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  • blossomblessed 2w

    Childhood Fantasies

    When I was growing up, much younger than I am now, I usually watch my mom prepare varying dishes without eating anything out of the proteins she used in cooking them. She would give me some at the time which I gladly collect, thankfully so that she has given me. Although like Oliver Twist, I would usually want more and end up not receiving any. You see, she often prepared them in such a way that they were very delicious and palatable mmhm, especially the smoked mackerel fish. The next to more I would get was when the meal was ready and everyone got their respective portions as she shared.

    Whatever made me say the next lines must have been the fact that I was a child and wondered why she would just toss all the proteins in the pot and not eat any of it I mean

    So, I remember telling her sometimes, that I would go to the market, buy proteins of my own, cook them just the way she did and eat to my heart's delight when I grow. I marvelled at her level of self-control then.

    Now that I'm grown and earning money, my perspective regarding this has changed. Now, I know better. Although I'm yet to reach that peak of self-control especially around the neighbourhood of plantains, potato chips et al in the kitchen. I don't completely regret saying that to mum.

  • vy_thoughts 2w

    पहले दिल में आए वो
    फिर आए गरीब के गरीब खाने में,
    नजरें घुमाई फिर नज़रे झुकाई
    पूछने लगे इश्क के अलावा और
    क्या -2 मिलता है एक गरीब के यंहा
    खाने में,
    कि सुनके लगा बुरा पर एक तहजीब थी
    उनके ताने में -2 ,
    फिर उनकी ओर देखा और
    हम मुस्कुराएं और बोले
    शायद आपको पता नही जनाब
    मिल तो जाता है सब
    पर कई उम्र मिल जाती है मिट्टी में
    जो आपको मिल रहा है
    वो इश्क कमाने में,
    आप भी होते उन एक उम्र में से
    वो तो अच्छा हुआ
    हम मिल गए
    आपको इश्क लिए हुए इस जमाने में,
    तो अब आप ही बताए इश्क के अलावा कुछ और
    लोगे खाने में या इश्क ही काफी है खाने में....! By - V¥ "R∆M∆"

  • vy_thoughts 3w

    सिर्फ बहकना आया
    करना आया बेवफाई नही
    काला साया था रोटी पर
    मां कसम थी काली कमाई नहीं,

    वो तो मुझे बदनाम कर दिया
    क्योंकि उन्हें लगता है
    मैंने उनकी इज्जत बचाई नही,

    बताता है कोई सब बस मेरे बारे में झूठ
    पर कोई उन्हे बताता नहीं
    की उन्होंने इज्जत तो गवाई नही
    क्योंकि इज्जत तो कभी कमाई ही नहीं...!

    खैर छोड़ो वो सब सही है
    में जनता हूं होगा मंजूर सब
    बस होगी मंजूर मेरी कभी गवाही नही...!
    By - V¥ "R∆M∆"


  • barbietocatwoman 4w

    You can't stop me
    from moving on
    as you tell the lies
    that rip body
    from lungs

    Amused; colourful
    and cunning
    not a trace of remorse
    to be seen, why I
    never sought you;
    you already made it
    into my dreams

    Kisses on the glass
    you'll never receive
    raise your eyes
    and take me in
    then watch as I walk away
    call me back, you won't
    you never cared

    I rewrote the story
    to make it seem
    like you were never there
    then wrote it again, for
    I didn't trust that you,
    the very worst of them
    would ever be honest


  • vy_thoughts 4w

    चलना मुझ से सीख कर
    वो कहता है अपने पैरो पर वो खड़ा हो गया

    चलो इसमें कुछ तो सच्चा है,

    अब बात नही करता
    क्योंकि उसे लगता है अब वो मुझ से भी बड़ा हो गया

    चलो छोड़ो वो अभी भी बच्चा है,

    पर उसे लगता है
    की उसके बिना कोई बजूद नही मेरा -2

    उसे बताओ
    बेटा ये सच बस झूठ तक ही अच्छा है...!

    #guru #chela #samay

    By- V¥ "R∆M∆"


  • vb_ke_blogs 5w

    Sache naam ka rista humein
    Pyaar se jodh deta hain
    Har kadam zindagi ko
    Nya modh daita hain


  • vy_thoughts 5w

    जिंदा मत छोड़ो
    अपने सपनो का सर ,अब खून कर लो

    तुम फस चुके हो
    गरीबी में

    अब कुछ नहीं कर सकते घर चलाने के सिवा,
    ये कबूल कर लो,

    ये बड़े सपने, ये बड़ी गाडियां , ये बड़े घर
    बड़े लोगो के लिए ही
    रहने दो,

    तुम बस
    गरीब ही पैदा हुए हो और गरीब ही मरोगे

    आने वाली पीढ़ी के काम आएगा

    ये उसूल सब गरीबों के सर पर लिख दो...!

    #This virtuous sin is for poor people,
    If you have money, everything is forgiven... Maybe it's true

    By- V¥ "R∆M∆"

  • myasir99 5w

    Ankahi Batain quote 8

    Ankahi Batain #8
    Ek ajeeb kashmakash hai iss
    dasht -e- wehshat main hai jaani pachaani si shakasiyaat yeh lakin lagti hai anjaani si yeh libada oora hua hai iss nay bahut se naam o ka kabhi kahi hai yeh kabhi ankahi si lagti hai yeh

    iss ke kirdar apnay undar he ek kahani hain sab ka koi na koi ek un suna sa raaz hai sab dekha tay ek dussray ko kuch aur hain aur bata tay kuch aur jhooti baton ke pardoon main aksar such chi batain chupaa jatay hain yeh log ankahi si baton main bahut si batain keh jatay hain yeh log

  • poetrani 6w


    My intuition stands between me and making Bad Choices,
    it reminds me of roads I'm not supposed to cross,
    it reminds me of stairs I'm not supposed to climb,
    yet in my independence I forget myself and I choose to listen to The bickering voice in my mind telling me to do what I'm not supposed to do.
    I listen to the stairs that tell me to keep walking to the wrong decision I listen to the road that tells me to keep taking the wrong path while intuition as soft as its voice can be it is still a part of me that needs to scream louder.

  • poetrani 6w

    Broken yet beautiful

    People ask me why I love sunsets
    As they mean everything has an end,
    But it tells that whatever happens all day ,
    A beautiful end can help it mend.

    I love how the lonely clouds
    strand in the sky, distorted,
    And I realise that's the most
    glorious thing I spotted.

    It is beautiful as the weeping cloud pour
    the raindrops, quite delicate to embrace ,
    Yet broken but still adds to
    the nature, it's grace !

    Broken doesn't mean it is the end ,
    If it's for things or people,
    As they're still left with the pieces,
    Though broken, much more beautiful!

  • myasir99 6w

    Ankahi Batain#7

    Ek raaz ki jaysy hotin hain batain kuch zubaan pe aa ke khol jatin hain aur kuch dil lo main dafaan hoja ti hain

    kuch demagh ko kashmakash main bhi rakh tin hain yeh batain hotin hain jin
    ko hum ankahi batian kehtay hain pyar

    mohobbat darr saza sab main sab ki yeh dastaan hoti hain yeh ankahi batain hoti hain jo hoke bhi na honay ke barabar hotin hain
    Ankahi Batain#7

  • ajaygupta 7w


    Nadani ki umer thi
    Pehli nazar ka pyar
    Dekhta tha usse ek baar
    Pyaar usse ho jata tha baar baar
    Ki aksar Khali bench par Kiya karta tha uska intezar
    Masumiyat ki dehliz par pehla kadam tha
    Usko bhi mujhse pyaar tha
    Mera bharam tha
    Bhage bhage firta uske piche
    Dekhne ko uska ata- pata
    Sayad usi ke pyaar me hua tha Mai gumshuda
    Koshish karta baat karne ki usse
    Har baar nakaam reh jata tha
    Jis din akeli dikhi bench par wo
    Mai muskurata tha

    Dekho aisa hai
    Masumiyat me hua pyaar bahot khaas hota hai...kyuki pehla pehla wo ehsaas hota hai

    dhundhti thi Meri nigahe sirf usko
    Apna samjh baitha tha Mai jisko
    Tha dekhta Mai khwaab uske mere
    Ki kab lege hum saath phere

    Dekho Milan hai to judaai bhi hai..par mere pyaar me sirf judaai hi judaai hai...

    Exam ka daur khatm hua
    Dosto ne ek dusre se alvida liya
    Aur usne bhi..
    Ki taras gayi thi aankhe dhundhate hue usse
    Par aankho ko uska manzar na mila
    hum bhi bolte reh Gaye
    Kismat me Jo tha nahi
    Humko na Mila
    Ki Dil bhulane laga tha ehsaas uska
    Dheere dheere
    Ki Mai chalne laga tha Bina khwab ke dheere dheere

    Kehte hai na kismat ...kismat kabhi bhi kuch bhi dikha sakti hai...

    Purane galiyo me ussa koi dikha
    Maine bhi Kiya uska picha
    Aas jagi Dil me pyaar pane ki
    Khwabo ko wapas Zindagi me lane ki..
    Ki daud thi Meri uss Tak pahuchne ki..
    Jab pahucha uske pass...
    Dekha pakda hai usne kisi aur ka haath...
    Kadame badha rahi thi wo kisi aur ke saath..
    Ki nadani bhare pyaar ne aakhiri saas li
    Wo chalti rahi ...na Maine usse awaz di
    Nadani us waqt haqiqat se rubru hui

    Kar lo pyaar ka izhar
    Kahi der na ho jaye
    tumhare kehte kehte
    Kisi aur ki na wo hojaye

  • myasir99 7w

    Ankahi Batain
    the sixth quote

    Kuch batain aasie hotain hain
    Jo sun ke bhi un suni ho jatin hain

    aur kuch batain hotin hain aasie jo
    bin bolay bhi sab kuch batla jatin hain

    yeh he tho pahare hota hai
    ankahi baton ka jo dil se boli jatain hain aur

    nazro se parhli jati hain goop chup si kahaniyon main chupi hui hai yeh Ankahi

    Ankahi batain #6

  • priyanshusinha 7w

    ये शाम थोड़ी अलग हुई
    चांद के ज़रिए एक तारे की तारीफ हुई
    प्यार तो होना ही था
    सारे ग्रहों के संग उस आकाश जी साजिस थी
    कहूँ क्या आखिर मैं
    प्यार था
    ना जाने कैसे हुआ।

    उसकी शैतानियों से परेशान रहता
    वो खुद में मस्त मौजी थी
    मेरी एक नहीं सुनती
    इतनी वी नटखट है
    वैसे तो 20 की वो कुवारी थी
    पर संग मेरे एक बच्ची है
    मैं खुद एक बच्चा से
    उसके लिए जवान हुआ
    उस पतंग सी उड़ने वाली के लिए
    मैं मांझे की डोर बना
    संग रहे दोनो हमेसा
    ऐसा दिल मे ठान लिया
    कश्ती हमारी संग तैरेगी हमेसा
    खबर सबको ये कर डाला
    सब ये पूछते हमेसा
    जवाब एक ही मिला
    प्यार था
    ना जाने कैसे हुआ।

    शुरुआत थोड़ी अलग हुई
    मेरे से वो थोड़ा नाराज़ हुई
    मेरी बेशर्मी से पसंद नही
    तो उसे भी खुद से बेशर्म बनाया
    उसे मेरी कुछ हरकत पसंद नहीं
    उसकी उनकी ही लत लगाया
    प्यार की शुरुआत कुछ ऐसी हुई
    मैं शक्त धूप सा
    वो गीली मिट्टी सी मेरे ताप में बदल गयी
    मैं भी तो था शक्त लौंडा
    जो उसके लिए पिघल गया
    आज दिन कुछ खास हैं
    हमारी कहानी का आरंभ हुआ
    किस्से तो हैं बहत से
    पर समय का अंत अभी हुआ।

    #priyanshusinha #priyanshuwrites #poem #love #storytelling

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    प्यार था

    ना जाने कैसे हुआ।

  • wolfspoetry 9w

    In a past life
    I witnessed her once.

    It was only a breif glance
    As she closed my door behind her

    A few lives later
    I haven't forgotten her since.

    But only because I knew
    She was God



  • vy_thoughts 13w

    नींद आई आंखे मेरी सोई नहीं,

    मैं समझता रहा सबको पर
    रातों ने मुझे बताया की मेरा कोई नहीं,

    खमोश देख मुझे सब रहे खामोश,

    बस "मां " बोली
    क्यों? कमजोर समझता है
    तु खुद को और अपनी कोशिशों को

    तु जिंदा है अभी,

    दिल पर हाथ रख कर देख
    तेरी धड़कने अभी खोई नहीं

    अगर इस दुनिया में तेरा कोई नहीं
    तो बेटा तेरी तरह भी इस दुनिया में कोई नहीं...!
    By -VY "RaMa"

  • czarcasm 13w


    Some things so simple yet so complex can change your mind and heart as if placing a vex

    Emotions if one then many too many to count too many to envy

    Hurtful although can be exciting too it

    All just depends on what you've been through

    My self I'm sure I've experienced every emotion my moods so complex they rock like the ocean

    A bundled little mess as some would say

    But everyone can't help but want to stay

    You have storytelling in your blood

    Everyone says yet sometimes I feel

    As if I'm just rolling in the mud

    Like a pig wanting a meal

    Tell us about a past you've not had

    Well if you really want one that bad

    A man that once stood at twenty three or twenty four

    Calmly stretched and walked out his door

    Blonde haired and blue eyed he stood about ye high

    Watching the blue green water as it drifted on by

    'A beautiful day to take in the sights'

    He said with a smile, a yawn he did fight

    It was the green in the grass that free his attention

    To the ground under his treading feet

    Tiny balls of water suspended in time looking almost like clear crystal

    The dew of the night that surely would fade as he walked on down a path

    To check on his garden of beautiful red poppies

    Whose colors were bright in bloom

    The shadows of the cloud darkened the saturation of color and he bent down to smell his tulips

    Yellow and white they were just a sight there standing against the blood spilled by the red of the poppies

    The brown of the tree was the background to an old swing where his mom had sat

    Sewing his mittens while she watched the birds play in the pond beside the meadow

    A meadow of a silver gold waving in the breeze

    Was all that was left of the fields of wheat that his neighbor had left to seed

    But nestled in amongst the gold there is a girl out there dancing

    Calling out to the thunder gods to quench her thirst for rain

    Caramel skin and eyes that could sin her hair bouncing in the careless wind

    She is my love my future my everlasting heart

    And I can't wait to start the life with her

  • vy_thoughts 13w

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    कयामत को उसने
    मेरे मत से लिखा होता,

    मैं भी सड़कों पर ना रहता
    अगर मेरा घर ना बिका होता,

    होते मेरे पास भी ख़्वाब

    अगर पैसा होता

    तो शायद
    ना मै
    ना मेरा ख़्वाब
    ना मेरा प्यार
    ना मेरा परिवार मिटा होता,

    बिना पैसों के इस दुनिया में
    सबको हक मिला होता...!
    by -VY "RaMa"


  • dumi005 14w

    After A Bad Day

    It is okay to let your weary shoulders drop as you
    trudge back home feeling utterly down. We aren't
    suppose to be invincible, We aren't gods. We are
    mere humans who is to feel all emotions around.
    Don't worry, it is okay to be not okay sometimes.

    -Dumi| @Pagesfromadiary

  • ajaygupta 16w


    Chaar panno ke kitaab me kitni kahaniya hai
    Do logo ke bich ki manmaniya hai
    Pyaar ki baate chal rahi hai na
    To kuch pareshaniya hai
    Kisi ko bol Kar khoye hai
    Kisi ko chup reh Kar
    Band tha sayad Dil ka darwaza unka
    Thak Gaye hum kundi thok thok Kar
    Kehte hai alfazo me bahot takat hoti hai
    Chahiye tha koi aisa
    Jo sun sake khamosi
    Baat karne ke liye to umer bahot thi
    Badnaam na hua to wo ishq kaisa
    Pyaar kiya tha humne usse aisa
    Raj ne kiya tha simran se DDJL jaisa
    Jishmo ke daur me ruhani mohhbat thi
    Mai to naya tha
    Duvare pe uske aashiquo ki bheed lagi thi
    Dekho ye haath kaatna , Zeher Khana ab hamare bas ki to thi nahi .
    To humne wo kiya Jo hamare bas me tha
    Mohhbat wo bhi beinteha...iktarfa mohhbat
    Maut se jyada taklif
    Aankho ke saamne pyaar me khanzar
    Aur tum chup chap rehte ho uski baate sun Kar
    Mohhbat hai na wo bhi ek tarafa
    Waise bhi hamare pyaare SRK ne kaha hi tha
    "ek tarafa pyaar ki takat hi kuch aur hoti hai"
    Wo ye batana bhul Gaye ki
    Ek tarfa pyaar me akele hi jalna padta hai,
    Jo hame pata hai
    Aur Jo hum maanna nahi chahte
    Usse ladna padta hai
    Khud ko taklif de Kar
    Uske liye karna padta hai
    Dekho bhaiya aisa hai
    Sab khush hai ....sab ke sab apni Zindagi me
    Bas tum khush nahi ho...kyuki tumhe to pyaar hua hai wo bhi ek tarfa
    Na usse bataoge aur na chupa paoge