of law
    Taking over
    I want to know
    Is this my existence
    or is it yours?

  • kartik_sinha 12w


    Behind the smiles, everyone is going through personal struggles we know nothing about.

  • essieh 12w

    Death Vs Life

    In the middle of the night
    I've prayed to God to take away my life
    The struggles of the day
    Are catching up with me
    The emotional torture
    Is taking me down
    Piece by piece
    Tear by tear