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  • broken_soul9 4d

    I want someone who is AFRAID of losing ME

  • whispers_of_silence 5d

    Some Goodbyes weren't said
    Our farewells were left untold
    But that doesn't mean that I'll always hold on
    I know that it's time for me to let you go.

  • smilesofwhiles 1w

    Just because someone
    carries themself well....
    Doesn't mean,
    they aren't
    messed up or broken.

  • stellaire_mystique 1w


    Someone : You Are Like Snow Beautiful But Cold....
    Me : Maybe that's the reason behind...I was Born In Winters

    © Smoky_stella

  • _shivam_srivastava 3w

    Koi chahiye...!!

    Koi chahiye jo haath thaam kar kahe,
    Waqt hi toh hai, aaj bura hai,
    Kal behtareen hoga. !!


  • meriabhivyakti 3w


    I was too young,
    Trying to find life ,
    I did lot of mistake ,
    But It was early to die.
    Truth was faded,love was lie..
    Hate what i found everywhere,
    I was alone , I was terrified.


    When i saw ur smile,
    I saw light in ur eyes.
    You made me feel special,
    You made me feel alive..
    Morning was beautiful that day.
    and love was high..
    What i was searching everywhere,
    Love, pride , happiness was inside.


  • bhavesh07 4w

    One day
    you gonna
    meet someone,
    Who will change you
    For forever..
    And trust me
    You won't regret the change!!


  • kasturik 4w

    Your Opinion

    Present your opinion
    Only in front of them
    Who really wants to hear you.
    Not in front of them
    Who don't wanna hear.
    So, don't waste your time on them.


  • dhavalnagani 5w

    When you lose someone, you don’t just lose them when you say goodbye. or when you watch them leave for the last time. When you lose someone, you don’t just lose them once. You lose them every single day, you lose them slowly
    You lose someone whenever you make a cup of coffee in their favourite mug. You lose someone when you hear the songs they showed you, when you stumble upon their sweater in the back of your closet.
    You lose someone when you sit and you want to tell them about your day, but you can’t. .
    But the truth of the matter is that time is forward moving entity. Even with apologies, discussions, and promises…nothing will ever be the same as it once was. After a falling out, all the vibrant memories that once were become a little duller. Looking at the old pictures, or the corner of a room where you first met sparks a sharp in your heart instead of butterflies in your stomach. The music you exchanged suddenly sounds a little off key, not nearly as good as it did when you were listening to it together.
    I’m not going to lie; these decisions are going to hurt. They’ll hurt you to make, and sometimes it may hurt even worse to watch the aftermath. And worse yet, sometimes you’ll be on the other end of the decision. You’ll be replaced, left behind, and thrown to the side. But the truth is, you will be ok. Sometimes that person will come back, there is always the potential for people and circumstances to change. Things are never guaranteed to go back to exactly the same, but that doesn’t mean things can’t work out if you’re willing to fight for it. So for all of you going through losing someone, I promise my fingers are crossed that everything will work out for you.
    But, if he/she doesn’t come back and decides to move on with someone, remember you still have yourself. You are just as strong, funny, beautiful and smart as you were when that person was a part of your everyday life.
    Find some way to fill that hole in your heart, because you will survive. I’m a strong believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason; maybe that person left to make room for an even better person. ??‍?#love #lose #someone

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    When you lose someone


  • eclairer_thoughts 5w

    How is it…??
    When someone makes you smile in your stressful day,
    When someone reminds you how much you worth in the end of the day,
    When someone tells you it's ok to go wrong and forget things,
    When literally someone says that your imperfection is what they find perfect in their heart.❤

  • hare_cknu_er1e 6w

    #someone special ❣️❣️��������

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    लोगों ने पूछा कितना विश्वास है तुम्हें उन पर.......
    मैने भी गर्व से जवाब दिया.......
    जितना वे मुझसे मेरी गलतियों.......
    पर नाराज होकर मुझे प्यार से सिख देते है ❤️


  • the_anonymous_poetries 6w

    Somewhere, Someone incredible is waiting for you!

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    Dive straight into the ocean of my eyes
    Cos it is filled up to the brim with emotions and dreams.
    Your jump will dump out the gloominess
    Whilst turning those dreams into realities.
    But wait,
    Not sure if spectacles would provide a hindrance.

    Embrace me in your loving arms with a tight hug.
    Cos I am in love with your curves and edges
    The sound of your heartbeats is what is required to keep me awake
    Everything seems a piece of cake for your sake.

    Just a smile can make all the difference
    Cos I am ready to walk miles just for that soothing smile.

    And remember;
    Nature's treasure hunt will eventually lead you to the someone waiting for you.
    Till then, let the sound of silence do the talking!

  • kashu6 6w

    Koi Aisa Chayiye

    Hume aur kya chahiye?
    Koi saathi chahiye,
    Sirf saath chalne wala nahi,
    Saath nibhaane wala chahiye.
    Dil me rahne wala nahi,
    Dil ki dhadkan bane.
    Sapnon me aane wala nahi,
    Sapne pure karte samay saath chale,
    Koi aisa chahiye.

    Aankhon me thoda nasha,
    Hothon pe lali,
    Yaad karte hi jinhe,
    Zindagi me bahar aa Jaye,
    Koi aisa chahiye.

  • _sonakshiwrites 6w

    I was an infinite dot ,
    In this vast world ,
    Trying to find other pieces ,
    In the street kids ,
    Standing in the balcony ,
    Watching glittery stars ,
    Are my other pieces in it ?
    Or it's still down the earth ?
    Or I am just dreaming ?
    About my other pieces ,
    Trying to be someone else ,
    When I did not find my other pieces ,
    As I come across the streets ,
    I feel is it just me who isn't happy for not finding my other pieces ,
    Or it's the street kids who are not looking for anything and finding their joy in between those ,
    Someone is begging for their kid's life ,
    And someone is not bothered about their kid ,
    Someone is busy with their day-to-day life ,
    And someone is asking for a spare of minute ,
    Someone is hiding their pain in their happiness filled eyes ,
    Is it me being sad ?
    Or the entire world is sadistic in their way ?

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    Ain't one is happy from their bottom of the heart or everyone is sadistic .

  • _sonakshiwrites 6w

    Sometimes I want someone
    Not to hold me ,
    Not to pay my expenses ,
    Not to cry with me ,
    But just understand me,
    The way I am .
    Accept me ,
    The way I am .
    Love me ,
    The way I am .
    Will I find someone in this vast world ?
    Can I ?
    Will I ?
    Or will it be me ?

    #writersnetwork #writers #someone #mrright #mrsright #love #acceptance #pod #qod #writersintheworld

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    Will I find the 'someone'

  • kirukka 6w

    We were important until yesterday !! The moment you know you will feel like someone tomorrow it is good to leave quietly !!

  • myasir99 7w

    Poem ( She Blooms )

    She Blooms
    She hides ,she cried alone at night
    she thinks alike all the time
    she was a queen she was a kind

    she wore a crown of humbleness
    Her act of kindness left her mark on people's minds

    She was not like a open book take anyone can read her she was a mistry of thoughts no one can read her mind

    She was an enchanted soul
    she tried to cope up with
    every color of rainbow
    She was a moon
    between the lightning stars.

    ( it's a dedication to someone by me )

  • rr_the_writer 7w

    It's so easy to hurt someone
    Like as throwing stones in the sea!
    But no one knows how much
    Deep it has gone.

  • for_love 7w


    Harf nahi nikalte hai ibadat mai...
    Jabse usme khuda aur khuda mai woh dikha hai...

  • diamond49 8w

    Someone Departed

    Not the one of my dear
    Nor occupies a place in my heart
    A small role played
    But not so small to be left unnoticed
    Not one colour of rainbow
    But a tint of brightest vow
    Not someone special
    Shared just Hi. & hello
    He's gone
    Remained his memories
    Came out as tears
    His presence does not meant
    But his absence gave me ache
    Someone departed
    It felt so wierd