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  • the_cryptic_writer 14h

    Black & White

    Find a soul with Black & White classic, cause colour’s fade too early nowadays!

    - The Cryptic Writer

  • lostgirl0713 1d


    What a strange, yet common word. An action that is used in multiple ways of everyday life. Silent is what we stay when someone touches us in inappropriate ways, silent screams fill troubled humans minds. What exactly is a silent scream? It's the moment you are stuck in your mind because you don't want to be a burden, it's the constant overthinking anxieties that you can't escape from, you want to word vomit all over the next ear that gives the slightest interest in listening....but instead, you keep quiet ...silent in your silence screams.

  • pink_blue 2d

    ...every single time I look into your eyes, I fall in love again n again n again.. n all over again


  • pris_musings 2d

    Comfortable Silence

    I want .....
    to speak, to be heard,
    For you to listen .
    Not just my words ,
    But my soulful emotions.
    Not the awkward silence between us,
    But the peace ful stillness surrounding
    you and me.

    Why can't we just sit and talk,
    Or rather just keep shut.
    No one moves their lips,
    Yet, a lot of words spoken.
    This whirlwind of feelings,
    Simply taking us away.

  • wmbanje 2d

    Rise above it

    "Anything that can SILENCE you
    DIME your light
    Has the POWER to DESTROY you"
    -wes mbanje

  • creative_chanchal 4d

    तुम पास थे पर
    खामोशीयों ने दूरियाँ बना रखी थीं
    ये दिल बातें तो करना चाह रहा था पर
    खुद से ही सवाल करें जा रहा था
    फ़िर आज तुम्हारी आँखो को पढ़ना चाहतें थे
    एकटक निगाहों से देखना चाहतें थें
    पर कमबख़्त यें जहां हमें हीं देखें जा रहा था
    सच है बातें करनें को तो बहुत हैं पर
    मजबूरीयों ने भी तो बाँधे रखा है
    साथ बैठने का भी मन करें पर
    मुश्किलो का समुद्र भी तो गहरा है
    जहाँ कोई किनारा भी नहीं दिखता है
    हम कैसे कहें कि ये एक तरफ़ा मोहब्बत है या फ़िर इश्क
    पर इतना जरूर है कि रिश्ता कुछ भी नहीं है
    फ़िर भी दोनों में अनदिखी प्यार की डोर जरूर है
    जो हमें जोड़े हुए हैं
    चाहें वह प्यार की डोर ना सही पर
    वह सच्चाई की, ईमानदारी की डोर जरूर हो सकती है
    जो हमें हमेशा तुम्हारी तरफ़ खिंचती है।
    सच्चाई की डोर, ईमानदारी की डोर.....
    हाँ, हम तो इसी के क़ायल हैं
    इसीलिए हम तुम्हारी हर बात पर गौर फ़रमाते हैं
    तुम्हारी हरकतों के क़ायल हो जातें हैं
    तुम हमें अनदेखा कर सकते हो
    पर हम हमेशा तुम्हें ही देखते हैं
    ताकि ज़्यादा ना सही
    थोड़ा सा तो तुमसे सीख सकें।।

  • nocturnal_enigma 1w

    #silence & #quiet #wod @miraquill

    * 26.11.2021; 12.20 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * Quite = to a certain or fairly significant extent or degree; fairly.

    "it's quite warm outside"

    Synonyms: Fairly, Rather, Somewhat

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    Silence; Quiet ~

    No response.
    Your silence...
    has been killing...
    me inside, silently.

    Quietly, I ❤️ you.
    More than a quite.
    Dear, my ❤️ feeling...
    for U won't ever quit!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • pink_blue 1w

    ... after too many cuts, there's nothing left to stitch


    P.S. only scars all over

  • sarthiwrites 1w


    Some of you might argue that if there's no sound, it is called silence...! But in fact, sometimes silence can create tremendous sound in the minds of the beholder...!

    Speaking does not require attention of the mind, but being mum requires full attention of the the mind, consciousness and spirit.

    One can achieve desired results by the use of Silence in a relationship.

    When your words start failing, one should try his hands at silence..

    ... Silence wont disappoint you then i promise...

  • basobdatta 1w

    The marriage of Silence and Sound

    I didn't want to be an unsolicited guest in the marriage ceremony of Silence and Sound had not cousin Insomnia pushed me to do so....
    The bride stood shyly wearing the soot-black night sky surrounded by her 'misty' bridesmaids. Her family was a family of extreme decorousness and taciturnity whereas that of the groom's was just the opposite. I knew they didn't like us and I rather wished to follow THEIR decorum but my innards were such rebels! The deafening hum within my ears and my grandma's snores to give it company, the mosquitoes humming to their heart's content and the inaudible nuptial chants...yet they resonated....

  • petrichorune 1w

    Silence in a mirror

    There's a silence inside me.
    That breaks my bones.

    I bleed on my rumination.
    In a magnification.
    The gnawing in my pulses-
    Shivers my pumping core.

    Don't want to waste away,
    in a sway.

    I will rise right up for you.
    I will rise right up for you.


  • sweetybhadoria 1w

    It's silence, no chaos, no discussion and debate,
    Because our ego is ruling

  • blackshadezs 1w

    You loved me once
    You loved me twice
    You loved me everyday
    Every moment ,every second
    But you lied me,

    Leaving only wishpers behind
    I feel your memory in silence
    I love you in the emptiness
    I see you in the darkness
    But You hided everything to me,

    Your ashes scar my dream
    Your scent haunt my days
    You eyes Pierce mine
    Drowning in memory
    I see you once

    Your fingers brush mine,
    I listen for your heart beat
    And finding hummingbird songs
    And I remember
    You cheated me.



    Date : 24/11/2021 06:37 AM
    Lat,Long : 11.706,78.416

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #silence #quiet

    ~Thanks for reading ❤️��❤️~

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    Below mask
    There is a face
    Gripped with fear
    Whipped with despair
    Wish to smile again,

    Below mask
    There is real-me
    Fighting with reel me
    'I am happy' mask screams,
    Still wanting someone really cares real-me,

    Below mask
    Prison of emotions
    Echo of reactions
    Cage of real-smile
    Still 'I am ok' mask screams,

    Below my mask
    Feel safe and hidden
    In pandemic of heartless
    Nobody cares but show off
    They only love to hear ' I'm fine.Thanks'.

    Below my mask
    I'm fed up
    A little breath I want
    A little space to cry
    An ear to wishper 'I need help'.


  • hazel_nut_sucks 1w


    The comfortable bickering after a long simple smiled silences are the best phase.
    Fights sometimes are really a good solution

  • ayu004_ 1w


    Heart was haunted in the cafè of St.Claire
    On streets of of Paris where twirls of roses
    Invoke on slanted benches & mysteries in the air
    Painting skies of Van Gogh : is a wanderer worn in a beanie cap flare

    Irises wandering to a bliss of red-love erupting into air
    But lost in the invisible walls
    Where the silver clock of time encircling her heart of nowhere
    Momentary was her time in tarts of hearts uttering for her meant one:to stall In hedges of lonely weather : with edges of stardust heather

    ' Tick tock'
    Why didn't her heart stop?
    Evoking memories of him
    Silent flowers were hesitant to speak
    Tickling the waves of haunting breezes : carelessly residing near her lobe of fragile
    Helpless: was the lonely wanderer
    Roaming in streets of nowhere

    Silence was awaking : rollicking metaphors of sweet tears ; hugging her heart ,embracing warmth
    Concurrent was the melting time of gold :but warmth of beats tapping her were about to stop
    At the tracks:within the melting clock
    Cos he wasn't there to engulf her
    Only an illusion of blissful metaphors :meant to beware the lament of a phantom; nowhere

    // Every human has different clusters of visages nomading on heart-felt soils of earth: but hunted down with unspoken words is the cluster of her ..//


  • night_mist_ 1w


    I am surrounded by depression in a dark world where someone will hold my hand and show me the right direction so that I can come out of the darkness in which all my goodness was being lost one by one. Now with just one hope, I can travel or leave myself to fate, either I will survive and be at peace with this depression in myself.

  • _broken_mirror_ 1w

    I want to know if there's still a way?
    As I'm hopeless every single day.
    It kills me to be in silence,
    But everytime I wish to scream to tell the truth,
    I believe people will think it is untruth.

  • sunshower_ 1w

    Thoovanathumbikal(malayalam)- dragonflies in the spraying rain

    #silence #thunderc #appreciation

    @maestral @woodsorrels_ @heartsease i learnt three new words from you. ��

    If there are any mistakes do point out

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    i've some unfinished business
    left incomplete with
    the empty handed skies
    laying on vestigial alcoves of
    silence staring right back–
    their gaze on everything
    offering nothing but silence

    sometimes the silence
    between us stops time in its track,
    and we misread our eyes,
    it becomes intimidatingly
    awkward, the silence makes
    my heart heavy, and contrives
    bathos inside me.

    lately my hair is turning a shade
    lighter, like pages of your favourite novel,
    that i stained with coffee,
    and filled it with your odour,
    my fingertips, underlined graphite,
    fading alphabet, folded corner pages
    i'm searching you inside the words
    on the serifs, the asterisks you marked,
    the paragraphs your circled,
    but i find nothing.

    a concoction of torment and
    words brews like dark clouds
    against the blue seething,
    swarming; concealing the orange
    lamenting orb, whelving the colours
    upon swaying flowers of free verse,
    mauve sheets staining on the skies,
    contrails of unsaid feelings–
    as i try to supress the thunders,
    stuffing it inside the sentences,
    i see, a swarm of dragonflies
    making a pattern of two hearts,
    the boiling poem inside me
    cools down by few degrees,
    serein take over, as they
    dance their way away,
    taking the silence with them,
    leaving me with a baby poem
    and i slip it between
    the pages of our favourite novel,

    23 Nov '21

  • the_unheard_buzz 1w

    Collabs are welcome...! :)


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    Who Am I?

    I think and it makes me cry-
    -to not find answer
    as if I'm a stranger
    -to self..!
    Who am I?
    I search and I try-
    - to look for, in the past
    in the memories that last
    -about self...!
    Who am I?
    Am I a truth or just a lie
    -that has been told
    that has been sold
    -to myself...!
    Who am I?

  • nemesis_here 1w

    War-like Silence

    In a corner sitting
    sobbing, mind strangled
    Thinking I've had enough
    Telling myself repeatedly
    that I can still do better
    Kneeling on the ground
    Nothing alive left in life
    A feeling as if all is lost
    so nothing can again shatter
    Struggling to breathe again
    A thousand things in here
    That I felt, I saw, I heard, I did
    All coming back to me together
    Wanting to speak, scream out loud
    but the tongue won't surrender
    Curling myself up on the floor
    a shield I formed around
    to protect myself from something
    that I've just felt, haven't really seen
    Tears roll down on the ground
    No sound, voices of silence I hear now
    and then I hear my name called out
    It's hazy before me, blurry
    I blink again, and again
    Images turn to vignette
    and then disappear in black
    My eyes are closed, I know
    I want to move, I can't
    My throat is dry, has given up on me
    Lights flashing, I see in dark
    A war now has begun within me
    I'm here, but not here, a perfect ecstasy.