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  • bornfire 144w

    Sticking Along For Ever

    I sit at the bank of a blissful river,
    With the winds blowing at my face, sending down those deep shivers,
    The vacation in the mountains had seemed like a blessing,
    Until I was reminded to the world of my school, which for 10 long days, I had also been missing.

    The project had been left undone for all the while,
    Procrastination had played its game with a strategic smile,
    It had lured me to let it be done later,
    And had led my brain into believing that in the past month, it had a lot to cater.

    I was left with pages of work,
    Sat and completed them in 4 hours, without a quirk,
    The job left then was to bind those pages together,
    Like the fragments of life, we wish to stick and foster.

    The pages screamed for that one paste,
    Which has helped stick pages forever, without a haste,
    My childhood had buzzed with it all along,
    Fevicol had come in for the rescue, even along the foothills of Shillong.

    It led me to think how some things become universal,
    How their role in children's and people's lives have no reversal,
    The way they 'stick' to our lives,
    It's like how bees cling on to their hives.

    But I wish I could do more with it,
    Like bring together shattered pieces of my life all lit,
    And stick them with the strongest bond,
    So I and my life could be with each other, happy and fond.

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