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    #shizukanobita #Sripandanewpost#miss someone Badly#how can live happily with calmness, if heart bleed for someone ����
    #EkDin routey routey maut ajaney hai
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    Repost it's giving hope for new day write and live

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    Wanna feel you again and again mylove.

    I draw my paint brush on canvas,
    Brush WritE Love,
    Love Write your name,
    Your name Write my bluSsing Era!
    Era write painful sleep less night!
    Sleep less night write pain!
    Pain write uncontrollable tears!
    Tears write uncountable Emotions!
    Emotions wanna Hug you tight atonce in whole life!
    Whole life not Enough to unlove you!
    Unlove you it's next level pain wrote the following path!
    Path asked for forgiveness!
    Forgiveness asking for forsake the hell of suffering pain of hurt,
    Who wanna let it go outside on the highway...
    Jump high!
    Hey you listen na I want hate you.
    Either let's smoked together bundle of cigarettes...
    Love me atonce like forever darling love .
    My Rockstar, my Favorite Person .
    I'll be smile atonce like for Ever .
    My Angel don't Bite my Heart it's bleeding
    Naah I fire on
    Your few sentences you told me!
    I still making Everyday Highliting
    With my bleeding Tears .
    Yes my Favorite person, the Who I want My life first Rose from the one who care me like a new bornBaby
    And kiss me like his responsibility!
    And love naah he don't show infront of anyone!
    Not even infront of me!
    He only hide his love for me and that thing make him Devil!
    Cuz he kill my vibe,
    He cutting my precious wording the one who I said on the Every weekend next morning on his neck!
    Duffer turn into devil! And
    After that Rockstar call me you're my Angel
    ....he kicked after cutting my Hours tune for I make with metaphor and phrases both bonding like a water and mud you can't see clarity... Shit nothing now Hurt me more than your not presence with me ...
    Chean Lou Tujko ki khudko tur dou....
    Kya karrou... Ghutou Aur ki marr Jaou ❤
    Kill my needling heart !16/5/21