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  • cicimoon 1w


    When I hear the term Wild, I have a rush of beautiful, nostalgic memories.

    Holding hands with sisters and circling around the fire, no cares, Wild Women.

    For me, Freedom and Wild are both one and the same.

  • dee_kye 6w

    One thing

    I've seen the sun smile, the moon wave and the stars sing. There were colourful winds and beautiful beats.
    Yet there's only one thing, that astonishes me in a thousand ways. Watching my siblings shine, bestowes upon me bewildering joy and lifey fest. Aye, I can sense the crack in time. And I also feel the unhurried ripening of some souls. Souls as gorgeous as the crystal, and rare as the middlemist. Little, by little they are climbing the "sparkling" stairs. Delivering reasons to smile, they keep holding the string of life. Admiring them and treasuring their enchanting ambiance, is something I always do.


  • omjangid_ 7w

    Backbone of our Journey

    You will be scolded by them for the little mistakes committed by you
    You will be punished by them in the test results
    You will be mentored by them to your path in life
    they will shower the words of wisdom for empowering you
    They will be the reason for your happiness
    You will be motivated by them to reach the pinnacles

    And in this way you will be the kind of person you want to be in the journey of life

  • write_from_my_heart 8w

    Relationship by heart

    My little fairy in this ordinary universe. 
    I have live my life differently, thrilling and full of adventure,those few years I've known you.
    You became a long lasting fragrance in my little world.
    I'll try to make you smile always,
    You brought life to my dying soul
    You brought peace to my wayward mind.
    We are lucky we found each other.
    I hope we never fall apart!

    Saranghae ❤

  • faulty_puppet 9w

    We, Forever

    This is the day in our story
    Where all our love swirls
    While we keep walking
    Through the forest of memories

    This is the day when we rejoice
    Our love and bond that lives
    With our quips and quarrels
    Through this lifetime

    We are souls forever stuck apart but
    We find our worth in each other's love and stuff
    We live our lives in our own world but
    We share our smiles, tears and other stuffs

    We know the going is tough and
    We keep pushing a step at a time
    We accept our life as it comes coz
    We know like this verse, life doesn't rhyme

    While we repeat ourselves constantly
    We exist today and tomorrow comfortably
    On the nights when we lose our sleep
    Our soul knows of what we are really thinking

    I can be your keeper just how you are mine
    I will watch you smile and wipe the tears off your eyes
    Through your fights I will be with you
    Just the way you were when I fought mine


  • lee_min_saho_ 9w

    The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.

    For the world you are only a person but to your family you are the world.

    Friends are the family you choose.

    I love my Family and I always make own rule and follow them.

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    Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short.


  • anushreesaxena_ 10w

    “You broke my favorite mug. I won't ever talk to you, again!”, yelled his 13-year-old sister.

    Still, she saved him an extra laddu, like always.

  • relatabletales 10w

    To my Chucho

    When I say, I need to talk to someone right now
    It is you, who I'm referring to
    When I say, I always have a firm support
    I'm talking about none other than you
    When I say I have the most precious gift
    sent to me by the God,
    that gift is you and it's really true
    I have many people in my life for sure,
    but like you, not even two
    I feel lucky to have you by my side,
    to have shared so many memories
    of life, in all the shades of hue
    You and I share so much in common
    that even our mood swings grew
    high to low, view past view
    Not only just sisters, birthday twins we are too
    Since childhood till now
    we have grown together, be it in old times or new
    I wish the happiest days for you my little sister
    Be it any phase of life,
    today, tomorrow or any other day
    I'll stick by you

  • hoorbanu98 12w

    Kwansaba feelings on

    God have blessed me with three sisters
    S : She taught me to never insult others
    I : I didn't sob, woe because of them
    S : Strongest are they thoughts which built relationships
    T : Toxic in their respect that attracts everyone
    E : Each of them is epitome at ownself
    R : Rebellious is righteous in their blood strom.
    《 31-7-2021 》

  • anushreesaxena_ 12w

    Ek andheri raat mein jab darwaze ki ghanti baji toh m gabhra gai. Do ghante ho gae the light gae aur m ghar m aakeli thi. Socha pretend karti hu ki ghar par koi nhi h, jo bhi hoga apne aap hi chala jaega. Par yad aaya ki shaam ko grocery store se aane ke bad maine main door lock hi nhi kiya.

    ‘Dhekna toh parega’, yeh decide karne ke bad m finally apni comfortable position chor couch se uthi, but just my bad luck I miscalculted my step aur dharam lulak pahri. Choot ke dard se jyada mujhe uhu kadmo ki aawaj se lag rha tha Jo full speed m mere kamre ki taraf aa rhe thi.

    ‘You silly silly girl, you should have locked the door,’ aaj vo din hai jab koi serial killer tujhe tere hi ghar m mar dalega. Bajrang bali k naam lekar maine Hanuman chalisa shru kar di. And then I heard a familiar voice...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARLEEN!! Oh My God, har bar tere birthday par surprise deta hu aur har bar tu darjati hai! You are such a kid.

    ‘Bhai, I was prepared this time par aap ak hafte phale aa gae’, maine gusse se aapne bare bhai se kha, jo aab tak hass rha tha.

    Finally, I cracked up too, ‘ise bar aapko 2 gifts dilane hoge’. Har bar ki tare bhai ne mere yeh birthday bhi special bna diya.

  • deeptimishra 16w

    She and I
    Were the most compatible ones .
    She was a blooming flower
    And I was her calyx
    She was a brittle bone
    And I was a candle ,,
    melting again.
    A jubilant morning blended
    In sweetness of tea.
    She was an emerging sun ray
    And I was the little green leaf.
    She was a loud cataract
    And I was flowing river.
    A vivid dream with no boundaries,,
    A living heart,,Who doesn't have fears
    She was persistiant
    In the world of ephemerals
    She was illuminating
    In my gloomy nights.


  • likithsai_ 18w

    Sister's are boon which God gave us with asking
    Everything is unlimited given by sisters,
    It's a unconditional Love ❤️
    Who never give up on us ever..

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #writer #sisters #blog #memories #facts

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    She gave
    Endless FIGHTS
    Countless MEMORIES
    unbreakable ATTACHMENTS
    boring LECTURES
    Limitless CARING
    A hand while BROKEN
    A shoulder to shed our TEARS

    Even our SHADOW can leave us in DARK, but she never left us BACK
    She is our 2nd MOTHER...

    We are connected through HEARTS, never be APART..

  • poesybird 19w

    I have a particular linking towards the movie "Piku" because it portrays how beautifully a daughter takes her father's old-age responsibility in her own hands. It reveals the father-daughter bond and shows women can do Anything if they want. 'Piku' didn't give up on her father no matter what.
    Isn't just in the movie, I have come across women who have wonderfully taken their parents responsibility. My elder sister, the one I admire so much has managed to perfectly balance her own life and her parents responsibility. Growing up to watch the beautiful and strong woman in my life is a blessing.

    Cheers to all my sisters here! We rock✌️��
    P.s : A small post dedicated to my elder sister.

    #sisters #females #strong #kind #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    We don't have to be sons
    To take care of our parents

  • stevenlgoosby 19w

    Wise Eyes of a Murdered

    Everything that has ever happened
    In your life has always been planed,

    you just may not have known


  • stevenlgoosby 19w

    Do not hold the gates of hell
    Open for me
    My brothers,my sisters,
    Open your hearts...

    Do not convict me for thinking
    dear America,
    liberate me for teaching

  • ashupriyaa 24w

    ₹love #dedicated to all #sisters
    #follow me if you are as me ❤️

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    ।। बहन।।

    पायल के घुंगरू क्या—क्या कहते होंगे,
    बहन के पाव अब क्या– क्या सहते होंगे?
    बाबा के आंगन से बिछड़ जाने का गम,
    उसके नयन, सपन में भी क्या रोते होंगे?
    सूनापन मां उसका कैसे समझा पाती हैं,
    खाली घर उस बिन घर क्या होते होंगे?
    उसके मुस्कुरा देने भर से फूल झरते थे,
    बहन के जाने पर भाई क्या महकते होंगे?

  • maryamkhalil 28w


    Sisters of the light
    Sisters of the life
    Sisters of shining bright through the dark
    Sisters of screaming late at night
    Sisters of not making a sound
    Sisters of hurting
    Sisters of falling
    Sisters of fearing the night and a calling
    Sisters of fighting
    Sisters of erasing
    Sisters of sending the written words blazing
    Sisters of yelling loud and clear
    Sisters of killing what they fear
    Sisters of making everyone hear
    Sisters of standing tall and proud
    Sisters of raising their heads to the clouds
    Sisters of making their names heard around


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  • my_wordz_for_you 31w

    Hateful Love

    You take. A lot.

    Without a light source, you violently capture my heart's fire and put it in an empty lantern.

    For me, re-lighting takes years. For you, the Stolen only has enough for one shallow breath.

    It spitefully rushes away because Deprivation and Desperation hovers too ravenously. Too ravenous yet so weak, the most unlikable combination.

    I hate that my love is encapsulated by our blood and cannot be broken. I wish it was easier to imagine you ceasing.

    You take. A lot.


  • tanveerahamed 31w

    Elsa & Anna

    One is annoying yet a loving persona,
    Who possesses an appealing charisma.
    Another always tries to be aloof,
    Who has a company of sweet little Olaf.
    One is an elegant rainbow,
    And the other frozen snow.
    They contradict each other,
    But one cannot live without the other.
    Two beautiful characters of cinema,
    They are none other than Elsa & Anna!